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Polling Station List Koratla Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Koratla

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Ailapur95Jilla Parishat Sekandari School Room No-1,Ailapura
96Jilla Parishat Unatha Patashala Room No-2,Ayilapur
97Jilla Parishat Unatha Patashala Room No-3,Ayilapur
98Zillaparishath Unnatha Patashala,Ayilapura
99Gilla Parishath Unatha Patashala Room No-5,Ayilapur
100Jilla Parishat Unatha Patashala Room No-6,Ailapur
Ammakkapeta32Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School New Building,Ammakkapeta
33Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School Old Building,Ammakkapeta
Arapeta H/O Chowlamaddi232Upper Primary School North,Vellula Ramchandrampeta
233Upper Primary School Middile Wing,Vellulla
Athmakur252Zilla Parishad High School North,Kondrikarla
Athmakuur251Zilla Parishad High School East,Atmakur
253Primary School,Konaraopet H/O Kondrikarla
254Primary School,Konaraopet
Athmanagar H/O Athmakur249Primary School,Athmakur
255Primary School,Konaraopet
Bandalingapur36Zilla Parishadh High School (East),Bandalingapur
37Mandal Parishad Prymary School,Bandalingapuur
38Zilla Parishadh High School (Middle),Bandalingapuur
39Mandal Parishad Prymary School,Bandalingapuur
40Grampanchayata Karyalyam,Bandalingapur
Bardipur4Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School Room No.1,,Bardipur
Chinnametpalli110M.P.H.S Roomno-1,Chinnametpalli
111Zilla Parishad High School,Chinnametpalli
Chintalapet H/O Vempeta229Grama Panchayath Office,Arapeta H/O Chowlamaddi
Chittapur86Jilla Parishat Unnatapathashala (R No-2),Chittapur
87Jilla Parishat Unnata Patashal A R/N-2,Nagulpeta
88Z.P.H.S Roomno-3,Chittapur
Chowlamaddi230Upper Primary School East,Arpet H/O Chowlmaddi
231Upper Primary School West,Vellulla-Ram Chandrampet
Dabba30Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School (West),Dabba
31Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School (East),Dabba
Damrajpalli49Zilla Parishad Upper Primary School,Danrajpalli
50Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School East Wing,Danrajpalli
51Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School East Wing,Danrajpalli
Dharmaram89Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School South,Dharmaram
Erdandi1Mandal Parishad Prymary School,Erdandi
2Zilla Parishad High School (West),Erdandi
Errapur34Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School Old Building,Errapur
Fakeer Kondapur12Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School Room No.1,Fakir Kondapur
Godhur16Zilla Parishadh High School (West) Old Bldg.,Goduru
Godhuru15Zilla Parishadh High School (West) Old Bldg.,Goduru
17Mandal Parishadh Primary School,Goduru
18Zilla Parishadh High School (Old Bldg.),Goduru
Gorrepalli58Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Gorrepalli
Gumlapur122Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Gumlapur
Gundampalli78Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School South,Gundampalli
79Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School South,Gundampally
Ibrahimpatnam19Zilla Parishadh High School (East),Ibrahimpatnam
20Zilla Parishadh High School (South),Ibrahimpatnam
21Mandal Parishadh Primary School,Ibrahimpatnam
22Mandal Parishad Prymary School,Ibrahimpatnam
23Mandal Parishad Prymary School,Ibrahimpatnam
24Zilla Parishadh High School (West),Ibrahimpatnam
25Zilla Parishadh High School (South),Ibrahimpatnam
Indranagar Kustaapur72Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Indiranagar (Kustapur)
73Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Indiranagar (Kustapur)
Indranagar Ratnapur74Grampanchayti Karyalyam,Ratnapura,Ratnapura
Jaggasagar243Zilla Parishad High School South,Ramlatchakkapet
244Zilla Parishad High School North,Ramlatchakkapet
245Primary School,Athmakur
246Grama Panchayath Office,Rangaraopettah
Joganpalli108Z.P.H.S Roomno-1,Joganpalli
109Z.P.H.S Roomno-2,Joganpalli
Kallur102Unatha Prathamika Patashala,Kallur
Kamalanagar5Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School (East),Kamala Nagar
6Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School (West),Kamala Nagar
Kishanraopet H/O Ailapur101Pradhamika Pathashala,Kishenrowpettah H/O Ilapur
Komati Kondapur45Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School (East),Komatikondapur
46Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School (West),,Komtikondapura
Konarao Pet H/O Kondrikarla257Grama Panchayath Office,Municipal Office New Building
258Primary School,Municipal Office New Building
Kondapur H/O Bandalingapur41Umandal Parishadh Primary School,Kondapur H/O Bandalingapur
Kondhrikal256Grama Panchayath Office,Agriculture Office Agriculture Market Commite
Korutla129Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bus Stand,Korutla
130E.R.O Office, Beside P.S Gadi Kallur Road,Korutla
131Kotha Municipal Office,Korutla
132Mandal Parishad Primary School (Gadi) North,Korutla
133Zilla Parishath High School (Girls) Room,Korutla
134Z.P.H.S (Girls) Room No.2,Korutla
135Z.P.H.S.Girls Kallurroad Roomno-3,Korutla
136Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bus Stand,Korutla
137E R O Office P S Gadi Kallur Road,Korutla
138Kotha Municipal Office Room No.2,Korutla
139Mandal Parishad Primary School (Gadi), Kallur Road,Korutla
140Z P H S Girls Kallur Road Room No -4,Korutla
141Mandal Parishad Primary School (Gadi) North,Korutla
142Z P H S Girls Kallur Road Room No.5,Korutla
143G J C Girls Room No 1,Korutla
144Government Junior College (Girls), Room No. 2,Korutla
145Mandal Parishad Primary School (New) Katikawada No,Korutla
146Government Junior College (Girls), Room No. 3,Korutla
147Mandal Parishad Primary School (New) Katikawada,Korutla
148Mandal Parishad Primary School (New) Katikawada,Korutla
149Pradhamika Patashala (New) Katike Wada Room No.4,Korutla
150Mandal Parishad Primary School (New) Katikawada,Korutla
151Mandal Parishad Primary School (New) Katikawada,Korutla
152Zilla Parishad High School (Boys),Korutla
153Mandal Parishad Primary School (New) Katikawada,Korutla
154Zilla Parishad High School (Boys),Korutla
155Mandal Parishad Primary School (New) Katikawada,Korutla
156Girls Jr.College (Girls) Room No.3,Korutla
157Govt. Jr.College (Girls) Room No.4,Korutla
158Mandal Parishad Primary School (Dock Bonglow),Korutla
159Mandal Parishad Primary School (Dock Bonglow),Korutla
160Prabhutva Junior College (Boys) Room No.4,Korutla
161Government Junior College (Boys), Room No. 4,Korutla
162Prabhutva Junior College (Girls) Room No 6,Korutla
163Government Junior College (Girls), Room No. 7,Korutla
164Mandal Parishad Primary School (Dock Bonglow),Korutla
165Mandal Parishad Primary School (Dock Bonglow),Korutla
166Govt.Jr.College(Boys), Room.No.6,Korutla
167Government Junior College (Boys), Room No. 6,Korutla
168Government Junior College (Boys), Room No. 6,Korutla
169Zilla Parishad High School (Boys), Room No. 4,Korutla
170Mandal Parishad High School (U/M) Kagajpura East,Korutla
171Mandal Parishad High School (U/M) Kagajpura East,Korutla
172Mandal Parishad High School (U/M) Kagajpura East,Korutla
173Mandal Parishad Primary School Ambedkar Nagar Nort,Korutla
174Mandal Parishad High School (U/M) Kagajpura East,Korutla
175Mandal Parishad High School (U/M) Kagajpura East,Korutla
176Mandal Parishad Primary School, Gangampeta,Korutla
177Mandal Parishad High School (U/M) Kagajpura East,Korutla
178Mandal Parishad Primary School, Ambedkar Nagar,Korutla
179Mandal Parishad High School (U/M) Kagajpura Room6,Korutla
180Mandal Parisahd Primary School (Urdu Medium), Bend,Korutla
181Zilla Parishad High School (Boys), Kalwagadda, R 5,Korutla
182Mandal Parishad Primary School (Urdu Medium) Benda,Korutla
183Zilla Parishad High School (Boys), Room No. 6 Nort,Venkatraopeta
Madapur112Praadamika Patashala Roomno-1,Madapur
113Praadamika Patashala Roomno-2,Madapoor
Mallapur59Jilla Parishat Unnata Patashalar/N-2,Mallapur
60Jilla Parishat Unnata Patashalar/N-2,Mallapur
61Zilla Parishad Secondary School South,Mallapur
62Zilla Parishad Secondary School South,Mallapur
63Grampanchayti Karyalyamu,Mallapura
64Grampanchayti Karyalyam (R No- 2),Mallapur
Medipalli43Zilla Parishad High School,Meyidipalli (P)
44Grampanchayata Karyalyam,Medipalli
Metlachittaapuur242Zilla Parishad High School,Jaggasagar
Metlachittapuur241Grama Panchayath Office,Jaggasagar
Metpalli186Z,P,S,S Balikalu Turpudisha R/N-2,Metpally
187Zilla Parishad High School (Girls), East,Metpalli
188Municipal Office (New Building),Metpally
189Municipal Office, West,Metpally
190Z.P S.S U/M Uttara Disha R/N-1,Metpally
191Munisipal Karyalayamu Turpu Disha,Metpally
192Zilla Parishad High School (U/M) (New Bldg) R. 1,Met
193Zilla Parishad High School (U/M) (New Bldg) R.1,Metpally
194Municipal Office, East,Metpally
195Primary School, (Ekalavya Nagar), East,Metpally
196Primary School,(Ekalavyanagar) South,Metpally
197Agriculture Market Committee, Staff Room,Metpally
198Government Junior College (New Bldg), North Rm 4,Metpally
199Lorge Size Co-Oparative Society, East,Metpally
200Lorge Size Co-Oparative Society, South , Middle Ro,Metpally
201Lorge Size Co-Oparative Society, West, Middle Room,Metpally
202Lorge Size Co-Oparative Society, West,Metpally
203P. Junior Calashala Turpu Dishakotta Bhavanroom -2,Metpally
204Government Junior College (Old Building) West,Metpally
205Government Junior College,West,Metpally
206Government Junior College (New Building), East,Met Palli
207P. Junior Kalashala U.Disha Pathabhavanamr/N-1,Metpally
208Prabhutva Ju. Kalashala (U) Pata Bilding,Met Palli
209Prabhutva Ju. Kalashala (U) Pata Bilding (R No 3),Met Palli
210Government Junior College, North (Old Building),Metpalli
211Government Junior College, North,Met Palli
212Government Junior College, North,Met Palli
213Branch Library, North,Metpally
214Branch Library, West,Met Palli
215Zilla Parishad High School, (Boys), East,,Metpally
216Zilla Parishad High School, (Boys), West,Metpally
217Zilla Parishad High School, (Boys), West,,Met Palli
218Zilla Parishad High School, (Boys), South,,Met Palli
219Zilla Parishad High School, (Girls), South,Metpally
220Zilla Parishad High School, (Girls) South,Metpally
221Zilla Parishad High School, (Girls) South,Metpally
222Upper Primary School, Harijana Wada, Indira Nagar,Vempeta
223Zilla Parishad High School (New) West,Vempeta
224Zilla Parishad High School (New) East,Vempet
Mogilipet65Zilla Parishad Upper Primary School East,Chittapur
66Zilla Parishad High School South,Mogilipettah
67Zilla Parishad High School South,Mogilipettah
68Zilla Parishad High School South,Mogilipettah
Mohanraopet125Zilla Parishad High School,Mohan Rao Peta
127Z P H S Room No - 2,Moahanrowpettah
128Mandal Parishad Primary School,Mohan Rao Peta
Mohanraopeta126Zilla Parishad High School,Mohan Rao Peta
Mulrampur3Mandal Parishadh Primary School Room No.1, Mularam,Mularampur
Muthyampet84Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Mutyampet
85Grampanchayata Offi Ce,Mutyampet
Muthyampeta82Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School R/N-1,Mutyampet
Muthyasmpet83Mandal Parishad Upper Primary Schoolr/N-1,Mutyampet
Nadikuda69Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School South,Nadikuda
Nagulapeta119Z.P.H.S Roomno-1,Nagulpeta
120Jilla Parishat Unnata Patashal A R/N-2,Nagulpeta
Paidimadugu104Z.P.H.S Roomno-1,Paidimadugu
105Z.P H,S ( Room No 2 ),Paidimadugu
106Jilla Parishat Unnat Patashala,Roomno-3,Paidimdugu
107Jilla Parishat Unnata Patashala Roono-4,Paidimdugu
Peddapur114Unnata Patashala ,Peddapur,Peddapur
Raghavapeta81Zilla Parishad High School East,Raghavpet
Raghavpeta80Z.P.H.S. Room No -1,Raghavpet
Rajeshwar Rao Peta35Zilla Parishadh High School New Building,Rajeshwar Raopeta
Ramaraopalli H/O Peedapur115Ups, Peddapur
Ramlachakkapet247Primary School,Atmakur
248Primary School,Athmakur
Rangaraopet250Upper Primary School,Atmakur
Regunta75Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School East,Regunta
76Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School East,Reygunta
77Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School East,Reygunta
185Primary School,Metpalli
Sangem121Mandal Parishad Primary School,Sangem
Sangem Srirampur48Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Sangem Srirampur
Sarfarajpoor103Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Sarfraj Pur
Sataram90Z.P.S.S Rooomno-1,Sataram
91Zilla Parishat Unatha Patashala Room No-2,Sataram
92Z.P.S.S Room No-3,Sataram
Sattakkapally H/O Bandalingapur42Mandal Parishadh Primary School Room No.1,,Shatakkapalli H/O Bandalingapur
Sirpur70Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School East,Sirpur
71Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School East,Sirpur
Thimmapur13Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School (East),Timmapur
14Zilla Parishadh High School (West),Thimmapur
Valgonda52Zilla Parishad High School South Wing,Valgonda
Varshakonda26Zilla Parishadh High School (East) Old Bldg,Varshakonda
27Zilla Parishadh High School (East) R.No.1 New Bld,Varshakonda
28Zilla Parishadh High School (West) New Building,Varshakonda
29Zilla Parishadh High School (East) New Building,,Varshakonda
Vellulla236Zilla Parishad High School Middile Wing,Vellulla-Masayipet
237Zilla Parishad High School West,Vittampeta
Vellulla Masaipet238Grampanchayat Karyalyam,Metlachittapur
Vellulla Ramchandrampeta234Zilla Parishad High School East,Vellulla
235Primary School East,Vellulla -Masaipet
Vempalli Venkatraopeta54Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School East,Vempally Venkatraopet
55Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School North,Kojankothur/Keshapur
56Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School East,Erdandi
57Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School East,Mallapur
Vempeta225Grama Panchayath Office,Vempet
226Zilla Parishad High School,Chintalpet H/O Vemapata
227Zilla Parishad High School South,Chowlamaddi
228Zilla Parishad High School Middile Wing,Chowlmaddi
Vemulakurthi7Grama Panchayath Office,Vemulakurthi
8Zilla Parishad Secondary School (West),Vemulakurthi
9Zilla Parishadh High School, (East),Vemulakurthi
Venkatapur123Zilla Parishad High School Venkatapur,Venkatapur
124Z P H S Room No -2,Venkatapur
Venkatrao Peta184Unnata Pradamika Patashala Roomno-1,Regunta
Vitthampeta240Zilla Parishad High School West,Jaggasagar
Walgonda53Zilla Parishad High School South Wing,Valgonda
Yakeenpur116Zilla Parishad High School,Yakeen Puur
117Zilla Parishad High School,Yakeen Puur
118Z P H S Room No 2,Yakinpur
Yamapur10Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School (East),Yamapur
11Mandal Parishadh Upper Primary School (West),Yamapur
Yousufnagar93Mandal Parishad Primary School East,Yousufnagar
94Mandal Parishad Primary School West,Yousufnagar

Last Updated on August 22, 2014

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