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Polling Booth in Baberu Assembly Constituency

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Baberu Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Baberu

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baberu Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Poorv Ma. Vi. Jalalpur893Jalalpur
4Poorv Ma.Vi. Augasi Room No.-1795Augasi
5Poorv Ma.Vi. Augasi Room No.-21334Augasi
6Pr.Vi. Tolakazi878Mahadev Ka Dera
7Poorv Ma. Vi. Jagmohan Ka Dera Tolakaji860Tola Kajee
8Pr.Vi. Nibhaur1468Tola Kajee
9Pry. Vi. Kevatara Ans Nibhaur939Nanku Ka Dera
10Pr. Vi. Swami Ka Dera Banbarauli689Ban Baroulee
11Pr. Vi. Miyabarauli1259Miya Baroulee
12Pr. Vi. Majhila Naween1184Majhila
13Pr. Vi. Mantha962Mantha
14Pr. Vi.Pindaran Room No.-1801Pindaran
15Pr. Vi.Pindaran Room No.-2800Pindaran
16Kanya Pr. Vi. Pindaran Room No.-1797Pindaran
17Kanya Pr. Vi. Pindaran Room No.-2812Pindaran
18Pr. Vi. Samsuddinpur1044Samsuddeenpur
19Pr. Vi. Bakal1205Bacal
20Pr. Vi. Samgara Room No.-11026Samgara
21Pr. Vi. Samgara Room No.-2867Samgara
22Pr. Vi. Gulriha Dera Majara Samgara1191Samgara
23Poorv Ma. Vi. Marka Room No.-1800Marka
24Poorv Ma. Vi. Marka Room No.-2895Marka
25Poorv Ma. Vi. Marka Room No.-31312Marka
26Kanya Pr. Vi. Marka Room No.-11098Marka
27Kanya Pr. Vi. Marka Room No.-2706Marka
28Pr. Vi. Mirzapur Mazra Marka1245Marka
29Pr. Vi. Bairaf Mazra Marka1070Marka
30Pr.Vi. Usara Mazra Marka Room No.-11117Marka
31Pr.Vi. Usara Mazra Marka Room No.-21026Marka
32Pr. Vi. Sanda Room No.-1843Sanda
33Pr. Vi. Sanda Room No.-21034Sanda
34Poorv Ma. Vi. Armar1295Armar
35Pr. Vi. Kumedha598Kumedha
36Pr. Vi. Kalana873Kalana
37Pr. Vi. Karhuli (Pratham)1120Kharaulee
38Pr. Vi. Adhaon1307Adhawan
39A.K.Inter College Bhabhuwa Room No.-11225Bhabhuwa
40A.K.Inter College Bhabhuwa Room No.-21117Bhabhuwa
41Pr.Vi. Gujaini Room No.-1879Gujenee
42Pr.Vi. Gujaini Room No.-21013Gujenee
43Pr. Vi. Pras Room No.-1988Paras
44Pr. Vi. Pras Room No.-2817Paras
45Pr. Vi. Arthara854Tharthuwa
46Pr. Vi. Tharthuwa886Tharthuwa
47Pr. Vi. Anwan1361Anvan
48Pr. Vi. Poon Room No.-1844Poon
49Pr. Vi. Poon Room No.-2739Poon
50Poorv Ma. Vi. Umrahnee Room No.-11271Umarahanee
51Poorv Ma. Vi. Umrahnee Room No.-21061Umarahanee
52G.G.U.M. Vidyalaya Baberu Ramlila Maidan Ke Pas Room No.-11193Baberu (NP)
53G.G.U.M. Vidyalaya Baberu Ramlila Maidan Ke Pas Room No.-2947Baberu (NP)
54G.G.U.M. Vidyalaya Baberu Ramlila Maidan Ke Pas Room No.-3814Baberu (NP)
55G.G.U.M. Vidyalaya Baberu Ramlila Maidan Ke Pas Room No.-4658Baberu (NP)
56Pr. Vi. Bantalwa (Baberu) Room No.-1790Baberu Dehat
57Pr. Vi. Bantalwa (Baberu) Room No.-2871Baberu Dehat
58Kanya Poorv Ma. Vi. Shringar Thok Baberu Room No.-11142Baberu (NP)
59Kanya Poorv Ma. Vi. Shringar Thok Baberu Room No.-21466Baberu (NP)
60B.R.C.Bhawan Baberu Room No.-1999Baberu (NP)
61B.R.C.Bhawan Baberu Room No.-21011Baberu (NP)
62Pr.Vi.Chauben Thok First Baberu Room No.-1698Baberu (NP)
63Pr.Vi.Chauben Thok First Baberu Room No.-2628Baberu (NP)
64Pr. Vi. Karuehapurwa First Baberu Room No.-1793Baberu Dehat
65Pr. Vi. Karuehapurwa First Baberu Room No.-21036Baberu Dehat
66J.P. Inter College Baberu Room No.-11055Baberu Dehat
67J.P. Inter College Baberu Room No.-21001Baberu Dehat
68J.P. Inter College Baberu Room No.-31365Baberu Dehat
69J.P. Inter College Baberu Room No.-41463Baberu Dehat
70J.P. Inter College Baberu Room No.-5723Baberu Dehat
71J.P. Inter College Baberu Room No.-6801Baberu Dehat
72Poorv Ma. Vi. Ambedkarnagar Room No.-1924Baberu Dehat
73Poorv Ma. Vi. Ambedkarnagar Room No.-2987Baberu Dehat
74Pr. Vi. Karuiha Purwa558Baberu (NP)
75Islamiya School Hardauli Room No.-11274Hardoulee
76Islamiya School Hardauli Room No.-21243Hardoulee
77Islamiya School Hardauli Room No.-31300Hardoulee
78Pr.Vi. Hardauli Room No.-11126Hardoulee
79Pr.Vi. Hardauli Room No.-2839Hardoulee
80Pr. Vi. Bansi Purwa Ans Hardauli443Hardoulee
81Pr. Vi. Gaurikhanpur Majra Hardauli Room No.-11064Hardoulee
82Pr. Vi. Gaurikhanpur Majra Hardauli Room No.-2950Hardoulee
83Inter College Byonja Room No.-1886Byonja
84Inter College Byonja Room No.-2743Byonja
85Pr.Vi. Bhadwari807Bhadvari
86Pr. Vi. Patwan Room No.-11186Patvan
87Pr. Vi. Patwan Room No.-21403Patvan
88Pr. Vi. Bhadauhan Purwa Majra Patwan746Patvan
89Pr. Vi. Gahbara Purwa Majara Patwan749Patvan
90Pr. Vi. Majheewan Room No.-11264Majhila
91Pr. Vi. Majheewan Room No.-2960Majhila
92Pr. Vi. Bhatauli Ans Majheewan719Majhila
93Pr.Vi. Badauli750Badaulee
94Pr. Vi. Kewtra Majra Badauli838Badaulee
95Poorv Ma. Vi. Baghela1027Baghela
96Pr. Vi.Tolakalan Room No.-11054Tola Kalan
97Pr. Vi.Tolakalan Room No.-21233Tola Kalan
98Poorv Ma. Vi. Baghehta Room No.-1755Bagehta
99Poorv Ma. Vi. Baghehta Room No.-2809Bagehta
100Pr. Vi. Baghehta1065Bagehta
101Poorv Ma. Vi.Simauni Room No.-11126Simounee
102Poorv Ma. Vi.Simauni Room No.-21128Simounee
103Poorv Ma. Vi.Simauni Room No.-31037Simounee
104Pr. Vi. Padari Room No.-1746Pandaree
105Pr. Vi. Padari Room No.-2791Pandaree
106Pr. Vi. Anausa762Anousa
107Poorv Ma. Vi. Ragauli937Ragoulee
108Pr. Vi. Bagandha695Baghanda
109J.B. I.College Murwal Room No.-11262Murwal
110J.B. I.College Murwal Room No.-21095Murwal
111J.B. I.College Murwal Room No.-31053Murwal
112Pr. Vidyalaya Murwal1078Murwal
113Pr. Vi. Devartha Room No.-1749Devratha
114Pr. Vi. Devartha Room No.-2752Devratha
115Pr. Vi. Alampur1404Alampur
116Pr. Vi. Jugrahali638Jugrehlee
117Pr. Vi. Ahar Room No.-1972Ahar
118Pr. Vi. Ahar Room No.-2920Ahar
119Kanya Pr. Vi. Achhah1449Korram
120Pr. Vi. Korram Room No.-11196Korram
121Pr. Vi. Korram Room No.-21083Korram
122Pr. Vi.Bhadehdu1222Bhadenadu
123Poorv Ma. Vi. Bhadehdu Room No.-11062Bhadenadu
124Poorv Ma. Vi. Bhadehdu Room No.-2877Bhadenadu
125Pr. Vi. Phuphundi Room No.-11014Funfudee
126Pr. Vi. Phuphundi Room No.-2683Funfudee
127Pr. Vi. Umree718Umaree
128Kanya Pr. Vi. Kuchendu Room No.-1892Kuchendo
129Kanya Pr. Vi. Kuchendu Room No.-2859Kuchendo
130Pr. Vi. Kayal1067Kayal
131Pr. Vi. Kauhara652Kauhara
132Pr. Vi.Rayan Room No.-11020Rayan
133Pr. Vi.Rayan Room No.-21179Rayan
134Pr. Vi. Santar1008Santar
135Pr. Vi. Binwat1282Vinwat
136Pr. Vi. Gurauli Saphai504Dataura
137Pr. Vi. Dataura762Dataura
138Poorv Ma. Vi. Satnyav Room No.-11185Satnyava
139Poorv Ma. Vi. Satnyav Room No.-21036Satnyava
140Pr. Vi. Pakharauli600Pakharauli
141Pr. Vi. Andauli Room No.-1654Andoulee
142Pr. Vi. Andauli Room No.-2716Andoulee
143Inter College Berraun Room No.-11353Birravan
144Inter College Berraun Room No.-21050Birravan
145Pr. Vi. Kharauli1440Kharaili
146Pr. Vi. Pali1072Palee
147Poorv Ma. Vi. Sunauhli503Sunhuli
148Pr. Vi. Sunahula521Sonahula
149Pr. Vi. Para Banoo Begum486Para Bannu Begam
150Pr. Vi. Bhanti757Bhantee
151Pr.Vi. Budhauli894Budhoulee
152Pr. Vi. Bamraula533Bamharola
153Kanya Pr. Vi. Mau Room No.-1939Mau
154Kanya Pr. Vi. Mau Room No.-2888Mau
155Pr. Vi. Mau Room No.-1946Mau
156Pr. Vi. Mau Room No.-2743Mau
157Pr. Vi. Kureha Majra Mau Room No.-11032Mau
158Pr. Vi. Kureha Majra Mau Room No.-21195Mau
159Pr. Vi. Arwari917Arvaree
160Pr.Vi. Singwa Dera Majra Arwari489Arvaree
161????0??0???? ???? ??0-1 Pr. Vi. Charka Room No.-1982Charaka
162Pr. Vi. Charka Room No.-2913Charaka
163Pr. Vi. Matehna862Matehana
164Pr. Vi. Mudwara1093Mudvara
165Po.Ma.Vi Audaha1346Aoudaha
166Poorv Ma. Vi. Inguwa Room No.-11090Enguva
167Poorv Ma. Vi. Inguwa Room No.-21213Enguva
168Pr.Vi. Chandelan Purwa Majara Inguwa557Enguva
169Pr. Vi. Gonda Majra Inguwa1140Enguva
170Pr. Vi. Kheda1168Kheda
171Pr. Vi. Khatan680Khatan
172Pr. Vi. Kathar519Dando
173Pr. Vi. Dandon755Dando
174Pr. Vi. Raghavpur999Raghoupur
175Pr. Vi. Amedhi1246Amethee
176Pr. Vi. Beera Room No.-11231Beera
177Pr. Vi. Beera Room No.-21086Beera
178Pr. Vi. Sandi Majra Beera743Beera
179Pr. Vi. Lakhanpur895Lakhanpur
180Pr. Vi. Jagavtola601Bankat
181Pr. Vi. Juravarpur793Joraurpur
182Pr. Vi. Achhreel668Achhareel
183Pr. Vi. Kuchauli474Kuchouli
184Poorv Madhimik Vidyala Itarabadhoni927Etara Badhounee
185Poorv Ma. Vi. Lohra Room No.-11137Lohara
186Poorv Ma. Vi. Lohra Room No.-21487Lohara
187Pr. Vi. Syohat803Syohata
188Pr. Vi. Amlokhar Naveen1396Amlohra
189Pr. Vi. Khamarkha Naveen987Khamarkha
190Pr. Vi. Narayanpur Room No.-1945Narayanpur
191Pr. Vi. Narayanpur Room No.-2900Narayanpur
192Pr. Vi. Sikrilakhanpur856Benamau
193Pr. Vi. Mahendra Purwa Majra Sikrilakhanpur901Bena Mau
194Pr. Vi. Pachhaunwhan Room No.-11354Pachhahan
195Pr. Vi. Pachhaunwhan Room No.-21219Pachhahan
196Pr. Vi. Pachhaunwhan Room No.-31008Pachhahan
197Pr. Vi. Kithai457Kitahai
198Poorv Ma. Vi. Museewan Room No.-11406Museevan
199Poorv Ma. Vi. Museewan Room No.-21496Museevan
200Pr. Vi. Pannah Room No 11267Pannaha
201Pr.Vi Pannah Room No 2304Pannaha
202Pr. Vi. Kumedha Sani Room No.-11085Kumheda Sanee
203Pr. Vi. Kumedha Sani Room No.-21408Kumheda Sanee
204B.I.C.Kamasin Room No.-1856Kamasin
205B.I.C.Kamasin Room No.-2914Kamasin
206B.I.C.Kamasin Room No.-3740Kamasin
207B.I.C.Kamasin Room No.-4870Kamasin
208Sankul Bhawan Kamasin927Kamasin
209Pr. Pathsala Naveen Kamasin919Kamasin
210Pr. Vi. Kamasin Room No.-1980Kamasin
211Pr. Vi. Kamasin Room No.-2804Kamasin
212Pr. Vi. Kamasin Room No.-3767Kamasin
213Pr. Vi. Babu Purwa (Kamasin)365Kamasin
214Poorv Ma.Vi. Banthari Room No.-11015Bantharee
215Poorv Ma.Vi. Banthari Room No.-2611Bantharee
216Pr. Vi. Lakhipur846Lakheepur
217Pr. Vi. Bachhaudhasani629Bachhaundha Sanee
218Pr. Vi. Andaura1466Andaura
219Pr. Vi. Lodhaura Khurd299Lodhaura Khurd
220Poorv Ma. Vi. Sandasani Room No.-11352Sanda Sanee
221Poorv Ma. Vi. Sandasani Room No.-21407Sanda Sanee
222Pr. Vi. Teradarsenda429Teradarsenda
223Pr. Vi. Dhudhui1313Dhundhui
224Poorv Ma. Vi. Tilausa Room No.-1931Tilousa
225Poorv Ma. Vi. Tilausa Room No.-2756Tilousa
226Poorv Ma. Vi. Tilausa Room No.-3773Tilousa
227Poorv Ma. Vi. Tilausa Room No.-4903Tilousa
228Pr. Vi. Korrabuzurg1067Korra Bujurg
229Pr. Vi. Korrapurwa727Korra Bujurg
230Kanya Pr. Vi. Parsauli -Ii Room No.-11268Parsaulee
231Kanya Pr. Vi. Parsauli -Ii Room No.-21455Parsaulee
232Pr. Vi. Parsauli -I747Parsaulee
233Pr. Vi. Taraya Room No.-21065Tarayan
234Pr. Vi. Taraya Room No.-11110Tarayan
235Indrapal Poorv Ma.Vi. Pawaiya Room No.-1927Pavaiya
236Indrapal Poorv Ma.Vi. Pawaiya Room No.-21027Pavaiya
237Pr. Vi. Bhurane Purwa Majra Pawaiya1042Pavaiya
238Pr. Vi. Jarohra Room No.-11001Joraurpur
239Pr. Vi. Jarohra Room No.-2930Joraurpur
240Pr.Vi. Majhiwansani Room No.-11400Majhiva Sani
241Pr.Vi. Majhiwansani Room No.-21466Majhiva Sani
242Poorv Ma. Vi. Amlohra Room No.-11093Amlohra
243Poorv Ma. Vi. Amlohra Room No.-21140Amlohra
244Poorv Ma. Vi.Chhilolar Room No.-11173Chhilolar
245Poorv Ma. Vi.Chhilolar Room No.-21216Chhilolar
246Pr. Vi. Mamsikkhurd1005Mamsee Khurd
247Pr. Vi. Kandhai Purwa Majara Mamsikkhurd1015Mamsee Khurd
248Pr. Vi. Jakhi Majara Mamsikkhurd849Mamsee Khurd
249Pr. Vi. Dighaura555Dighaura
250Pr. Vi. Bhadaon820Bhadaiv
251Pr. Vi. Mawai946Mavai
252Pr. Vi. Dalpapurwa Majra Chakrehi1272Chakrehee
253Pr. Vi. Chakrehi967Chakrehee
254Pr. Vi. Kevtara Majara Chakrehi446Chakrehee
255Pr. Vi. Rachha542Rachha
256Pr. Vi. Ranipur Room No.-11301Ranipur
257Pr. Vi. Ranipur Room No.-21461Ranipur
258Pr. Vi. Palhariya Purwa561Palhari Sani
259Pr. Vi. Belganwan603Bil Gavan
260Pr. Vi. Dubariya Purwa Majara Belganwan369Dudouli Mafee
261Pr. Vi. Itwan826Etavan
262Pr. Vi. Bhiti Room No.-11038Bhitee
263Pr. Vi. Bhiti Room No.-2775Bhitee
264Poorv Ma. Vi. Jamu Room No.-11252Jamoo
265Poorv Ma. Vi. Jamu Room No.-21404Jamoo
266Pr. Vi. Bisandi Room No.-11056Bisandee
267Pr. Vi. Bisandi Room No.-21159Bisandee
268Pr. Vi. Marauli Room No.-1890Maraulee
269Pr. Vi. Marauli Room No.-21013Maraulee
270Pr. Vi. Bakarpurwa Korrahi Room No.-1760Korrahee
271Pr. Vi. Bakarpurwa Korrahi Room No.-2799Korrahee
272Pr. Vi. Korrahi1152Korrahee
273Poorv Ma. Vi.Korrahi Room No.-11411Korrahee
274Poorv Ma. Vi.Korrahi Room No.-21400Korrahee
275Poorv Ma. Vi. Korrahi Naveen Bhavan Room No.-11257Korrahee
276Poorv Ma. Vi. Korrahi Naveen Bhavan Room No.-21387Korrahee
277Pr. Vi. Bachaundha917Bachhaundha
278Poorv Ma. Vi.Bachaudha608Bachhaundha
279Pr. Vi. Akauna Naveen Bhavan1068Akona
280Pr. Vi. Akauna699Akona
281Pr. Vi. Beldan Naveen Bhavan884Beldan
282Pr. Vi. Karinga487Karinga
283Poorv Ma. Vi. Sathi Room No.-1690Sathi
284Poorv Ma. Vi. Sathi Room No.-2853Sathi
285Pr. Vi. Saya340Saya
286Pr. Vi.Daftara939Daftara
287Pr. Vi. Korra Khurd712Kori Khurd
288Pr. Vi. Barauli Ajam991Barauliajam
289Pr. Vi. Naveen Kairi Room No.-11307Kairee
290Pr. Vi. Naveen Kairi Room No.-21246Kairee
291Pr. Vi. Naveen Kairi Room No.-31305Kairee
292Pr. Vi. Lauliteeka Mau Room No.-11131Laulee Teera Mau
293Pr. Vi. Lauliteeka Mau Room No.-21180Laulee Teera Mau
294Pr. Vi. Shiv Room No.-1748Shiv
295Pr. Vi. Shiv Room No.-2830Shiv
296Pr. Vi. Shiv Room No.-31124Shiv
297Pr. Vi. Mavai Junnardar499Mavae Junnardar
298Pr. Vi. Nilathu1118Nelathu
299Cap.Badri Int.Collage Milathu Room No.-11217Nelathu
300Cap.Badri Int.Collage Milathu Room No.-2904Milathu
301Pr. Vi. Badagavan Room No.-1901Bada Gaon
302Pr. Vi. Badagavan Room No.-21143Bada Gaon
303Poorv Ma. Vi. Palhari Room No.-11312Palhree
304Poorv Ma. Vi. Palhari Room No.-21364Palhree
305Pr. Vi. Korari594Koraree
306Pr. Vi. Para Bihari1478Para Bihari
307Pr. Vi. Koni882Konee
308Pr. Vi. Pista Room No.-11182Pista
309Pr. Vi. Pista Room No.-2944Pista
310Pr. Vi. Ghansaul603Ghan Saul
311Poorv Ma. Vi. Janwara552Janvara
312Poorv Ma.Vi. Aliha Room No.-11245Aliha
313Poorv Ma.Vi. Aliha Room No.-21223Aliha
314Poorv Ma.Vi. Aliha Room No.-3981Aliha
315Pr. Vi. Naveen Bhawan Mavai Khurd363Mavae Khurd

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