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Polling Booth in Mohanpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mohanpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mohanpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Area
1Bijoy Nagar S.B.School(N/W)
2Bijoy Nagar S.B.School(S/W)
3Kalagachia High School
4Hati Charra S.B.School
5Barshan Para ICDS Centre
6Deba Pur S.E. Centre
7Ranga Charra S.E. Centre
8Tarapur High School(E/W)
9Tarapur High School(N/W)
10Mohanpur Gram Panchayat Office
11Jagat Pur High School (N/W)
12Jagat Pur High School (E/W)
13Takkar Nagar J.B.School
14Tairaj Bari S.B.School
15Khumtia J.B.School
16Noagaon J.B.School
17Karaitala ICDS Centre
18Taranagar High School (N/W)
19Taranagar High School (S/W)
20Suchitra Krishna Charan J.B.School
21Mohanpur Girls High School
22Mohanpur H/S School(E/W)
23Mohanpur H/S School(W/W)
24Office of the Asistant Engineer (PWD) Mohanpur
25D.C.M. Office Mohanpur
26Uttar Taranagar S.B.School
27Harina Khola SE Centre
28Gopal Nagar T/E S.B. School(S/W)
29Gopal Nagar T/E S.B. School(E/W)
30Gopal Nagar High School(E/W)
31Gopal Nagar High School(W/W)
32Kalkalia S.B.School(N/W)
33Kalkalia S.B.School(S/W)
34Muktadar J.B.School
35Chechuria S.B.School
36Satdubia S.E. Centre
37Fakirmura J.B.School
38Uttar Debendra Chandra Nagar High School (S/W)
39Uttar Debendra Chandra Nagar High School (N/W)
40Dainmara S.B.School(S/W)
41Dainmara S.B.School(N/W)
42Mukam Bari J.B.School
43Bir Mohan Para J.B.School
44Madhu Chudhury Para H/S School
45Abhi Charan Para J.B.School
46Kumaribil J.B.School
47Sarbajoy Para J.B.School
48Ujjan Fatick Cherra S.B.School
49Rajghat J.B.School
50Lefunga H/S School
51Purba Ramnagar J.B.School
52Ramnagar (K) J.B.School
53Gamcha Kobra High School (New Building S/W)
54Gamcha Kobra High School (New Building E/W)
55Shib Durga Choudhury Para J.B.School
Last Updated on : November 24, 2017

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