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Polling Booth in Bilari Assembly Constituency

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Bilari Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bilari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bilari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Narayanpur Deva1136Narayanpur Dev
2P.S. Alahdadpur575Alahadadpur
3P.S. Jamalpur1204Jamalpur
4P.S. Namaini Udaia791Namauni Udaia
5P.S. Madva535Mandwa
6P.S. Ibraheempur922Ibrahimpur
8Junior High School957Jargaon
10P.S. Jatpura Jhadu443Jatpura Jharoo
11Primary School Kamalpur Chandora1108Kamalpur Chandoura
12P.S. Ahmdabad Kasora631Ahemdabad Kasora
13Primary School Khasepur370Khaseypur
14P.S. Baroli Rustampur1269Baroli Rustampur
15Primary School791Baroli Rustampur
16P.S. Umra Gopal Pur411Uamragopalpur
17P.S. Saifpur Jagna494Saifpur Jagna
18P.S. Asalatnagar Kalijpur1363Asalatnagar Kalispur
20J.H.S. Mohammad Sadikpur1186Mohammad Sadiqpur
21J.H.S. Sarthal1295Sarthal
23P.S. Nagla Gujar748Nagla Goojar
24P.S. Dolatpur Bharkau335Dolatpur Markaoo
25J.H.S.Behta Sarthal1338Behta Sarthal
26J.H.S Behta Sarthal1076Behta Sarthal
27P.S. Nuruddinpur Urf Ganj741Nooruddinpur Urf Ganj
28P.S. Chidia Bhavan1375Chiria Bhawan
30P.S. Makanpur464Manakpur Kundarki
31P.S. Devri799Devari
32P.S. Dinora355Dinora
33P.S. Khanpur876Khanpur
34Primary School Vijaypur1350Vijaypur
35P.S. Pipli1046Pipli
37P.S. Hajipur1159Hajipur
38P.S. Khata512Khata
39P.S. Hamjapur525Hamzapur
40P.S. Karsara1054Karsara
42P.S. Narsara418Narsra
43Primary School Bagpura596Nasirapur Dhanna
44P.S. Ramnagar Gangpur1414Ramnagar Gangpur
45P.S. Noshna Syondara1061Nosna Seodara
46P.S. Abusaidpur569Abusaidpur
48J.H.S.Sisona349Tarapur Seodara
49P.S. Gora Shahgadh1175Gaura Shahgarh
50P.S. Saidnagar Urf Nayagaov555Saidnagar Urf Nayagaon
51P.S. Mangupura1079Mangoopura
53P.S. Jhakda546Jhakra
54P.S. Ahladpur Karar1155Allahdadpur Karar
55P.S.Milak Ahladpur171Allahdadpur Karar
56P.S. Danda484Danda
57P.S. Dammunagla Urf Dampura421Dammunagla Urf Dampura
59P.S. Syodara606Seondara
61P.S. Syondara1266Seondara
63P.S. Imratpur Syodara665Imratpur Seondara
64P.S. Rampur Patti Gujar558Rampur Patti Goojar
65P.S. Nasirpur Bhikka385Nasirpur Bhikka
66Primary School Mithanpur Mahesh477Mithanpur Mahesh
67P.S.Sikarpur Majhra Mithanpur Mahesh213Mithanpur Mahesh
68P.S. Bichaula Dhuki1091Bichola Dhooki
69P.S. Namini Gaddi970Namauni Udaia
70P.S. Sujanpur706Sujanpur
71P.S. Dohri577Dohri
72P.S. Bahoranpur Naroli720Bahoranpur Narauli
73P.S. Mohammad Hayatpur1277Mohammad Hayatpur
74P.S. Dhatrara445Dhatrara
75P.S. Rampur629Rampur
76P.S. Ajmatnagar Jyondera328Azmat Nagar Jeondera
77P.S. Niyamatpur746Niyamatpur Boocha
78P ????0 ?????? ??????Uganpur
79P.S. Udaypur Naroli872Udaipur Narauli
80P.S. Palanpur914Palanpur
81P.S. Samaspur751Samaspur
82P.S. Shyamsingh Urf Bhudi698Shiyam Singhpur Urf Bhoori
83P.S. Sonakpur Roo1312Sonakpur
84P.S. Sonakpur822Sonakpur
85P.S. Umrara1027Umrara
86P.S. School Umrara491Umrara
87P.S. Bhudawas841Bhoora Baas
88P.S. Hasanpur Roop579Hasanpur Roop
89P.S. Gwarau1179Guaroo
91P.S. Bhidwari1358Bhidwari
93P.S. Bhuda857Bhoora
94P.S. Abhanpur Naroli788Abhanpur Narauli
95P.S. Nagaliya Shahpur1294Nagalia Shahpur
96P.S. Gwalkheda1181Gual Khera
98P.S. Chandpur Ganesh951Chandpurganesh
99P.S. Navada Shahpur434Akbarpur
100J.H.S. Dhakia Naru1036Dhakia Naroo
101J.H.S Dhakiya Naru594Dhakia Naroo
102P.S. Dhakia Naru1310Dhakia Naroo
103P.S. Bichaula Kundarki783Bichola Kundarki
104P.S. Tanda Amarpur1049Tanda Amarpur
106P.S. Kuakheda730Kua Khera
107P.S. Sataran984Sataran
108P.S. Satran992Sataran
109P.S. Kudi Mank408Koori Manak
110P.S. Jwalapuri395Jwala Puri
111P.S. Khandua1468Khandua
112P.S. Bahdarpur1045Bahadarpur
114P.S. Bhudmarsi1029Bhoor Maresi
115P.S. Safilpur1501Safilpur
116Beej Bhandar Abupur Khurd695Abupur Khurd
117P.S. Sihari Ladda1056Sihari Ladda
118P.S. Fattehpur Nattha1164Fatehpur Natha
119J.H.S. Mohammad Ibrheempur950Mohammad Ibrahimpur
120J.H.S. Mohammad Ibraheempur968Mohammad Ibrahimpur
121P.S. Arikheda946Aari Khera
122P.S. Shahpur607Shahpur
123P.S1084Amarpur Kashi
124P.S.Old Bhavan Thawla1102Thawla
125P.S. Old Bhawan Thawla801Thawla
126P.S. New Bhawan1327Thawla
127P.S. New Bhawan Thawla401Thawla
130P.S. Mankula1522Mankoola
131P.S. Chaudharpur562Nagla Nassoo
132P.S. Narukheda382Naya Khera
133P.S. Ahladpur Khem Urf Raipur1123Allahdadpur Khem Urf Raipur
134P.S. Sherpur Madho Urf Ghaniakheda579Sherpur Madho Urf Dhania Khera
135P.S. Baniather982Baniather
137P.S. Malhapur Sidhari1458Malhpur Singhari
138P.S. Ahrola487Ahrola
139P.S. Mithanpur Ballu Urf Nagla461Mithanpur Balloo Urf Nagla
140P.S. Samathal1280Samathal
141P.S. Allapur Urf Rampur352Allapur Urf Rampur
142P.S. Jasrathpur858Jasrathpur
143P.S. Paliya526Palia
144P.S. Dhanupura Turkheda848Dhanupura Urf Turkhera
145P.S. Sihari Mala1069Sihari Mala
146P.S. Siharimala1085Sihari Mala
147P.S. Devipura Urf Nagla910Devipura Nagla
148P.S. Old Bhawan Bakainia Chandpur1066Baqenia Chandpur
149P.S. Changeri747Changeri
150P.S. New Bhawan Sanai1458Sanai
151P.S. Malhapur Jannu1017Malhpur Jannoo
153P.S. Akbarpur Khas768Akbarpur
154P.S. Pipli Chak1123Pipli Chak
155P.S. Sihari Nanda594Sihari Nanda
156P.S. Dharmpur Kalan1091Dhrampur Kalan
159P.S. Makrandpur980Makrandpur
160P.S. Khabri Avval1101Khawri Avwal
163P.S.Khabri Avval517Khawri Avwal
164P.S. Nagalia Jatt1464Nagalia Jat
166P.S. Mira Pur Mafi570Mirapur Mafi
167P.S.Gwarkheda916Gual Khera
168J.H.S. Harora1003Harora
170P.S. Roja281Sarkara
171P.S. Udranpur Chak Urf Virampur1303Udranpur Chak Urf Beerampur
173P.S. Mudia Raja1257Mundia Raja
175P.S. Sherpur Mafi985Sherpur Mafi
177P.S. Aslatpur Majhra Bilari1010Asalatpur Majarabilari
178J.H.S. Rustamnagar Sahaspur1060Rustamnagar Sahaspur (CT)
179.J.H.S. Rustam Nagar Sahaspur508Rustamnagar Sahaspur (CT)
181J.H.S. Rustam Nagar Sahaspur431Rustamnagar Sahaspur (CT)
182J.H.S.Rustamnagar Sahaspur1107Rustamnagar Sahaspur (CT)
184P.S. Rustamnagar Sahaspur1072Rustamnagar Sahaspur (CT)
186P.S.Rustamnagar Sahaspur1354Rustamnagar Sahaspur (CT)
188Kanya Junior High School Rustam Nagar Sahspur1361Rustamnagar Sahaspur (CT)
189Kanya Junior High School Rustamnagar Sahaspur288Rustamnagar Sahaspur (CT)
192Sh.S.K.U.M.School1485Bilari (NPP)
194Sh.S.K1390Bilari (NPP)
196Sh.S ??0?0?0?0??0??0???? -9Bilari (NPP)
198Ganna Samiti Office1514Bilari (NPP)
199P.S.Mohalla Abdulla1043Bilari (NPP)
200P.S. Mohalla Abdulla830Bilari (NPP)
201Ganna Samiti986Bilari (NPP)
203Bal Vikas Pariyojna Adhikari1143Bilari (NPP)
206U.M.School1242Bilari (NPP)
209P.S. Kothi Bilari1129Bilari (NPP)
212U.M.S.Bilari724Bilari (NPP)
213Apar Jadid Primary School1277Bilari (NPP)
215Islamia School1308Bilari (NPP)
216Primary School Hathipur Bahauddin627Hathipur Bahauddin
217Primary School Isapur795Isapur
218Primary School Imratpur Sirsi1303Imratpur Sirsi
219Primary School Mudia Bhikam1266Mundia Bhikam
222Junior High School Nagla Kamal?Nagla Kamal
223???????? Primary School Abhanpur Kundarki?Abhanpur Kundarki
224Primary School Sandalpur?Sandalpur
225Primary School Chiteri?Chiteri
226Primary School Husainpur Pachtor?Husainur Pachtor
227Primary School Khajra?Khajra
228Primary School Hathipur Chandu?Hathipur Chandoo
229Primary School Sundarpur?Sunderpur
231Primary School Jigania?Jigania
233???????? Primary School Fatehpur Salawat Nagar?Fatehpur Salawatnagar
234Primary School Mudia Jain?Mundia Jain
237Primary School Ajamnagar Chaupda?Azam Nagar Chopra
238Primary School Bhikanpur Bagha?Bhikanpur Kulwara
239P.S. Milak Azamwali?Milak Ajam Wali
240Primary School Rasulpur Gausar?Rasoolpur Gosar
241P.S. Khabri Gandu?Khabri Gandoo
242Uchch Prathmik Vidhyalya?Alinagar
245Primary School Janakpur?Janakpur
246Sehkari Samiti?Mehmoodpur Mafi
252Sehkari Beej Bhandar?Mehmoodpur Mafi
254Primary School Nagalia Mashmula?Nagalia Mashmoola Urf Mehmoodp
255Primary School Nagalia Mashkula Mehmoodpur Mafi?Nagalia Mashmoola Urf Mehmoodp
256Kanya Pathshala?Bagi Govardhanpur
258Primary School New Building?Asalatnagar Baga
259P.S. Milak Kathair Asalatnagar Bagha?Asalatnagar Baga
262Primary School Ludhpura?Ludhpura
263Primary School Kalalkheda Urf Shehjadkheda?Kalal Khera
265Primary School Mainather?Mainather
267Primary School Nasirpur Kundarki?Naserpur Kundarki
268Primary School Manakpur Kundarki?Manakpur Kundarki
269Primary School Bachalbhud?Bachal Bhoor
270Primary School Pitpur?Bachal Bhoor
271Primary School Chidiather?Chiria Ther
272Primary School Bhaisod?Bhainsorh
273Primary School Saraipanju?Sarai Panjoo
274Old Madaymik School Mehloli?Mehloli
275Old Madyamik School Mehloli?Mehloli
276Primary School Khitabpur Urf Khanupura?Khitabpur Urf Khanupura
277Primary School Nayyakheda?Naya Khera
278Primary School Malhipur Mehmoodanagla?Malipur Mahmooda Nagla
283J.H.S Tewarkhas?Tewar Khas
284J.H.S. Tewarkhas?Tewar Khas
288Primary School Gajupur?Gajoopur
289Primary School Bagraua?Bagrava
290Primary School Rajthal?Rajthal
292Primary School Methra?Rajthal
293Primary School Bhata Khas?Behta Khas
294Primary School Syoundara?Khanupura Seondara
295Primary School Lakhnaita?Lakhneta
296Primary School Reeth?Reeth
299Primary School Mumrejpur Sultanpur?Mumrezpur Sultanpur
300Primary School Bohranpur Syondara?Bahoranpur Seondara
301Primary School Gursari?Gursari
302Juniour High School Dharmpur Ratta?Dharmpur Ratta
303Primary School Jahangeerpur?Jahangeerpur
304Primary School Malhpur Bhawani?Malhpur Bhawani
305Primary School Dhadhaula?Dhandola
306Juniour High School Chhabra?Chhawara
310Primary School Dhanupura?Dhanupura
311Primary School Chandraua?Chandrava
312Primary School Balkaranpur?Balkaranpur
314Primary School Hulasnagar?Hulasnagar
315Primary School Khabriya?Khabaria
316Primay School Gulriya Kala?Gularia Kalan
317Primary School Bagatpur Pahali?Bhagatpur Peli
318Primary School Bagatpur Pehli?Bhagatpur Peli
319Primary Scool Faijullapur?Faizullapur
320Primary School Darani?Darni
322Primary School Mudiya Khera?N/A
323Primary School Atvaa?Atwa
324Primary School Chainchari?Atwa
325Primary School Lalpur Chainchari?Chenchri
326Primary School Shehwajpur?Shehbazpur
327Primary School Dharmpur Kuiya?Dharampur Kuraiya
328Primary School Gandupura?Gandupura
329Juniour High School Kudh Fatehgarh?Kurh Fatehgarh
332Primary School Babepur?Babepur
333Primary School Bhagatpur Mirjapur?Bhagatpur Mirzapur
334Primary School Bicheta Kaji?Bicheta Qazi
336Primary School Mithanpur Mauja?Mithan Mauza
337Primary School Firozpur Baunda?Firozpur Bonda
338Primary School Ratanpur Syondara?Ratanpur Seondara
340Juniour High School Berni?Berni
342Primary School Deoora Khas?Deora Khas
343Primary School Deora Khas?Deora Khas
344Primary School Paigarafatpur?Paiga Rafatpur
345Primary School Saray Jwalapuri?Sarai Jwalapuri
346Primary School Sotipura?Sotipura
347Primary School Gurgawon?Gurgaon

Last Updated on November 15, 2014