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Polling Station List Makthal Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Makthal

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Adivisatyawar79Primary School,Adivi Satyawar
Alampally54M.P.P.S. East Wing,Alampalli
Amarchinta180M.P.Primari.School North Wing,Amarchinta
181M.P.Primari.School North Wing,Amarchinta
182G.P.Office East Wing,Amarchintha
183Z.P.High.School West Wing,Amarchinta
184M.P.P.S In Premises Of Zphs Amarchintha,Amarchinta
185Z.P.High.School West Wing,Amarchinta
186Z.P.High.School West Wing,Amarchinta
187G P Office,Amarchinta
188M.P.Primari.School North Wing,Amarchinta
189M.P.P.S Girls(West Wing ) Near Gp Office,Amarchinta
Amarchintha Chandrappa Tanda190M.P.P.S, Amarchinta Chandrappa Thanda,Chandrappa Tanda
Ameenpur34Grampanchayati Office,Ameenpur
35M.P Primari School,Ameenpur
Anugonda89Z.P.H.S South Wing,Anugonda
90Z.P.H.S East Wing,Anugonda
Arepalli155M.P.P.S West Wing,Arepalli
156M.P.P.S West Wing,Arepalli
Atmakur166Govt.Junior College Fornt Room East Wing,Atmakur
167Govt.Junior College Fornt Room East Wing,Atmakur
168M.P.P.S. Harijan Wada South Wing Room No 2,Atmakura
169Z.P.High School Girls East Wing,Atmakura
170Z.P.High School Girls East Wing,Atmakura
171Z.P.H.S.Girls West Wing,Atmakur
172Z.P.H.S Urdu Medium Old Building Room 2,Atmakur
173Govt.Junior College Fornt Room East Wing,Atmakur
174Gram Panchayath Office,Atmakur
175M.P.P.S. Harijan Wada South Wing Room No 2,Atmakura
Avusalonipally12M.P. Upper Primary School,Avusulonipally
Bala Kista Pur176M.P.Primari.School,Balakishtapur
Bekkarpally201M.P.P.S West Wing,Bekkarpally
Bhagavan Pally95M.P.P.S,Bhagan Pally
Bhairampally44Mandal Parishad Primary School South Wing,Bhairampally
Bijwar9Zilla Parishad High School,Bijwar
10Zilla Parishad High School,Bijwar
Bondal Kunta112M.P.P.S West Wing,Bondal Kunta
Boothpur96M.P.P.S. North Wing,Bhoothpur
Chandapur120M.P.U.P.S East Wing,Chandapur
Chandra Ghad195M.P.P.S East Wing,Chandragad
Chegunta59Gram Panchayath Office,Chegunta
60Upper Primary School,Chegunta
Chinna Porla40Z.P. High School East Wing,Chinna Porla
41Z.P.High School West Wing,Chinna Porla
Chiththanoor212M.P.U.P.S West Wing North Room Fifth Class,Chittanoor
Chitta Noor211M.P.U.P.S East Wing Middle Room,Chittanoor
Chityal83M.P.U.P.S South Wing Middle Room,Chitayal
84M.P.U.P.S East Wing,Chityal
Dasar Doddi122M.P.U.P.S South Wing,Dasardoddi
Dasardoddi121M.P.U.P.S South Wing,Dasardoddi
Devarpally164M.P.U P.S.,Devar Pally
Dharma Pur196M.P.P.S East Wing,Dharmapur
Eadavelly1M.P.U.P.S East Wing,Eadavally
2M.P.U.P.S West Wing,Yedavelly
Erladinne R R Center193Z.P.H.S Meeting Hall,Eerladinne
Gajulayya Tanda219M.P.P.S,Gajulayya Tanda,
Golapally125M.P.P.S North Wing,Gollapally
Gopan Pet177M.P.Primari .School East Wing,Gopanpet
Gudeballur69Z.P.H.S East Wing,Gudebaloor,
70Z.P.H.S West Wing,Gudeballur
71M.P.P.S West Wing,Gudeballur
72Community Hall,Gudeballura
Gudigandla106Mphs, North Wing Gudigandla,Gudigandla
107Mphs, Wet Wing Gudigandla,Gudigandla
Guntipally153M.P.P.S Old Building,Guntipally
Gurrao Lingampally49M.P.P.S.,Gurrao Lingam Pally
Hindupur65M.P.P.S West Wing,Hindupur
66M.P.C.U.P.S East Wing,Hindupur
Jakkanna Palli230M.P.U.P.S Narth Wing,Jakkannapalli
Jaklair108Z.P.H.S New Building North Wing,Jaklair
109Z.P.H.S New Building North Wing,Jaklair
110Z.P.H.S New Building North Wing,Jaklair
Jangam Reddy Palli222M.P.P.S Narth Wing,Jangamreddy Pally
Jinnaram213M P.U.P.S. East Wing,Jinnaram
214M P.U.P.S. East Wing,Jinnaram
Jowlapur105M.P.P.S. West Wing,Javulapur
Juryala151M.P.P.S Old Building East Wing,Juryal
152M.P.P.S New Building North Wing,Juryal
Kachwar111M.P.P.S North Wing,Kachwar
Kalwala233M.P.P.S West Wing,Kalwala
234M.P.P.S East Wing Fourth Class Room,Kalwala
Kanmanoor216Z P High School East Wing,Kanmanoor
217Z P High School East Wing,Kanmanoor
218Z P High School East Wing,Kanmanoor
Karni97Z.P. High School North South Wing,Karni
98Z.P. High School North South Wing,Karni
99Z.P. High School North South Wing,Karni
Katrevu Palli100M.P.U.P.S Old Building North Wing,Katrevu Pally
Kattepalli157M.P.P.S Middle Room,Katte Palli
Khanapur123M..P.U.P.S. New Building,Khanapur
Kollur37M.P.P.S East Wing,Kollur
38M P P S,Nagireddy Pally
Kondadoddi93Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kondadoddi
Konkanvanipally192M.P.P.S,Konkanvani Pally
Kotha Palli231M.P.P.S North Wing,Kotha Pally
Kothapally50M.P.U.P.S South West Wing,Kothapalli
51M.P.U.P.S North Wing,Kothapalli
Krishna67Z.P . High School South Wing,Krishna
68Z.P.High School New Building,Krishna
Kumarlingampally209M.P.P.S West Wing,Kumarlingam Palli
Kunsi55M P P S South Wing,Kunsi
57M.P.P.S North Wing,Kunsi
58M.P.P.S New Building East Wing,Kunsi
Kunsi Block 2356Gram Panchayath Office,Kunsi
Kusumurthy63Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kusumurthy
Lankala207M.P.U.P.S East Wing,Lankal
208M.P.U.P.S East Wing,Lankal
Lingampally114M.P.U.P.S New Building Middle Room,Lingampalle
Madepalli165M.P.P.S.New Room,Medepalli
Madwar115M.P.P.S. East Wing,Madwar
116M.P.P.S. East Wing,Madwar
Maganoor52Z.P High School East Wing,Maganoor
53Z.P.High School West Wing,Maganoor
Makthal127Z.P.H.S Boys North Wing,Makthal
128Z.P.H.S Boys North Wing,Makthal
129Z.P.H.S Boys North Wing,Makthal
130Z.P.H.S Boys North Wing,Makthal
131Z.P.H.S Boys North Wing,Makthal
132Community Hall East Wing,Keshava Nagar Makthal
133Community Hall East Wing,Keshava Nagar Makthal
134M.P.P.S Harijan Wada,Makthal
135M.P.P.S Harijan Wada,Makthal
136M.P.U.P.S, Kotha Bhavanam, West Wing,Makthal
137M.P.U.P.S, Kotha Bhavanam, West Wing,Makthal
138Govt. Junior College Room.No.9(New Room),Makthal
139Govt. Junior College West Wing Middle Room,Makthal
140Z.P.H.S Boys North Wing,Makthal
141Z.P.H.S Boys South Wing,Makthal
142Z.P.H.S Boys South Wing,Makthal
Mantangod103Zphs East Wing,Mantan Godu
Manthan Godu101Zphs East Wing,Mantan Godu
Manthangodu102Zphs East Wing,Mantan Godu
104Gramapanchayatha Karyalayam Meeting Hall,Manthangod
Maqdumpur13M.P. Upper Primary School,Maqdumpur
Masthipur146Mandala Parishath High School,Mastipur
Mitta Nandi Malla194M.P.P.S New Building East Wing,Mitta Nandi Malla
Moola Malla148M.P.U.P.S West Wing,Mulamalla
Moolamalla147M.P.U.P.S West Wing,Mulamalla
Motlampally154M.P.P.S Additional Room,Motlam Pally
Mudmal73Primary School,Mudmaal
74Z P H S North East Wing,Mudmal
Murhar Doddi75Mandal Parishad Primary School West Wing,Murardoddi
Musalai Pally88M.P.U.P.S East Wing,Muslai Pally
Mustipally91M.P.U P.S.,Mustipalli
Nagal Kadmoor202M.P.U.P.S,Nagal Kadmur
203M.P.U.P.S,Nagal Kadmur
Nagi Reddy Palli204M.P.P.S Narth Wing,Nagireddi Pally
Nandi Malla144M.P.U.P.S Old Building,Nandimalla
145M.P.U.P.S New Building,Nandimalla
Narwa225Z.P. High .School East Wing,Narva
226Z.P. High .School East Wing,Narva
227Abyudaya Praatamika Patashala West Wing,Narva
Neradigum45M.P.P.S Neradigam,Neradgum
Nidugurthy16M.P.U.P.S North Wing Building,Nidgurthy
17Mpups (South) Building,Nidugurthy
18G.P.Office New Building,Nidugurthy
Oblapur24M.P.Primary School,Oblapur
82M.P.U.P.S East Wing,Oblapur
Pagidimarri22M.P.Upper Primary School,Pagidimarri
23M.P.Upper Primary School,Pagidimarri
Pamreddy Pally191M.P.P.S,Pamreddi Pally
Panchadev Padu86M.P.P.S South Wing,Panchadevpad
Panchalingala94M.P.U.P.S North Wing New Building,Panchalingal
Parevula87Mandal Parishad Primary School,Parevula
Pasupula85Mpps North Wing,Paspula
Pata Pally11M.P. Primary School,Pathapalli
Pather Ched223Zphs East Wing,Patharched
Pathrched224Zphs East Wing,Patharched
Pedda Kadmur197Z.P.H.S,Pedda Kadmur
198Z.P.H.S,Pedda Kadmur
199M.P.P.S East Wing,Pedda Kadmur
Pedda Porala7M.P.U.P.S. West Wing,Pedda Porla
Pedda Porla8M.P.U P.S.,Pedda Porla
Peddajatram14Zilla Parishad High School Old Building,Peddajatram
15Zilla Parishad High School Old Building,Peddajatram
Pinnamcherla179M.P.U P.S. New Building,Pinnam Cherla
Pulimamidi3Z.P.H.S.New Building North Wing,Pulimamidi
4Z.P.H.S Kotha Bhavanam South Wing,Pulimamidi
5Z P H S,Pulimamidi
6Zilla Parishad High School,Pulimamidi
R R Center143M.P.P.S. Nandimalla X Roads,Nandimalla
Raikodu228M.P.U.P.S South Wing,Raykodu
229M.P.U.P.S Narth Wing,Rai Kodu
Rampur210M.P.P.S South Wing,Rampur
Rechintal160M.P.U P.S. Middle Room,Rechintal
161M.P.U P.S. Middle Room,Rechintal
Rudrasamudram124M.P.U.P.S South Wing,Rudrasmudramu
Sangambanda118M.P.U.P.S. Behind Temple,Sangambanda
119Grampanchayati Karyalayamu,Sangambanda
Satyawar92M.P.P.S Old Building,Satyawar
Singam Peta149M.P.P.S,Singampet
Someswara Banda117M.P.U.P.S North Wing,Someswarabanda
Tekula Pally126Mandal Parishad Primary School North Wing,Tekulapally
Tippadam Palli162M.P.P.S South Wing,Tippudam Pally
Tippadam Pally163M.P.P.S South Wing,Tippudam Pally
Tipraspally19M.P.Upper Primary Shcool,Tipraspalli
20Grampanchayati Office,Tipraspalli
Ujjelly42M.P.U.P.S West Wing,Ujjelly
43M.P.U.P.S East Wing,Ujjelly
Undekodu220M P P S,Undekodu
221M P P S,Undekodu
Upperpally113M.P.P.S. South Wing,Upparpally
Utkoor25Mandal Parishad Primary School (Girls),Utkoor
26Govt.Junior College New Building,Utkoor
27Z.P. (Boys) High School North Wing,Utkoor
28Z.P.(Boys) High .School South Wing,Utkoor
29Z.P.(Boys) High School Central Hall,Utkoor
30C.P.S South Wing,Utkoor
31C.P.S South Wing,Utkoor
32C.P.S South Wing,Utkoor
33Grampanchayati Office,Utkoor
Vallampally21M.P.Primary School,Vallampalli
Veeraraghavapur159M.P.P.S,Veera Raghavapur
Wadvat80Z P H S North Wing,Wadwat
81Z.P.High School South Wing,Wadwat
Warkur47M.P.U.P.S North Wing,Warkur
48M.P.U.P.S( New Building),Warkur
Yeklaspur215M P P S Narth Wing,Yeklaspur
Yellampally200M.P.P.S East Wing,Yellampally

Last Updated on August 22, 2014

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