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Polling Booth in Bangermau Assembly Constituency

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Bangermau Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bangermau

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bangermau Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pra Pa Jatpur Belthara610Jatpur Belthara
2Pra Pa Atirikat Kasha Bouli Islamabad892Bevl Islamabad
3Pra Pa0 Pashim Bouli Islamabad846Bevl Islamabad
4Ju0 Ha0 Kasha Sankhya 5 Buliislamabad1377Bevl Islamabad
5Ju0 Ha0 School Purva Buliislamabad1104Bevl Islamabad
6Sa0 Sah0 Samit Buliislamabad780Bevl Islamabad
7Pra0 Pra0 Roshnabad1259Roshan Nagar
8Pra0 Pra0 Pattigoaa814Patti Gowa
9Pra0 Pa0 Kaitholi506Kaitholi
10Pra 0Pa0 Uttar Khabhamau765Khambha Mao
11Pra0 Pa0 Dakshin Khabhamau734Khambha Mao
12Pra 0Pa0 Ram Koat659Ramcote
13Ju0 Ha0 School Purva Behta Mujawar990Behtamujawer
14Ju0 Ha0 School Madhya Behta Mujawar520Behtamujawer
15Ju0 Ha0 School Pashim Behta Mujawar996Behtamujawer
16Pra 0Pa0 Bhatauli1110Bhataoli
17Pra 0Pa0 Ganipur512Ganni Pur
18Pra 0Pa0 Ranipur Grant1063Rani Pur Grant
19Pra 0Pa0 Argupur1187Argu Pur
20Ju0 Ha0 Terwa Mo0 Argupur1169Argu Pur
21Pra 0Pa0 Tamoriya Bujurg1182Tamoria Bujurg
22Pra 0Pa0 Tamoriya Khurd709Nawabad Garant
23Pra 0Pa0 Uttar Ashayash1117Asaysa
24Pra 0Pa0 Dakshin Ashayash951Asaysa
25Ju0 Ha0 School Aashayash1223Asaysa
26Pra 0Pa0 Matukari1340Matukari
27Vivekanad Inter Collage Kasha Sankhya 1 Avaik857Abaink
28Vivekanad Inter Collage Kasha Sankhya 3 Avaik765Abaink
29Pra 0Pa0 Atwa1248Atwa
30Pra 0Pa0 Maholiya1219Atwa
31Hair Secandry School Kasha Sankhya 2 Haraipur1227Haraepur
32Hair Secandry School Kasha Sankhya 3 Haraipur721Haraepur
33Pra0 Pa Bhikhanpur Gopalpur1010Bhikkhan Pur Gopalpur
34Pra 0Pa0 Chakhanuman317Chakhanuman
35Pra 0Pa0 Hayat Nagar1236Hayat Nagar
36Pra 0Pa0 Kalwari735Kalwari
37Pra 0Pa0 Dasgawan1316Dasgawan
38Pra 0Pa0 Kasha Sankhya 1 Jahgirabad797Jahangeerabad
39Pra 0Pa0 Kasha Sankhya 2 Jahgirabad886Jahangeerabad
40Pra 0Pa0 Akbarapur512Jahangeerabad
41Ju0 Ha0 School Mahamdabad1172Jahangeerabad
43Pra 0Pa0 Kapoorpur882Baraoki
44Pra 0Pa0 Murtzapur880Murtaza Pur
45Kanya Pra0 Pa0 Murtzapur468Murtaza Pur
46Pra 0Pa0 Tahirpur291Hasanpur Majra
47Pra 0Pa0 Madarpur453Madarpur
48Pra 0Pa0 Chaholiya778Chaholia
49Pra 0Pa0 Khambhauli961Khambhaoli
50Pra 0Pa0 Chakmeerapur392Chakmeerapur
51Pra 0Pa0 Haibatpur789Haibat Pur
52Pra 0Pa0 Hasanpur Majra561Hasanpur Majra
53Ju0 Ha0 School Nasirpur Bhikhan754Naseerpur Bhikkhan
54Pra 0Pa0 Banya Bhgwantpur Goatpali1410Bhagwantpur Gote Pali
55Pra 0Pa0 Danya Bhgwantpur Goatpali1340Bhagwantpur Gote Pali
56Ju0 Ha0 School Dakshin Kabirpur1147Kabir Pur
57Ju0 Ha0 School Uttar Kabirpur607Kabir Pur
58Pra 0Pa0 Kamra No 1 Amirpur Gambhirpur752Ameer Pur Gambhirpur
59Pra 0Pa0 Kamra No 2 Amirpur Gambhirpur864Ameer Pur Gambhirpur
60Ju0 Ha0 School Gosha Kutuob1440Gosha Kutub
61Pra 0Pa0 Ismailpur Ambaapur917Ismail Pur Ama Para
62Pra 0Pa0 Purva Jogikoat1468Jogi Cote
63Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Jogikoat1344Jogi Cote
64Pra 0Pa0 Awasthi Khera Mo0 Garha1349Dasdan
65Pra 0Pa0 Purva Rasoolpur Ruri919Rasool Pur Roori
66Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Rasoolpur Ruri820Rasool Pur Roori
67Pra 0Pa0 Salempur446Salem Pur
68Pra 0Pa0 Purva Sadipur1269Shadi Pur
69Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Sadipur579Shadi Pur
70Pra 0Pa0 Mohkam Khera M0 Sadipur1371Shadi Pur
71Pra 0Pa0 Vairi Mo Sadipur1302Shadi Pur
72Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Kanta Guljarpur978Guljar Pur
73Pra 0Pa0 Kanta Guljarpur1332Guljar Pur
74Ju0 Ha0 School Kasha Sankhya 1 Ruri Sadikpur1286Roori Saidik Pur
75Ju0 Ha0 School Kasha Sankhya 2 Ruri Sadikpur1287Roori Saidik Pur
76Pra 0Pa0 Ruri Sadikpur1324Roori Saidik Pur
77Pra 0Pa0 Jhertera1177Jhaetera
78Ju0 Ha0 Purva Atardhani889Aterdhani
79Ju0 Ha0 School Meena Kasha Atardhani744Aterdhani
80Ju0 Ha0 School Pashim Atardhani1155Aterdhani
81Pra 0Pa0 Mawai Ghanshyam1111Mawae Ghansyam
82Pra 0Pa0 Gosha Prayagpur1127Gosha Paryag Pur
83Pra 0Pa0 Bayan Aasatmuhadeenpur1024Asat Mohioddeen Pur
84Pra 0Pa0 Dayan Aasatmuodeenpur763Asat Mohioddeen Pur
85Pra 0Pa0 Gaura465Goara
86Pra 0Pa0 Purva Bhathiyapur1049Bhathiyapur
87Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Bhathiyapur326Bhathiyapur
88Pra 0Pa0 Uttar Surseni1493Surseni
89Pra 0Pa0 Dakshin Surseni1172Surseni
90Pra 0Pa0 Paliya987Palia
91Pra 0Pa0 Sahadani901Sahadani
92Pra 0Pa0 Newal1390Newal
93Pra 0Pa0 Rabadi847Rabdi
94Pra 0Pa0 Jagtapur835Jagtapur
95Pra 0Pa0 Raghurampur877Raghuram Pur
96D C K M Inter Collage Kasha Sankhya 1 Ganjmuradabad Sahari1428Ganj Muradabad (NP)
97D C K M Inter Collage Kasha Sankhya 2 Ganjmuradabad Sahari1057Ganj Muradabad (NP)
98D C K M Inter Collage Kasha Sankhya 7 Ganjmuradabad Sahari583Ganj Muradabad (NP)
99D C K M Inter Collage Kasha Sankhya 3 Ganjmuradabad Sahari1128Ganj Muradabad (NP)
100D C K M Inter Collage Kasha Sankhya 11 Ganjmuradabad Sahari624Ganj Muradabad (NP)
101Kanya Pra0 Pa0 Purva Ganjmuradabad Sahari1005Ganj Muradabad (NP)
102Kanya Pra0 Pa0 Pashim Ganjmuradabad Sahari1132Ganj Muradabad (NP)
103Pra 0Pa0 Phatehpur Hamza1391Fateh Pur Hamja
104Pra 0Pa0 Phatehpur Khalsha936Fatehpur Khalsa
105Pra 0Pa0 Golahuaapur740Golhawa Pur
106Pra 0Pa0 Biraichmau854Biraechmao
107Pra 0Pa0 Dewariya819Devria
108Pra 0Pa0 Laharapur1172Devria
109Ju0 Ha0 School Purva Sultanpur1025Sultan Pur
110Ju0 Ha0 School Pashim Sultanpur1082Sultan Pur
111Pra 0Pa0 Kusrajpur1309Kushraj Pur
112Pra 0Pa0 Behta Kashya1444Behata Kachh
113Pra 0Pa0 Ballapur1458Balla Pur
114Ju0 Ha0 School Ballapur1188Balla Pur
115Pra 0Pa0 Japharabad1102Jafara Bad
116Pra 0Pa0 Maharajapur242Maharaja Pur
117Pra 0Pa0 Choraha878Chorha
118Pra 0Pa0 Bahlolpur Muntshil933Bahalol Pur Mutasil
119Pra 0Pa0 Dewakhari971Devkhari
120Pra 0Pa0 Sahsarayan522Sahasaray
121Pra 0Pa0 Tatiyapur741Tatia Pur
122Pra 0Pa0 Allmau Sarai810Allmaou Saray
123Pra 0Pa0 Khairhan718Khairhan
124Pra 0Pa0 Dakshin Sirdharpur Gair Aa01056Sirdharpur Gair Ahatmali
125Pra 0Pa0 Atirikat Kasha Sirdharpur Gair Aa0553Sirdharpur Gair Ahatmali
126Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Sirdharpur Gair Aa0586Sirdharpur Gair Ahatmali
127Pra 0Pa0 Sirdharpur Aa0 Gaharpurva1084Sirdharpur Gair Ahatmali
128Pra 0Pa0 Purva Jasarapur501Rasoolpur Majhgawa
129Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Jasrapur1171Jasarapur
130Pra 0Pa0 Uttar Bhikharipur Patsiya Gair Aa0934Bhikharipur Patsia Gair Ahmali
131Pra 0Pa0 Dakshin Bhikharipur Patsiya Gair Aa01121Bhikharipur Patsia Gair Ahmali
132Pra 0Pa0 Ratai Purwa M0 Bhikharipur Patsiya1351Bhikharipur Patsia Gair Ahmali
133Pra 0Pa0 Sahibapur M0 Bhikharipur Patsiya1177Bhikharipur Patsia Gair Ahmali
134Pra 0Pa0 Purva Mela Ram Kuwar1077Mela Ramkuar
135Pra0 Pa0 Pashim Mela Ram Kumar346Mela Ramkuar
136Pra 0Pa0 Melaaalamsah Gair Aa0805Mela Allm Saha Gair Ahatmali
137Ju0 Ha0 School Kashya 1 Jagatnagar Aa0902Jagat Nagar Ahat Mali
138Ju0 Ha0 School Jagat Nagar Aa0754Jagat Nagar Gair Ahatmali
139Pra 0Pa0 Umarpur Bhakhtauri811Umerpur Bakhtaori
140Pra 0Pa0 Darapur967Darapur
141Pra 0Pa0 Dariyapur716Dariapur
142Pra 0Pa0 Chatrapur833Chhatra Pur
143Pra 0Pa0 Hasanpur Sagauda599Hasanpur Sagaora
144Ju0 Ha0 School Uttar Saipur Sagauda389Saepur Sagaora
145Ju0 Ha0 School Dakshin Saipur Sagauda1002Saepur Sagaora
146Pra 0Pa0 Jamuniha Banger914Jamuniha Bahger
147Jho0Ha0 School Kamra No 1 Madarnagar991Madarnagar
148Ju0 Ha0 School Kamra No 2 Madar Nagar871Madarnagar
149Ju0 Ha0 School Kamra No3 Madar Nagar565Madarnagar
150Pra 0Pa0 Latifpur1310Lateefpur
151Karya Vikrya Samiti Kashya Sa0 1 Bangermau Sahari1155Bangarmau (NPP)
152Karya Vikrya Samiti Kashya Sa0 4 Bangermau Sahari898Bangarmau (NPP)
153Sahkari Sangh Limited Bangermau Sahari1313Bangarmau (NPP)
154Sadhan Sahkari Simitnewal Bangermau Sahari Uttar868Bangarmau (NPP)
155Sadhan Sahkari Simitnewal Bangermau Sahari Dakshin682Bangarmau (NPP)
156Mahrshi Dayanad Vidhyalya Purva Bangermau Sahari924Bangarmau (NPP)
157Mahrshi Dayanad Vidhyalya Uttar Bangermau Sahari771Bangarmau (NPP)
158Mahrshi Dayanad Vidhyalya Pashim Bangermau Sahari1163Bangarmau (NPP)
159Mahrshi Dayanad Vidhyalya Madhya Uttar Bangermau Sahari663Bangarmau (NPP)
160Pra Pa0 Madhya Purva Bangermau Sahari982Bangarmau (NPP)
161Pra 0Pa0 Madhya Pashim Bangermau Sahari1379Bangarmau (NPP)
162Durgeshwer Vidhya Mandir Purva Bangermau Sahari1161Bangarmau (NPP)
163Durgeshwer Vidhya Mandir Pashim Bangermau Sahari730Bangarmau (NPP)
164Durgeshwer Vidhya Mandir Uttar Bangermau Sahari1063Bangarmau (NPP)
165Durgeshwer Vidhya Mandir Dakshin Bangermau Sahari1437Bangarmau (NPP)
166Nagarpalika Bhwan Bangermau Sahari1057Bangarmau (NPP)
167Takur Jasha Sing Esmarak Purva Bangermau Sahari1060Bangarmau (NPP)
168Takur Jasha Sing Esmarak Pashim Bangermau Sahari462Bangarmau (NPP)
169Takur Jasha Sing Esmarak Uttar Bangermau Sahari1291Bangarmau (NPP)
170Takur Jasha Sing Esmarak Dakshin Bangermau Sahari909Bangarmau (NPP)
171Subhash Inter Collage Kash Sankhya 1 Bangermau Sahari1463Bangarmau (NPP)
172Subhash Inter Collage Kash Sankhya 2 Bangermau Sahari1088Bangarmau (NPP)
173Subhash Inter Collage Kash Sankhya 5 Bangermau Sahari522Bangarmau (NPP)
174Subhash Inter Collage Kash Sankhya 3 Bangermau Sahari1087Bangarmau (NPP)
175Subhash Inter Collage Kash Sankhya 4 Bangermau Sahari1004Bangarmau (NPP)
176Pra 0Pa0 Karimudeenpur M0 Bangermau Grameen695Bagermao Rural
177Mandi Samit Meeting Haal Bangermau Sahari773Bangarmau (NPP)
178Mandi Samit Meeting Haal Dakshin Bangermau Sahari890Bangarmau (NPP)
179Mandi Samit Bank Bhawan Purva Uttar Bangermau Sahari932Bangarmau (NPP)
180Mandi Samait Bank Bhawan Purva Dakshin Bangermau Sahari1366Bangarmau (NPP)
181Mandi Samait Bank Bhawan Pashim Uttar Bangermau Sahari992Bangarmau (NPP)
182Mandi Samait Bank Bhawan Pashim Dakshin Bangermau Sahari853Bangarmau (NPP)
183Mandi Samait Bank Bhawan Pashim Dakshin 1 Bangermau Sahari708Bangarmau (NPP)
184Pra 0Pa0 Aalampur Retwa639Allampur Retwa
185Pra 0Pa0 Bhikharipur Rulla1145Bhikhari Pur Rural
186Pra 0Pa0 Mau1006Mau
187Pra 0Pa0 Chakpeer Nager691Chakpeer Nagar
188Kanya Uchaa Prathmik Vidhyalya Newalapur997Nevla Pur
189Pra 0Pa0 Uttar Haphizabad1131Hafijabad
190Pra 0Pa0 Dakshin Haphizabad855Hafijabad
191Pra 0Pa0 Heerapur660Heera Pur
192Pra 0Pa0 Mustfabad1393Mustafabad
193Pra 0Pa0 Purva Hariyawar1282Hariyawar
194Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Hariyavar873Hariyawar
195Uchha Prathmik Vidayalya Godari1071Gondari
196Pra 0Pa0 Dadiya Sunaura979Dandia Sunaora
197Pra 0Pa0 Utmanpur743Utman Pur
198Pra 0Pa0 Selapur645Selapur
199Pra 0Pa0 Sadullapur636Sadullapur
200Ju0 Ha0 School Kathigara883Kathigara
201Pra 0Pa0 Uttar Saita870Sainta
202Pra 0Pa0 Dakshin Saita943Sainta
203Ju0 Ha0 School Uttar Saita978Sainta
204Ju0 Ha0 School Dakshin Saita1005Sainta
205Pra 0Pa0 Purva Sakurabad915Sakurabad
206Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Sakurabad725Firoj Pur Khurd
207Pra 0Pa0 Patti Usman1417Julafkar Pur
208Pra 0Pa0 Purva Hussain Nagar Patti Persuram1014Husen Nager Patti Parasram
209Pra 0Pa0 Hussain Nagar Patti Persuram919Patti Hameed
210Pra 0Pa0 Kudeena802Kudeena
211Pra 0Pa0 Rajjakpur946Rajjak Pur
212Kanya Pra0 Pa0 Darauli1329Daroli
213Ju0 Ha0 School Kasha Sankhya 1Darauli731Daroli
214Ju0 Ha0 Schoolkasha Sankhya 2 Darauli782Daroli
215Ju0 Ha0 School Jasara808Jasra
216Pra 0Pa0 Kakraura1485Kakraora
217Pra 0Pa0 Saraya Akhtayarpur1495Sarayakhtyar Pur
218Panchayat Gher Ahamadabad Mather1073Ahamdabad Mathar
219Pra 0Pa0 Bansh Khera Mo0 Ahamdabad Mather821Ahamdabad Mathar
220Pra 0Pa0 Jujharpur385Jujhar Pur
222Pra 0Pa0 Raipur Newada574Ram Pur Newada
223Jawahar Lal Nehru Inter Collage Purva Phtehpur Chaurshi Sahari1267Fatehpur Chaurasi (NP)
224Jawahar Lal Nehru Inter Collage Pashim Phtehpur Chaurshi Sahari1477Fatehpur Chaurasi (NP)
225Jawahar Lal Nehru Inter Collage Madhya Phtehpur Chaurshi Sahari1047Fatehpur Chaurasi (NP)
226Pra 0Pa0 Uttar Phatehpur Chaurashi Grameen858Fatehpur Chaorasi
227Pra 0Pa0 Dakhin Phatehpur Chaurashi Grameen1061Fatehpur Chaorasi
228Pra 0Pa0 Kajipur Banger508Kajipur Banger
229Pra 0Pa0 Ahamdabad Sen Nagar536Ahamdabad Sen Nagar
230Pra 0Pa0 Tada Satan1225Tanda Satan
231Pra 0Pa0 Utter Dostpur Shivli1038Dostpur Soli
232Pra 0Pa0 Dakshin Dostpur Shivli338Dostpur Soli
233Pra 0Pa0 Talibpur Rahali Esthit Bauriha508Talibapur Rahali
234Pra 0Pa0 Jamrudeenpur1064Jamruddeen Pur
235Pra 0Pa0 Majhriya Khurd277Majharia Khurd
236Ju0 Ha0 School Majhriya Kalan1076Khoajgi Pur Pahalwan
237Pra 0Pa0 Papri691Papeer
238Pra 0Pa0 Hayash Pur757Hayaspur
239Pra 0Pa0 Gorimau680Gaori Mao
240Ju0 Ha0 Gangadash Pur733Gangadas Pur
241Pra 0Pa0 Akhtayarpur763Akhtyar Pur
242Pra 0Pa0 Pithnahara653Pithanhara
243Pra 0Pa0 Sherpur Achhircha992Serpur Achhirachha
244Pra 0Pa0 Gajapherpur Paisara930Gajffarpur Paisra
245Ju0 Ha0 Schoolbhersar Nausahara1244Bhadsar Naosahara
246Pra 0Pa0 Bhadsar Nausahara1445Bhadsar Naosahara
247Kanya Purva Madhaymik Vidayalya Bhadsar Nausahara489Bhadsar Naosahara
248Pra 0Pa0 Dasahri1377Husain Pur Naghari
249Pra 0Pa0 Phakhrapur1443Fakhara Pur
250Pra 0Pa0 Daulatpur1098Daolat Pur
251Pra 0Pa0 Kasha Sankhya1 Dhanna Kher M0 Sakrauli749Sakraoli
252Pra 0Pa0 Kasha Sankhya 2Dhanna Khera Mo0 Sakrauli900Sakraoli
253Pra 0Pa0 Bayan Madhapur1200Madarpur
254Pra 0Pa0 Dayan Madhapur1142Madarpur
255Pra 0Pa0 Shivpuri1065Shiv Puri
256Pra 0Pa0 Kasha Sankhya 1 Baruaa Ghat1187Baruaghat
257Pra 0Pa0 Kasha Sankhya 2 Baruaa Ghat334Baruaghat
258Pra 0Pa0 Khanpur Kurauli1109Khanpur Kuraoli
259Pra 0Pa0 Sahpur Khurd728Sahapur Khurd
260Hair Secandry School Lonarpur Majara Sahpur Bujurg711Sahapur Bujurg
261Pra 0Pa0 Phardapur746Fardapur
262Pra 0Pa0 Bulapur Hasanapur620Boolapur Hasan Pur
263Pra 0Pa0 Jhulumau1262Jhulu Mao
264Pra 0Pa0 Kajipur Kachha458Kajipur Kachehh
265Pra 0Pa0 Khaira Gada414Khaira Gara
266Pra 0Pa0 Manikpur447Manika Pur
267Ju0 Ha0 School Dayan Rajepur965Shiv Puri
268Ju0 Ha0 School Bayan Rajepur1022Raje Pur
269Ju0 Ha0 School Kamlapur1182Umaria Bhagwantpur
270Pra 0Pa0 Persurampur1447Parasram Pur Gair Ahatmali
271Pra 0Pa0 Jamad928Jamar
272Pra 0Pa0 Malhapur827Malha Pur
273Pra 0Pa0 Chahalha1109Chahlha
274Pra 0Pa0 Bhikharipur Kasba1105Bhikhari Pur Kasba
275Pra 0Pa0 Purhaniya Mo Jirikpur942Jirik Pur
276Pra 0Pa0 Jirikpur1175Jirik Pur
277Pra 0Pa0 Sahwajpur519Safia Pur
278Pra 0Pa0 Purva Sindhupur Beriya Gadha806Sindhpur Beria Garha
279Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Sindhupur Beriya Gadha941Sindhpur Beria Garha
280Pra 0Pa0 Setuvahi500Setuwahi
281Panchayat Gher Khairudeenpur1069Khairoodeen Pur
282Pra 0Pa0 Antwa Mo Mela Aalam Sah Aa0606Mella Allm Saha Ahatmali
283Pra 0Pa0 Naya Gadanpur Aahar859Katri Gadanpur Ahar
284Pra 0Pa0 Phareedpur Kattar1141Fareedpur Katatar
285Pra 0Pa0 Ahiranpurwa Mo0 Katri Akberpur Seng961Katri Akberpur Seng
286Pra 0Pa0 Hardashpur764Hardas Pur
287Pra 0Pa0 Uttar Jaitpur573Neak Pur
288Pra 0Pa0 Dakshin Jaitpur855Jait Pur
289Pra 0Pa0 Ummarpur Pritam1497Umer Pur Pitam
290Pra 0Pa0 Rustampur437Rustam Pur
291Pra 0Pa0 Lakhnapur738Newada Bhairva
292Pra 0Pa0 Kasha Sankhya 2 Jajamau Gair Aa0799Jaja Mao Gair Ahatmali
293Pra 0Pa0 Kasha Sankhya 1 Jajamau Gair Aa0868Jaja Mao Gair Ahatmali
294Ju0 Ha0 School Jajamau Gair Aa01211Jaja Mao Gair Ahatmali
295Pra 0Pa0 Samash Pur Atiyapur Kaboolpur1322Samas Pur Atia Kabool Pur
296Pra 0Pa0 Chiranju Purwa M0 Jajamau Aa01311Jajamao Ahatmali
297Pra 0Pa0 Bhulbhuliya Khera M0 Gadai700Garae
298Pra 0Pa0 Khairi Gurudash Pur926Khairi Gurdaspur
299Pra 0Pa0 Panditkhera M0 Aalaudeenpur903Bardhae
300Barat Sala Esmailpur Naugawan384Ismail Pur Nauganwa
301Ju0 Ha0 School Kasha Sankhya 1 Daboli1312Dabaoli
302Ju0 Ha0 Schoo Kasha Sankhya 2 Daboli979Dabaoli
303Pra 0Pa0 Arjupur760Arjun Pur
304Pra 0Pa0 Makkhakhera M0 Khanpur Bichauli961Khanpur Bichaoli
305Pra 0Pa0 Saraha Sakatpur914Sarhasakat Pur
306Pra 0Pa0 Lawani882Lawani
307Pra 0Pa0 Abdullapur523Abdulla Pur
308Pra 0Pa0 Saha Nagar1001Sahanagar
309Pra 0Pa0 Uttar Susumau1218Soosu Mao
310Pra 0Pa0 Dakshin Susumau812Soosu Mao
311Ju0 Ha0 School Kishunpur Tedwa746Kisan Pur Tandawa
312Pra 0Pa0 Raniyamau672Raiya Mao
313Pra 0Pa0 Mahparapur816Mahapara Pur
314Pra 0Pa0 Kasha Sankhya 1Khusrupur941Khusru Pur
315Pra 0Pa0 Kasha Sankhya 2 Khusaru Pur748Khusru Pur
316Pra 0Pa0 Ugu Gameen591Ugu Dehat
317C P T N Inter Collage Kasha Sankhya 2 Ugu Sahari1223Ugu (NP)
318C P T N Inter Collage Madhya Ugu Sahari1398Ugu (NP)
319Jawala Devi Inter Collage Kashya Sankhya 2 Ugu Sahari1114Ugu (NP)
320Jawala Devi Inter Collage Kashya Sankhya 3 Ugu Sahari1280Ugu (NP)
321Pra 0Pa0 Pashim Kursat Sahari1148Kursath (NP)
322Pra 0Pa0 Purva Kursat Sahari512Kursath (NP)
323Kanya Pra0 Pa0 Uttar Kursat Sahari1094Kursath (NP)
324Kanya Pra0 Pa0 Dakshin Kursat Sahari1368Kursath (NP)
325Kanya Vidayalya Uttar Uddsah737Udesaha
326Kanya Vidayalya Dakshin Uddsah765Udesaha
327Pra 0Pa0 Uddash793Udesaha
328Pra 0Pa0 Rahimabad1054Raheema Bad
33Pra0 Pa? Bhikhanpur Gopalpur1010Bhikkhan Pur Gopalpur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014