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Polling Booth in Santir Bazar (ST) Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Santir Bazar (ST)

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Santir Bazar (ST) Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Area
1Rajapur Goan Panchayat Office
2Nishi Kumar Mura Singh Para High School
3Takma Pati Chari Colony S.B.School
4Uttar Takma S.B.School
5Drunajoy Chowdhury Para High School
6Dakshin Takma Panchayat Office(Old)
7Takma Forest Corporation Range Office
8Hemlabari S.B.School
9Parendra Kumar Chowdhury Para High School(
10Parendra Kumar Chowdhury Para High School(
11Chapia Para J.B.School
12Tainar Chung Reang Para J.B.School
13Kaliprasad Bari High School(E/W)
14Kaliprasad Bari High School(W/W)
15B.C.Nagar S.S.V.M.H/S School(W/W)
16B.C.Nagar S.S.V.M.H/S School(E/W)
17Dugarai Mog Bari J.B.School (W/W)
18Dugarai Mog Bari J.B.School (E/W)
19Sachindra Garupara High School (N/W)
20Sachindra Garupara High School (S/W)
21Manu Gram Panchayat Office
22Madhy Tilla Aganwadi Centre
23Chakakubari J.B.School
24Taikarma High School (N/W)
25Taikarma High School (S/W)
26Charanpai Chowdhury Para S.B.School
27Paschim Kathalia J.B.School
28North Kanchannagar S.B.School (E/W)
29North Kanchannagar S.B.School (W/W)
30Naraifang S.B.School
31Gardhang S.B.School
32West Bokafa HS School(W/W)
33West Bokafa HS School(E/W)
34Ganjertilla J.B.School
35Santirbazar Girls High School (E/W)
36Santirbazar Girls High School (W/W)
37Santirbazar HS School (S/W)
38Santirbazar HS School (N/W)
39K.C.Para S.B.School
40Kalachara S.B.School(W/W)
41Kalachara S.B.School(E/W)
42Bokafa Ashram H.S.School(S/W)
43Bokafa Ashram H.S.School(W/W)
44Bokafa Ashram H.S.School(E/W)
45Anuram Para Aganwadi Centre
46Gobindabari S.B.School
47Ashram Colony J.B.School
48Purba Radha Kishore Ganj S.B.School
49Kanti Das Para J.B.School
50Mamachu Mog Para Anganwadi Centre
51Bikarna Baidhya Para Anganwadi Centre
52Lukhu High School(W/W)
53Lukhu High School(E/W)
54Dasherai Para J.B.School
55Binay Prasad Para S.B.School
Last Updated on : November 24, 2017

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