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Polling Booth in Badlapur Assembly Constituency

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Badlapur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Badlapur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Badlapur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P S Jagdishpur671Jagdishpur
2P S Kachhaura1148Kachhora
3P S Anusar948Anusar
4P S Kanakpur576Kanakpur
5P S Jamaupatti1028Harisingh Patti
7P S Baghadikala1142Baghari Kalan
8P S Mera1443Merha
10P S Firojpur998Firojpur
12P S Ratasi855Ratasi
14Jhs Arjunpur939Arjunpur
15P S Mahada1396Mahada
17P S Baharipur Kala929Baharipur Kalan
19P S Mallupur814Mallupur
21P S Baraiya734Baraiya
23P S Nakahara Khandev796Nakahara Khandeo
25P S Bachhuwar1275Bachhuar
26P S Hariharpur728Hariharpur
27P S Karampur371Karampur
28Panchayat Bhawan Kevtali736Kewatli Kalan
29P S Naamipur1277Nabhipur
30P S Bhula779Balua
31P S Deduwa1110Dehura
33P S Nidurpur1100Naharpur
34P S Kodhuwa1191Kudhuwa
35P S Kaithora851Kaithora
36P S Khanpur1320Khanpur
38P S Dayalapur1114Dayalpur
40P S Ahopur1040Ahopur
41Jhs Singhawal1190Singhawal
45P S Mishrauli1396Rajinipur
46P S Kaveli1444Kaweli
47P S Sirkina864Sirkina
49P S Karanpur1484Karanpur
51P S Pahitiyapur868Pahitiyapur
53P S Sadapur1384Sasrhapur
54P S Gonauli867Gonauli
56P S Kusaha827Kusaha
57P S Khampur1202Khampur
58Shri Devkinandan Jan Kalyan Jhs Rampur487Rampur
61P S Fattupur1184Fattupur
62P S Babura1197Babura
64P S Atauli715Atauli
65Jhs Tiyara1129Tiyara
69P S Bachhadi843Bachhari
70P S Inamipur1019Inamipur
71P S Ramipur554Ramipur
72P S Pura Rajwar566Pura Rajwar
73P S Dudhauda968Dudhaura
74P S Rooppur Sthit Budanepur1314Raipur
75Shrikrishana Inter College Gajenderapur1214Gajandrapur
77P S Gaura1417Gaura
78P S Besahupur1286Besahupur
79P S Kammarpur1123Kammarpur
80P S Ramanipur1302Ramnipur
81P S Ramnagar722Rautpur
83P S Tilwari1324Tilwari
84P S Badsara1295Barsara
85P S Gopalpur906Gopalapur
86P S Ahiyapur378Ahiya Pur
87P S Sutauli707Sutauli
88P S Mahmadpur926Mahmadpur
89P S Shahpur Sani1159Shahpur Shani
90P S Baderi1050Baderi
92P S Ghanshyampur523Madapur
94Inter College Ghanshyampur939Ghansyampur
96P S Desrampur797Deoram Pur
97P S Kuchauha546Kuchauha
98P S Kuhikala Sthit Gram Chandapur1030Kuhi Kalan
100P S Sarai Gunja1049Sarai Gunja
101P S Shahpur916Shahpur
103P S Dugauli Khurd1249Dugauli Khurd
105P S Dugauli Kala1450Dugauli Khurd
106P S Margupur1303Margupur
107P S Purani Bazar1334Purani Bazar
108P S Bithuwa Kala1354Bithua Khurd
109P S Bhaluwahi1143Bhulwahi
113P S Udpur Ghatampur1028Udpur Ghatampur
115P S Raibhanipur998Raibhanipur
116P S Newada Mukhlispur1053Newada Mukhalispur
118P S Patti Dayal1166Pattidayal
119Sarokhanpur Shrikrishana Nagar Jhs1511Sarokhanpur
125P S Sarokhanpur First959Sultanpur
126P S Sarokhanpur Second1163Kasturipur
127P S Kasturipur Sthit Udpur Gelhuwa Second651Udpur Gelhawa
128P S Udpur Gelhuwa First1194Udpur Gelhawa
132P S Muradpur Kotila1341Muradpur Kotila
135K P S Mirsadpur1151Mirshadpur
137P S Baluwa960Balua
139P S Himmatpur1128Himmatpur
140P S Roopchandrapur1461Roopchandpur
141P S Bangaonpatti Alias Salekhanpatti1026Bangaon Patti
142P S Bangaonpatti1129Bangaon Patti
143P S Kamalpur1116Chak Semaraha
144P S Bangaon Bhumihar1170Bangaon Bhumihar
145P S Machhaligaon1347Machhaligaon
148Jhs Badlapur Khurd1330Badalapur Khurd
151P S Rarikala930Rari Kala
152P S Birbhanpur814Beerpalpur
154P S Durgapatti991Durga Patti
155P S Dewapur468Dewapur
156P S Denuwa833Denua
157P S Dewapatti663Dewa Patti
158P S Khalispur1033Khalishpur
160P S Dadawa873Dadwa
162P S Bakhopur892Bakhopur
163P S Masanpur847Masanpur
164P S Paranpatti820Paran Patti
165P S Chhangapur956Chhangapur
167P S Salamatpur656Salamatpur
168P S Chauri1139Chanvari
170P S Barbaspur907Barabaspur
171P S Katahari952Katehari Chak
172P S Belawa993Belawan408Salekhanpattiurfbang
174P S Araya Leduka1335Leduka
176P S Leduka865Leduka
177P S Dewariya976Deoria
179P S Agraura798Agraura
182P S Sonwar645Sonwar
183P S Badari1196Badari
184P S Saraiharkhu Sthit Gram Dhaniyamau968Dhaniya Mau
186P S Saraiharkhu1031Sarai Harkhu
188P S Aunka901Aunka
190P S Brahmanpur Nawabad475Saraule
192P S Kalinjara1242Kalinjara
193P S Basara637Basara
194P S Bargawa352Banagawan
195P S Khairpara1089Khairpara
196P S Dilsadpur657Dilshadpur
198P S Atara450Atara
199P S Udpur675Udpur
200P S Mitawa1212Mitawa
201P S Bhosila517Bhosila
202P S Rasikapur720Rasikapur
204P S Mainuddinpur1050Mainuddinpur
205P S Bedauli885Bendauli
207P S Sarai Triloki1088Sarai Triloki
209P S Pakhanpur1078Parwan Pur
210Jhs Dharamdaspur554Dharam Das Pur
212P S Umari Khurd Second1018Umari Kalan
213P S Umari Khurd First947Umari Khurd
215P S Lamhan1355Lamahan
217P S Pura Gambhir Shah907Pura Gambhir Shah
219P S Dompur860Deoram Pur
220P S Kathar843Kathara
221P S Khajuran1208Khajuran
223Jhs Dhema993Dhema
226P S Asuwapar1073Asuapar
227P S Bhimpur639Asuapar
228P S Puralal814Puralal
229P S Chhitakapur482Chhitkapur
230P S Gajadharpur1031Gajadharpur
231P S Pura Balai699Pura Balai
232P S Kol670Col
233P S Markhapur1357Mirapur Kalawal
234P S Thegaha716Thengaha
235K P S Seed1187Seerh
237P S Sonpur Kala709Senpur Kalan
238P S Basupur975Basupur
239P S Chariyahi First624Charo
240P M V Fattupur703Fattupur
241P S Naharpur1160Naharpur
242P S Rajpur Alias Rukhar782Kobi
244P S Chariyahi Second963Chariahi
245P S Gaddopur937Gaddopur
247P S Basahara Kala987Basahra Kalan
248P S Harakhpur494Harkhpur
249P S Kailwal796Kailawal
250Jhs Dhuripur Alias Shivnagar1037Ashapur
251P S Ghuskuri757Ghuskuri
252P S Mirapur Shiromani1322Meerapur Shiromani
253P S Bagaujhar1003Bagojhar
255P S Katara1076Katra
256Gaurishankar S P Sarai Parashuram1084Sarai Parasuram
258P S Bhogipur1454Bhogipur
259P S Bankat Lodi1124Bankat Lodi
261P S Ahirauli657Ahirauli
262P S Sarai Durgadas1365Sarai Durga Das
264P S Baharpur Khurd938Baharpur Khurd
266P S Ramnagar Updhan1295Ram Nagar Updhan
267P S Baihari1198Baihari
269P S Angrah984Angrah
270P S Anapur1307Angrah
271P S Bahorikpur1021Bahorikpur
272K P S Bijhawat753Bijhawat
274P S Hatiya Ramnath673Lohinda
276P S Dalupur909Daloopur
277P S Maya936Maya
278P S Khutahani904Khuthani
279P S Bhagwanpur1037Bhagwanpur
281P S Banvirpur932Banbirpur
282P S Babhanpur1099Babhanpur
283P S Besar813Basoar
284P S Asaropur1063Asropur
286P S Rajapur1080Rajapur
287P S Kewtali1217Dhanchua
288P S Pahadpur1024Raipur Kalan
289P S Turkauli906Turkauli Urf Bhawanigarh
290P S Sarai Padari1353Sarai Padari
292P S Bahauddinpur868Bahauddeenpur
294P S Muhkucha1308Muhkucha
295P S Koiripur449Koiripur
297P S Sadaruddinpur778Shadruddenpur
298P S Banbaha418Banbaha
299P S Amari1300Amari
300P S Bhatpura796