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Polling Booth in Bishwavnathganj Assembly Constituency

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Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

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Haryana Assembly Election Result Haryana Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

By Poll Election 2019 By Poll Election Result 2019 Live Updates

: Final By Poll Election Result summary By Poll – States Constituency Name Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin Final Result Arunachal Pradesh Khonsa West Smt. Chakat Read More…

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When we set out on the 2019 journey, the scenario was quite fuzzy. The opposition parties were resurgent after the 2018 Assembly Elections. Congress was brimming over with confidence, and Read More…

Bishwavnathganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bishwavnathganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bishwavnathganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ps Pachkhara1191Panchkhra
2Ps Kalyanpur Maurha1305Kalyanpur Mauraha
3Ps Lakharaw953Lakhraon
4Ps Khajuri1063Khajuri
5Ps Ladhawat294Ladhwat
6Ps Saray Tihait554Sarai Tihait
7Ps Sinhani R.N.-1943Singhani
8Ps Sinhani R.N.-2797Singhani
9Ps Kanjas674Kanjas
10G.P.S Barendra1099Bagiyapur
11Ps Pipri597Pipari
12Ps Kothanewadhiya R.N.-11463Kothanwariya
13Ps Kotha Newadhiya R.N.-21241Kothanwariya
14Ps Kotha Newadhiya R.N.-3967Kothanwariya
15C B S Gohani1166Gohani
16Cbs Sadwa Sujakhar666Sandwa Sujakhar
17Ps Rasoolpur Gulraha983Rasulpur Gulraha
18Ps Maniyar Pur677Maniyarpur
19Hps. Ram Nagar Bhojpur R.N. -11081Ram Nagar
20Hps. Ramnagar Bhojpur R. N.-2990Ram Nagar Bhojpur
21Ps Talasiristabad813Tala Sirsabad
22Ps Piroopur1037Pirupur
23Ps Makai Pur R.N.-1945Makaipur
24Ps Makai Pur R.N.-2621Makaipur
25Ps Poore Bairishal515Pure Varishal
26Ps Dadupur Ransingh R. N.11056Dadu Puran Singh
27Ps Dadupur Ransingh R. N.2553Dadu Puran Singh
28Ps Trilok Pur Visai598Trlokpur Visai
29Ps Pure Ramdev541Pure Ramdev
30Ps Gaura Dand R.N.1731Gaura Dand
31Ps Gaura Dand R.N.2715Gaura Dand
32Ps. Ray Chandra Pur965Raichandrapur
33Ps Jagdeesh Pur1350Jagdishpur
34Ps. Sarai Ugai R.N. 1527Newada Gaura Dand
35Ps. Saray Ugai R.N. 2727Newada Gaura Dand
36Ps Pashchim Gawn1340Paschim Gaon
37Ps. Poorab Gawn R.N. 11105Purab Gaon
38Ps. Poorab Gawn R.N. 21154Purab Gaon
39Ps. Balapur729Balapur
40Ps.Rajapur Rainiya1192Rajapur Rainiya
42Ps. Bandakhutar542Bandakhutar
43Hps Chhatarpur R.N.1791Chhatarpur
44Hps. Chhatarpur R.N.2795Chhatarpur
45Hps. Chhatarpur R.N.31108Chhatarpur
46Hps. Chhatarpur R.N.4517Chhatarpur
47Ps. Chhatar Pur1292Chhatarpur
48Ps. Dharauli R.N. 1744Dharauli
49Ps.Dharauli R.N.2778Dharauli
50Ps. Dharauli R.N. 3477Dharauli
51Ps. Peethipatti430Peethi Patti
52Ps. Bojhawa1425Bojhwa
53Ps. Nari R.N. 11117Nari
54Ps. Nari R.N. 21040Nari
55Ps. Mawaiya Kala941Mavaiya Kala
56Ps.Kodramadupur R.N.11498Kodra Madupur
57Ps.Kodramadupur R.N.21204Kodra Madupur
58Hps. Barista936Barista
60Ps.Tejgarh1394Tej Garh
61G.P.S Misirmau816Mishir Mau
62Ps. Bhagipur1352Bhagipur
63Ps. Dhekahi983Dekahi
64Ps.Bahuchara R.N.11093Bahuchara
65Ps.Bahuchara R.N.2`1003Bahuchara
66Ps.Sangrampur Kila1167Sangrampur Kila
67Ps. Newada Kala1452Nevada Kala
68Ps. Sadhopur1259Sadhopur
69Ps. Ishipur1152Ishipur
70Hps. Ishipur1076Ishipur
71P.B.Nariya947Purab Gaon
72Ps. Majhilaha R.N.1791Majhilaha
73Ps.Majhilaha R.N.2826Majhilaha
74Ps. Vikrampur1320Vikrampur
75Ps.Vikrampur R.N. 21464Vikrampur
76G.H.P.S. Bhuwalpur Domipur R.N.11252Bhuwalpur
77G.H.P.S. Bhuwalpur Domipur R.N.2921Bhuwalpur
79Ps. Redveer919Rendveer
80Ps.Sakrali R.N.11274Sakrauli
81Ps.Sakrauli R.N.2314Yadavpur
82Ps.Katkawali R.N.11221Kataka Bali
83Ps.Katkawali R.N.21157Kataka Bali
84Ps. Badhani1306Badhani
86Ps. Purelal1224Purelal
87Ps. Gopal Pur654Gopalpur
88Ps. Pure Mustafa1255Pure Mustafa Khan
89P.B.Prabhaita Mau768Parbhaitamau
90Ps. Banveer Kachh R.N.1869Banveer Kachh
91Ps.Banveer Kachh R.N.2862Banveer Kachh
92Ps. Pure Rayju1006Pure Raijoo
93Ps. Pure Khushai R.N.11045Pure Khusai
94Ps. Pure Khushai R.N.21046Pure Khusai
95Ps. Dherahana1074Dherahna
96Ps. Raypur Bhojpur585Rampur Kala
97Ps. Puraili554Puraili
98Ps.Barahua Bhojpur1463Barahua Bhojpur
99Ps. Udideeh981Udideeh
100Ps. Belkhari1411Belkhari
101Ps.Saraysujan R. N.1940Sarai Sujan
102Ps.Saraysujan R. N.2370Sarai Sujan
103Ps. Khurdaha399Khurdaha
104Ps. Gajipur1039Gajipur
106Ps. Tikari1275Tikari
107Ps.Usarapu R909Usrapur
108Ps. Kailakala793Kaila Kala
109Ps. Saray Murar Singh1177Sarai Murar Singh
110Ps. Pureswamidas850Pure Swamidas
111Ps. Seedhapur631Sidhapur
112Ps.Harchet Pur R.N.11367Harchetpur
113Ps.Harchet Pur R.N.2279Amilaha
114Ps. Rampur Mustarka956Rampur Mustarka
115Ps.Saray Pranmati676Sarai Pranmati
116Ps. Mohiudden Pur807Mohiuddinpur
117Ps. Chandpur1123Chandpur
118Ps. Rajgarh R.N.11199Rajgarh
119Ps. Rajgarh R.N.2730Pure Dhar Mangal
120Ps. Pure Gosai382Chandpur
121Ps. Danpur368Danpur
122Ps. Ghatampur880Ghatampur
123P.B. Rajgarh1579Rajgarh
124Ps. Shreenath Pur712Shri Nathpur
125Ps. Kopa878Konpa Kithwar
126Ps. Saherua R.N. 1965Saherua
127Ps.Saherua R.N.21092Saherua
128P.B.Purekharag Ray R.N.1688Makhanpur
129P.B. Pure Kharag Ray R.N. 2836Saray Tara Chandra
130Ps. Akariur830Akaripur
131Ps. Pure Niyadar325Pure Niyadar
132Ps. Ragoli Kanesta982Rangoli
133P.M.S. Vishwanathganj || R.N.11101Kohla
134P.M.S. Vishwanathganj || R.N.21022Bhopatpur
135Ps. Buaapur R.N.11247Buapur
136Ps.Buaapur R.N.21262Bhatpurwa
138Ps. Ppaniyari1343Paniyapur
139P.B. Saray Govind Ray1161Sarai Govind Ram
141Ps. Bhawalpur673Bhawalpur
142Ps. Shekhanpur R.N.1583Shekhanpur
143Ps.Shekhanpur R.N.21110Shekhanpur
144Ps. Narhar Patti488Narhar Patti
145Ps. Sahijan Pur1106Sahijanpur
146Ps. Harihar Pur871Hariharpur
147Ps. Madai Pur943Madaipur
148Ps. Akodhiya1151Akodhiya
149Ps. Katata590Katata
151Ps. Harakhpur R.N.1812Harakhpur
152Ps.Harakhpur R.N. 2795Harakhpur
153Ps. Dhanipur R.N.1985Dhanipur
154Ps. Dhanipur R.N.2593Dhanipur
155Ps. Bujaha614Bujha
156Ps.Mandhata R.N.11315Mandhata
157Ps.Mandhata R.N.21147Mandhata
158Ps. Vaishpur1133Vaispur
159Ps. Govindpur Lilauli841Lilauli
160Ps. Govindpur Lilauli R.N. 2689Lilauli
161Ps. Lakhapur1145Lakhapur
162Ps. Bahapur728Bahrapur
163Ps. Subarni603Subarni
166Inter Colege Mandhata643Amaiyamau
167H.Ps. Hainsi Parji R.N.11304Hainsi Parji
168Hps. Hainsi Parji R.N.2995Haisi Jai Chandra
169Ps. Parasrampur594Parasurampur
170Ps. Skobhipur1090Shobhipur
171Ps. Jamua R.N. 1`536Jamua
172Ps. Jamua R.N. 2479Bhat Purwa
173Ps. Mediray679Sarai Medi Rai
174Ps.Hindupur Ramnagar1238Ram Nagar
175Ps Shivra843Shivra
176P.S. Manehu1348Manehu
177Ps Ahina R N 11227Ahina
178P.S. Ahina R N-21473Ahina
179V Kh Mandhata397Sarai Medi Rai
180P.B. Saray Harnarayan763Sarai Har Narain
181P.S. Mishrapur1220Misirpur
182Ra V Chamarupur Pathan1225Chamrupur Pathan
183Ra V Chamarupur Pathan Kaksh-21001Chamrupur Pathan
184Ra V Saray Bhimsen1264Sarai Bhimsen
185H.Ps Saraynaharray R N-11324Sarai Nahar Rai
186H.Ps Saraynaharray R N-2947Sarai Nahar Rai
187P.B. Saray Harnarayan R N-3951Sarai Nahar Rai
188P.S. Parvatpur R N -11029Parvatpur
189P.S. Parvatpur R.N.-21124Parvatpur
190P.S. Barista1355Barista
191P.B. Nevadi R.N.-1940Newari
192P.B. Nevadi R.N.-21450Newari
193P.S. Ramchandrapur R.N.-11110Ramchandra Pur
194P.S. Ramchandrapur R.N.-21174Ramchandra Pur
195P.S. Mishrapur Taraul659Mishirpur Taraul
196P.S. Madhupur749Madupur
197P.S. Gambhira R.N.-11438Gamhira
198P.S. Gambhira R.N.-2382Gamhira
199P.S. Parasram Pur Kala821Parasram Pur
200P.S. Bachhua906Bachhua
201P.S. Judapur1235Judapur
202P.S. Pure Sukhdev R.N.-11038Pure Sukhdev
203P.S. Pure Sukhdev R.N.-2639Pure Sukhdev
204P.S. Nagapur1183Nagapur
205H.Ps Saray Bhupati R.N.-1811Sarai Bhoopat
206Hp.S. Saray Bhupati R.N.-21009Sarai Bhoopat
207H.Ps Saray Bhupati R.N.-3679Sarai Bhoopat
208P.S. Bagiyapur1169Bagiyapur
209P.S. Saray Dev Ray R.N.-11338Sarai Dev Rai
210P.S. Saraydev Ray R.N.-2735Sarai Dev Rai
211P.S. Jagdeeshpur R.N.-1969Jagdishpur
212P.S. Jagdeeshpur R.N.-2832Jagdishpur
213P.S. Chhatauna R.N.-11370Chhatauna
214P.S. Chhtauna R.N.-21255Gokula
215P.S. Gaura1105Gaura
216P.S. Pure Torayi1160Pure Torai
217P.S.Dhema R.N.-1969Dhema
218P.S. Dhema R.N.-2881Dhema
219P.S. Taraul R.N.-11155Taraul
220P.S. Taraul R.N.-2971Taraul
221P.S. Khampur R.N.-11006Khampur
222P.S. Khampur R.N.-2809Khampur
223Islamiya Sch.Dharampur1486Taraul
224P.S. Bajaha677Bajha
225P.S. Majhigava801Majhgawan
227P.S. Rampur Vaishpur R.N.-1938Rampur Vaispur
228P.S. Rampur Vaishpur R.N.-2963Rampur Vaispur
229P.S. Palhan1045Aosa
230P.S. Noorpur896Noorpur Kansapur
231P.S. Khujhi793Khujhi
232P.S. Nauvapur1358Nauapur
233P.S. Sumerpur1405Sumerpur
234P.S. Kulhipur1397Kulhipur
235P.S. Sarua R.N.-11224Saruanwa
236P.S. Sarua R.N.-2389Saruanwa
237P.S. Tarapur1391Tarapur
238P.S. Hars Asanv575Asaon
239P.S. Itaura699Itaora
240P.S. Kotva Shukulpur1255Kotwashukulpur
241P.S. Padmakarpur746Padmakerpur
242P.S. Garapur862Garapur
243P.S. Harshpur Kotva581Harspur Kotwa
244P.S. Rangauli1147Ragauli
245P.S. Rangauli R.N.-2400Saraidalpat
246P.S. Bhagatpur R.N.-1837Bhagatpur
247P.S. Bhagatpur R.N.-21088Asaon
248P.S. Idilpur R.N.-11265Kanjas
249P.S. Idilpur R.N.-2735Husainpur
250I.C. Pahadpur R.N.-11186Pahadpur Gajehda
251I.C. Pahadpur R.N.-2948Pahadpur Gajehda
252I.C. Pahadpur R.N.-31050Pahadpur Gajehda
253P.S. Pahadpur R.N.-1693Paharpur
254P.S. Pahadpur R.N.-2889Basupur
255P.S. Kritpur985Pure Roop
256P.S. Itauri R.N.-11010Itauri
257P.S. Itauri R.N.-2778Itauri
258P.S. Sagrasundpur R.N.-1814Sagra Sundarpur
259P.S. Sagarasundpur R.N.-2727Sagra Sundarpur
260P.S.Sagara Sundarpur R.N.-3837Sagra Sundarpur
261P.S. Sargasundrpur R.N.-4721Sagra Sundarpur
262P.S. Shakoohabad R.N.-11010Hadirahi
263P.S. Shakuhabad R.N.-2558Shakuhabad
264P.S. Ghuripur853Ghuripur
265P.S. Handaur R.N.-11164Handaur
266P.S. Handaur R.N.-21286Handaur
267P.S. Handaur Purana Bhavan1339Handaur
268P.S. Basupur R.N.-1367Kansapur
269P.S. Basupur R.N.-21283Basupur
270P.S. Basupur R.N.-3445Mattupur Bhoji
271P.S. Tilauri838Tilauri
272P.S. Gahiri1161Gahri
273P.S. Devli R.N.-11266Deoli
274P.S. Devli R.N.-21297Deoli
275P.S. Bojhva739Bojhwa
276P.S. Maheshpur637Maheshpur
277P.S. Chhemarsaraiya1436Chaemar Saraiya
278P.S. Teliyahi R.N.-1835Teliyahi
279P.S. Teliyahi R.N.-2778Teliyahi
280P.S. Kataiya Nevada R.N.-1744Kotya Newada
281P.S. Kataiya Nevada R.N.-2862Kotya Newada
282P.S. Rampur Khajur829Rampur Khajoor
283P.S. Ajgara R.N.-11370Ajgra
284P.S. Ajgara R.N.-21104Ajgra
285P.S.Pure Nevaji Ajgara R.N.-11144Ajgra
286P.S. Pure Nevaji Ajgara R.N.-2987Ajgra
287P.S. Dharaura1212Ajgra
288P.S. Gabi Mahuavan1175Gazi Mahubavan
289P.S. Sahab Ganj1502Bahloolpur
290P.S. Kharagpur R.N.-11025Kharagpur
291P.S. Kharagpur R.N.-2472Kharagpur
292P.S. Dadupur Pathan700Dandupur Padan
293P.S. Multanipur R.N.-11020Multanipur
295P.S. Sandava Somansiyan829Sandwa Sombansian
296P.S. Sandava Duban581Sandwa Duban
297P.S. Pure Beerbal777Pure Birbal
298Mini Sachivalay Saray Sansara1058Mishrpur
299Sukhpati Ic Sahab Ganj Lilapur R N -11041Lilapur
301P.S. Kaitha Dandi508Kaitha Dandi
302P.S. Hariharpur Kailaha1251Hariherpur Kailha
303P.S. Sindhaur R.N.-11006Sindhaur
304P.S.Sindhaur R.N.-21151Sindhaur
305Ps Shamsherganj1015Sindhaur
306Ps Sabajpur R.N. 1990Sukhaupur
307Ps Sarbajpur R.N. 2714Pati
308Ps Phoolpur1052Phoolpur
309Ps Sariyapur908Sariyapur
310Ps Gajrahi486Gajrahi
311Ps Navbasta1357Gajrahi
312Ps Chamrupur Shuklan 11239Chamrupur
313Ps Chamrupur Shuklan R.N. 2186Chamrupur Shuklan
314Ps Champur Shuklan R.N. 31964Chamrupur Shuklan
315Ps Kachha R.N. 11303Kachha
316Ps Kachha R.N. 21414Kachha
317Pb Kachha907Sarai Lohangrai
318Ps Reddy1042Redi
319Ps Nevada Mustarka1151Newada Mustarka
320Ps Delhupur1103Dulhepur
321Ps. Katwadh1237Katwao
322G.P.S Dadi Khas1392Dandi
323Ps. Dadi Khas R.N.21114Dandi
324Ps. Dadikhas R.N. 3736Dandi
325Ps. Dhaurahara333Dhaurahra
326Ps. Kothar Mangolpur1325Kothar Mangolepur
327Ps. Patulki R.N.11236Patulki
328Ps. Patulki R.N.21093Patulki
329S.S.Samiti Raghawapur R.N. 11220Rampur Bheriyani
330S.S.Samiti Raghawapur R.N. 2743Raghuwapur
331Ps. Chandapur750Chandapur
332Ps. Tina1358Tina
333Ps.Deehmehadi R.N. 11377Dihmehdi
334Ps. Deehmehadi R.N. 21049Dihmehdi
335P.B.Deehmehdi R.N.1736Dihmehdi
336P.B.Deehmehdi R.N.2604Dihmehdi
337Gajadhar Inter Collaga Lakshamanpur1514Laxmanpur
338Ps. Pure Gulabray1405Pure Gulab Rai
339Ps. Padnathpur901Padnathpur
340Ps. Majhawar820Majhwara

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