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Polling Station List Santhanuthalapadu Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Santhanuthalapadu

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Ammanabrolu217C S R Z P H School Rno 1,Ammanabrolu
218C S R Z P H School Room No 1,Ammanabrolu
219M P E School Room No 1(New Building),Ammanabrolu
220M P E School Rno 1(New Building),Ammanabrolu
221M P E School (Eastern Side),Ammanabrolu
222M P E School(Old Building),Ammanabrolu
Annangi125Mpe School Room No 1,Annangi
126M P E School Rno 2,Annangi
Ayyapurajupalem4M P P School,Ayyapuraju Palem
B.Machavaram112M P E School,B Machavaram
Bandlamudi43Z P H School,Bandlamudi
Basavannapalem140M P E School,Basavanna Palem
141M P E School (S C),Basavannapalem
Bodduvanipalem109M P P School,Bodduvaripalem
Budawada7M P P School,Budawada
Budepalli (Rehabilatation Colony )127Mpe School, Burepalli (Rehabitation Colony),Burepalli
Busarapalli53M P P School,Bhusara Palli
Chadalawada177M P E School Rno. 1,Chadalawada
178M P E School Rno.2,Chadalawada
Chalappalem67M.P.Pschool Room No 2,Chalappalem
Chandrapadu40M P P School Room No 1,Chandra Padu
41M P U P School Room No 2,Chandra Padu
Chandrapalem H/O Santhanuthalapadu108M P P School,Chandrapalem
Chavatapalem215Spl M Pe School,Chavatapalem
216Spl M P E School,Chavatapalem
Cheervanuppalapadu183M P E School,Chirvanuppalapadu
184Aided E. School,Chirvanuppalapadu
185M P E.School,Chirvanuppalapadu
Chekuurapadu181S V G O School Rno.1,Chekurapadu
182S V G O School Rno.2,Chekurapadu
Chilakapadu110M P U P School,Chilakapadu
111M P U P School,Chilakapadu
Chimakurthy8G H School Rno3,Chimakurthi
9G H School R No 1,Chimakurthi
10G H School Rno2,Chimakurthi
11G H School Rno2,Chimakurthi
12G H School Rno1,Old Building,Chimakurthi
13G H School Rno1,Old Building,Chimakurthi
14G.H.S School Rno2A,Old Building,Chimakurthi
15M P P School Rno2,Chimakurthi
16M P P School Rno2,Chimakurthi
18M P P School,Chimakurthi
19M P P School,Chimakurthi
20M P P School,Chimakurthi
21M P P School,Chimakurthi
22M P U P School,Chimakurthi
23M P U P School,Chimakurthi
24M P U P School,Chimakurthi
25M P P School G Nagar R No 4,Chimakurthi
26M P P School G Nagar Rno5,Chimakurthi
Chimalamarri47M P P School,Reddy Nagar,N.T.R Nagar,Chimala Marri
Chinaravipadu52M P U P School,China Ravi Padu
Dasarivaripalem225M P E School,Dasarivaripalem
Devarapalem1M P P School,Devara Palem
2Z P H School,Devara Palem
Dodavaram121M P P School Rno 2,Doddavaram
Doddavaram120M P P School Rno 1,Doddavaram
Doddavarappadu162M P E School,Doddavarappadu
Edugundlapadu164M P E School Rno 1,Yedugundlapadu
165M P E School R No 2,Yedugundlapadu
Eedumudi196Z P H School,Edumudi
197Z P H School,Edumudi
Elurivaripalem58M P P School Room No 2,Yeluruvari Palem
Endluru73M.P.U.P School East Side Room,Endluru
74M P U P Schoolwest Side Room,Endluru
Enikapadu103Z P H School East Side,Yanikapadu
104Z P H School West Side,Enikapadu
Gadiparthi Vari Palem35M.P.P School Room No.2,Reddigari Meda Area
Gadiparthivaripalem34M P U P School,Gadiparti Vari Palem
Garlapadu119M P E School,Garlapadu
Ghadiyapudi134Mp E School,Ghadiyapudi
Gonepallivaripalem36M P P School,Gonne Palli Vari Palem
Gonugunta59M P P School,Gonugunta
Gorlamitta118Mpe School,Gorlamitta
Gudipudivaripalem60M P P School,Gudipudi Vari Palem
Gummalampadu105M P P School West Side Room,Gummalampadu
106M P P School East Side Room,Gummalampadu
Gundlapalli132Z P H School Rno 11,Gundlapalli
133Z P H School Rno 11,Gundlapalli
Gunduvarilaxmipuram61M P P School,G.L.Puram
Guravareddipalem68Panchatathi Office North Side,Guravareddypalem
155M P U P School H/O Nelaturivaripalem,Nelaturivari Palem
Guravareddy Palem69M.P.P School, (Hw), Guravareddy Palem,Guravareddy Palem
H. Nidamanuru172Z P H School Rno 4,H Nidamanuru
173M P E School (West),H Nidamanuru
H.Nidamanuru170Z P H School Room No 2,H. Midamanuru
171Z P H School Room No 3,H.Nidamanuru
Hanumapuram168M P E School,Hanumapuram
Ilapavuluru37M P U P School,Ilapavuluru
38M.P.U.P Scool, Room No .2,Harijanavada
Inamanamellor(Mpc Nagar)144M.P.P School, New Building,Mpc Nagar
Inamanamelluru142Zph School Room No 1 New Building,Inamanamelluru
143Z P H School Nb Rno 2,Inamanamelluru
145Z P H School Nb Rno 3,Inamanamelluru
K Thakkellapadu166M P E School,K Takkellapadu
K.V.Agraharam44M P P School,K V Agraharam
Kamepallivaripalem H/O Santhanuthalapadu92M P P School Kamepapallivaripalem,Mangamuru
Kanaparthy228G P Office,Kanuparthi
Kandlagunta191M P E School,Kandlagunta
192M P E School (S C),Kandlagunta
Kanuparthi227M P E School (Old Building) Room No 1,Kanuparthi
Kavurivaripalem169M P E School,Kavurivaripalem
Keerthipatu138M P E School,Keerthipadu
Kolachana Kota129Mpp School, Room No.2 Kolachanakota,Kolachanakota
Kolachanakota128M P E School Rno 1,Kolachanakota
Konaganivaripalem100M P P School,Konaganivaripalem
Kothakota167M P U P School,Kothakota
Kukkalavaripalem224M P E School,Kukkalavaripalem
Kunamaneni Vari Palem57M.P.P School, Room No.2,K.V Plaem
Kunamnenivaripalem56M P P School Room No 1,Kunamneni Vari Palem
Lakshmipuram64M P P School,Lakshmi Puram
Lingam Gunta161Z.P.H. School, Room No.3,Lingamgunta
Lingamgunta159Z P H School Room No 1,Lingamgunta
160Z P H School Rno 2,Lingamgunta
M Muppalla198M P E School,M Muppalla
M.Vemulapadu116M P E School South Side Room,M Vemulapadu
117M P E School New Building North Side,M Vemulapadu
Machavaram211M P E School Rno 1,Machavaram
212Mpe School, Room No.2,Machavaram
Maddaluru115M.P.P School, Adarshnagar,Maddulur,Maddulur
Maddipadu147K Y G J College Room No 1,Maddipadu
148K Y G Jr College Rno 2,Maddipadu
149K Y G Jr College Rno 3,Maddipadu
150Kygj College,,Maddipadu
151Anganvadi Center,Maddipadu
Maddirala199M P E School,Maddirala
Maddiralapadu179P V C H S Room No 1,Maddiralapadu
180P V C H S Rno.1,Maddiralapadu
Madduluru113M P E School North Side,Madduluru
114M P E School West Side Room,Madduluru
Mallavaram123M P U P School Room No 1,Mallavaram
124Mppschool, Mallavaram,Mallavaram
Manchikalapadu46M P P School,Manchikala Padu
Mangamuru89M P U P School Eat Side Room,Mangamuru
90Mpup School Westside Room,Mangamuru
91M P P School Harijjanawada,Mangamuru
Marellaguntapalem158M P E School,Marellaguntapalem
Marrichetlapalem5M P P School,Marrichetla Palem
Marripalem54M P P School,Marri Palem
Mattigunta195M P E School (West),Mettigunta
Muvvavaripalem55M P P School,Muvva Vari Palem
Mylavaram48M P P School,Mylavaram
Mynam Padu70T.T.C New Building South Sider .M 1,Mynampadu
Mynampadu71T.T.C New Building South Side R.M 2,Mynam Padu
72G H School West Side Sixth Class R.Oom,Mynam Padu
Nagannapalem137M P E School,Nagannapalem
Naguluppalapadu189M P E School Room No 1,Naguluppalapadu
190M P E School Room No 1 (S C),Nagulupalapadu
Nanchareddipalem Majar Pern Mitta84Z P H School,Pernamitta
Nandipadu139M P E School,Nandhipadu
Nekunambadu39M P P School,Nekunam Bad
Nelaturu152M P U P School Room No 1,Nelatur
153M P U P School Rno 2,Nelaturu
154Community Hall (Sc),Nelaturu,Nelaturu
Nippatlapadu3M P U P School,Nippatla Padu
Obannapalem188M P E School,Obanapalem
Ommevaram193M P U P School New Building,Ommevaram
194M P U P School New Building,Ommevaram
P.Naidupalem29M P P School R No 1,P Nayudu Palem
30M P P School Room No 2,P Nayudu Palem
P.Thakkellapadu107M P P School,P Takkellapadu
Pallamalli31M.P.U P School,Pallamalli
32M P U P School Room No 1,Pallamalli
33M P U P School Room No 2,Pallamalli
Patimeedapalem28M P P School S C,P Nayudu Palem
Patimeedipalem27M P P School,Patimeeda Palem
Pedakothapalli156Z P H School Room No 1,Pedakothapalli
157M P U P School(S C),Peddakothapalli
Pern Mitta80M.P.E.School,Room.4 ,Near Z.P S,Pernamitta
81M P E School,Aadiandhracolony,Pernamitta
82M P P School Nanchareddypalem,Pernamitta
Pernamitta75M P P School 1St Room Near High School,Pernamitta
76M P P School Near Z.P High School,Pernamitta
77Z.P.H School Rno 2,Pernamitta
78M.P.P School Rno 5,Z.P.School Compound,Pernamitta
79Z. P School Upstare,Pernamitta
83Zph School Seventh Class Room,Pernamitta
87Dpep School Rno 1 Nawabpeta,Nawabpeta H/O Pernamitta
88Dpep School Rno 2 Nawabpet,Nawabpet H/O Pernametta
Pidathalagudipadu101M P P School New Building North Side,Pidatalagudipadu
102M P P School New Building South Side,Pidatalagudipadu
Pidathalapudi63M P P School,Pidathala Pudi
Pothavaram174Z P H School Rno 1,Pothavaram
175Zph School, Room .No.2,Pothavaram
176M P E School,Pothavaram
Pulikonda51M P P School,Pulikonda
Rachavaripalem135M P E School Room No1,Rachavaripalem
136M P E School Rno 2,Rachavaripalem
Rajupalemlaxmipuram49M P P School Room No 1,R L Puram
50M P P School Room No 2,R L Puram
Ramachandrapuram62M P P School,R.C. Puram
Raparla213M P E School Rno 1,Raparla
214Mpe School, Room No.2,Raparla
Rudravaram65Z.P School,Rudravaram
66Z P H Schoolnorthside, Room No 1,Rudra Varam
S.N.Padu94Z P H School,S N Padu
Santhanuthalapadu93Zph School Northside First Room,S.N Padu
95Z P H School Westside First Room,S N Padu
96Z P H School East Side Third Room,S N Padu
97Z P H School East Side Tweleth Room,S N Padu
98Z P H School East Side Eleventh Room,S N Padu
99Z P H School East Side 13 Room,S N Padu
Seetharampuram146M P E School,Seetharamapuram
T. Agraharam186M P E School,T Agraharam
187Community Hall S C Colony,T Agraharam
Tellabadu122Z P H School Room No 1,Tellapadu
Thimmasamudra204M P E School Room No 1(S C),Thimmasamudram
Thimmasamudram200M P E School Room No 1,Thimmasamudram
201M P E School Room No 1,Thimmasamudram
202G V H School Room No 1,Thimmasamudram
203M P E School Room No 1(S C),Thimmasamudram
Topupalem226M P E School,Topupalem
Torragudipadu42M P P School,Torragudi Padu
Uppugundur205Z P H School Rno 1,Uppugumduru
208Spl.M P E School(S C) Room No 1,Uppugunduru
209G P Office Room No 1,Uppugunduru
210G P Office Room No 1,Uppugunduru
Uppugunduru206Z P H School Rno 5,Uppugunduru
207Aided Primary School (S C),Uppugunduru
Vellampalli130M P E School Room No 1,Vellam Palli
131M P E School Rno 1,Vellampalli
Venkatrajupalem163M P E School Room No 1,Venkatrajupalem
Vinodarayunipalem223D S M M E School,Vinodarayunipalem
Virat Nagar Pern Mitta85M P Up School Viratnagar Westside Room,Virat Nagar H/O Pernamitta
86M P U P School Virat Nagar East Side Room,Viratnagar H/O Pernamitta
Yarragudipadu45M P P School,Yarragudi Padu
Yellaiahnagar Majar Budawada6M P P School,Yallaiah Nagar

Last Updated on August 22, 2014

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