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Assembly Election of Tripura, Vidhan Sabha Election of Tripura 2018

Tripura Legislative Assembly Elections 2018

Tripura Assembly election is suspected to take place in the month of February-March. The term of the current state government ends on March 6, 2018, and polls will be held for 60 constituencies. The election schedule and poll date is yet to be released. The state has been under the rule of CPI for 25 years and it has turned out to be the most stable government in the country. The last legislative Assembly election in Tripura was held in February 2013.

BJP Wave

Presently, most states of the country are under the BJP government and the party seemingly wants to leave no stone unturned even in the northeastern part of the country. The BJP national president, Amit Shah is already exuding presence in the state by holding rallies and conducting meetings. A fierce poll battle between BJP and the Left Front party has never surfaced up till now. The saffron party also has seen some members defecting to it in recent months from Congress and other parties, which is one indication of the party's strengthening grip over the state. The party also held a 'Parivartan rally' in the state with an aim to expose the ruling party for its misrule and use of terror to suppress any political opposition. BJP state president Biplab Deb also expressed assurance that people were not going to vote for the CPI(M) in the comming Vidhan Sabha elections in Tripura.

CPI(M) is also Preparing Hard

On the other hand, the Left Front too is all geared up to retain its power in the state. The party has launched the election campaigning in the state. Many chief party officials also called the saffron party's moves a conspiracy against the party. Currently, the ruling party CPI(M) holds a majority in the Tripura Assembly House with 49 seats and is ruling the constituencies for over 2 decades without facing many challenges from the opposition parties. And it would seem it would continue to do so unopposed if the recent victories registered by the saffron party in Gujarat & HP and the expanded rule over the country, have not changed the political equation altogether.

Last Updated on January 11, 2018

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