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Polling Booth in Bhatpar Rani Assembly Constituency

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Bhatpar Rani Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhatpar Rani

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhatpar Rani Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ambika Inter College Baluwa Afgan Room No.11444Balwa Afgan
2Ambika Inter College Baluwa Afgan Room No. 21209Balwa Afgan
3Ambika Inter College Baluwa Afgan Room No.31109Balwa Afgan
4P.V. Baluwa Afgan1431Balwa Afgan
5P.V. Demusa R.N.11368Demusa
6P.V. Demusa R.N.21207Demusa
7P.V. Alawalpur972Alawalpur
8P.V. Singhpur919Singhpur
9P.V. Raibari R.N.1976Raibari
10P.V. Raibari R.N.21069Raibari
11P.V. Chhitarauli570Chhitrouli
12P.V. Padauli1271Chhitrouli
13P.V. Mayapur695Mayapur
14P.V. Chakaur Fakir837Mayapur
15Bandhunath I. C. Mayapur Imiliya376Mayapur
16P.V. Kurmauta Dhuri438Mayapur
17P.V. Khiriya506Mayapur
19P.V. Pipara Bitthal R.N. 1800Pipra Bithal
20P.V. Pipara Bitthal R.N.2669Pipra Bithal
21P.V. Lalchak843Lal Chak
22P.V. Bankata Tiwari1337Bankata Tiwari
23P.V. Amawa551Amwa
24P.V. Dharamkhor Babu977Dharam Khor Babu
25P.V. Gopalpur1046Gopalpur
26P.V. Ranighat920Ranighat
27P.V. Ghati Khas R.N. 11166Ghati
28P.V. Ghati Khas R.N. 21323Ghati
29P.V. Ghati Khas R.N. 31295Ghati
30P.V. Chauriya697Charia
31P.V. Lakshmipur480Laxmipur
32P.V. Motipur Tikait1263Motipur Tikait
33P.V. Motipur Bhuwal1295Motipur Bhual
34P.V. Khairat1424Khairat
35P.V. Dharamkhor Dubey R.No. 1818Dharmkhor Dube
36P.V. Dharamkhor Dubey R.No. 2790Dharmkhor Dube
37P.V. Khutaha428Kotha
38P.V. Chuhiya1092Chuhia
39P.V. Dullah Chhapara703Dulha Chhapar
40P.V. Bas Ghati R.N.1815Bans Ghati
41P.V. Basghati R.N. 2683Bans Ghati
42P.V. Madanchak549Madan Chak
43P.V. Jagarnath Chhapra799Madan Chak
44J.H.S. Kukurghati R.N.-11373Madan Chak
45J.H.S. Kukurghati R.N.-21212Kukur Ghati
46P.V. Kukurghati R.N.1986Kukur Ghati
47P.V. Kukurghati R.N.2524Kukur Ghati
48P.V. Nishaniya Paikauli R.N. 11140Nisnia Paikouli
49P.V. Nishaniya Paikauli R.N. 21346Nisnia Paikouli
50P.V. Madhochhapra587Madho Chhapra
51P.V. Saraya R.N. 11228Sarya
52P.V. Saraya R.N. 21203Sarya
53P.V. Saraya Naya Bhawan1187Sarya
54J.H.S. Saraya1136Sarya
55P.V. Bandhi Bhisa749Sarya
56P.V. Bhingari R.N.11204Bhingari
57P.V. Bhingari R.N.21192Bhingari
58Panchayat Bhawan Bhingari1346Bhingari
59P.V. Bandhi Babu623Bandhi Babu
60P.V. Chhapiya R.N.-11091Chhapia
61P.V. Chhapiya R.N.-21118Chhapia
62P.V. Narayanpur Dubey1121Narayanpur Dubey
63P.V. Khampar Bangarbari1155Khampar
64I.C. Khampar R.N.11092Khampar
65I.C. Khampar R.N.-21148Khampar
66I.C. Khampar R.N.-31086Khampar
67P.V. Khampar1082Khampar
68P.V. Miskarchak504Miskar Chak
69P.V. Belahi793Belhi
70P.V. Narayanpur Tiwari672Narayanpur Tiwari
71P.V. Sirsiya Mishra834Sirsia Mishra
72Rammanohar Lohiya I.C. Pakadi Babu R.N.-11073Pakri Babu
73Rammanohar Lohiya I.C. Pakadi Babu R.N.-2924Pakri Babu
74P.V. Dharamkhor Karan R.N.1773Dharm Khor Karan
75P.V. Dharamkhor Karan R.N.-2815Dharm Khor Karan
76P.V. Kehuniya R.N.-1882Kehunia
77P.V. Kehuniya R.N.-2928Kehunia
78P.V. Bankata Shambhoo1067Bankata Sambhu
79P.V. Badaka Gaon R.N. -11262Barka Gaon
80P.V. Badaka Gaon R.N. -21277Barka Gaon
81P.V. Badaka Gaon Naya Bhawan1097Barka Gaon
82P.V. Mathdanaur882Matha Damodar
83J.H.S. Bankata Mishra R.N.-11065Bankata Misra
84J.H.S. Bankata Mishra R.N.-21035Bankata Misra
85P.V. Jiraso862Jiraso
86P.V. Malhana860Malhana
88P.V. Chhatrapura768Chhatr Pura
89P.V. Lakhopar R.N. -1902Lakhopar
90P.V. Lakhopar R.N. -21071Lakhopar
91P.V. Chhotaka Gaon R.N.-1517Chhota Gaon
92P.V. Chhotaka Gaon R.N.-21046Chhota Gaon
93P.V. Bhinda Mishra1267Bhinda Misra
94P.V. Ruchchapar876Ruchapar
95P.V. Surjipur502Surjipur
96P.V. Jagahatha1280Jagarhatha
97P.V. Raunigangachak571Rounni Ganga Chak
98P.V. Kalyani719Kailani
99P.V. Baraipar1017Baraipar
100P.V. Padari Uman563Padri Uman
101P.V. Belthara485Belchara
102P.V. Dhawarkan559Dhawarkan
103P.V. Dhawarkan Extra Room277Narayanpur Pandey
104P.V. Kodara R.N. -1937Kodra
105P.V. Kodara R.N. -2813Kodra
106Siyaramdas I.C. Malahchak930Malahchak
108P.V. Kharohawa Thakur R.N. -1487Khardhwa Thakur
109P.V. Kharohawa Thakur R.N. -2279Chakia
110P.V. Shankarpura569Shankar Pura
111P.V. Bansi556Basi
112P.V. Bhedapakad R.N.-1973Bhera Pakar
113P.V. Bhedapakad R.N.-2715Bhera Pakar
114P.V. Kathaudi745katorti
115P.V. Distauli495Distouli
116P.V. Karamuwa1082karmuwa
117P.V. Chanuki R.N.-1705Chanuki
118P.V. Chanuki R.N.-2721Chanuki
119P.V. Holaipur330Holaipur
120P.V. Mahaichpar674Mahaichpar
121Mahanth Ramnareshdas I.C. Mathadamodara (Situated Babhanauli)513Bharouli
122P.V. Damodara355Damodra
123P.V. Mahuja924Mahuja
124P.V. Amari Chak516Amari Chak
125P.V. Kharwaniya727Kharwania
126P.V. Bankata Amethiya R.N.-11102Bankata Amethia
127P.V. Bankata Amethiya R.N.-2639Bankata Amethia
128P.V. Sukawa R.N.-1758Sukwa
129P.V. Sukawa R.N.-2770Sukwa
130P.V. Ajoriya1151Ajoria
131Raghuraj Singh I.C. Bahiyari Baghel R.N.-11103Bhaiari Baghel
132Raghuraj Singh I.C. Bahiyari Baghel R.N.-21414Bhaiari Baghel
133P.V. Phulawariya1155Phulwaria
134P.V. Kuiechwar1265Kuichawar
135P.V. Bharauli640Bharouli
136J.H.S. Sohanpar R.N.-11280Bhatpar Rani (NP)
137J.H.S. Sohanpar R.N.-21241Bhatpar Rani (NP)
138B.R.D.I.C. Bhatpar Rani ?????? ????? ?0 ??0-1Bhatpar Rani (NP)
141M.M.M. Degree College Lakhana Urf Domdih R.N. -11109Bhatpar Rani (NP)
142M.M.M. Degree College Lakhana Urf Domdih R.N. -2741Bhatpar Rani (NP)
143M.M.M. Degree College Lakhana Urf Domdih R.N. -3706Bhatpar Rani (NP)
144M.M.M. Degree College Lakhana Urf Domdih R.N. -41080Bhatpar Rani (NP)
145M.M.M. Degree College Lakhana Urf Domdih R.N. -51072Bhatpar Rani (NP)
146Madan Mohan.Malviya I.C. Bhatpar Rani682Bhatpar Rani (NP)
147P.V. Belpar Pandit R.N.-11059Belpar Pandit
148P.V. Belpar Pandit R.N.-2744Belpar Pandit
149P.V. Bishunpura1096Bishunpura
150P.V. Piparahiya674Piprahia
151P.V. Jashue768Jasui
152P.V. Jogaur964Jogaur
153P.V. Madhaur1080Madhopur
154P.V. Meharauna1118Mehrouna
155P.V. Karahi Pandey501Karhi Pandey
156P.C. Karahi Bhuwan726Karhi Bhuvan
157P.V. Bhathawa Tiwari R.N.-11097Bankata Tiwari
158P.V. Bhathawa Tiwari R.N.-21105Bankata Tiwari
159Kanya P.V. Bhathawa Tiwari1104Bankata Tiwari
160P.V. Tatayar Bujurg608Tatapar Buzurg
161P.V. Tatayar Khurd416Tatapar Khurd
162P.V. Bahorawa1331Bahlolwa
163P.V. Malichhapar823Mahaichpar
164P.V. Dhanauti736Jawadih
165P.V. Puraina1332Puraina
166P.V. Gautama Khas747Goutama Khas
167P.V. Pahadpur625Paharpur
168Bramhchari I.C. Ahirauli Tiwari1260Ahirouli Tiwari
169P.V. Tikampar R.N.-11283Tikampar
170P.V. Tikampar R.N.-21298Tikampar
171P.V. Katai Ticker718Katai Tikar
172P.V. Bhathawa Pandey1158Bhathwa Pandey
173P.V. Khadesar R.N.-11199Kharesar
174P.V. Khadesar R.N.-21001Kharesar
175J.H.S. Raghunatpur R.N.-1716Raghunathpur
176J.H.S. Raghunatpur R.N.-2785Raghunathpur
177J.H.S. Raghunathpur R.N.-3944Raghunathpur
178J.H.S. Raghunathpur R.N.-4873Raghunathpur
179P.V. Rustam Bahiyari903Rustam Bahiari
180P.V. Kothilawa1224Kothilwa
181P.V. Nonad Pandey R.N.1995Nonar Pandey
182P.V. Nonad Pandey R.N.-2604Nonar Pandey
183P.V. Dharahaniya676Dharhania
184P.V. Kathaghara988Katghara
185P.V. Drigpura691Dragpura
186P.V. Harpur798Tilouli
187P.V. Harpur -2 (Situated Chaudhur Chhapar)300Choudhur Chhapar
188J.H.S. Kathaghara597Aithi
189P.V. Hatpokhar911Ramkola Maphi
190P.V. Jaitpura R.N. -1820Jaitpura
191P.V. Jaitpura R.N.-2767Jaitpura
192P.V. Sikarahata1229Sikarhata
193P.V. Ekadanga Pandit880Akdaga Pandit
194P.V. Karekat447Khairat
195P.V. Baluwa820Balua
196P.V. Chheriha R.N.-1921Charia
197P.V. Chheriha R.N.-2727Charia
198Bapu I.C. Sohanpur R. N. -1799Sohanpar
199Bapu I.C. Sohanpur R. N. -2781Sohanpar
200Bapu I.C. Sohanpur R. N. -3850Sohanpar
201Bapu I.C. Sohanpur R. N. -4698Sohanpar
202Bapu I.C. Sohanpur R.N.-5877Sohanpar
203Bapu I.C. Sohanpur R. N. -6791Sohanpar
204P.V. Sohanpur R.N.-1805Sohanpar
205P.V. Sohanpur R.N.-2726Sohanpar
206P.V Janjeeraha351Janjirha
207P.V. Babhanauli683Babhnoli
208P.V. Pacharukhiya673Pachrukhia
209P.V. Mathiya995Sotha Chak
210P.V. Bankatiya Dubey499Bankata Dubey
211P.V. Rampur Bujurg R.N.-1903Rampur Buzurg
212P.V. Rampur Bujurg R.N.-2613Rampur Buzurg
213P.V. Inguri Saray R.N.-11004Inguri Saray
214P.V. Inguri Saray R.N.-2944Inguri Saray
215P.V. Inguri Saray R.N.-31038Inguri Saray
216P.V. Pakadi Narahiya1011Pakri Narhia
217P.V. Dash Narahiya1199Das Narhia
218P.V. Bhaisahi R.N.-1940Basi
219P.V. Bhaisahi R.N.-21068Basi
221P.V. Khorabar635Khorawar
222P.V. Pratap Chhapar325Pratap Chhapara
223P.V. Bhudawar1046Bhudwar
224P.V. Kotha1050Kotha
225Sarwoday I.C. Gadha Urf Kanungoe Gaon720Gara
226P.V. Kurmauli Urf Bakshi Gaon858Kurmouli Urf Baksigaon
227P.V. Gaura1033Goura
228P.V. Aghaw821Aghaw
229P.V. Baidauli Bujurg900Baidauli Buzurg
230P.V. Bhadasar1320Badsar
231Lakhanji I.C. Ahirauli Baghel Room No.-11222Ahirouli Baghel
232Lakhanji I.C. Ahirauli Baghel Room No.-21053Ahirouli Baghel
233Sangram Singh I.C. Ahirauli Baghel Room No.11341Ahirouli Baghel
234Sangram Singh I.C. Ahirauli Baghel Room No.2831Ahirouli Baghel
235P.V. Gajahadawa894Gajharwa
236P.V. Batarauli R. N.-11059Batrouli
237P.V. Batarauli R. N.-2922Batrouli
238P.V. Chhitauni1153Chhitouni
239P.V. Tadawa904Pandepur
240P.V. Baraipar Pandey R.N.-1985Baraipar Pandey
241P.V. Baraipar Pandey R.N.-2652Baraipar Pandey
242Sarwoday I. C. Bakhari R.N.11366Bakhri
243Sarwoday I. C. Bakhari R.N.21359Bakhri
244P.V. Madipur1087Kuberua
245P.V. Karauda R.N.-11223Karounda
246P.V. Karauda R.N.-21352Karounda
247P.V. Karaudi403Krodi
248P.V Dhanraj Chhapar453Dhanraj Chhapar
249P.V. Jaspar722Jaspar
250P.V. Paroha1048Paroha
251P.V Chhapiya Mishra473Chhapia Mishra
253P.V. Viramapatti1441Birmapatti
254P.V. Pipara Uttar Patti1107Piprautar Patti
255Bhismsingh Purv M.V. Pipara Uttar Patti R.N.-11184Piprautar Patti
256Bhismsingh Purv M.V. Pipara Uttar Patti R.N.-2968Piprautar Patti
257P.V. Karajaniya1316Karjania
258J.H.S. Pipara Babu Patti771Pipra Babu Patti
259P.V. Pipra Dakhin Patti R.N.-1889Pipra Dakhin Patti
260P.V. Pipra Dakhin Patti R.N.-2865Pipra Dakhin Patti
262P.V. Chhitrauli366Mayapur
263Laghu M.V. Bangara R.N.11088Bagra
264Laghu M.V. Bangara R.N.21145Bagra
265P.V. Sisawaniya860Siswania
266P.V. Nawada675Navada
267P.V. Badahariya584Barharia
268P.V. Mathdev Giri482Math Devgiri
269P.V. Nonar Kapardar1102Nonar Kapardar
270P.V. Parasiya Chhitani Singh R.N.-11355Parsinia Chitani Singh
271P.V. Parasiya Chhitani Singh R.N.-21183Parsinia Chitani Singh
272Krishak I. C. Kadasarawa Bujurg1148Karsarwa Buzurg
273P.V. Neuraha609Neurhawa
274P.V. Kadasarawa Khurd524Karsarwa Khurd
275P.V. Padari965Surouli
276P.V Rahimpur1125Rahimpur
277P.V. Chaurangichak673Chourangi Chak
278P.V. Parasauni Raghunath479Parsouni Raghunath
279High School Baliwan R.N.-11082Baliban
280High School Baliwan R.N. -2570Baliban
281P.V. Narakatiya511Narkatia
282P.V. Dikshatauli1001Distouli
283P.V. Bhopatpura1073Bhopat Pura
284P.V. Rajpur679Rajpur
285P.V. Koraya Katahariya411Korya Katiharia
286P.V. Sirsiya Pawar R.N.-11354Sirsia Pavar
287P.V. Sirsiya Pawar R.N.-2841Sirsia Pavar
288P.V. Sirsiya Babu1047Sirsia Babu
289Sanskrit Mahavidyalay Bhawani Chhapar R.N.-1796Bhavani Chhapar
290Sanskrit Mahavidyalay Bhawani Chhapar R.N. -2669Bhavani Chhapar
291P.V. Pargasaha820Pargasha
292P.V. Parsauni Dikshit504Parsouni Dixit
293P.V. Basdevpur Urf Gobarahi698Basudev Urf Gobri
294Sri Krishna I.C. Hata1047Hata
295P.V. Lakschuman Chak555Lachuman Cak
296P.V. Baghachhapar889Bandhu Chhapar
297P.V. Katarawa Harado548Katvara Hardo
298P.V. Parasauni Aanandghan525Parsouni Anand
299P.V. Gautama411Goutama
300P.V. Tola Ahibaran Rai1198Tola Ahibarnarai
301P.V. Chakarawa Urf Bankul943Chakrwa Urf Bankul
303P.V. Mishrauli R.N-21192Misrouli
304P.V. Mishrauli R.N.-31192Misrouli
305J.H.S. Fulawariya Tola Krishana Rai R.N.-1635Phulwaria
306P.V. Fulawariya Tolakrishna Rai R.N.-21032Bagarua
307P.V. Fulawariya Tolakrishna Rai R.N.-3988Bagarua
308P.V. Chhapara Bujurg942Chapra Buzurg
309P.V. Jagdishpur R.N.-11021Jagdishpur
310P.V. Jagdishpur R.N.-2887Jagdishpur
311J.H.S. Niyarawa R.N.-1828Nearwa
312J.H.S. Niyarawa R.N.-2799Nearwa
313P.V. Rohiniya478Rohinia
314P.V. Mukundpur475Mukundpur
315P.V. Bhajan Chhapar560Chetan Chhapar
316P.V. Khurawasiya Uttar R.N.-1892Khurwasia Uttar
317P.V. Khurawasiya Uttar R.N.-2658Khurwasia Uttar
318Maa Sarswati Sikshan Sansthan Khurawasiya Dakkhin799Khurwasia Daksin
319P.V. Aaraji Pakadi594Araji Pakri
320P.V. Sikatiya Dinachak R.N.-11116Siktiya Dincak
321P.V. Sikatiya Dinachak R.N.-2729Siktiya Dincak
322P.V. Chafawa Kala956Chakwa Kalan
323P.V. Ratasiya R.N.1847Ratsiya
324P.V. Ratasiya Naya Bhawan834Ratsiya
325J.H.S. Kishori Chhapar666Kishori Chhapar
326P.V. Nainaha477Nainha
327P.V. Bauliya Pandey1130Boulia Pandey
328P.V. Dallan Chhapara762Sundar Chak
330P.V. Sundarpar R.N.-1139Sundar Chak
331P.V. Kutiyabhar1193Chanda Chak
332Bhathahi Sevakchak498Bhathi Sewakcak
333P.V. Bankata Chitrasen224Bankata Citrasen
334P.V. Bankata Jagadish845Bankata Jagdish
335P.V. Indarwa804Indarwa
336P.V. Rampur R.N.-1901Rampur
337P.V. Rampur R.N.-2759Rampur
338P.V. Rampur Naya Bhawan1238Rampur
339P.V. Chakarwa Tola Premrai841Chakra Tola Premrai
340P.V. Baikunthpur715Bekunthpur
342P.V. Bashopatti1199Lal Chhapar

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