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Polling Station List Sirpur Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Sirpur

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Achali99Mandal Parishad Primary School, New Building, Ach,Achalli
Adepalli107Mandal Parishath Primary School,Adepalli
Agar Guda186Mandal Parishat Primary School,Agar Guda
Ainam199Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Ainam
Aitepalli223Mandal Parishath Primary School,Aitapelli H/O. Madavelli
Ambaghat167Mandal Parishath Primary School,Ambagattu
Amergonda209Mandal Parishath Primary School,Amergonda
Andevelli30Mandal Parishat Primary Scool,Andavelli
Ankoda14Mandal Parishat Primary School,Ankhoda
Ankusapur80Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Ankusapur
Ayinam198Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Ainam
Baba Sagar139Govt. Primary School R.R.Colony, Kaghaznagar,Kaghazanagar, W.No. 1 B.No. 13
Babapur143Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School 2Nd Classroom,Babapur
Babasagar140Govt. Primary School R.R.Colony, Kaghaznagar,Kaghazanagar, W.No. 1 B.No. 13
Balaji Ankoda145Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Ankusapur
Bamanagar207Mandal Parishath Primary School,Bamanagar
Bareguda26Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,R.No.2,Bareguda
Bejjur160Zilla Parishad Secondary School,West Side,Bejjur
161Zilla Parishad Secondary School,Loanvelli
162Zilla Parishad Secondary School,West Side,Bejjur
163S.T. Hastel,Bejjur
Bhatpalli27Mandal Parishad Primary School,East/ West,Bhatpalli
28Mandal Parishad Primary School,East/ West,Bhatpalli
29Z P Secondery School,Bhatpalli
Bhorepalli134Mandal Parishat Primary School,Bhoorepally
Bhupalpatnam104Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Bhupalapatnam
Bibra195Zilla Parishad Secondary School,Bibra
Bodepalli31Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Bodepalli
Bombai Guda181M.P.U.P.S. Bombai Guda,Bonbaiguda
Borigaon79M.P.P.S. Borigaon,Borigaon
Borlakunta192Mandal Parishat Primary School,Borlakunta
Brahmanchichal206Mandal Parishath Primary School,Brahmanchichal
Buruguda152Mandal Parishath Primary School,Buruguda
Chandrapelli221M.P.P.S. Chandrapalli,Chandrapalli
226Mandal Parisath Primary School,Chedvai
Cheepurdubba138Zilla Parishad Secondary School, Bodampalli, Bodampalli
Chilapalli95Mandal Parishat Primary School,Chillapalli
Chinna Gudipet191Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Chinnagudipet
Chinna Rasipalli208Mandal Parishad Primary School,Chinna Raspalli
Chinnatimmapur224Mandal Parishad Primary School,Chinnatimmapur
Chintaguda5Z.P.Secondary School,Chintaguda
Chintakunta101Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Chintakunta
Chintala Manepalli146Grama Panchayati Office,Chintalamanepalli
Chintalamanepalli147Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School 6Th Classroom,Chintalamanepalli
Chittam150Mandal Parishath Primary School,Chittam
Chunchupalli103Mandal Parishath Primary School,Chinchupalli
Dabba105Zilla Parishad Secundari School (East,West Wing),Dabba
106Zilla Parishad Secundari School (East,West Wing),Dabba
Dehegaon200Govt. High School,Dahegaon
201Govt. High School,Dahegaon
Digida214Mandal Parishath Primary School,Digida
Dimda149Mandal Parishat Upper Primary,Dimda
Dorpalli112Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Dhorpalli
Easgaon6M.Pu.P.S .Easgaon.,Easgaon
7M.Pu.P.S .Easgaon.,Easgaon
Ellur184Mandal Parishat Primary School,Yelluru
Gabbai158Mandal Parishath Primary School,Gabbai
Gangapur144Mandal Parishat Primary School,Gangapur
Gannaram15Z P Secondery School,Gannaram
Gerre211Mandal Parishad Primary School , Gerre,Gerre H/O Girivelli
Girivelli210Mandal Parishad Primary School Kharji,Girvelli
212Mandal Parishad Primary School Kharji,Girvelli
Godem151Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School New,Goodem
Gondi81Girijana Vidya Vikash Kendram,Gondi
Gorregutta193Mandal Parishath Primary School,Gorregutta
Govt High School Kagaznagar50Govt. High School, Kaghaznagar (North Wing ),Kagaznagar
Gudlabori131Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Gudlabori,Gudlabori
132Saint Josef High School Vijaya Nagaram 8Th Class,Gudlabori
Gundai Pet125Mandal Parishad Primary School, Gundaipet, Room No,Gundayipet
Gundaipet124Mandal Parishad Primary School, Gundaipet, Room No,Gundayipet
Guntlapet24Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Guntlapet
Gurudipet136Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School 4Th Classroom,Gurudpet
Hattini217Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Hattini
Heerapur102Mandal Parishath Primary School,Heerapur
Hettiguda173Mandal Parishath Primary School,Hetiguda H/O. Rudrapur
Hudkuli83Mandal Parishat Primary School,Hudkuli
Ityal189Mandal Parishat Primary School,Ityal
Jagannathpur32Mandal Parishad Primary School Jagganathpur,Jagganathpur
Jakkapur85Mandal Prishath U Primary School,Jakkapur
Kadamba18Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School.,Kadamba
Kagaznagar33Govt..P.S. Sanjivaiah Colony,Kagaznagar
34Govt..P.S. Sanjivaiah Colony,Kagaznagar
35R.I.Office Railway Station Road Kagaznagar,Kagaznagar
36R.I.Office Railway Station Road Kagaznagar,Kagaznagar
37Old Muncipality Office, Kagaznagar,Kagaznagar
38Bala Bharathi High School, Kagaznagar,Kagaznagar
41Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Ward No.14,,Kagaznagar
44Mandal Parishat Primary School,Hudkuli
45Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Ward No.14,,Kagaznagar
46E-Seva Center Yellagoud Tota,Kagaznagar
47Anwar Urdu High School,Kagaznagar
48Anwar Urdu High School,Kagaznagar
49Anwar Urdu High School,Kagaznagar
51Govt. High School, Kaghaznagar (North Wing ),Kagaznagar
52Govt. High School, Kaghaznagar (North Wing ),Kagaznagar
53Bala Bharati High School,Kagaznagar
54Bala Bharati High School,Kagaznagar
55Bala Bharati High School,Kagaznagar
56Sub Divnl. Forest Office, Typist Room,,Kagaznagar
57Sub Divnl. Forest Office, Typist Room,,Kagaznagar
58Bala Vidhyamandir High School East Wing,Kagaznagar
59Bala Vidhyamandir High School East Wing,Kagaznagar
60Bala Vidhyamandir High School East Wing,Kagaznagar
61S.P.M.Consumer Store West Wing,Kagaznagar
63Fatima Canvent High School North Wing West Wing,Kagaznagar
64Fathima Convent High School, West Wing,,Kagznagar
66Fathima Convent High School, West Wing,,Kagznagar
67Fathima Convent High School, West Wing,,Kagznagar
68Fatima Canvent High School North Wing West Wing,Kagaznagar
69Fatima Canvent High School North Wing West Wing,Kagaznagar
70Govt.Primary School R B,Kagaznagar
71Shishumandir High School Sarsilk Colony,Kagaznagar
72Shishumandir High School Sarsilk Colony,Kagaznagar
73Govt.Primary School R B,Kagaznagar
74Shishumandir High School Sarsilk Colony,Kagaznagar
75M P P S Koyavagu,Chinthaguda Notipaid Area
76M P P S Koyavagu,Chinthaguda Notipaid Area
Kagaznagar East39Office Of Dy.Executive Engineer, (Irrgn) I&Cad Ib,Kaghaznagar W.No. 1 B.No. 13
Kagaznagar West40Govt. Primary School R.R.Colony, Kaghaznagar,Kaghazanagar, W.No. 1 B.No. 13
Kagaznagarcycle Stand43Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Ward No.14,,Kagaznagar
Kaghaz Nagar62S.P.M.Consumer Store West Wing,Kagaznagar
Kaghaz Nagar Tirandaz Talkies Booking Office42Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Ward No.14,,Kagaznagar
Kaghaznagar65Fathima Convent High School, West Wing,,Kagznagar
Kalwada218Ashrama School,Kalwada
Kammargaon187I.T.D.A. Ashram Upper Primary School, Kammargaon,Kammargaon
Kammerpalli202Mandal Parishath Primary School,Kammer Pelli
Kanki119Mandal Parishat Primary School, Padmar,Kanki
Kannepalli137Mandal Parishat Primary School, New Building,Kannepalli
Karjavelli148Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Karjeveli,Karja Velli
Katepalli169Mandal Parishath Primary School,Katepalli
Kauthala127Zilla Parishad Secundari School 9Th/8Th Class Room,Kautala
129Zilla Parishad Secundari School 9Th/8Th Class Room,Kautala
Keslapur190Mandal Parishat Primary School,Keslapur
Kondapalli179Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Kondapalli
Kosini3Mandal Parishad Primary School, Kosini,Kosini
4Mandal Parishad Primary School, Kosini,Kosini
Kothaguda185Mandal Parishath Primary School,Kothaguda
Kotmeer194Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Kotmir
Koutala128Zilla Parishad Secundari School 9Th/8Th Class Room,Kautala
Kukuda166Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Kukuda
Kunchavelli219Zilla Parishad Secondary School,Kunchavelli
220Mandal Parishat Primary School,Hudkuli
Kushnepalli157Mandal Parishat Primary School,Kushnapalli
Laggaon203Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Laggaon
Laxmipur94Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Laxmipur
Loanvelly110Zilla Parishad Secondary School (West/East Wing),Lonvelly
Lodpalli180Mandal Parishat Uapped Primary School,Laodpalli
Lonvelli109Zilla Parishad Secondary School (West/East Wing),Lonvelly
111Zilla Parishad Secondary School (West/East Wing),Lonvelly
Makidi86Mandal Parishad Primary School, New Building, (Nor,Makidi
Malini1Gram Panchayat Office Malini,Malini
Marepalli82Mandal Parishad Primary School ,Marepalli,Marepalli
Martadi164Mandal Parishat Primary School,Martadi
165Mandal Parishat Primary School,Martadi
Mogadadhagad121I.T.D.A. Ashrama School,Mogad Dagad
Mogaddhagad122I.T.D.A. Ashrama School,Mogad Dagad
Mogavelli153Mandal Parishat Primary School,Mogvelly
Mosam16Z P S S Areguda H/O Mosam Room No-1/2,Areguda H/O.Mosam
17Z P S S Areguda H/O Mosam Room No-1/2,Areguda H/O.Mosam
Motlaguda215Mandal Parishat Primary School,Motlaguda
Munjampalli170Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bareguda,Bareguda H/O. Munjampalli
171Mandal Parishat Primary School,Munjampalli
Murliguda188Mandal Parishat Primary School,Murliguda
Muthampet116Zillaparishad Secondary School,8,Ix Class,Mutyampet
Muthyam Pet118Zillaparishad Secondary School,8,Ix Class,Mutyampet
Mutyam Pet117Zillaparishad Secondary School,8,Ix Class,Mutyampet
Mutyampet115Zillaparishad Secondary School,8,Ix Class,Mutyampet
Nagampet20Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,,Gajjiguda H/O. Nagampet
Nagepalli130Mandal Parishath Primary School,Nagepalli
154Mandal Parishath Primary School,Nagepalli
Nandiguda78Mandal Parishad Primary School Nandiguda,Nandiguda
Navegaon84Mandal Parishath Primary School,Navegaon
Nazrulnagar-1013Govt. Primary School,Nazrulnagar-Vg-10
Nazurulnagar8G U Primary School,Nazrulnagar
9G U Primary School,Nazrulnagar
10Gram Panchayati Office,Nazurulnagar Village.No.12
11G Up School,Nazurulnagar-Vilg.No.5
12Govt. Primary School .,Nazrulnagar-09
Odduguda205Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Odduguda
Pambapoor204Mandal Parishath Primary School,Pambapur
Papanpet159Zilla Parishad Secundary School,Papanpet
Pardi113Mandal Parishad Primary School,Pardi
Parigaon108Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,New Building,,Parigaon
Penchkalpet183Mandal Parishat Primary School,Penchkalpet
Piserkunta197Mandal Parishath Primary School,Pesarikunta
Polampalli196Mandal Parishath Primary School,Polempalli
Potepalli168Mandal Parishat Primary School,Potepalli
Pothepalli25Mandal Parishath Primary School Pothepalli,Pothepalli
Rampur213Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Rampur
Ranvelli133M.P.U.P.S. 2Nd Class,Ranvelli
Rasipalli21Zilla Parishad Secondary School, Raspally,Raspalli
Raspally22Zilla Parishad Secondary School, Raspally,Raspalli
Ravanpalli96Mandal Parishad Primary School, Ravanpalli,Ravanpalli H/O.Medipelly
Ravindra Nagar141Govt. High School Ravidranagar X Class,Ravindra Nagar
142Govt. High School Ravidranagar X Class,Ravindra Nagar
Ravulapalli216Mandal Parishath Primary School,Ravulapalli
Rebbena174Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Rebbena
175Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Rebbena
Regulguda2T W Primary School,Regulguda
Rudrapur172M.P.U.P.S. Rudrapur,Rudrapur
Rudraram100Mandal Parishad Primary School,Rudraram
Salegaon222Zilla Parishad Secondary School,Kunchavelli
Sandgaon114Manda Parishad Primary School Sandgaon,Saandgaon
Sarsala (Old)23Mandal Parishat Primary School,Sarsala
Sirpur87Zilla Parishat Secundri School (East,West Wing),Sirpur-T
88Zilla Parishat Secundri School (East,West Wing),Sirpur-T
89Zilla Parishat Secundri School (East,West Wing),Sirpur-T
90Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Girls,Sipur ,Sirpur
92Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Girls,Sipur ,Sirpur
Sirpur-T91Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Girls,Sipur ,Sirpur
Somini155I.T.D.A.Ashram Upper Primary School, Somini,Somini
Sulgupalli178Mandal Parishath Primary School,Sulgupalli H/O Out Saran
Talai156Mandal Parishath Primary School,Talai
Talodi135Mandal Parishad Primary School, Talodi Ii Class,Talodi
Tatipalli120Mandal Parishat Primary School Kavitiguda H/O.Tati,Tatipalli
Tummidihatti126Mandal Parishat Primary School,Tummidi Hatti
Uttsarangapalli176I.T.D.A. Ashram High School, Salugupalli,Salgupalli H/O. Outsarangapalli
177I.T.D.A. Ashram High School, Kuntalamanepalli,Kuntalamanepalli H/O .Outsarangapalli
Vallakonda19M.P.U.P.S. Gangannaguda,Vallakonda
Vanjari77Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Vanjari
Veerdandi123Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School 4Th Classroom,Veerdandi
Vempalli97Zilla Parishad Secundary School 9Th / 10 Class,Vempalli
98Zilla Parishad Secundary School 9Th / 10 Class,Vempalli
Venkat Rao Pet93Mandal Parishath Primary School,Venkat Rao Pet
Yelkapalli182M.P.P.S. Sanjiv Nagar,Yelkapalli

Last Updated on August 22, 2014

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