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Polling Booth in Charilam(ST) Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Charilam(ST)

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Charilam(ST) Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Area
1Ram Cherra S.B. School (North Wing)
2Ram Cherra S.B. School (South Wing)
3Rangapania S.B. School (East Wing)
4Rangapania S.B. School (West Wing)
5Sutar Mura high School (East Wing)
6Sutar Mura high School (East Middle Wing)
7Sutar Mura high School (SouthMiddle Wing)
8Mandab Killa S.B. Schhol
9Brajapur High School (South Middle Wing)
10Brajapur High School (South East Wing)
11Brajapur Panchayat Office(North Wing)
12Brajapur High School (South WestWing)
13Brajapur Panchayat Office(South Wing)
14Aralia S..B. School(South Wing)
15Aralia S..B. School(North Wing)
16Rajib Coloni J.B. School
17Charilam H.S.School(East Wing)
18Charilam H.S.School (South Wing)
19Charilam H/S School(West Wing)
20Dakshin Charilam Angawari Centrer.
21Chesrimai High School
22Dakshim Charilam High School(East south Wing)
23Dakshim Charilam High School(East North Wing)
24Karaimura S/B School(North Wing)
25Karaimura S/B School(WestWing)
26Lalsingmura H/S, School(S/W).
27Lalsingmura H/S. School (N/W)
28Dhariathal High School
29Ramnarayan thakur Para High School(Easr Wing)
30Ramnarayan thakur Para High School(E/M/W).)
31Rangmala Panchayat Office,
32Rangmala S/B school
33Bastali S/B School(West Wing)
34Bastali S/B Schoo(South Wing)
35Office of the Sub ZDO, TTAADC,Bishramganj.(E/W)
36Office of the Sub ZDO, TTAADC,Bishramganj(N/W).
37Bishramganj H/S School(West Wing)
38Bishramganj H/S School(SouithWing)
39Bishramganj H/S School(NorthWing)
40Purbha Padma Nager S/B School
Last Updated on : November 24, 2017

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