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Polling Station List Patancheru Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Patancheru

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Amdoor32Mpps ,Amdoor,Amdoor
Ameenpur85Zilla Parishath High School,Ameenpur
86Zilla Parishad High School,Ameenpur
88Zilla Prishath High School,Ameenpur
89Z P H S,Ameenpur,Ameenpur
Amenpur87Zilla Prishath High School,Ameenpur
Annaram22Mandal Parishath Primary School,Annaram
23Gram Panchayth Office, Annaram,Annaram
24Z P H S Annaram,Annaram
B.H.E.L226Higher Secondary School,Bhel Main Building,B.Ech.I.El.
B.H.E.L (Ramchandrapur)230Holy Cross Junior College,Bhel (Ramchandrapur)
B.H.E.L( Ramchandrapur)229Jyothi Vidyalyam (D,Bha) B.Ech.I.El.,Bhel(R C Puram)
B.H.E.L. (Ramchandrapur)228St. Anns School,Bhel,B.Ech.I.El. (Ramchandrapur)
231Mr Sainatha Mahila Mandali Ladies Training Center,Bhel (Ramchandrapur)
232Mr Sainatha Mahila Mandali Ladies Training Center,Bhel (Ramchandrapur )
B.H.E.L.(Ramchandrapur)227Higher Secondary School,Bhel Main Building,B.Ech.I.El (Ramchandrapur)
Bachuguda80Mandal Parishath Primary School,Bachuguda
Bandalguda176Gram Panchayati Office,Bandlaguda
Bandlaguda177Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bandlaguda
178Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bandlaguda
179Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bandlaguda
180M P P S (W W) Marks Nagar Bandlaguda,Bandlaguda
Beeramguda92Zilla Parishad High School,Beeramguda
93Z P H S Beeramguda,Beeramguda
95Community Hall(New),Beeramguda,Beeramguda
96Sai High School,Beeramguda
103M P P S,Sai Colony, Beeramguda,Beeramguda
105Z P H S,Beeramguda,Beeramguda
107M P P S ,Beeramguda,Beeramguda
Beerum Guda91Sai High School,Bheeramguda
Bhanoor164Zphs ,Bhanur,Bhanur
Bhanur163Zphs ,Bhanur,Bhanur
166Dav Public School,Bdl Township,Bhanur
167Dav Public School,Bdl Township,Bhanur
168Dav Public School,Bdl Township,Bhanur
Bheeram Guda98Mam.P. Prathamik Pathashala, Bhiranguda,Bhiranguda
Bheeramguda90Sai High School,Bheeramguda
97Jilla Parishad Unnata Patasala,Beeramguda
99Anganwadi School Beeramguda,Beeramguda
100Sai High School,Bheeramguda
101Jilla Parishad Unnata Patasala,Beeramguda
102Mandal Parishath Primary School,Sai Colony,Bheeramguda
104Jilla Parishad Unnata Patasala,Beeramguda
106Mandal Parishat Primary School,Bheeramguda
108Mandal Parishath Primary School,Beeramguda,Beeramguda
109Mandal Parishath Primary School,Uskabai,Beeramguda
Bheramguda94Community Hall(New),Bheramguda
Bollaram45N.V R High School,Bollaram
46K.V R High School,Bollaram
47Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Bollaram
48Mandal Prishath Upper Primary School,Bollaram
49Mandal Prishath Upper Primary School,Bollaram
50Ravi Public School, Bollaram,Bollaram
51Ravi Public School, Bollaram,Bollaram
52Ravi Public School, Bollaram,Bollaram
53St. Johns High School,Bollaram
54St.Johns High School,Bollaram
55St. Johns High School,Bollaram
56Zphs Bollaram,Bollaram
57N. V. R High School,Bollaram
58St. Johns High School,Bollaram
59Mandal Parishath Primary School,Bollaram
60Ravi Talent School,Bollaram
61Ravi Talent School,Bollaram
Bontha Pally15Zphs,Bonthapally,Bontha Pally
Bonthapally16Jilla Parishat High School (New Building),Bontapalliblak Nem 4,5
17Zphs,Bonthapally,Bontha Pally
18Zilla Prishath High School,Bonthapally Block No 3,4,5
Chetlapotharam40Zilla Parishath High School, Gadda Potharam,Chatlapotaram
Chinna Kanjarla72Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Chinna Kanjarla
Chitkul76Mandal Parishad Primary School,Chitkul
77Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patasala,Chitkul
79Zilla Parishad High School,Chitkul
Domadugu19Mandal Parishath Primary School,Dommadugu Blak Nem1,2,3
21M P P S(New Building),Domadugu,Domadugu
Dommadugu20Mandal Parishath Primary School( New Building),Dommadugu Blak Nem 4,5,6
Eedulnagulpally236Grama Panchayat Office, Edulanagulapally,Idul Nagul Palli
237Mpps,Eedulnagulpally,Idul Nagul Palli
Gandigudem64Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School, Gandigudem,Gandigudem
Ghanpur173Z P H S Ghanpur,Ghanpur
Govt.Iti Office Room R.C. Puram214Govt. Iti Generator Room, R.Cpur,Ramchandrapuram
Gummadidala10Zilla Parishad High School (W.S),Gummadidala
13Gram Panchayath Office,Gummadidala,Gummadidala
Indresham68Mandal Parishad Primary School,Indresham
69M P U P S,Indresham,Indresham
Inole70Mandal Parishath Primary School,Inole
149M P P S ,Isnapur,Isnapur
150Mandal Parishath Primary School,Isnapur
152Z P H S,Isnapur,Isnapur
155Z P H S,Isnapur,Isnapur
Jinnaram25Zilla Prishath High School (S.W),Jinnaram Blak Nem 1,2,3
26Zilla Parishath High School (N.W,Jinnaram Blak Nem 4,8
27Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Jangampet
Kanukunata6Jilla Parishat Unnata Pathashala (P.Di),Kanukunta
Kanukunta5Zilla Parishath High School (E.W),Kanukunta Blak Nem1-2
7Mandal Parishat Primary School,Kanukuntablak Nem5-8 Mollagudem
Khajipally44Mandala Parishath Primary School,Kajipalli
Kistaipally41Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Kishtayipalli
Kistareddypet82Mandal Parishath Primary School,Kishtaraddipet
83Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kistareddypet
Kodakanchi35Zilla Parishath High School,Kodkanchi
Kolloor247Mpps(East Wing),Kollur,Kollur
Kothapally Laxmapur And Nagireddigudem1Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Kothapalli, Lakshmapur And Nagireddigudem
Kysaram162Mandal Parishath Primary School,Kyasaram
Lakdaram73Zilla Parishat High School,Lakdaram
74Jilla Parishat Unnata Pathashala (Padmti Bhagmu),Lakdaram
75Z P H S, Lakdaram,Lakdaram
Laxmipathi Gudem39Zilla Parishath High School. Wailal,Laxmipathi Gudem And Chowdari Gudem
Madharam42Zilla Parishath High School, Madaram,Madharam
43Zilla Parishath High School, Madaram,Madharam
Mandala Parishath Prathamika Paathashala Rc Purm201Mahila Mandali Building Ranganathapuram, R. C. Pur,Ramchandrapuram
Mangam Pet28Zphs,Mangampet,Mangampet
Muthangi143Zphs, Muthangi,Muthanagi
144Z Phs, Room No.2, Muthangi,Muthanagi
145Zphs, East Wing,Muthanagi
146Zphs, South Wing,Muthanagi
147Zphs, Room No.1, East Wing,Muthanagi
Nallavalli Pyaranagar2Zilla Parishad High School, Nallavalli,Nallavalli, Pyara Ngar
Nallavally3Z P H S,Nallavally,Nallavally
Naltur37Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Naltur
Nandigama169Mpups, Nandigama,Nandigama
Osmannagar249Mpps,Osman Nagar,Osmannagar
Pashamailaram160Mandal Parishat Primary School,Pashmailaram
Patancheru110Mandala Parishad Primary School Chaithanya Nagar,Patancheru
111Ghmc Staff Room,Patancheru
112Anganwadi School Chaitanya Nagar,Patancheru
113Ghmc Eng.Staff Room,Patancheru
114Shanthiniketan High School,Pathan Charu
115Shanthinikethan High School,Patancheru
116Shanthiniketan High School,Patancheru
117Mandala Parishat Primary School,Patancheru
118Govt. Jr.College,Patancheru
119Mandal Parishath Primary School,Patancheru
120Govt. Junior College,Patancheru
121Zilla Parishath Girls High School,Patancheru
122Zilla Parishath Girls High School,Patancheru
123Chaithanya High School,Patancheru
124Zilla Parishad Girls High School,Patancheru
125Sri Chaitanya High School,Patancheru
126Vani High School,Patancheru
127Vani High School,Patancheru
128Vani High School,Patancheru
129Vani High School,Patancheru
130St. Mary High School,Patancheru
131St. Mary High School,Patancheru
132St. Mary High School,Patancheru
133Manjeera Public School,Patancheru
134Manjeera Public School,Patancheru
135Manjeera Public School,Patancheru
136Manjeera Public School,Patancheru
137Zphs Boys Room No5,Patancheru
138Zphs Boys Room No5,Patancheru
139Zphs Boys Room No5,Patancheru
140Mpdo Office Meeting Hall,Patancheru
141Ikp Office At Mpdo Office,Patancheru
142Mpps, Allwyn Colony,Patancheru
Patelguda84Mandala Parishad Prathanika Patasala,Patelguda
Pati Ghanapur172Zphs,Pati Ghanpur,Pati Ghanapur
Pati H/O Ghanapur174Mpups, Pati,Pati (Madira Ghanapur)
175Mpups,Pati,Pati (Madira Ghanapur)
Pedda Kanjarla71Mandala Parishat Primary School,Pedda Kanjarla
Pocharam81Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School (W.S),Pocharam
Ramchandrapur181G H M C Ramchandrapuram,Ramchandrapuram
182G H M C Ramchandrapuram,Ramchandrapuram
183Zilla Parishad High School (N. B) Room No 6 (W.W),Ramachandrapuram
184Mandal Parishad Primary School,Ramchandrapuram
185Zilla Parishad High School,Ramchandrapuram
187Mpps, New Building South Wing R.C.Puram,Ramchandrapuram
188Jawar Rojugar Yojana Committe Hall Kachireddypally,Ramchandrapuram
189Jawar Rojugar Yojana Committe Hall Kachireddypally,Ramchandrapuram
190Mpps Room No 5,R.C Pur,Ramchandrapuram
191Mpps, Room No.6,Ramchandrapuram
192Zphs New Building 10Class B-Section Room No.7,Ramchandrapuram
193Zphs Room No.10, 9 Th Class, Section-A, R.C.Puram,Ramchandrapuram
194Mpps, Kasireddypally,Ramchandrapuram
195Mpps, Kasireddypally,Ramchandrapuram
196Library Reading Room, R.C.Pur,Ramchandrapuram
197Mpps 4Thclass Roomm Srinivas Nagar Colony, R.C.Pur,Ramchandrapuram
198Mpps, 3Rd Class Room, Srinivas Nagar Colony,R.Cpur,Ramchandrapuram
199Anganwadi Building, Ranganathapuram, (Mpps),Ramchandrapuram
200Mahila Mandali Building Ranganathapuram, R. C. Pur,Ramchandrapuram
202Mpps, Bombay Colony, R.C. Pur,Ramchandrapuram
203Mpps, Anganwadi Building, Srinivas Nagar Colony,Ramchandrapuram
204Mpps, Kanukunta, South Wing, R. C.Pur,Ramchandrapuram
205Mpps, Kanukunta, North Wing,Ramchandrapuram
206St. Arnold H.School,North Wing, R. C.Pur,Ramchandrapur
207St. Arnold H.School,North Wing, R. C.Pur,Ramchandrapur
208St. Arnold H.School,North Wing, R. C.Pur,Ramchandrapur
209Mpps,Old Building, East Wing, Kakatiyanagar, R.C.P,Ramchandrapuram
210Mpps,West Wing, Kakatiya Nagar, R.C.Puram,Ramchandrapuram
211M P P S Mayuri Nagar,Ramchandrapur
213Govt. Iti Generator Room, R.Cpur,Ramchandrapuram
215B H E L Ex Co Op House Building Auditorium,Ramchandrapur
216B H E L Ex Co Op House Building Auditorium,Ramchandrapur
217Vidhaya Bharathi High School,,Ramchandrapur
218Vidhaya Bharathi High School,Ramchandrapur
219Vidhaya Bharathi High School,Ramchandrapur
222Sharada Mahila Mandali,Lig,Ramchandrapur
223Sharada Mahila Mandali,Lig,Ramchandrapur
225Society Building,Annamaiah Enclave,Lig
Ramchandrapuram186Inspector Of Factories Office Bhel,Ramchandrapuram
212Mahila Mandali, Mayuri Nagar,Mayuri Nagar
224Society Building,Annamaiah Enclave,Lig
Rameshwar Banda67Mandal Parishath Primary School, Weaker Section C,Rameshwaram Banda, Weaker Section Colony
Rameshwarbanda66Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Rameswarabanda
Rudraram156Mandala Parishat Primary School,Rudraram
157Mandala Parishat Primary School,Rudraram
Shivanagar33Zilla Parishad High School (S.S),Shivanagar
34Zilla Parishad High School (N.S),Shivanagar
Solak Pally30Mpps,Rallakatwa,Rallakatwa
Sultan Pur63Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Sultan Pur
Sulthanpur62Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Sultan Pur
Tellapur242Margadarshi Primary School,Mig-Ii
244Margadarshi High School,Mig-Ii,Mig-Ii
246Margadarshi High School,,Mig-Ii
Thellapur238Zphs,North Wing,Tellapur,Tellapur
239Zphs,North Wing,Tellapur,Tellapur
241Margadarshi High School, Madya Gadi.,Tallapur
243Margadarshi High School, Madya Gadi No.5,Tellapur
245Margadarshi High School,Tellapur
Utla29Mandal Parishath Upper Primary School,Utla
Vadakpally65Mandal Parishath Primary School,Vadakpalli
235Mandala Parishad Primary School Tanda,Thanda
Wailal38Zilla Parishad High School,Vayilal

Last Updated on August 22, 2014

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