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Polling Booth in Babina Assembly Constituency

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Babina Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Babina

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Babina Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1U.M.V. Karguan Part-1950Karguwan
2U.M.V. Karguan Part-21233Karguwan
3U.M.V. Karguan Part-31334Karguwan
6P.V.Modkala977Mod Kalan
7P.V.Modkhurd813Mod Khurd
9P.V.Behtasant293Behta Sant
11P.V.Khiriyaram146Khiriya Ram
12P.Path. Simthari1282Simiriya
15P.Path. Bithari1016Bithari
19P.V.Dharampura168Dharam Pura
21P.V.Ramaiyapura511Ramaiya Pura
22P.V.Miyapur1113Miya Pur
25Nagar Palika Parishad Chirgaon-1908Chirgaon (NPP)
26Nagar Palika Parishad Chirgaon-2860Chirgaon (NPP)
27R.K.Maithalisharan Gupt U.M.V.-1911Chirgaon (NPP)
28R.K.Maithalisharan Gupt U.M.V.-2620N/A
29Adarsh P.P.Matanpura Chirgaon-11087Chirgaon (NPP)
30Adarsh P.P.Matanpura Chirgaon-21304Chirgaon (NPP)
31S.G.S.V.B.Shishu Mandir Chirgaon-11052Chirgaon (NPP)
32S.G.S.V.B.Shishu Mandir Chirgaon-21109Chirgaon (NPP)
33S.P.I.College Chirgaon234Chirgaon (NPP)
34S.P.I.College Chirgaon-21296Chirgaon (NPP)
35S.P.I.College Chirgaon-3954Chirgaon (NPP)
36S.P.I.College Chirgaon-41076Chirgaon (NPP)
37S.P.I.College Chirgaon-51190Chirgaon (NPP)
38Shri.S.L.C.Jain A.J.H.S. Chirgaon-11151Chirgaon (NPP)
39Shri.S.L.C.Jain A.J.H.S. Chirgaon-21021Chirgaon (NPP)
41S.S.L.C.Jain A.Bal Mandir Chirgaon-1926Chirgaon (NPP)
42S.S.L.C.Jain A.Bal Mandir Chirgaon-2920Chirgaon (NPP)
43P.V.Mirauna843Pahari Buzurg
45P.V.Kanya Siya821Siya
46P.V.Sultanpura1110Sultan Pura
47J.H.S. Ramnagar904Ramnagar
48P.V.Dabara Bujurg891Dabrabuzurg
50P.V.Bharatpura767Bharat Pura
51P.V.Sikri Bujurg896Sikari Buzurg
55P.M.V. Pahadi Bujurg974Pahari Buzurg
56P.V.Pahadi Bujurg883Pahari Buzurg
60P.V. Maheba492Maheba
62P.V.Luhargaon Ghat760Luhargaon Ghat
63P.V.Rampura1483Ram Pura
65P.M.V.Bangri Bangra-1915Bangri Bangra
66P.M.V.Bangra Bangri-2899Bangri Bangra
67P.V.Kukargaon864Kukur Gaon
68P.M.V.Fool Khiriya588Phool Khiriya
70P.M.V.Rawatpura696Rawat Pura
73S.V.P.S.M.V. Bamanuan1442Bamanwan
74P.V. Raura785Rora
75Ju High School Parichcha Part-11193Parichha (CT)
76U Pra Ra Vi Prishad Pra Vi Part-1846Parichha (CT)
77U Pra Ra Vi Parishad Pri Sch Part-2 Parichcha922Parichha (CT)
78U Pra Ra Vi Parishad Pri Sch Part-3 Parichcha753Parichha (CT)
79U Pra Ra Vi Parishad Pri Sch Part-4 Parichcha814N/A
80Pri Sch Rochoura870Richhaura
81U Pra Sch Barata Part-11227Parichha (CT)
82U Pra Sch Barata Part-21210Barata
83Badagaon Inter College Part-11197Baragaon (NP)
84Badagaon Inter College Part-2910Baragaon (NP)
85Badagaon Inter College Part-31151Baragaon (NP)
86Badagaon Inter Collge Part-41434Baragaon (NP)
87Sri Krishna Inter College Badagaon Part-11351Baragaon (NP)
88Sri Krishna Inter College Badagaon Part-2820Baragaon (NP)
89Shri Krishna Inter College Badagaon Part-3974Baragaon (NP)
90Pri Sch Bhoop Nagar581Bhupnagar
91Pri Sch Tilaithakalan843Tilaetha
92Pri Sch Tilaitha Khurd435Tilaetha
93Pri Sch Tendol Part-1851Tendol
94Pri Sch Bhukamprodhi Bhawan1048Tendol
95Pri Sch Jarbo1500Jarbo
96Pri Sch Barethi288Kolwan
97Saraswati Vidhya Mandi Sanora Part-11148Barua Sagar (NPP)
98Saraswati Vidhya Mandir Sanora Part-21074Barua Sagar (NPP)
99Pri Sch Nai Basti1323Barua Sagar (NPP)
100Adarsh Pri Sch Sanora Part-1862Barua Sagar (NPP)
101Adarsh Pri Sch Sanora Part-21241Barua Sagar (NPP)
102Pt Ramsahay Sharma Inter College Part-11036Barua Sagar (NPP)
103Pt Ramsahay Sharma Inter College Part-21266Barua Sagar (NPP)
104Pt Ramsahay Sharma Inter College Part-31056Barua Sagar (NPP)
105Pt Ram Sahay Sharma Inter College Part-4911Barua Sagar (NPP)
106Pt Ram Sahay Sharma I C Part-51488Barua Sagar (NPP)
107???? ??0 ????0 ??0 ???????1339Barua Sagar (NPP)
108Laxmi Vyayamshala1216Barua Sagar (NPP)
109D C Pri Sch Nigonakhera Part-11247Barua Sagar (NPP)
110D C Pri Sch Nigonakhera Part-2823Barua Sagar (NPP)
111Pri Sch Nai Basti Part-1874Barua Sagar (NPP)
112Pri Sch Nai Basti Part-2935Barua Sagar (NPP)
113Pri Sch Ghughuwa1131Ghughuwa
114Pri Sch Chiplouta Naya Bhawan1120Chiplotha
115Pri Sch Danipura513Danipua
116Pri Sch Kotipura1466Talarmanna
117Pri Sch Harpura791Harpura
118Pri Sch Banguwan1413Baghaura
119Kanya Pri Sch Banguwan1103Baghaura
120Pri Sch Laxmanpura501Laxmanpura
121Pri Sch Kolba791Kolwan
122Pri Sch Doun925Daun
123Pri Sch Dimroni608Dimroni
124Pri Sch Shankargarh696Banguwan
125Pri Sch Digara1407Digara
126Pri Sch Goramachiya1141Goramachhiya
127Pri Sch Dunara474Dunara
128Pri Sch Bachawali Bujurg878Bachaoli Bujurg
129Pri Sch Chhapra933Chhapra
130Pri Sch Madora Part-11232Marora
131Pri Sch Madora Part-2910Marora
132Pri Sch Hajipura336Marora
133Pri Sch Udena311Palar
134Pri Sch Lidoura998Lidhora
135Pri Sch Behtapalar662Behta Palar
136Pri Sch Jourikhurd482Jori Khurd
137Pri Sch Jouri Bujurg1405Jori Khurd
138U Pri Sch Palar Part-11194Palar
139U Pri Sch Palar Part-2645Palar
140Pri Sch Lewa834Leva
141U Pri Sch Ranguwan659Rankuwan
142Pri Sch Gangawali583Rankuwan
143U Pri Sch Parsar762Parsar
144Pri Sch Paliparsar436Parsar
145Pri Sch Gaurari514Gorari
146Pri Sch Tanda343Bawal
147Pri Sch Babal699Bawal
148Pri Sch Garmau1196Garhmau
149Pri Sch Gandhi Nagar532Garhmau
150Pri Sch Tankori1092Takori
151Pri Sch Mustara666Mustra
152Pri Sch Padri1133Padri
153Pri Sch Keshavpur838Padri
154Pri Sch Aari726Ari
155Pri Sch Mathanpura Rampura799Mathan Pura Rampura
156Pri Sch Pehelguwan833Pahalguwan
157Pri Sch Birguwan Part-1997Birguwa
158Pri Sch Birguwan Part-2732Birguwa
159Pri Sch Mabaigird1178Mawaigird
160Pri Sch Bargarh396Bargarh
161Pri Sch Pohra885Pohra
162Pri Sch Kot782Barora
163Pri Sch Behta1076Behta
164Pu Ma Sch Bhojla Part-11144Bhojla
165Pu Ma Sch Bhojla Part-21159Bhojla
166Pri Sch Bharari249Bharari
167Pri Sch Lakara Part-1782Lakara
168Pri Sch Lakara Part-2835Lakara
169Pri Sch Rundkarari638Ronija
170Pri Sch Ronija514Ronija
171Pri Sch Chandara191Chandra
172U Pri Sch Ambabay Part-11223Ambabai
173U Pri Sch Ambabay Part-21344Ambabai
174Naveen Pri Sch Hastanapur961Ambabai
175Pri Sch Kalothra165Sarmau
176Pri Sch Sarmau900Sarmau
177Pri Sch Parbai451Parwai
178Pri Sch Datarnagar540Parwai
179Pri Sch Dhimarpura457Parwai
180U Pri Sch Punawali Kala Part-11050Punawali Kalan
181U Pri Sch Punawali Kala Part-21223Punawali Kalan
182Pri Sch Simra Part-1925Simra
183Pri Sch Simra Part-2925Simra
184Pri Sch Gavra583Gewra
185Pri Sch Domagor846Domagor
186Pri Sch Dhikoli938Dhikoli
187Pri Sch Nayakheda Majra475Dhikoli
188Pri Sch Kotkhera864Kot Khera
189Pri Sch Sijwaha721Sijwaha
190Pri Sch Mabai Shivgarh670Sijwaha
191Pri Sch Palinda1346Palida
192Pri Sch Pali Pahadi709Pali Pahari
193Pri Sch Nai Pali Pahadi1263Pali Pahari
194Pri Sch Athodna1058Athodna
195U Pra Sch Athodna1009Athodna
196Pri Sch Pathari697Pathari
197Pri Sch Dongri369Dogri
198U Pri Sch Raksa Part-11392Raksa
199U Pri Sch Raksa Part-21042Raksa
200U Pri Sch Raksa Part-3860Raksa
201U Pri Sch Raksa Part-4688Raksa
202U Pri Sch Raksa Part-51247Raksa
203Pri Sch Dagarwaha1074Dagarwaha
204Pri Sch Ganeshgarh569Dagarwaha
205Pri Sch Devgarh305Dagarwaha
206Pri Sch Ramgarh349Dagarwaha
207Ju High Sch Rajapur Part-1908Rajapur
208Ju High Sch Rajapur Part-21138Rajapur
209Pri Sch Bachauni1127Bachhauni
210Pri Sch Parasai676Parasai
211Pri Sch Imiliya959Imiliya
212Pri Sch Amarpur1223Amarpur
213Pri Sch Punawalikhurd688Punawali Khurd
214Pri Sch Gagoni449Gagauni
215Pri Sch Baruapura825Baruapur
216Pri Sch Bajna1380Bajna
217Pri Sch Bamer821Bamair
218Pri Sch Math384Math
219Pri Sch Rundbaloura564Rund Balaura
220Pri Sch Durgapur765Rund Balaura
221U Ma Sch Baloura1414Barora
222Pri Sch Safa714Safa
223Pri Sch Dagariya Rund514Dagaria Rund
224Pri Sch Kashinagar531Dagaria Rund
225Pri Sch Saiyar763Saiyar
226Pri Sch Atariyan404Saiyar
227Panchayat Bhawan Saiyar727Saiyar
228Pri Sch Khailar Part-11111Kolwan
229Pri Sch Khailar Part-21007Kolwan
230Kanya Pri Sch Khailar1242Kolwan
231Ju High Sch Khailar Part-11098Kolwan
232Ju High Sch Khailar Part-21275Kolwan
233Zila Parishad I C Bhel Khailar Part-1939Kolwan
234Zila Parishad Ic Bhel Khailar Par-2864Kailar
235Zila Parishad I C Bhel Khailar Part-31286Kailar
236Pri Sch Simrawari Part-11090Simrawari
237Ju High Sch Simrawari Part-2789Simrawari
238Ju High Sch Simrawari Part-3785Simrawari
239Pri Sch Simrawari Part-4989Simrawari
240Pri Sch Simrawari Part-51110Simrawari
241Pra Swa Kendra Simrawari Part-61051Simrawari
242Pra Swa Kendra Simrawari Part-71350Simrawari
243Pri Sch Mathurapura Part-1839Mathura Pura
244Pri Sch Mathurapura Part-2919Mathura Pura
245Pri Sch Chamraua Part-1989Chamaraua
246Pri Sch Chamraua Part-2942Chamaraua
247Pri Sch Koti1004Koti
248Pri Sch Gudha487Gurha
249Pri Sch Rampura212Rampura
250Pri Sch Murari979Murari
251Pri Sch Kilchuwarakhurd281Kichalwara Khurd
252Pu Ma Sch Khajraha Bujurg Part-1691Khajuraha Bujurg
253Pu Ma Sch Khajrahabujurg Part-2691Khajuraha Bujurg
254Pu Ma Sch Khajrahabujurg Part-3891Khajuraha Bujurg
255Pri Sch Chandranagar Majra Khajraha Bujurg921Khajuraha Bujurg
256Pri Sch Khajrahakhurd Part-1685Khajuraha Khurd
257Pra Sch Khajrahakhurd Part-2681Khajuraha Bujurg
258Pri Sch Kilchuwara Bujurg628Kichalwara Bujurg
259Pri Sch Tooka Majra616Tuka
260Pri Sch Sarwa Part-11025Sarvad
261Pri Sch Sarwa Part-21024Sarvad
262Pri Sch Baidora Part-11281Barora
263Pu Ma Sch Baidora Part-2950Barora
264Pu Ma Sch Baidora Part-3824Barora
265Pri Sch Khaira894Khaira
266Naveen Pri Sch Majra Tapra490Basai
267Pri Sch Basai926Basai
268Pri Sch Badanpur503Baidora
269Pu Ma Sch Budhpura Part-1855Burhpura
270Pu Ma Sch Budhpura Part-21182Burhpura
271Pri Sch Khadi843Khari
272Pri Sch Guwawli1179Guaoli
273Pri Sch Baijpur714Baijpur
274Pri Sch Mankuwan510Mankuwa
275Pri Sch Kudriyan874Hirapur
276Pri Sch Heerapura928Hirapur
277Pri Sch Tapariyan996Babina (Rural)
278Saraswati Shishu Mandir Panchayat Bhawan Part-11246Babina (Rural)
279Saraswati Shishu Mandir Panchayat Bhawan Part-2614Babina (Rural)
280Saraswati Shishu Mandir Panchayat Bhawan Part-3970Babina (Rural)
281Saraswati Shishu Mandir Panchayat Bhawan Part-41189Babina (Rural)
282Kendriya Pri Sch Babina Bazar Part-1746Babina (Rural)
283Kendriya Pri Sch Babina Bazar Part-21048Babina (Rural)
284Kendriya Pri Sch Babina Bazar Part-3918Babina (Rural)
285Lalbahadur Shastri U Ma Sch Babina Part-11047Babina (Rural)
286Lalbahadur Sastri U Ma Sch Babina Part-21262Babina (Rural)
287Lal Bahadur Shastri U Ma Sch Babina Part-31372Babina (Rural)
288Lal Bahadur Shastri U Ma Sch Babina Part-4647Babina (Rural)
289Pu Ma Kanya Sch Panchayat Bhawan Babina1340Babina (Rural)
290Pri Sch Babina Cantt Part-11428Babina (Rural)
291Pri Sch Babina Cantt Part-21453Babina (Rural)
292Naveen Kanya Pri Sch Matanpura1377Babina (Rural)
293Army Sch Babina Cantt533Dhamkan
294Pri Sch Rasoi1326Rasoi
295Pri Sch Manpur1063Manpur
296Naveen Pra Sch Mutran351Manpur
297Pri Sch Ganeshpura581Ganeshapur
298Pri Sch Thakurpura720Thakurpura
299U Ma Sch Leher Thakurpura938Lahar Thakur Pura
300Pra Sch Khirkan247Lahar Thakur Pura
301Pri Sch Simiriya1015Sihiriya
302Pri Sch Sukuwan762Sukwan
303Pri Sch Raseena1053Rasina
304Pri Sch Ratanpur299Rasina
306Panchayat Bhawan Pura644Pura
307Panchayat Bhawan Prithvipura Nayakheda1005Prithvipur Naya Khera
308Pri Sch Prithivipura Nayakheda669Prithvipur Naya Khera
309Pri Sch Sekar250Shekhar
310U Ma Sch Ghisoli Part-1880Ghisoli
311U Ma Sch Ghisoli Part-2786Ghisoli
312Pri Sch Baghaura1380Barora
313Pri Sch Badora Part-1687Barora
314Pri Sch Badora Part-2848Barora
315Pri Sch Nohra482Nohara
316Rani Laxmibai Ju High Sch Part-11092Jhansi (CB)
317Rani Laxmibai Ju High Sch Part-2548Jhansi (CB)
318Ncr Mahila Kalyan Sangathan Gandhi Smarak Ju High Sch Part-1733Jhansi (CB)
319Ncr Mahila Kalyan Sangathan Gandhi Smarak Ju High Sch Jhansi Part-2666Jhansi (CB)
320Ncr Mahila Kalyan Sangthan Gandhi Smarak Ju High Sch Jhansi Part-3667Jhansi (CB)
321Ncr Mahila Kalyan Sangthan Gandhi Smarak Ju High Sch Jhansi Part-4742Jhansi (CB)
322Bal Mandi Ju High Sch Gariya Marg Part-11208Jhansi (CB)
323Bal Mandir Ju High Sch Gariya Marg Part-2871Jhansi (CB)
324Bal Mandir Ju High Sch Gariya Marg Part-31020Jhansi (CB)
325Cantonment Sch Sadar Bazar Part-1988Jhansi (CB)
326Cantonment Sch Sadar Bazar Part-2838Jhansi (CB)
327Cantonment Sch Sadar Bazar Part-3770Jhansi (CB)
328Cantonment Sch Sadar Bazar Part-41115Jhansi (CB)
329Cantonment Pri Sch Sadar Bazar Part-11091Jhansi (CB)
330Cantonment Pri Sch Sadar Bazar Part-2783Jhansi (CB)
331Cantonment Pri Sch Sadar Bazar Part-3918Jhansi (CB)
332Cantt Pri Sch Topkhana Bazar Part-11097Jhansi (CB)
333Cantt Pri Sch Topkhana Bazar Part-2994Jhansi (CB)
334Pri Sch Lalkurti Bazar Part-11450Jhansi (CB)
335Pri Sch Lalkurti Bazar Part-2975Jhansi (CB)

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