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Polling Station List Nizamabad Urban Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Nizamabad Urban

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Aaga Khan Night School Khoja Colony154Aaga Khan Night School,Khoja Colony
Adarsa Hindi Maha Vidhyalyam Degree Col.Dubba Road116Adarsa Hindi Maha Vidhyalyam Degree College, B.Com,Dubba Road
117Darsa Hindi Maha Vidyalyam Degree College Staff,Dubba Road
118Adarsa Hindi Maha Vidhyalyam Degree College,(Off R,Dubba Road
Agha Khan Night School Khoja Colony149Agha Khan Night School,Khoja Colony
155Agha Khan Night School Khoja Colony,Khoja Colony
Agha Khan Night School Khojja Colony150Agha Khan Night School,,Khojja Colony
Aghakhan Night Scholl Kojja Colony151Aghakhan Night School, Kojja Colony,,Kojja Colony
Agricultural Market Committee Bhavan Gurbabadi Rd141Agricultural Market Committee Amc Bhavan,Gurbabadi
Agricultural Market Committee Gandhi Gunj145Market Committee Office North Side,Gandhi Gunj
Agricultural Market Committee Gurbabadi Roadd142Agriculture Market Committe Health Information Ce,Gurbabadi Road
Andal Parishad Office Backside Room90Andal Parishad Office Backside Room,Kanteshwar Road
Assistant Engineer Transco (R) Officeqilla Road219Asst.Engineertransco (R)Office,Civil Sub-Div. Room,Qilla Road
Assistant Engineer Transco Qilla Roa215Govt. High School, U/M, Room.No.1,Quilla Road
Asst Enngneer Municipal Corporation57Asst Enngneer Municipal Corporation,Kasbagalli
Asst. Labour Office Health Wing Side Room77Asst Labour Welfare Centre Health Wing Side Room,Sardar Patel Road
Asst. Labour Office Sardar Patel Road76Asst Labour Welfare Centre Health Wing Side Room,Sardarpatel Road
Asst. Labour Officer Office Sardar Patel Road78Asst. Labour Office Circle No3,Sardar Patel Road
Asst. Labour Officer Officesadar Patel Road75Sst. Labour Office Asst Commisioner Office Room,Sardar Patel Road
Bapuji Vachanalayam Station Road56Bapuji Vachanalayam,Station Road
C S I High School21C S I High School Room No.8(C),Kanteshwar
C.S.I High School12C.S.I High School Class 10Th (B),Kanteshwar
13C.S.I High School 10Th Class Study Hall,Kanteshwar
Central Library Khaleelwadi87Central Library Chairman Room,Khaleelwadi
Chatyana High School Kotagalli68Chatyana High School,Kotagally Road
Chatyana High School Kotgalli67Chatyana High School,Kotagalli Road
City Convent School E/M Sirnapally Gadi58City Convert School E/M,Jandagall
Community Hall New N.G.Os Colony124Community Hall New N.G.Os Colony (East Wing),New Ngos Colony
Community Hall Office New N.G.Os Colony125New N.G.Os Colony Community Hall West Wing,Ngos Colony
Community Hallpulong Pochammagally49Community Hall,Pulong,Pochamma Galli
Cresent Creative School Khilla Road174Cresent Creative School Khilla Road,Quilla Road
Cresent Creative School Room No 2176Cresent Creative School Room No 2,Quilla Road
Cresent High School Quilla Road241Cresent High School Hall,Quilla Road
Cresent High School Gajulpet236Cresent High School Room No.1,Gajulpet
Cresent High School Quilla Road240Cresent High School Room No.3,Gajulpet
Dist Co Operative Office Nzb94Dist Co Operative Office,Nizamabad
Dist Employment Officeshivaji Nagar229District Employment Office,,Shivajinagar
Fakrath Mellath Urdu High School Line Galli160Fakrath Mellath Urdu High School X Class,Line Galli,
Giriraj Govt College Science Room No 6 Side Room132Govt. Giriraj Science College Room No.6 Side Room,Dubba
Golden Jubille High School E/M 2Th Class164Golden Jubille High School E/M 2Th Class,Barkatpura,
Golden Jubille High School E/M Quilla Road166Golden Jubille High School E/M 1St Class,Quilla Road
Golden Jubille High School U/M 8Th Class163Golden Jubille High School U/M 8Th Class,Quilla Road,
Golden Jubille High School U/M Khilla Road161Golden Jubille High School U/M East Wing,Quilla Road
Golden Jublee High Scholl E/M Lkg Class Room167Golden Jublee High School E/M, Lkg Class Room,Killa Road
Golden Jublee High School Urdu Medium162Golden Jublee High School Urdu Medium,Quilla Road
Golden Jublee Junior College E/M Barkathpura165Golden Jublee Junior College English Medium,Barkathpura
Gonekapu Sangham Kotagally Road62Gonekapu Sangham,Kotagalli Road
Gonekapu Sangham Kotgalli Road61Gonekapu Sangham,Kotagalli Road
Govt (Girls) Iti Mechanical Hall Shivaji Nagar228Govt (Girls) Iti Mechanical Hall,Shivaji Nagar
Govt Girls High School Kasbagally54Govt Girls High School, 10Th Class Room B,Kasbagalli
Govt Girls Iti Shivaji Nagar231Govt. Industrial Training Inistiute (G) Hall Left,Nagaram,
Govt High School3Govt High School,Arsapally
Govt High School West Wing Police Line Road97Govt. High School Police Line Road West Wing,Kanteshwar Road
Govt High School Arsapally1Govt. High School East Wing Room No.1,Arsapally
Govt High School Kumargally Chandra Shekar Colony23Govt High School Kumargally Chandra Shekar Colony,Chandra Shekar Colony
Govt High School New Building Quilla Road239Govt High School, New Building, Quilla Road,Quilla Road
Govt High School Quilla Road237Govt High School,New Building Room No.24,Gajulpet
Govt High School Quilla Road Gajulpet238Govt High School Quilla Road Gajulpet,Gajulpet
Govt High School Um Peela School Malapally214Govt High School Um Peela School Malapally,Malapally
Govt Horizan Boys Hostel Dubba136Govt Horizan Boys Hostel, Dubba,Dubba
Govt Iti (Girls) Shivaji Nagar225Govt. Girls I T I Office Room,Shivaji Nagar
Govt Iti Audotarium Shivaji Nagar227Govt Iti Aditorium,Shivaji Nagar
Govt Iti Shivaji Nagar224Govt. Iti East Wing D M Civil Practical Room,Shivaji Nagar
Govt Junior College (B) Staff Room Side Room180Govt. Boys Junior College (Staff Room),Killa Road
Govt Junior College Room No 19 Quilla Road218Govt Junior College, Room No 19, Quilla Road,Quilla Road
Govt Junior College(U/M) Malapally206Govt Junior College, (U/M),Malapally
Govt Polytechnic (B)5Govt Polytechnic(B)R No.Lh 101,Kanteshwer
Govt Polytechnic (B) Room No Lh 107 Kanteshwar9Govt.Pollytech(B),Room No Lh107,Kanteswar,Kanteshwar
Govt Polytechnic Boys Nizamabad20Govt Polytechnic Boys Nizamabad,Kanteshwar
Govt Polytechnic Womens Nizamabad7Govt Polytechnic Womens Nizamabad,Kanteshwar
17Govt Polytechnic Womens Nizamabad,Kanteshwar
Govt Primary School Nagaram232Govt. Primary School East Wing,Nagaram
Govt Primary School Um Auto Nagar199Govt Primary School Um Auto Nagar,Auto Nagar
201Govt Primary School Um Auto Nagar,Auto Nagar
Govt Primary School(U/M)Telicom Colony Auto Nagar200Govt. Primary School, U/M,,Auto Nagar
Govt Ups Namdewada107Govt Ups Subash Nagar,Subash Nagar
Govt Ups Iv Class Room243Govt Ups School , Iv Class Room, Rammandhir,Gajulpet
Govt Ups North Wing Side Room Vinayak Nagar39Govt Ups North Wing Side Room Vinayak Nagar,Vinayak Nagar
Govt Ups Vii Class Room Ram Mandir245National High School, Quilla Road,Quilla Road
Govt Womens Polytechnic College16Govt Womens Polytechnic College Physical Lab,Kanteshwar
Govt. Bc Boys Hostel Namdev Wada111Govt. Bc Boys Hostel,Namdevwada
Govt. Giriraj Arts Science College Dubba129Govt. Giriraj Arts Science College Room No.47,Dubba,
130Govt. Giriraj Arts Science College Room No.43,Dubba
131Govt. Giriraj Arts Science College Room No.6,Dubba
133Govt. Giriraj Arts Science College Room No.39,Dubba,
134Govt. Giriraj Arts Science College Room No.18,Dubba,
Govt. Girls Central Upper Primary School E/M159Govt. Girls Central Upper Primary School Viii Cla,Darugalli,
Govt. Girls Central Upper Primary School Watertank157Govt. Girls Central Upper Primary School Vith Clas,Darugalli,
Govt. Girls Central Upper Primary Schooldaru Galli158Govt. Girls Central Upper Primary School Ivth Clas,Darugalli
Govt. Girls High School Kasbagalli52Govt. Girls High School 10Th Class Room A T/M,Kasabgall
Govt. Girls High School Kasbagally55Govt. Girls High School 9Th Class Room C,Kasbagalli,
Govt. Girls Iti Shivaji Nagar230Govt. Girls Industrial Traning Institute South Win,Shivaji Nagar
Govt. High School Arsapally2Govt High School West Wing Room No.2,Arsapalli
Govt. High School Dubba127Govt. High School 6Th Class Room,Dubba
128Govt. High School 10Th Class Room East Wing,Dubba
Govt. High School Kasbagally53Govt. High School 10Th Class T/M B,Kassabgalli
Govt. High School Khilla Road172Govt. High School, East Wing,Khilla Road
Govt. High School Kumar Gally22Govt. High School, Kumar Gally,Chandrashekar Nagar
24Govt. High School, Kumar Gally,Chandrashekar Nagar
25Govt. High School, Kumar Gally,Chandrashekar Colony
26Govt. High School, Kumar Gally,Chandrashekar Nagar
Govt. High School Police Line Road96Govt. High School Police Line Road West Wing,Police Lane Road
98Govt. High School, East Wing,Police Lane Road
Govt. High School Sardar Patel Road70Govt. High School Shanker Bhavan Room No 6,Sardarpatel Road
Govt. High School Sardarpatel Road69Govt. High School Shanker Bhavan Room No.11,Sardarpatel Road
Govt. High School U/M (Peela H.S) Malapally213Govt. High School U/M (Peela H.S), Staff Room,Malapally
Govt. High School U/M Malapally216Govt. High School, Roomno.1,(Peela High School),Malapally
Govt. Itishivaji Nagar223Govt. Industrial Traning Institute North Wing,Shivaji Nagar
Govt. Jr. College Quilla Road235Govt. Junior College,Quilla Road
Govt. Junior College (Boys) Quilla Road179Katipally Ravinder Reddy College 8Th Class,Killa Road,
Govt. Junior College (G) U/M Malapally202Govt. Junior College U/M, Room.No.1,Malapally
203Govt. Junior College (G) U/M Room.No.2,Malapally
204Govt. Junior College (G) U/M Room.No.3,Malapally
Govt. Junior College (G) Urdu Medium Malapally205Govt.Junior College(G) U/M Room No.4,Malapally
Govt. Junior College Main Hall Room170Govt. Junior College Main Hall Room,Quilla Road
Govt. Junior College Qilla Road211Govt. Junior Collge Room No.6,Qilla Road
Govt. Junior College Quilla Road217Govt. Junior College Roomno 19,Quilla Road
Govt. Junior College Room No 12169Govt. Junior College Room No 12,Quilla Road
Govt. Junior College Room No 15 Quilla Road171Govt. Junior College Room No 15 Quilla Road,Killa Road,
Govt. Junior College Room No8168Govt. Junior College, Room No8,Killa Road
Govt. Junior Collge Qilla Road212Govt. Junior College Room No 10,Killa Road
Govt. Polytech College(Boys)14Govt. Polytech College(B) Drawing Room.2,Kanteshwar
18Govt. Polytech College(B) Sugar Cane Lab Room,Kanteshwar
Govt. Polytechnic College15Govt. Polytechnic College Room No.109 South Wing,Kanteshwar
Govt. Polytechnic College(B)Rm No.1078Govt. Polytechnic College(B) R No.Lh 107,Kanteshwar
Govt. Polytechnic College(Boys)11Govt. Polytechnic College(B) R No 8,Kanteshwar
Govt. Primaray School Shanker Bhavan72Govt. Primary School 3Rd Class,Sardarpatel Road
Govt. Primary School Naagaram233Govt. Primary School (West Wing),Nagaram
Govt. Primary School Bodhan Road.181Govt.Primary School Bodhan Road North Wing.,Valmiki Nagar
Govt. Primary School Pochamma Galli50Govt. Primary School North Wing,Pochammagalli
Govt. Primary School Police Line Road99Govt. Primary School, 5Th Class Room,New Building, Police Line Road
Govt. Primary School Shanker Bhavan71Govt. Primary School 2Nd Class,Sardarpatel Road,
Govt. Primary School U/M Autonagar198Govt. Primary School, U/M,,Auto Nagar
Govt. Primary School U/M Satishnagar208Govt. Primary School, U/M, Left Side,Satishnagar
210Govt. Primary School U/M, Right Wing,Satishnagar
Govt. Primary School Valmiki Nagar183Govt. Primary School, West Wing,Valmiki Nagar
Govt. Primary School Valmikinagar184Govt. Primary School 7Th Class Room,Valmiki Nagar
185Govt. Primary School, North Wing,Valmiki Nagar
Govt. Sc Boys Hostel Dubba135Govt. Sc Boys Hostel Room No.6,Dubba Colony
Govt. Sc Boys Hostel Dubba137Govt. Sc Boys Hostel Room No.8,Dubba
138Govt. Sc Boys Hostel Room No.4,Dubba
Govt. Sc Boys Hostel Namdev Wada110Govt. Sc Boys Hostel,Namdevwada,
Govt. Sc Boys Hostel Room Dubba139Govt. Sc Boys Hostel Room No.9,Dubba
Govt. Upper Primary School Subash Nagar108Govt. Upper Primary School East Wing,Subhashnagar Road
Govt. Upper Primary School Gandhi Gunj152Govt. Upper Primary School,1Class Room,Gandhi Gunj,
Govt. Upper Primary School Pamula Basti100Govt. Upper Primary School, Pamula Basti,Kanteshwar Road
Govt. Upper Primary School Ram Mandir.242Govt. Upper Primary School Rammandir North Wing,Gajulapet
Govt. Upper Primary School Rammandir244Govt. Upper Primary School Rammandir South Wing,Gajulapet,
Govt. Upper Primary School Subash Nagar106Govt. Upper Primary School (East Wing,Subhashnagar Road
Govt. Ups Gautham Nagar140Govt. Ups Gautham Nagar,Dubba
Govt. Ups Pochamma Galli51Govt. Ups South Wing,Pochammagalli
Govt. Ups Vinayak Nagar38Govt.Upper Primary School, North Wing,Vinayak Nagar
43Govt. Upper Primary School South Wing,Vinayaknagar
Govt. Womens Polytechnic College10Govt. Womens Polytechnic College Room Lh-1,Kanteshwar
Govt.Polytech College(Boys)19Govt.Polytech College(B) Clinicalboichemestry Room,Kanteshwar
Govt.Upper Primary School Urdu Medium Gandhi Gunj153Govt.Upper Primary School Urdu Medium,Gandhi Gunj
Govt.Womens Polytechnic College6Govt.Womens Polytechnic College Staff Room,Kanteshwer
Haricharan Marvadi Vidyalayam Station Road143Haricharan Marvadi Vidyalayam,Station Road,
144Haricharan Marvadi Vidyalayam 10Th Class Room,Station Road
Indur Iti Arsapally4Indur Iti,Arsapalli
Joint Director Agriclutural Office93Joint Director Agriclutural Office,Kanteshwar Road,
Katipally Ravinder Reddy College173K.R.Reddy College Old Rotary School Principal Room,Killa Road,
Katipally Ravinder Reddy College Old Rotary School175K.R.Reddy College Old Rotary Sch R.No.2, 3Rd Class,Killa Road
177K.R.Reddy College Old Rotary Sch R.No.3, 4Th Class,Bodhan Road
178K.R.Reddy College Old Rotary School, 8Th Class,Bodhan Road,
Mandal Parishad Office92Mandal Parishad Office, South Wing,Kanteshwar Road,
Mandal Parishad Office Backside89Mandal Parishad Office Backside,Kanteshwar Road
Mandala Parishad Development Office Meeting Hall91Mandala Parishad Development Office Meeting Hall,Kanteshwar Road
Market Committee Office Farmershed Mirchi Compound148Market Committee Office, Farmers Shed West Wing,Mirch Compound
Market Committee Office Farmershedmirchi Coumpound147Market Committee Office, Farmers Shed Mirchi Compd,Mirch Compound,
Market Committee Office Gandhi Gunj146Market Committee Office,Gandhi Gunj
Martinent High School Malapally209Martinent High School, Ukg Room,Malapally
Martinet High School Malapally194Martinet High School,,Malapally
207Martinet High School, Lkg Room,Malapally
Mirchi Compound156Govt. Upper Primary School Community Hall,Mirchi Compound
Modern Public School Khaleel Wadi84Modern Public School , 3Th Class Room South Wing,Khaleelwadi
85Modern Public School ,South Side,Khaleelwadi,
Municipal Library Quilla Road234Muncipial Library Building,Quilla Road
National High School (Near Golden Jubilleqilla Rd187National High School, (Near Golden Jubille,Malapally
National High School Qilla Road188National High, Near Golden Jublee,Qilla Road
Nehru Youth Centre R&B Guest House Subash Nagar103Nehru Youth Centre R&B Guest Housesouth Wing,Subhashnagar Road,
Nehru Youth Centre Subash Nagar Road101Nehru Youth Centre (R&B Guest House),Subhashnagar Road
New N.G.Os Colony Community Hall West Wing126New N.G.Os Colony Community Hall West Wing,New Ngos Colony
New Shiva Sri Vidya Nikethan Phulong Road48New Shivasri Vidyaniketan School,Phulong Road
Nirmala Hrudaya Girls High School Subash Nagar104Nirmala Hrudaya Girls High School, 5Th Class Room,Subhashnagar Road
105Nirmal Hrudaya Girls High School 3Rd Class Room,Subhashnagar Road,
Office Of The Sanitary Namdev Wada109Govt. Sc Boys Hostel,Namdevwada,
Oint Director Agriculture Office A.O Technical95Oint Director Agriculture Office, A.O Technical R,Kanteshwar Road
Paccs Limited65Paccs Limited Chairman Room,Kotagalli Road
Paccs Limited Kotgalli Road66Paccs Limited Chairman Room New,Kotagally Road
Padmashali Boys Hostel Phulong Road34Padmashali Boys Hostel North Wing,Pulong Road
37Padmashali Boys Hostel Office Room,Pulong Road
Padmashali Sangam Kotagally Road64Padmashali Sangam, West Wing,Kotagalli Road
Padmashali Sangam Markandaya Temple63Padmashali Sangam, Markandaya Temple East Wing,Kotagalli Road
Public High School Mujahidnagar Malapally182Public High School,Mujahidnagar, Malapally
186Govt. Primary School, Mujahidnagar,Malapally
Pusala Sangam Boyigalli82Pusala Sangham,Boigalli
Ravoji Sangam High School Namdev Wada114Ravoji Sangam High School, New Building 10Th Class,Namdevwada
115Ravoj Sangam High School, New Building Vi,Namdevwada
Ravooji Sangam High School Namdev Wada112Ravooji Sangam High School, New Building Iv Class,Namdevwada
113Ravoji Sangam High School 8Th Class (A)Room,Namdev Wada
S.S.R Degree College Khaleelwadi88S.S.R Degree College,Khaleelwadi
S.S.R. Degree College Khaleelwadi86S.S.R. Degree College,Khaleelwadi
Saraswathi Jr. College Kotagalli60Saraswathi Jr. College, Mpc E/M (East Wing),Kotagalli
Shankar Bhavan Primary School Sardar Patel Road73Shankar Bhavan Primary School,,Sardar Patel Road
Shankar Bhavan Primary School Side Room74Shankar Bhavan Primary School, Side Room,Sardar Patel Road
Shivaji Nagar222Govt. Iti Draft Civil Room. East Wing,Shivaji Nagar
Sri Nutana Vyshya High School Shivaji Nagar226S.V.P High School, 6Th Class A Room,Shivajinagar, Nizamabad
Sri Nuthana Vysya Pathashala Shivaji Nagar220Srinutana Vysya School Manik Bhavan,Shivaji Nagar
Sri. Are Katika Surya Sajjana Sangam79Sri. Are Katika Surya Sajjana Sangam,Kasbagalli
Sri. Are Katika Surya Sajjana Sangam Gym Room80Sri. Are Katika Surya Sajjana Sangam Gym Room,Kasbagalli
Sri. Gangaputhra Sangam Boyigalli81Angaputra Sangam Boyigalli,Boigalli,
Sri. Venkateshvara Vidhyalyam246Sri. Venkateshvara Vidhyalyam High School,Gajulapet,
Srinutana Vysya School Manik Bhavan Shivaji Nagar221Srinutana Vysya School Room No.10,Shivaji Nagar,
St. Franses Desels School Adarsh Nagar Coloy123St. Franses Desel School Xth (B) Class,Adarsha Nagar Colony,
St. Franses Desels School E/M122St. Franses Desels School, Xth Class(A),Adarsha Nagar Colony,
St. Franses Desels School E/M Adarsh Nagar Colony119St. Franses Desels School, English Medium I Class,Adarsha Nagar Colony
120St. Franses Desels School E/M 1St Class Room,Adarsha Nagar Colony
St. Franses Scholl Lkg A Class Room Subash Nagar121St. Franses Desels School, Lkg(A) Class Room,Subash Nagar
Stanrich Internation School Back Sidemujahidnagar197Stanrich Internation School, Back Side Varanda,Mujahid Nagar, Malapally
Stanrich Internation School Mujahidnagar193Stanrich Internation School, Mujahidnagar,Malapally
195Stanrich Internation School,,Mujahidnagar
196Stanrich Internation School, Back Side Varanda,Mujahid Nagar
Step Office Nehru Yuve Kendram Premises102Step Office Nehru Yuva Kendram Premises,Near R. B Guest House Subash Nagar
Upper Primary School U/M Ahmed Pura190Upper Primary School U/M R.No.2,Ahmedpura
Upper Primary School U/M Ahmedpura189Upper Primary School U/M Room.No.1B,Qilla Road
192Upper Primary School U/M,Ahmedpura
Uppertekidi83The Nizamabad Co-Operative Central Bank Entranc,Appartekdi
Urdu Primary School191Urdu Primary School,Ahmedpura
Vasavi Space High Schoo Mahalaxminagar27Vasavi Space High School, Staff Room,Pulong Road
Vasavi Space High School Dyning Hall Side Room29Vasavi Space High School, Dinning Hall,Sideroom,Mhalaxminagar
Vasavi Space High School Mahalaxmi Nagar28Vasavi Space High School, Dinning Hall,,Phulongh Road
Vasavi Space High School Phulang Road30Vasavi Space High School (Bala Vihar) Lkg Room,Pulong Road
Vasavi Space High School Ukg Room(Balavidan)31Vasavi Space High School (Bala Vihar) Ukg Room,Mahalaxmi Nagar Colony
Village Revenue Officers Office Sirnapally Gadi59Vros Office, Nizamabad Town, Sirnapally Gadi,Gole Hanuman
Vishwa Bharathi Vidya Nikethan 2 Class Side Room42Viswabharathi Vidhaya Niketan 2Nd Class Room,Vinayak Nagar
Vishwa Bharathi Vidya Nikethan Vinayak Nagar41Vishwabharathi Vidya Nikethan Vinayak Nagar,Vinayak Nagar
Viswabharathi Vidhaya Niketan Vinayak Nagar40Viswabharathi Vidhaya Niketan 2Nd Class Room,Vinayaknagar
Vivekananda Ins (Kakatiya) Phulong Road44Vivekananda Ins (Kakatiya) Room No.33 Side Room,Pulong Road
Vivekananda Ins (Kakatiya) Romm No 25(Side Room)47Vivekananda Institute(Kakatiya) Room No.25 Side,Phulong
Vivekananda Ins (Kakatiya) Romm No 33(Side Room)45Vivekananda Vidyal Ayam Room No.33 Side Room,Phulong
Vivekananda Institute(Kakatiya) Phulong Road46Vivekananda Institute(Kakatiya) Room No.25,Pulong Road
Vivekananda Junior College (Kakatiya) Phulong Road35Vivekananda Junior College (Kakatiya) North Wing,Padma Nagar, Pulong Road
Vivekananda Junior College Ix Class Room (B1)36Vivekananda Junior College (Kakatiya) North Wing,Nizamabad
Vivekananda Junior College South Wing Side Room33Vivekananda Junior College(Kakatiy) South Wing,Nizamabad
Vivekananda Junior College(Kakatiy) Phulang Road32Vivekananda Junior College(Kakatiy) South Wing,Pulong Road

Last Updated on August 22, 2014

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