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Polling Booth in Balamau Assembly Constituency

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Balamau Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Balamau

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Balamau Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P. P. Pipari593Pipri
2P. P. Amarganj M. Pipari829Amarganj
3P. P. Mahdaura M. Pipari864Pipri
4Kanya P. P. Jharoiya Room No-1604Ghrohia
5Kanya P. P. Jharoiya Room No-2497Ghrohia
6P. P. Jharoiya Room No-11145N/A
7P. P. Jharoiya Room No-2546Ghrohia
8P. P. Bargadiya M. Jharoiya402Ghrohia
9J. H. School Odajhar M. Jharoiyan567Ghrohia
10P. P. Mamrejpur Room No-11291Mamrejpur
11P. P. Mamrejpur Room No-21109Mamrejpur
12J. H. School Beniganj N.P.P Room No-11410Beniganj (NP)
13Gandhi Inter College Beniganj N.P.P. Room No-11527Beniganj (NP)
14Gandhi Inter College Beniganj N.P.P Room No-2247Beniganj (NP)
15P P Beniganj N.P.P. Room No-1793Beniganj (NP)
16P P Beniganj N.P.P. Room No-21220Beniganj Dehat
17Gandhi Inter College Beniganj N.P.P Room No-31186Beniganj Dehat
18Gandhi Inter College Beniganj N.P.P Room No-41030Beniganj Dehat
19Gandhi Inter College Beniganj N.P.P Room No-5537Beniganj Dehat
20Gandhi Inter Coolege Beniganj N.P.P Room No-61385Beniganj (NP)
21Gandhi Inter College Beniganj N.P.P Room No-7870Beniganj (NP)
22P. P. Allipur N. P. P454Beniganj (NP)
23P. P. Sadipur700Sadipur
24J. H. School Sikandarpur981Sikandarpur
25P.P. Sikandarpur719Sikandarpur
26P. P. Marhpai M. Sikandarpur707Sikandarpur
27P. P Mishripur M. Sikandarpur859Sikandarpur
28P. P. Chapartala737Chapar Talla
29J. H. School Mahuakola523Mahua Kola
30P. P. Alhaua1063Mahmoodpur
31P. P. Majhigawan Room No-11071Atiya
32P. P. Majhigawan Room-2798Majhgawan
33J. H. School Majhigawan1066Majhgawan
34P. P. Bajpur M. Majhigawan1145Majhgawan
35P. P. Gangapur M. Majhigawan1025Majhgawan
36P. P. Jasaipur M. Majhigawan564Majhgawan
37P. P. Pahi M. Majhigawan462Majhgawan
38P. P. Jamakhiya M. Majhigawan834Majhgawan
39P. P. Raipur Room No-1923Raipur
40P. P. Raipur Room No-2829Raipur
41G. U. M. V. Kothawan Room No-1937Gauri
42G. U. M. V. Kothawan Room No-2748Kothawan
43G. U. M. V. Kothawan Room No-31012Kothawan
44P. P. Mareura M. Kothawan710Mareura
45P. P. Uugpur431Ugpur
46P. P. Goswan M. Uugpur380Gauswa
47P. P. Mahmoodpur Kalan M. Uugpur1172Ugpur
48P. P. Dhakiya M. Uugpur531Ugpur
49P. P. Teuna Room No-1568Tewna Khurd
50P. P. Teuna Room No-21085Tewna
51P. P. Korokala Room No-1441Kauro Kalla
52P. P. Korokala Room No-2508Kauro Kalla
53P. P. Belwar Khera M. Korokala1008Kauro Kalla
54Panchayatghar Deen Nagar1367Din Nagar
55P. P. Deen Nagar1231Din Nagar
56P. P. Nagwa Room No-11131Nagwa
57P. P. Nagwa Room No-2487Nagwa
58Panchayatghar Nagwa867Nagwa
59P. P. Pratap Pur907Nagwa
60P. P. Bahadurpur900Bahadurpur
61P. P. Adampur1136Adampur
62P. P. Kakupur Room No-1403Kakupur
63P. P. Kakupur Room No-21102Kothawan
64P. P. Jaraua Room No-11022Jarowa
65P. P. Jaraua Room No-2498Jarowa
66P. P. Kulminkhera834Laudh Khera
67P. P. Manikapur568Anandpur
68P. P. Kalhepur863Pakra Diwan
69P. P. Kathighara575Ashapur
70P. P. Atsaliya Bhood438Atsaliya Bhour
71P. P. Badaira M. Haraiya625Harraiya
72P. P. Harraiya1194Harraiya
73J. H. School Harraiya790Harraiya
74J. H. School Barsara611Barsara
75P. P. Kansua601Arkha
76P. P. Reauri Barsara878Bariya
77P. P. Kaima577Keema
78P. P. Kalyanmal Room No-11159Kalyanmal
79P. P. Kalyanmal Room No-2631Kalyanmal
80P. P. Kalyanmal Extra Room No-31040Kalyanmal
81P. P. Kalyanmal Extra Room No-4522Kalyanmal
82P. P. Newada M. Kalyanmal1008Kalyanmal
83P. P. Pargahi M. Kalyanmal652Kalyanmal
84J. H School Bhaingaon Room No-1727Bhengaon
85J. H. School Bhaingaon Room No-2992Bhengaon
86Inter College Hatyaharan M. Bhaingaon711Bhengaon
87P. P. Purwa Bajirao1113Purwa Waji Rao
88P. P. Kamlapur332Kamalpur
89P. P. Malhpur612Malhpur
90J. H. School Paliya Raisingh1110Paliya Ray Singh
91P. P Lodhaura642Laudhora
92P. P. Shivpuri721Shivpury
93P. P. Shyampur1276Shyampur
94P. P. Genglapur1057Gegalapur
95J. H. School Berua Room No-11474Beruwa
96P P Berua Room No-1838Beruwa
97P. P. Berua Room No-2949Beruwa
98J H School Berua Room No-21235Beruwa
99P. P. Ahirawan1204Beruwa
100P. P. Unwa M. Bhanpur568Bhanpur
101P. P. Laltakhera M. Bhanpur641Bhanpur
102P. P. Bhanpur544Bhanpur
103P. P. Suratkhera M. Hathaura1326Hathaura
104J. H. School Hathaura Room No-1465Padri
105J. H. School Hathaura Room No-2750Hathaura
106P. P. Hathaura549Hathaura
107P. P. Korihana M. Hathaura685Hathaura
108P. P. Mavai M. Hathaura747Hathaura
109P. P. Hindukhera M. Uttarghaiyan669Hindukhera
110P. P. Bharatkhera M. Uttarghaiyan745Uttar Gheya
111P. P. Gaisingh Pur M. Uttarghaiyan1045Uttar Gheya
112P. P. Gothwa M. Gaju Room No-11093Gaju
113P. P. Gothwa M. Gaju Room No-2912Gaju
114P. P. Bahdin M. Gaju1397Gaju
115P. P. Gaju1381Gaju
116J. H. School Gaju561Gaju
117P. P. Bilauni653Bilauni
118P. P. Manpur M. Bilauni604Bilauni
119P. P. Beerpur M. Bilauni445Bilauni
120P. P. Muthiya Room No-1735Muthiya
121P. P. Muthiya Room No-21467Muthiya
122P. P. Muthiya Room No-3884Rampur
123P. P. Kursi862Kursi
124P. P.. Kamlapur M. Girdharpur469Girdharpur
125P. P. Girdharpur1079Girdharpur
126P. P. Dharauli M. Newada Lochan667Newada Lochan
127P. P. Jakhawan M. Newada Lochan Room No-1523Newada Lochan
128P. P. Jakhawan M. Newada Lochan Room No-2637Newada Lochan
129Sadhan Sah. Samiti Bux Khera M0 Umrari1169Umrari
130P. P. Umrari1084Umrari
131P. P. Garkhari M0 Ant Sant638Korori
132P. P. Santa M. Antsant Room No-1554Ant Sant
133P. P. Aant M. Aantsant676Ant Sant
134P. P. Santa M. Antsant943Ant Sant
135P. P. Tikari1309Aant
136P. P. Arseni M. Tikari Room No-1857Tikari
137P. P. Arseni M. Tikar Room No-2850Tikari
138P. P. Tusaura M. Tikari1321Tikari
139P. P. Purwa Naya972Purwa
140J. H. School Purwa Room No-1902Purwa
141J. H. School Purwa Room No-2706Purwa
142P. P. Sarsand M. Barwasarsand554Baruasarsand
143P. P. Barwasarsand Room No-11017Baruasarsand
144P. P. Barwasarsand Room No-2590Baruasarsand
145P. P. Matua1439Matuwa
146P. P. Jaswantpur M. Matua467Matuwa
147P. P. Mareura987Mareura
148P. P. Pahadpur M. Barauli722Paharpur
149P. P. Barauli Room No-1848Birauly
150P. P. Barauli Room No-2930Birauly
151P. P. Sunni1260Sunny
152Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Anta M. Mahri785Aant
153P. P. Mahri Room No-1738Mahry
154P. P. Mahri Room No-2739Mahry
155P. P. Semrakalan Room No-1921Mahry
156P. P. Semrakalan Room No-2766Mahry
157P. P. Mahmadpur Mahri539Mahmoodpur
158P. P. Katka720Katka
159P. P. Barraghaguman1153Baridhuman
160P. P. Goswa M. Barraghuman513Baridhuman
161P. P. Balamau926Balamu
162Kanya P. P. Balamau1161Balamu
163Panchayat Balamau Room No-1702Balamu
164Panchayat Balamau Room No-2830Balamu
165P. P. Mahesan Madhiya M. Samaspur495Shamshpur
166P. P. Samaspur Room No-11411Shamshpur
167P. P. Samaspur Room No-21047Kanhoa
168P. P. Narayan Dev716Narayan Deo
169P .P Bhirighat M. Patseni828Patseny
170P. P. Teuri560Teuri
171P. P. Terwa Room No-11101Teuri
172P. P. Terwa Room No-2436Kukhi Dehat
173P. P. Kukuhi Room No-11129Kukhi Dehat
174P. P. Kukuhi Room No-21437Kukhi Dehat
175P. P. Suthena952Sutehna
176P. P. Lohanhara Room No-1855Lonhra
177P. P. Lonhara Room No-2893Lonhra
178Kanya J. H. School Lonhara983Lonhra
179P. P. Poora M. Lonhara1443Lonhra
180P. P. Naira M. Lonhara1426Lonhra
181P. P. Kantha M. Lonhara893Lonhra
182P. P. Baghadanda476Bagha Danda
183P. P. Bhadsen832Bhdsen
184P. P. Inayatpur774Enayatpur
185P. P. Baburawal M. Kherwa393Enayatpur
186P. P. Kherwa1081Kherwa
187P. P. Samodha Room No-11412Samodha
188P. P. Samodha Room No-2771Samodha
189P. P. Saidpur M. Samodha683Samodha
190P. P. Mahsona1488Mahsona
191P. P. Som Room No-11274Mahsona
192P. P. Som Room No-2793Som
193Panchayatghar Muradnagar Room No-1867Som
194Panchayat Muradnagar Room No-2827Som
195J. H. School Raiso1040Reaso
196Kanya J. H. School Raiso Room No-1722Reaso
197Kanya J. H. School Raiso Room No-2844Reaso
198P. P. Heuli769Allawalpur
199P. P. Alawalpur Room No-1729Allawalpur
200P. P. Alawalpur Room No-2687Gausapur
201P P & Panchayatghar Khajohana845Khajohana
202J H School Khajohana1252Khajohana
203P P Tadahar M. Khajohana583Khajohana
204P P Madhaura722Khajohana
205P P Katiyamau1152Katiyamau
206P P Garhi Kamalpur Room No-1746Kamalpur
207P P Garhi Kamalpur Room No-2830Kamalpur
208P P Kamipur1173Kamipur
209P P Dhandhar M. Kamipur925Kamipur
210P P Chirkahati M. Kamipur440Kamipur
211Rajkiya Deeksha V. Kachhauna N P P Room No-1951Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
212Rajkiya Deeksha V. Kachhauna N P P Room No-2609Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
213Rajkiya Deeksha V. Kachhauna N P P Room No-31162Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
214Rajkiya Deeksha V. Kachhauna N P P Room No-41065Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
215Kanya P. P. Kachhauna N.P.P.1495Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
216P P Kachhauna Narmal School Ke Pas N P P1303Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
217Janta Inter College Kachhauna N P P Room No-11096Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
218Janta Inter College Kachhauna N P P Room No-21135Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
219Janta Inter College Kachhauna N P P Room No-31038Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
220Janta Inter College Kachhauna N P P Room No-4887Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
221Janta Inter College Kachhauna N P P Room No-5565Kachhauna Patseni (NP)
222P P Gyanpur1249Gyanpur
223P P Baburaha M. Kalauli787Kalauly
224P P Kalauli Room No-1480Kalauly
225P P Kalauli Room No-21076Kalauly
226J H School Kalauli1428Kalauly
227P P Ban600Danda
228P P Paira M. Ban710Paira
229P P Mandlahiya M. Gauhani872Gauhany
230P P Gauhani1211Gauhany
231P P Nirmalpur Room No-1842Nirmalpur
232P P Nirmalpur Extra Room617Nirmalpur
233P P Nirmalpur Room No-3350Nirmalpur
234P P Dhurpura M. Nirmalpur393Nirmalpur
235P P Badhaura Room No-1906Birauly
236P P Badhaura Room No-2693Birauly
237P P Kahli915Kakrali
238P P Gaurifakhruddeen1217Gauri Fakarudin
239P P Sapahiya682Mahua Kola
240P P Musalamanabad607Musilmanabad
241P P Gaurikhalsa Room No-11036Gauri Khalsa
242P P Gaurikhalsa Room No-2738Gauri Khalsa
243P P Subbakhera M. Hiya701Hiya
244P P Hiya Room No-11140Hiya
245P P Hiya Room No-21023Hiya
246P P Ghughera Room No-11137Dhudhera
247Pp P Ghughera Room No-2509Dhudhera
248P P Karimnagar831Dhudhera
249P P Kutubpur779Kutubpur
250Naya P P Sarsand Room No-11061Sarsand
251Naya P P Sarsand Room No-2648Sarsand
252P P Subhankhera M. Sarsand780Subhan Khera
253P P Mahmoodpur Dhatigarha966Mahmadpur Dhatigarah
254P P Medaua653Gaus Ganj
255J H School Gausganj Room No-11297Gaus Ganj
256J H School Gausganj Room No-21214Gaus Ganj
257P B R Inter College Gausganj Room No-11166Gaus Ganj
258P B R Inter College Gausganj Room No-2511Gaus Ganj
259P B R Inter College Gausganj Room No-31154Gaus Ganj
260P B R Inter College Gausganj Room No-41487Gaus Ganj
261P P Navin Terwa Dahigawan1200Terwa Dahigawan
262P P Terwa Dahigawan Room No-11041Terwa Dahigawan
263P P Terwa Dahigawan Room No-2516Terwa Dahigawan
264P P Behsar Room No-11060Wehsar
265P P Behsar Room No-2520Wehsar
266Kanya P P Behsar Room No-1824Wehsar
267Kanya P P Behsar Room No-21029Wehsar
268P P Gauri Saiyadtalib976Gauri Seyad Talib
269P P Sindhwal Malihabad Room No-1984Sindhwal Malihabad
270P P Sindhwal Malihabad Room No-2908Sindhwal Malihabad
271P P Sukkhan Khera1177Sukhan Khera
272P P Hasnapur Room No-1741Hasnapur
273P P Hasnapur Room No-2904Hasnapur
274J H School Rasoolpur Aant Room No-1984Rasulpur Grant
275J H School Rasoolpur Aant Room No-2582Rasulpur Grant
276Kanya P P Asahi Ajampur Room No-11342Asahi Ajampur
277Kanya P P Asahi Ajampur Room No-21200Asahi Ajampur
278P P Santosha1407Santokha
279P P Bakuai622Bakue
280P P Pilkhani Room No-1854Pilkhini
281P P Pilkhani Room No-2824Pilkhini
282P P Godwabhoop999Gondwa Bhup
283P P Kharika Room No-1884Khrika
284P P Kharika Room No-2650Khrika
285P P Benhadar Khurd Room No-11098Behandar Khurd
286P P Benhadar Khurd Room No-2730Alampur
287P P Jakhaur M. Behandar Khurd1459Behandar Khurd
288J H School Kasimpur Room No-11135Kasimpur
289J H School Kasimpur Room No-2534Kasimpur
290J H School Kasimpur Room No-3855Kasimpur
291P P Benhadar Kala Room No-11216Behandar Kala
292P P Benhadar Kala Room No-2378Padry
293P P Benhadar Kala Room No-31195Behandar Kala
294P P Rithwe1025Ritawey
295P P Aladadpur Newada Room No-11093Aladadpur Newada
296P P Aladadpur Newada Room No-2669Aladadpur Newada
297P P Kahchari Room No-11049Kahchari
298P P Kahchari Extra Room543Kahchari
299P P Kahchari Room No-3278Kahchari
300P P Dhakhwa454Dakhwa
301P P Navin Sarve Room No-11146Sarwen
302P P Navin Sarve Room No-21103Sarwen
303P P Kakendua633Kakenduwa
304P P Husainpur1066Husenpur
305P P Kudauni840Husenpur
306P P Ghuspahan1049Ghuspahan
307P P Kajipur773Kajipur
308P P Badagaon Room No-11241Baragaon
309P P Badagaon Room No-2443Baragaon
310J H School Badagaon School No-11046Baragaon
311J H School Badagaon Room No-2628Baragaon
312P P Akbarpur Talhu1135Akabarpur Talhu
313P P Rampur Bhatauli1227Rampur Bhatauly
314P Vidayalay Akohara Newada801Akohara Newada
315P P Allipur Tandwa Room No-11136Allipur Tandwa
316P P Allipur Tandwa Room No-21120Allipur Tandwa
317P P Nandauli759Bhitauly
318P P Gauro Bidul599Gauri Bidur
319P P Bhatauli1271Bhitauly
320J H School Bhatauli1258Bhitauly
321P P Fattepur Pathrauli Purab706Phatenpur Pathrauly Pachhim
322P P Gauridayampur1124Gauri Dayampur
323P P Fattepur Pathrauli Pakshim634Phatenpur Pathrauly Pachhim
324P P Auramau1081Barauly
325P P Shahpur1333Shahpur
326P P Sarehari Room No-11001Sarehri
327P P Sarehari Room No-2624Sarehri
328Nahar Nirikshan Bhawan Sarehari754Sarehri
329J H School Devari Room No-11123Diwary
330J H School Devari Room No-2784Diwary
331P P Dularpur907Dularpur
332P P Aant425Aant
333P P Atiya Room No-1984Atiya
334P P Atiya Room No-2757Atiya
335P P Atuka891Atuka
336P P Mahmoodpur Lalta834Mahmoodpur Lalta
337P P Chandu683Chandu
338P P Bhithi799Bhiti
339P P Navin Birauli Room No-11027Birauly
340P P Navin Birauli Room No-2616Birauly
341P P Balnapur390Balnapur
342P P Kanjaura570Kanjaura
343P P Sirauli995Sirauly
344P P Makhan Khera743Rasulpur Barhman
345P P Rasoolpur Bramhnan834Rasulpur Barhman
346P P Bahlolpur Room No-11313Bahlolpur
347P P Bahlolpur Room No-2690Bahlolpur
348P P Kodari941Kundry
349P P Siddique Pur498Sidhikpur
350P P Pigrawan623Pigrawan
351P P Jasu868Jasu
352P P Gauhilahara M. Chandabaija392Chanda Baija
353P P Chandabaija572Chanda Baija
354P P Maulvikhera M. Chandabaija959Chanda Baija
355P P Madar Room No-11317Madar
356P P Madar Room No-21309Madar
357P P Devnathpur710Dewnathpur
358P P Turnaurdra Piparchak828Turna Rudra
359P P Turnadev306Behandar Kala
360P P Bindaura594Bindaura
361P P Jahidpur Room No-1688Jahidpur
362P P Jahidpur Room No-2826Jahidpur

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