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Polling Booth in Bilgram Mallanwan Assembly Constituency

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Bilgram- Mallanwan Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bilgram Mallanwan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bilgram- Mallanwan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1J H School Kundrauli Sadikpur1513Kundrauli Sadikpur
2P P Dabha877Dabha
4K J H School Dabha478Dabha
5P P Jamuniyapurwa M0 Dabha385Dabha
6P P Lalpur Kanhari1150Lalpur Kanhri
7P P Tarauli995Tarauli
9P P Baifariya905Baifaria
10P P Ranena Habib Nagar774Radena Habib Nagar
11P P Ahmdapur M0. Ranena Habibnagar842Radena Habib Nagar
12P P Haibatpur1417Haibatpur
13P P Puseda M0 Gurauli833Gurauli
14P P Gurauli750Gurauli
15P P Kutlupur572Kutuloopur
16P P Bashar875Bashar
17J H School Jarauli Sherpur1486Jarauli Sherpur
19P P Jarauli Sherpur977Jarauli Sherpur
21P P Balenda504Balenda
22P P Akbarpur Pasnamau1312Akbarpur Pasnamau
23P P Bindhauri949Bindhouri
24P P Kutuwapur1217Kutuapur
25P P Berua Nizampur913Berua Nizampur
26P P Chandpur771Chandpur
27P P Sadariyapur1016Sadriapur
28P P Naumalikpur1016Naumalikpur
29J H Shcool Roshanpur1391Roshanpur
30P P Behtikhurd988Behti Khurd
31P P Bargawan1333Bargawan
33P P Gujrai835Gujrai
34P P Hathaura922Noorpur Hathaura
35J H School Hathaura1432Noorpur Hathaura
36P P Noorpur762Noorpur Hathaura
37P P Unchimangrauli M0 Gujrai1195Gujrai
38P P Parchal Rasoolpur1306Parchal Rasoolpur
39J H Shcoolpabiyani M0 Parchalrasoolpur1221Parchal Rasoolpur
40P P Dudhela M0 Parchal Rasool Pur1228Parchal Rasoolpur
41P P School Badhanawa815Barhnawa
42P P Ghenghaiya M0 Badhanawa755Barhnawa
43P P Birauri1316Birauri
45P P Rudhauli M0 Birauri539Birauri
46P P Jhalapurwa M0 Birauri349Birauri
47P P Almapur M0 Sadarpur497Sadarpur
48P P Lalpur M0 Sadarpur389Sadarpur
49P. Nehru Inter College Sadarpur1016Sadarpur
51P P Hirapur1074Hirapur
52P P Mahmadpur Thal690Mahmoodpur Thal
53P P Baghiyari1158Baghiyari
54P P Eksai1422Iksai
55P P Khanjahanpur485Khangheria
56P P Khandheriya749Khangheria
57P P Shekhanpur903Shekhanpur
58P P Padralakhanpur966Parhra Lakhanpur
60Sankul Bhawan Nyaypanchayat Rudamau1287Rudamau
61Sankul Bhawan Nyay Panchayat Rudamau1218Rudamau
62P P Chandauli1286Chandauli
63P P Ramjanipurwa M0 Ruiya1112Ruiya
64P P Barhas1268Barhas
65P P Shuklapur Bhagat922Shuklapur Bhagat
67J H School Shuklapur Bhagat1369Shuklapur Bhagat
69P P Usraha388Usraha
70P P Pilkhana430Pilkhana
71P P Humayunpur M0 Shukla Pur Bhagat1105Shuklapur Bhagat
72P P Ruddikhera M0 Shahabda358Shahbda
73P P Shahabda741Shahbda
75P P Bhamkara M0 Shahabda312Shahbda
76P P Gautara1247Gautara
77P P Newada Gabbhi863Newada Gambhi
78P P Baghaura1109Baghaurha
79P P Firozpur584Firozpur
80P P Madhauganj939Madhoganj (NP)
81P P Madhauganj Extra791Madhoganj (NP)
83P P Madhauganj N0 Pa01479Madhoganj (NP)
84J H School Madhoganj1479Madhoganj (NP)
86J H School Madhoganj Extra736Madhoganj (NP)
90P P Sahijna1097Sahijana
93P P Sumerganj Mo Khadheriya1274Khangheria
94P P Shekhwapur722Shekhwapur
95P P Kyotikhwajgipur812Keoti Khuwazagipur
96J H School Khwajgipur796Keoti Khuwazagipur
97P P Chandipur1334Chandipur
98P P Piprawan1242Piprawan
99P P Ruknapur1403Ruknapur
100P P Sarfuddinpur912Sharfuddinpur
101P P Second Ishwarpur Sai1475Ishwarpur Saee
102P P Bagdad M0. Ishwarpur Sai943Ishwarpur Saee
103P P Rasoolapur Sai904Rasoolapur
104P P Bhithai943Bhithai
106P P Khemipur705Khemipur
107P P Kajipur Farhat Nagar1408Qazipur Farhat Nagar
110P P Devmanpur840Manjhgaon
112P P Majhganwa813Manjhgaon
113P P Purwanwa1439Purwawan
115P P Raunsa M0 Purwawan704Purwawan
116P P Kanthari1032Kanthari
118J H School Bansa1179Bansa
120P P Bansa1197Bansa
121P P Seurai838Seorhai
123P P Atwaalimardanpur1420Atwa Ali Mardanpur
125P P Bhainamau M0 Atwaali Mardanpur597Atwa Ali Mardanpur
126P P Baraiya Khera1367Barhiya Kherha
127P P Sauhar988Saunhar
128P P Kursath Bujurg1073Kursath Buzurg
129P P Deviyapur M0 Kursath Bujurg390Kursath Buzurg
130K J H School Kursath Bujurg893Kursath (NP)
133P P Gaurinagar Kursath Bujurg1366Kursath (NP)
134P P Mansha Khera M0 Kursath Khurd577Kursath Khurd
135P P Sardarnagar M0 Kursath Khurd730Kursath Khurd
136P P Samukha592Kursath Khurd
137P P Parnakha986Parnakha
138P P Dakauli1094Dakauli
139P P Madarpur Khurda1002Madarpur Khurda
140P P Jalihapur966Jalihapur
141P P Sendhrauli805Sendhrauli
142P P Nayaganw1282Nayagaon
143P P Bhajehata547Bhajehata
144P P Saraiya Belwar582Sariyan Belwar
145P P Tarhatiya434Tarhatiya
146P P Majhiyai Zafarpur935Maghiyaee Zaferpur
147P P Newada Paras1024Newada Paras
148P P Jagat Khera M0 Bakhaura381Bakhaura
149J H School Bakhaura1212Bakhaura
150P P Bisheshwar Pur804Visheshwarpur
151P P Darukuiyan1194Daroo Kuinya
152P P Herwal967Herwal
153P P Raghaurampur526Bhogaitapur
154P P Bhagtupur503Bhagtoopur
155P P Nasirpuer378Nasirpur
156P P Teriyabhawanipur1216N/A
157P P Ibrahimpur1066N/A
159P P Saraysultan1102N/A
160P P Sultanpurkot962N/A
161P P Alapur854N/A
162Dakbagla Nahar Kothi Bhikharipur Katiya813N/A
163P P Jalalabad1341N/A
165P P Atwara Chakkola1293N/A
166P P Parmi790Parmi
167P P Fulai952Fulai
168P P Bandrahiya M0 Fulai487Fulai
169P P Barauna1121Barauna
171P P Salempur493Bharhwal Salempur
172P P Bharwal896Bharhwal Salempur
173P P Akbarpur908Akbarpur
175P P Darapur1116Darapur
176P P Bikapur1356Bikapur
177J H Shcool Mehndikhera M0 Purwawan480Piprawan
178J H Shcool Goswa1000Goswa
180P P Kherwa1247Karwa
181P P Unchagaw885Unchagaon
183P P Tendua Rom N011269Tendua
184P P Tendua852Tendua
185P P Mallawan Mohddinpur1295Mallawan (NPP)
186P P Mallawan Mohddinpur Extra304Mallawan (NPP)
190P P Gangarampur Nikat Na0Pa0Pa Mallwan974Mallawan (NPP)
191P P Gangarampur Nikat Na0Pa0Pa Mallwan Extra851Mallawan (NPP)
193Kanya J H Shcool Mallawan Na0 Pa0 Parisad1402Mallawan (NPP)
194B N Inter College Mallawan N. Pa. Prisadroom N011163Mallawan (NPP)
195B N Inter College Mallawan N. Pa. Prisadroom N03445Mallawan (NPP)
196B N Inter College Mallawan N. Pa. Prisadroom N02967Mallawan (NPP)
197B N Inter College Mallawan N. Pa. Prisadroom N04623Mallawan (NPP)
198J H Schoo Lmallawan N. Pa. Parisad873Mallawan (NPP)
199J H School Mallawan N. Pa. Parisad713Mallawan (NPP)
201J H School Mallwan New Bhawan N. Pa. Parisad849Mallawan (NPP)
205J H School Nayabhawan684Mallawan (NPP)
206K P P Bajiganj Mallawan N.Pa. Parisad1357Mallawan (NPP)
207K P P Bajiganj Mallawan N0P0P0370Mallawan (NPP)
208P P Gangarampur Near Bandipur Mallawan806Mallawan (NPP)
212P P Barahua1079Barhuwan
214P P Rajepur669Rajaypur
215P P Shshbuddinpur664Shahabuddinpur
216J H School Shahpurganga1364Shahpur Ganga
219P P Saraigauri559Sarai Gauri
220P P Tejipur906Tejipur
223P P Sukraula917Sukroula
224P P Kalyanpur902Kalyanpur
225P P Mustfabad740Mustafabad
226P P Karwa954Karwa
227P P Puranmau1271Puranmau
228P P Murtazakullipur703Murtaza Kullipur
229P P Kokatmau734Kokatmau
230P P Kodarmau755Kodarmau
231J H School Beriya Najitpur795Beria Nazirpur
232P P Bakkhapurwa M0 Beriya Najitpur1121Beria Nazirpur
233P P Mansoorpur528Mansoorpur
234P P Mansurpur730Mahmoodpur
235P P Lakadha M0 Mansurpur499Musepur
236J H School Shahpur Pawar1376Shahpur Pawanr Pansala
238P P Harraiya536Harraiya
239P P Mariha M0 Harraiya498Harraiya
240P P Ekghra907Kutuapur
241P P Kutuapur1053Kutuapur
242P P Mahimpur378Mahimpur
243J H School Bakhriya M0 Magraha631Mang Raha Pansala
244P P Magraha533Mang Raha Sisala
245P P Bhagatpurwa M0 Raghaupur673Raghopur Pansala
246P P Antia M0 Raghaupur770Raghopur Pansala
247P P Mirjapur M0 Raghaupur406Raghopur Sisala
248P P Raghaupur1394Raghopur Sisala
249P P Ragaupur132Raghopur Sisala
251P P Ausanpur409Ausanpur
252P P Hajratpur595Hazratpur
253P P Thathiya Jahidpur1254Thathia Zahidpur
254P P Narayanmau450Narainmau
255P P Mohabbatpur875Mohabbatpur
256P P Gari Rasoolpur484Garhi Rasoolpur
257P P Balehra Kamalnagar1031Balehra Kamal Nagar
258P P Harpura799Haripura
259P P Meernagar396Mirnagar
260P P Bhul Bhawanipur660Bhool Bhawanipur
261P P Lachchhipur971Lachhipur
262P P Mahnepur488Mahneypur
263P P Sumerpur648Sumerpur
264P P Mehndipur843Manimau
265P P Munavvarpur418Munwarpur
266P P Islampur Jagai993Islampur Jagai
267P P Islam Pur Jagai699Islampur Jagai
268P P Manimau501Manimau
269P P Kajipur Nai Basti1041Qazipur Nai Basti
270P P Matiyamau866Matiyamau
272J H School Matiyamau1236Matiyamau
274P P Dhaniganj M0 Babatmau779Babatmau
275P P Muchuapur M0 Babatmau705Babatmau
277P P Terwakulli814Terwa Kulli
278J H School Devipurwa M0 Terwakulli1094Terwa Kulli
279J H School Israpur M0 Terwakulli1053Terwa Kulli
280Panchayat Bhawan Madhiya M0 Babatmau829Babatmau
281J H School Babatmau747Babatmau
282P P Lasgaripur M0 Babatmau959Babatmau
283P P Taukalabad401Taukalabad
284P P Rahimpur Lonari1064Mawaiya
285P P Biraichmau865Biraichmau
287P P Jehdipur1083Zehdipur
288P P Bhansikhera1106Bhainsi Kherha
289Kanya J H School Selapur1034Selapur
291P P Dhedhni Saraiya1343Dherhni Saraiya
292P P Shahpur Vasudev1455Shahpur Basudev
293P P Saraiud608Saray Ud
294P P Hasanpur Jeuly1184Hasanpur Jeoli
295P P Neoly644Neoli
296P P Mudiakhera1375Morhiya Kherha
297P P Gaura Roon 011211Gaura
298P P Gaura1137Gaura
299P P Fattepur Chaugwan1396Fatteypur Chougawan
300P P Harraiyapur419Haraiyapur
301P P Shshpur479Shahpur
302J H School Parsola1123Parsola
304J H School Rameshwar Purwa M0 Katriparsola1024Katri Parsola
305J H School Rameshwarpurwa M0 Katri Parsoka813Katri Parsola
306P P Chiranjupurwa M0 Katari Bichhuiya724Katri Bichhuya
307P P Katri Chhibramau1285Katri Bichhuya
308P P Chhibramau1335Chhibramau
309P P Jafarpur1051Zaffarpur
310P P Mahsonamau440Massonamau
311P P Ganipur867Ganipur
312P P Paneyora445Paneora
313P P Fattepur330Fatteypur
314Panchayat Bhawan Jujuamau494Jujvamau
315P P Badanpur793Barhanpur
316P P Koilara725Koilara
317P P Koi461Koee
318P P Rahula1321Rahula
320P P Sapkhera546Sapkhera
321P P Paindapur398Paindapur
322P P Meyora1191Meora
323P P Jarsenamau1230Jarsenamau
325P P Katri Mahdewa583Katri Mahdeva
326P P Jarela M0 Katri Viluhi842Katri Biluhi
327P P Band738Band
328P P Karehaka481Karehka
329P P Sariyapur1457Sarhiyapur Sisala
331P P Deewali1345Diwali
333P P Kakrakhera1357Kakra Kherha
334P P Jalal Pur782Jalalpur
335P P Atarchha Bujurg944Atarchha Buzurg
336P P Birni896Birni
337P P Nayabagala M0 Birni710Birni
338J H School Ghamoiya M0 Birni601Birni
339P P Karimnagar M0 Bhogaita Pur411Bhogaitapur
340J H Bhogaita Pur798Bhogaitapur
341P P Duhatiyamau M0 Bhogaitapur570Bhogaitapur
342P P Kabiranpurwa M0 Bhogaita Pur666Bhogaitapur
343P P Atarchhakhurd935Atarchha Khurd
344P P Itauli383Itauli
345P P Mahmud Nagar514Mahmood Nagar
346J H School Kila Bilgram1150Bilgram (NPP)
351J H School N. P . Parisad Bilgram977Bilgram (NPP)
352P P Malkanth Bilgram1287Bilgram (NPP)
354P P Malkath Bilgram703Bilgram (NPP)
356Pyarelal Kanya Pathshala Bajriya Bilgram889Bilgram (NPP)
357P P Rafaiyat Ganj Bilgram997Bilgram (NPP)
359B G R I College Bilgram894Bilgram (NPP)
364Karyalay N. P. P. Bilgram1252Bilgram (NPP)
366P P Alligarh993Aligarh
367P P Akhtyarpur593Akhtyarpur
368P P Panyori516Panthauri
370P P Pasner1422Pasner
371J H School Pasner1009Pasner
373P P Naupurwa M0 Pasner1162Pasner

Last Updated on November 15, 2014