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Polling Booth in Biswan Assembly Constituency

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Biswan Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Biswan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Biswan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Shivthana R.N. 11044Sheo Thana
2P.S. Shivthana R.N. 2766Sheo Thana
3P.S. Raipur938Rayapur
4P.S. Bhadeshiya R.N.1896Bhadesiya
5P.S. Bhadeshiya R.N.2738Satanapur
6P.S. Kaurasa1087Kourasan
7P.S. Kamuwa661Kamuwan
8P.S. Kanduni1419Kanduni
9J.H.S. Geruhamafi367Gerooha Mafi
11P.S. Renva801Rewa
12P.S. Hariharpur Jamarkha1097Hariharpur Jamarkha
13P.S. Hasnapur844Hasnapur
14P.S. Pendra1018Pendra
15P.S.Rampur Gherwa R.N.1959Rampur Gherwa
16P.S.Rampur Gherwa R.N.2879Rampur Gherwa
17P.S.Majhigavan Khurd465Majgawa Khurd
18P.S. Nyadarpur H/O Majhigavan Khurd656Majgawa Khurd
19P.S.Shahjalalpur R.N.1906Shahjalalpur
20P.S.Shahjalalpur R.N.2889Shahjalalpur
21P.S. Chhin808Chhi
22Dr.Hamid Ali Krashak Jhs Maru H/O Chhin884Chhi
23P.S. Marsanda Ii1132Marsanda
24P.S. Bannirai1044Banneray
25P.S. Bajehra Nasirpur903Bajehra Nasisrpur
26P.S. Sehruwa552Banneray
27P.S. Bhuila Kalan1119Builakala
28P.S. Bhuila Khurd H/O Ramkund1362Ram Kund
29P.S. Ramkund Sthit Behati764Ram Kund
30P.S. Nyorajpur R.N.11064Newrajpur
31P.S. Nyorajpur R.N.2697Newrajpur
32P.S. Katiya R.N.11231Katiya
33P.S. Katiya R.N.2758Katiya
34J.H.S. Sarvahanpur585Sarvahan Pur
35P.S. Banny Ghurain1287Banni Ghorain
36P.S. Ulra Ii1315Ulara
37P.S. Dafra H/O Ulra1007Ulara
38P.S. Bisenda I1179Visenda
39P.S. Bisenda Ii1169Visenda
40P.S. Pipari Beni Singh R.N.1902Pipriveni Singh
41P.S. Pipari Beni Singh R.N.21149Naseerpur Dewariya
42P.S.Belva Bhadurpur R.N.1977Belwa Bahadurpur
43P.S.Belva Bhadurpur R.N.2761Belwa Bahadurpur
44P.S. Nasirpur Anant Singh344Nasirpur Annta Singh
45P.S. Ambarpur877Ambarpur
46J.H.S. Syaorha1277Samsapur
47P.S. Kaimahra Khurd1190Kamahara Khurd
48P.S. Nasirpur H/O Kaimahra Khurd739Kamahara Khurd
49P.S. Hathiyagajipur R.N.1882Hanthia Gajipur
50P.S. Hathiyagajipur R.N.2719Hanthia Gajipur
51P.S. Goverdhanpur1057Goberdhanpur
52J.H.S. Munderi H/O Goverdhanpur1173Goberdhanpur
53P.S. Bhagvanpur575Bhagwanpur
54P.S. Salempur726Salem Pur
55P.S.Tenduva R.N.11135Tenduwa
56P.S.Tenduva R.N.21055Tenduwa
57P.S. Baghaiya923Baghaia
58P.S.Jamaura R.N.11039Jamauli
59P.S.Jamaura R.N.21030Jamauli
60P.S.Teula R.N.1880Tewla
61P.S.Teula R.N.21048Tewla
62P.S. Shankarpur Teula1145Shankerpur Tewla
63P.S. Purvakamapur R.N.1827Kamapur
64P.S. Purvakamapur R.N.2684Kamapur
65P.S. Kharaila H/O Banni Kharaila608Bannikaraila
66Dr.Chandra Bahl J.H.S Banni Kharaila Sthit Banni848Bannikaraila
67P.S. Karaundipur H/O Banni Kharaila738Bannikaraila
68P.S. Sakrapur H/O Banni Kharaila1131Bannikaraila
69P.S. Kalhapur610Kalhapur
70P.S. Bhurhkurhi1078Bhudkudi
71P.S. Sikandarpur H/O Mahamdapur R.N.11064Mahmdapur
72P.S. Sikandarpur H/O Mahamdapur R.N.2950Mahmdapur
73P.S. Purvadasapur1253Purwa Dasapur
74P.S. Parsehra R.N.11428Parsehra
75P.S. Parsehra R.N.21425Parsehra
76J.H.S. Manpur R.N.11470Manpur
77J.H.S. Manpur R.N.21322Manpur
78P.S. Badaila644Manpur
79P.S. Itdaha896Purwa Dasapur
80P.S. Maujuddinpur R.N.1852Mauzuddinpur
81P.S. Maujuddinpur R.N.21467Mauzuddinpur
82P.S. Rampur H/O Maujuddinpur671Mauzuddinpur
83P.S. Nakara1276Nakara
84P.S. Gurera R.N.1968Guresh
85P.S. Gurera R.N.2587Guresh
86P.S. Karipur H/O Gurera1123Guresh
87P.S. Budhanapur1100Boodanpur
88P.S. Kamiyabpur599Kamiyabpur
89P.S. Haibatpur R.N.1986Haibatpur
90P.S. Haibatpur R.N.2752Haibatpur
91P.S. Bisendi1412Visendi
92P.S. Kyonti Badulla Ii886Kyonti Badulla
93P.S. Kyonti Badulla I R.N.11257Kyonti Badulla
94P.S. Kyonti Badulla I R.N.2403Kyonti Badulla
95P.S. Ruknapur753Ruknapur
96J.H.S. Jafarabad H/O Benipur R.N.11004Biswan Dehat
97J.H.S. Jafarabad H/O Benipur R.N.2544Biswan Dehat
98J.H.S. Jafarabad H/O Benipur R.N.31340Benipur
99P.S. Jafarabad H/O Benipur R.N.1982Biswan Dehat
100P.S. Jafarabad H/O Benipur R.N.2692Biswan Dehat
101P.S. Sarainya Maphi1461Saraiyan Mafi
102P.S. Ramabhari R.N.11259Ramabhari
103P.S. Ramabhari R.N.2358Ramabhari
104P.S. Asharafpur634Ashraaf Pur
105P.S. Jangalvilas380Jangal Bilas
106P.S. Mochkalan R.N.1857Mochklan
107P.S. Mochkalan R.N.2633Mochklan
108Sachivalay Gram Panchayat Januva R.N.11248Januwa
109Sachivalay Gram Panchayat Januva R.N.21195Januwa
110K.S.Singh H.S.S. Devkaliya R.N.11162Deo Kalia
111K.S.Singh H.S.S. Devkaliya R.N.2792Bhethora Kala
112P.S. Madaripur H/O Shankarpur1239Bhethora Kala
113P.S. Chaharpur969Chaharpur
114P.S. Gosarpur Sthit Parsadipur279Parsadipur
115J.H.S. Sirsa Khurd908Sirsa Khurd
116P.S. Lakhvabojhi947Lakhawa Bojhi
117P.S. Bhinhaini R.N.1724Bhinchni
118P.S. Bhinhaini R.N.21098Bhinchni
119P.S. Lodhaura972Lodhoura
120P.S. Rusahan709Rushen
121P.S. Rajakarnai1390Raja Karnai
122P.S. Bhagipur1496Bhagipur
123P.S. Mirjapur H/O Saraiya Mirjapur883Sariya Mirzapur
124P.S.Mhmoodpur H/Osaraiya Mirjapur973Sariya Mirzapur
126J.H.S. Tikra R.N.1602Tikara
127J.H.S. Tikra R.N.21071Nipnia Mafi
128P.S. Sarayan682Sarai
129P.S. Baherva842Mahimapur
130P.S. Majhigavan Kalan1416Majhigawa Kala
131P.S. Navvabeharh H/O Kutubpur R.N.1985Kutubapur
132P.S. Navvabeharh H/O Kutubpur R.N.21179Kutubapur
133P.S. Masenamau559Mahsena Mau
134P.S. Kalupur791Kalupur
135P.S. Bambhaur R.N.11218Bambhaur
136P.S. Bambhaur R.N.2935Bambhaur
137P.S. Karaundi1024Karondi
138P.S. Pakariya680Pakariya
139Panchayat Bhavan Balpur Sthit Khandsar782Balpur
140H.R.D.I.C. Biswan R.N. 30989Biswan (NPP)
141H.R.D.I.C. Biswan R.N. 31784Biswan (NPP)
142H.R.D.I.C. Biswan R.N. 32897Biswan (NPP)
143H.R.D.I.C. Biswan R.N. 16986Biswan (NPP)
144H.R.D.I.C. Biswan R.N. 17342Biswan (NPP)
145P.S.Sekshariya Biswan R.N.11365Biswan (NPP)
146P.S.Sekshariya Biswan R.N.2582Biswan (NPP)
147Shri Rambaghat J.H.S. Badalpurva Biswan R.N. 11074Biswan (NPP)
148Shri Rambaghat J.H.S. Badalpurva Biswan R.N. 2758Biswan (NPP)
149Shri Rambaghat J.H.S. Badalpurva Biswan R.N. 3782Biswan (NPP)
150P.S.Amarnagar Biswan1035Biswan (NPP)
151P.S.Jhajjhar R.N. 1639Biswan (NPP)
152P.S.Jhajjhar R.N. 21132Biswan (NPP)
153P.S.Jhajjhar R.N. 31016Biswan (NPP)
154G.G. I. College Biswan R.N. 1945Biswan (NPP)
155G.G. I. College Biswan R.N. 21252Biswan (NPP)
156G.G. I. College Biswan R.N. 31046Biswan (NPP)
157G.G. I. College Biswan R.N. 41072Biswan (NPP)
158G.G. I. College Biswan R.N. 5625Biswan (NPP)
159K.D.Mu.I. College Biswan R.N. 1621Biswan (NPP)
160K.D.Mu.I. College Biswan R.N. 21355Biswan (NPP)
161K.D.Mu.I. College Biswan R.N. 3816Biswan (NPP)
162K.D.Mu.I. College Biswan R.N. 4705Biswan (NPP)
163K.D.Mu.I. College Biswan R.N. 5655Biswan (NPP)
164G.A.P.S.Biswan R.N.11357Biswan (NPP)
165G.A.P.S.Biswan R.N.21075Biswan (NPP)
166S.J.D.I.College Biswan R.N.31063Biswan (NPP)
167S.J.D.I.College Biswan R.N.4777Biswan (NPP)
168S.J.D.I.College Biswan R.N.71174Biswan (NPP)
169S.J.D.I.College Biswan R.N.8428Biswan (NPP)
170S.J.D.I.College Biswan R.N.9715Biswan (NPP)
171K.D.Mu.G.I.College Biswan R.N. 21067Biswan (NPP)
172K.D.Mu.G.I.College Biswan R.N. 3925Biswan (NPP)
173K.D.Mu.G.I.College Biswan R.N. 41072Biswan (NPP)
174K.D.Mu.G.I.College Biswan R.N. 51037Biswan (NPP)
175K.D.Mu.G.I.College Biswan R.N. 6625Biswan (NPP)
176K.D.Mu.G.I.College Biswan East Hall975Biswan (NPP)
177K.D.Mu.G.I.College Biswan R.N. 1791Biswan (NPP)
178P.S. Shekhsrany Biswan R.N. 11087Biswan (NPP)
179P.S. Shekhsrany Biswan R.N. 21259Biswan (NPP)
180M.N.I.G.Succss.School Laharpur Road Biswan R.N. 11020Biswan (NPP)
181M.N.I.G.Succss.School Laharpur Road Biswan R.N. 2818Biswan (NPP)
182P.S. Kaimahra Kalan R.N.1912Kaimhra Klan
183P.S. Kaimahra Kalan R.N.2686Kaimhra Klan
185P.S. Debiyapur H/O Sukhavan Kalan R.N.11082Sukhawan Klan
186P.S. Debiyapur H/O Sukhavan Kalan R.N.2577Sukhawan Klan
187P.S. Piprakalan1180Pipra Klan
188P.S. Sukhavan Khurd H/O Piprakalan727Pipra Klan
189P.S.Ramuwapur Sthit Balchandrapurva H/O Manikapur791Manikapur
190P.S. Bhulbhuliya H/O Lalpur R.N.1907Lalpur
191P.S. Bhulbhuliya H/O Lalpur R.N.21093Lalpur
192P.S.Bohalagunj Sthit Ahamdabad R.N. 11183Ahamadabad
193P.S.Bohalagunj Sthit Ahamdabad R.N. 2778Ahamadabad
194P.S. Akbapur486Akaba Pur
195P.S. Kauvva Kherha1257Kowa Khera
196P.S. Sirsi Saraiya1183Sirsisarayan
197P.S. Sirsa Kalan929Sirsaklan
198P.S. Saraiya H/O Barasingha755Bara Singha
199P.S. Tedava Kalan R.N.1647Tedawa Kala
200P.S. Tedava Kalan R.N.2938Tedawa Kala
201P.S. Tedava Kalan R.N.3642Tedawa Kala
202P.S. Madhiya Semari845Madhia Semri
203J.H.S. Pachdevra833Pach Dewara
204P.S. Jhauva Khurd705Jhauwa Khurd
205J.H.S. Sanda R.N. 1930Sanda
206J.H.S. Sanda R.N. 2735Sanda
207J.H.S. Sanda R.N. 3892Sanda
208J.H.S. Sanda R.N. 4653Sanda
209P.S. Sakaran Khurd1378Sakaran
210P.S. Kutubapur515Kutubapur
211J.H.S. Andupur H/O Nasiarpur Andupur686Nasirpur Andupur
212P.S. Garhvadih1101Rashulpur Bakaish
213P.S. Bachhepur H/O Semara Khurd1355Semra Khurd
214P.S. Odajhar980Orajhar
215J.H.S. Aruva1109Aruwa
216J.H.S. Belva Basaihiya R.N.1365Belwa Bashahiya
217J.H.S. Belva Basaihiya R.N.2827Belwa Bashahiya
219P.S. Biraipurva H/O Gathiya Kalan895Gathiya Kala
220P.S.Maholiya Kalan715Maholiya Kala
221P.S. Nevada H/O Rauvapur849Rauapur
222P.S. Dammanbelwa H/O Murthana1005Murthana
224Panchayatbahwan Jhauva Kalan590Jhauwa Khurd
225P.S. Tajpur651Tajpur
226P.S. Salauli H/O Tajpur669Tajpur
227P.S. Harraiya H/O Piprakhurd Arjunsingh916Pipra Khurd Arjunsingh
228J.H.S. Nakaila R.N.1896Nakela
229J.H.S. Nakaila R.N.2618Nakela
230J.H.S. Jamlapur700Jamulapur
232J.H.S Barchhata852Barchata
233P.S. Kmhariya Mahriya1048Kamhariya Mahariya
234P.S. Jijauli592Jijauli
235P.S. Konsar976Kaushar
236P.S.Dafra H/O Devriya Kalan1182Devariya Kala
237P.S. Madnapur1183Madanapur
238P.S.Ambava H/O Madnapur1174Madanapur
239P.S. Piprianant Singh528Pipari Anant Singh
240P.S. Pakhaniyapur697Pakhaniyapur
242P.S. Majlispur1107Majlishpur
243P.S. Lashkarpur947Lasakarpur
244P.S. Sharifpur H/O Lashkarpur483Lasakarpur
245P.S. Saraiya Kalan Naveen R.N.1913Sarya Kala
246P.S. Saraiya Kalan Naveen R.N.21110Sarya Kala
247Natinoal J.H.S.Pakka Talab Kevalpur H/O Mahrajnagar R.N. 1936Mahraj Nagar
248Natinoal J.H.S.Pakka Talab Kevalpur H/O Mahrajnagar R.N. 2663Mahraj Nagar
249P.S.Gajnipur H/O Mahrajnagar1290Mahraj Nagar
250P.S. Dharampur1321Dharampur
251P.S. Rajapur1363Rajapur
252P.S. Daudapur R.N. 1639Dodapur
253P.S. Daudapur R.N. 2943Dodapur
254P.S. Bhithmani Naveen R.N. 1840Mithmani
255P.S. Bhithmani Naveen R.N. 2758Mithmani
256P.S. Kotara Ii1113Kotra
257P.S. Kotara I1339Kotra
258J.H.S. Kankarkui R.N. 1639Kankari
259J.H.S. Kankarkui R.N. 21186Kankari
260P.S. Sahdeva H/O Kankarkui380Kankari
261P.S. Bagahadak Ii944Bagha Dhack
262P.S. Madarmu954Madar Mau
263P.S. Ghuripur H/O Madarmu596Madar Mau
264P.S. Kamhariya Khunkhun1148Kamariya Khunkhun
265P.S. Puraina250Puraina
266P.S. Bichpari H/O Puraina526Puraina
267J.H.S. Shekhavapur572Shekhvapur
268P.S. Puraini1496Puraini
269P.S. Sahrisarayn H/O Mahmoodpur1022Mahmoodpur Bazar
270P.S. Mahmoodpur R.N.1617Mahmoodpur Bazar
271P.S. Mahmoodpur R.N.21351Mahmoodpur Bazar
272P.S. Jalalpur R.N. 1946Jalal Pur
273P.S. Jalalpur R.N. 21485Jalal Pur
274P.S. Ramuapur Mo Kalyanapur1034Kalyanpur
275P.S. Kalyanapur Kamra No 11260Kalyanpur
277P.S. Fulapur1355Phoolpur
278P.S. Maheshapur340Maheshpur
279P.S.Bhithauli Kamra No 11030Bhithauli
280P.S.Bhithauli Kamra No 21306Bhithauli
281J.H.S. Manikapur Mo.Sultanapur Maruf1371Sultanpur Maruf
282P.S. Dobha1122Dobha
283P.S. Saraurakalan Kamra No 11006Saraura Kalan
284P.S.Saraurakla Kamra No 21025Saraura Kalan
285J.H.S. Saraurakla1014Saraura Kalan
286P.S.Kursinpurva Mo. Daudapur Kamra No 1881Daudpur
287P.S.Kursinpurva Mo. Daudapur Kamra No 2771Daudpur
288P.S. Pirnagar1054Peernagar
289P.S.Ptarakla Kamra No 1925Peernagar
290P.S.Ptarakla Kamra No 21194Patara Kalan
291P.S.Thanapatti954Thana Patti
293J.H.S. Rudha M0 Chharasi536Chharasi
294P.S. Nevada647Nevada
295P.S. Usri Gadhi979Garhi
296P.S. Lalva1272Lalwa
297P.S.Gadhi Karaudi770Garhikaraundi
298J.H.S. Jyotishah Almapur Kamra No 1968Jyotishah Alampur
299J.H.S. Jyotishah Almapur Kamra No 2994Jyotishah Alampur
300P.S. Gavhiya Mo.Behada Baikunthapur Kamra No 1807Behdabaikunthpur
301P.S. Gavhiya Mo.Behada Baikunthapur Kamra No 2791Behdabaikunthpur
302P.S. Gavhiya Mo.Behada Baikunthapur Kamra No 31419Behdabaikunthpur
303R.S.I.C. Kamlapur Mo. Maholi Kamra No 11320Maholi
304R.S.I.C. Kamlapur Mo. Maholi Kamra No 2807Maholi
305R.S.I.C. Kamlapur Mo. Maholi Kamra No 3792Maholi
306P.S. Gaura Mo Maholi627Maholi
307P.S. Kamlapur Mo. Maholi1325Maholi
310J.H.S.Akbarapur Mo Saraiya791Saraiya
311P.S. Chandehara512Chandehra
313Panchyatghar Kakyapara Mo. Hardi989Hardi
314P.S. Bambhaura918Bambhaura

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