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Polling Station List Mahbubnagar Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Mahbubnagar

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
A P Industries Area189Dist Industries Center Office Room,Industrial Area
Allipur220Mpps North Wing 1St And 2 Nd Class Room,Allipur
Appannapalli241M P Primary East Wing,Appannapally
Appannapally242Primary School (West Wing),Appannapally
Appayapalli228Mandal Prishad Primary School 4Th Class West Wing,Appayapally
Ayodyanagar7Gram Panchayath Building,Ayodya Nagar
Bandamidi Pally204Upper Primary School Bandameedi Pally 7Th Class,Bandameedipally
205Mpups Bandameedi Pally 6Th Class,Bandameedi Pally
Bandamidipally206Revenue Ward Bandameedipally Purapalaka Sangam Mah,Bandameedi Pally
207Anganwadi Kendram Bandameedi Pally,Bandameedi Pally
Bandla Geri130Dist Medical Health Office Old Hospital Right Room,Banla Geri
131Dist Medical Health Office Old Hospital,Bandla Geri
Bandlageri154District Medical Health Office Stationary Room,Bandlageri
155Dist.Medical Health Office Seo Room,Bandlageri
Bokkalonipalli229Mpps 2Nd Class,Bokkaloni Pally
Bokkalonipally230Mpups, 5Th Class,Divitipally
Boyapalli44Mandala Parishth Primary School,2Nd Class,Boyapally
45Zphs South Wing 7Th Class,Boyapally
Boyapally46Zphs, North Wing 10Th Class,Boya Pally
Buddharam26Mandal Parishad Uppar Primary School East Wing,Buddaram
Budharam27M P Upper Primary School(South Wing),Buddaram
Central Library153Govt.Prassoti Shishu Sankshema Kendram,Bandala Geri
158Dist Library Reading Hall South Wing,Central Library
159Dist Library Reading Hall West Wing,Hanumanpura
Chinnadarpalli37Zilla Parishad High School,Chinnadar Pally
38Central Primary School,Chinnadarpally
Chirmalkucha Tanda39Mandala Parishath Primary School,Chirmal Kucha Thanda
Chirstainpally209Mvs Govt Degree College East Wing,Christean Pally
Choudar Pally223Mpps South Wing,Chowdarpally
Chrishtian Pallymarlu216Govt Primary School 3Rd Class,Teachers Colony
Christian Pallymarlu219Govt Primary Schooldining Hall Palkondaroad2Ndclas,Marlu
Christianpallymarlu218Govt Primary School 2Nd Class U/M,Marlu
Collector Bunglow Area105Community Hall Monappa Gutta,Collector Bunglow Cross Road
106Dist Bc Hostel (Girls),Collector Bunglow Cross Road
107Dist Bc Hostal(Girls),Collector Bangla Cross Road
108Dist Sc Hostel (Girls) North Wing,Collector Bunlow
Collector Bunglow Cross Road109Dist Sc Hostel (Girls)New Collector Banglow South,Collector Bunglow Cross Road
Crishtian Pally208Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School South Wing,Christean Pally
210Mvs Govt Junior College West Wing,Christian Pally
214Mvs Jr College Room 8,Christean Pally
215Govt Primary School,4Th Teacharas Colony (Marlu),Teachers Colony
Crishtian Pallybhageeratha Colony211Mvs Jr College Room 1,Christian Pally
Crishtian Pallymarlu213Mvs Jr College Room No 7,Christean Pally
217Govt Primary School 3Rd Class Room Urdu Medium,Marlu
Cristianpallybhageeratha Colony212Mvs Jr College Room No 2,Christean Pally
Dhachakpalli29Mandal Parishat Primary School,Dachak Palli
Dharmapur221Zphs North Wing 8Th Class,Dharamapur
222Zphs 9Th Class B Section,Dharmapur
Divitipalli247M P Upper Primary School Room.1St,2Nd Class,Divitipally
Doddalonipalli47Mpps East Wing,Doddalonipally
48Mpps West Wing,Doddalonipally
Doddalonipally49Revenue Ward Doddalonipally Purapalaka Sangam Maha,Doddalonipalli
Fatehpur40Mandal Parishad Primary School Fathepur North Wing,Fathe Pur
Fathepur41Mandal Parishad Primary School (South Wing),Fathepur
Guddimalkapur28M P U P S East Wing New Building,Gudimlkapur
Gundyal8Central Primary School (South Wing) Gundyal,Gundyal
9Central Primary School (West) Wing,Gundyal
Hanman Pura171Road Transport Office Main Hall,Hanman Pura
Hanuman Pura169Govt.Girls High School U/M Konapalamuru Room No 2,Kona Palamoor
170Road Transport Office Mvi Room,Hanman Pura
Hanwada15Mandal Parishad Primary School (East Wing),Hanwda
16Manda Parishad Primary School (West Wing),Hanwada
17Zilla Parishath High School U/M,(East Wing),Hanwada
18Zilla Parishad High Urdu Medium (West Wing),Hanwada
I Town Police Station162Govt.High School M G Road Room No 5,1 Town Police Station
163Govt.High School(Girls) Konapalamur U/M 10Th C/R,Kona Palamoor
Ibrahimbad23Central Primary School(North Wing),Ibrahim Bad
24Central Primary School, (South Wing),Ibrahimbad
Industrial Area186Dist.Industries Centre(Documentory) Hall,Industries Area
187Dist.Industries Centre(Ipos Hall),Industries Area
188Dist Irrigation Devolopment Office,Industrial Area
190Dist Irrigation Development Office,Industries Area
Jainnalli Pur42Mandala Parishath Primary School,South Wing,Jainallipur
43Mandala Parishath Primary School (North Wing),Jainallypur
Jamistapur224Mpps 5Th Class West Wing,Jamistapur
225Mpps (East Wing) 5Th Class,Jamistapur
Kidwai Pet129Dy. Excutive Engeneer Rws Sub-Division M.Nagar,Kidwaipet
Kistampally5Mandal Parishad Primary School (West Wing),Kishtampally
Kodur226Z P H S 8 Th Class South Wing,Kodur
227Zphs 9Th Class North Wing,Kodur
Kona Palamoor164Govt High School(Girls Kona Palamur T/M 10Th Class, Konapalamoor
167Govt.High School(Girls)Kona Palamuru T/M 9Th Class,Konapalamuru
Konagattu Pally21Zilla Parishath High School,Konagattupally
Konapalamoor165Govt.High School,Mg Road Room No 6,1 Town Police Station
Konapalamuru168Govt.High School 9Th Class Makka Masjid,Veeranna Pet
Kota-Kadir56Mpps South Wing,Kotakadira
Kota-Kadira55Mandal Parishath Primary School(North Wing),Kotakadira
Kotha Pet35Zilla Parishath High School ( North Wing) T/M,Kothapet
36Zilla Parishad High School (South Wing),Kothapeta
Kummari Wadi143Govt.Primary School Madina Masjid Room No 6,Madina Majid
156Govt.Upper Primary School 5Th Class,Kummarivadi
157Govt.Upper Primary School 3Rd To 4Th Class,Kummarivadi
Lingannapally10Mandala Parishath Primary School,Lingannapally
Machanpalli60Mpups South Wing,Machan Pally
61Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School North Wing,Machan Pally
Madharam13Mandala Parishad Primary Schoolold Build( North),Madharam
Madina Majeed140Madina Masid High School South Wing Room No 17,Madina Masjid
141Madina Masid High School South Wing Room No.16,Madina Masjid
142Govt Primary School.Madinamasjid Office Room,Madina Majid
Market Road132Govt.Girls High School Market Road ,7Th U/M,Market Road
133Govt. High School Market Road ,Staff Room,Market Road
Munimoksham11Zilla Parishath High School North Wing,Munimoksham
12Zilla Parishad High School (South Wing),Munimoksham
Naginonipally22Mandal Parishath Primary School,Naginonipally
New Gunj110Valmiki Vidyalaya North Wing K C Road,New Ganj
111Valmiki Vidyalaya North Wing K C Road,New Ganj
112Shubodaya Public School West Wing,New Ganj
113Shubodaya Public School West Wing 3Rd Class,New Gunj
114Jandra Samajam Community Hall K C Road,New Gunj
115Govt Primary School Kc Road,New Gunj
116Rythu Vishrinthi Bava Near Entrance Gate (South Wi,New Gunj
117Agriculture Market Office Main Hall,New Ganj
119Asst Director Agril Marketing Committy,New Gunj
120Acharya Ng Ranga Agricalchar Univarcity Main Hall,New Gunj
New Mothinagar64Govt High School 8Th T/M,Mothinagar
65Govt High School 9Th Class T/M,Mothi Nagar
Newgunj118Govt Primary School K.C Road,New Ganj
Oblayapally57Mpps East Wing,Oblayipalli
Old Mothinagar66Govt High School 8Th Class U/M,Mothingar
67Govt .High School U/M 9Th Class,New Mothi Nagar
68Ymca Health Center,New Mothi Nagar
Pal Konda231Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School(East Wing),Palkonda
Palkonda232Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School (North Wing),Palakonda
Palsab Gutta89Govt Basic Practicing High School, (Room No 3),New Town
90Telangana Non Gazetted Office Union Building North,Railway Station Road
91Telangana Non Gazetted Office Union Building South,Railway Station Road
92Modern High School (North Wing) Room No.12 Class 2,Railway Station Road
93Modern High School (South Wing) Room No.1 B Secti,Railway Stiation Road
Pata Palamuru160Govt Primary School Harijan Wada South Wing,Patha Palamur
Patha Palamoor166Govt High School M.G.Road (West Wing),Dobi Wada
Patha Palamuru161Govt.Primary School West Wing Harijan Wada,Patha Palamuru
Pedda Darpalli34Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School (North Wing),Pedda Darpally
Pedda Darpally33Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School (West Wing),Peddadarpally
Police Line69Govt High School Room No 2,Police Line
70Govt High School Room 3,Police Line
71Govt High School Room 7,Police Line
Politechnic Area181Govt Polytechnic College Qic,Polytechnic Area
182Govt Polytechnic College Hostel Building No.1,Polytechnic Area
183Govt Polytechnic College Hostelbuilding Roomno 15,Polytechnic Area
184Govt Polytechnic College ,Hostel Bulding No.17,Polytechnic Area
185Govt.Polytechnic College,Hostel Building Roomno32,Polytechnic Area
Polytechnic Area178Govt Polytechnic College,Lecturur Hall No.11,Polytechnic Area
179Govt Polytechnic Lecturur Hall No.12,Polytechnia Area
180Govt Polytechnic College Meeting Hall,Polytechnic Area
Pothan-Pally58Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School North Wing,Pothanpally
59Mandal Prishad Upper Primary School South Wing,Pothan Pally
Rajendera Nagar74Govt Jr College (B) Room No 40,Rajendra Nagar
Rajendra Nagar72Govt High School Shah Bazar 10Th Class,Rajendra Nagar
73Govt High School Shah Bazar(Boys) 9Th Class Room,Rajendra Nagar
75Govt Jr College(B) Room No 41,Rajendra Nagar
76Govt.High School 8Th Class,Rajendra Nagar
77Govt.High School(Hm) Room Shabazar,Rajendranagar
78Govt.Jr College(Boys) Room No 44,Rajendra Nagar
79Govt.Jr College Boys Rom No 45,Rajendranagar
80Dist Vocational Education College (South Wing)Rn40,Rajendranagar
83Rishi Vidyalaya High School Kamala Nehru Colony,Rajendra Nagar
84Jalajam Junior College Bayamma Thota Room No.1,Rajendra Nagar
85Jalajam Junior College Bayamma Thota Roo Room No5,Rajendra Nagar
86Apex Central School,Room No.3,Bayamma Tota Rajendar Nagar
87Govt Basic Practicing High School Room No 1,New Town
88Govt.Basic Practicing High School Room.No.4,New Town
Rajendranagar81Rishi Vidyalaya High School Kamala Nehrunorth Wing,Bayammathota
82Govt Jr College (B) Room No 47,Rajendranagar
Ramaiah Bowli148Govt.Primary School Staff Room,Ramayya Bouli
149Governamet Primary School Office Room(West Wing),Ramayya Bouli
150Governament Primary School U/M 5Th Class,Ramayya Bouli
151Govt. Primary School U/M 4Th Class,Ramaiah Bouli
152Nagarjuna High School Principal Room,Central Library
Ramannapally4Mandal Parishath Primary School West Wing,Ramannapally
Ramchandrapur62Zilla Parishath High School West Wing,Ram Chandrapur
63Zilla Parishath High School East Wing,Ram Chandra Pur
Ravindra Nagar144Chanikya Talent School Nursary Class Room,Ravindra Nagar
145Chanikya Talent School L.K.G Class Room,Ravindra Nagar
146Govt Model Basic High School 9Th Class,Vepoor Geri
Sallonipally19Zilla Parisath High School U/M 9Th Room(West Wing),Sallonipally
20Zilla Parishad High School 10Th Class Room,Sallonipally
Shah Shab Gutta94N P Subha Reddy Central School East Wing Ss Gutta,Shah Shab Gutta
96N P Subha Reddy Central School West Wing S S Gutta,Shashab Gutta
98Vasavi Raja Prathap College Of Education Room.2,Shah Shab Gutta
99Vasavi Raja Paratap College Of Education Room No.4,Shah Shab Gutta
100Vasavi Raja Pratap College Of Education Room No. 6,Shah Shab Gutta
101Vasavi Raja Prathap Collage Of Ed Conference Hall,Shah Shab Gutta
102Govt High School U/M (North Wing),Shah Shab Gutta
103Govt High School,U/M Southwing,Shah Shab Gutta
Shah Shah Gutta104Govt Primary School U/M Room.05,Shah Shab Gutta
Shahshab Gutta95N P Subha Reddy Central School North Wing,Shah Shab Gutta
97N P Subha Reddy Central School West Wing Ss Gutta,Shah Shab Gutta
Shaikpally6Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Shaikpally
T D Gutta127Mbc High School Lkg And Ukg Class Room,Mbc Compound
128Mbc High School 10Th Class A Section,Mbc Compound
Tankara30Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School 4Th Class,Tankara
31Mandal Parishad Upperprimary School(East)1St Class,Tankara
32M P Upper Primary School (West Wing) 2Nd Class,Tankara
Thimmasanipally51Mpps West Wing,Thimasani Pally
Thirumala Devuni Gutta125Govt High School 10Th Class T/M New Bulding,Tirmal Dev Gutta
Timmasaanipalle50Mandala Parishad Primary School(East Wing),Thimmasani Pally
Tirumala Devuni Gutta121Govt High School Td Gutta 5Th Classt/Mold Building,Tirmal Dev Gutta
122Govt High School 5Th Class New Building T/M,Tirmal Dev Gate
123Govt High School 3Rd Class New Building U/M,Tirumal Dev Gate
124Govt High School(South Wing )9Th Class New Buildin,Tirmal Dev Gutta
126Govt. High School 6Th Class T/M New Building,Thirumala Devuni Gutta
Tirumalagiri25Mandal Parishath Primary School South Wing,Tirumalagiri
Veeranna Pet172Govt High School 9Th Class T/M,Veeranna Pet
173Governament Primary School U/M, 6Th Class,Yerramannu Gutta
174Govt Primary School U/M 3Rd Class,Yerramannu Gutta
175Governamentprimary School U/M , Veerannapet,Veerannapet
Veeranna Peta134New Grammerupper Primary School Ukg Classroom E/M,Veerannapet
135New Grammer Upper Primary School ,4Th Class Room ,,Veerannapet
136Govt .High School 10Th Class Room Veerannapet,Veerannapet
137Community Hall East Wing,Veerannapet
138Community Hall West Wing,Veerannapet
139Government High School,6 Th Class,Veerannapet
Veerannapet176Govt High School U/M , Veerannapet,Veerabadra Colony
177Govt High School U/M,,Veerabadra Colony
Venkatapur52Central Primary School East Wing,Venkata Pur
53Central Primary School West Wing,Venkatapur
54Angawadi School,Venkatapur
Venkateshwara Colony191Adarsha Junior College Room No 1,Venkateswara Colony
192Adarsha Junior College Room No 5,Venkateshwara Colony
193Adashra Junior College Room No 3,Venkateshwara Colony
194Balasadanandam,Meeting Hall,Mettugadda
195Bala Sadan Meetinig Hall,Mettugadda
196Bala Sadan Dining Hall Room No 1,Mettugadda
197Bala Sadan Dining Hall Room No 2,Mettugadda
198Diet College Room No 8,Mettugadda
199Diet College Room No 3,Mettugadda
200Diet College Room No 3,Mettugadda
201Diet College Room No 7,Mettugadda
202Shantiniketan High School 9Th Class,Padmavathi Colony
203Shantiniketan High School 10Th Class,Padmavathi Colony
Vepur1Zilla Parishath High School( North Wing),Vepur
2Zilla Parishath High School (South Wing),Vepur
Vepuri Geri147Govt.Mandel Basic High School 10Th Class A Section,Vepoor Geri
Vepuru3Central Primary School,Vepur
Yaronipally14Mandal Parishad Primary School North Wing,Yerroni Pally
Yedira243Zilla Parishat High School , (East Wing)10Th Clas,Yedira
244Zilla Parishath High School Yedira 9Th Class,Yedira
245M P Upper Primary School 6Th Class Room,Yedira
246Mandla Primary School Ap Houing Board Colony Yedi,Yedira
Yenugonda233Mandala Parishath Primary School (North Wing),Yenugonda
234Mpps, West Wing,Yenugonda
235Mandal Prishad Primary School South Wing,Yenugonda
236Mpps,East Wing,Yenugonda
237Zphs Room 3,Yenugonda
238Zphs Room No 2,Yenugonda
239Zphs Room No 1,Yenukonda
240Zphs 8Th Class,Yenugonda

Last Updated on August 22, 2014

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