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Polling Station List Kalwakurthy Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Kalwakurthy

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Ajilapur129M P Primari School Ajlapur (North Wing)7Th Class,Ajilapur
130M P Primari School Ajlapur (West Wing) 6Th Class,Ajilapur
Akuthotapally184Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala 10Th Class East Wi,Akuthota Pally
185Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala 8Th Class North Wi,Akuthota Pally
Amangal161Z P High School (Boys)9 Th Class,Amangal
162Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala Boys 7Th Class T/M,Aamangal
163Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala Boys,Amangallu
164Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala Boys,Amangallu
165Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Amangallu
166Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Amangal
167Mandala Parishad Meeting Hall Ew,Amangal
168Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala Boys 8Th Class T/M,Amangal
169Z P High School Boys 10Th Class T/M,Amangallu
170Mandala Parishad Office Staff Room,Amangallu
171Mandala Parishad Office Mpp Room,Amangallu
172Z P High School Boys 8Th Class T/M,Amangallu
173Z P High School Boys 9Th Class E/M,Amangallu
Andugul229M P Upper Primari School 8Th Class,Andugula
Anmaspally146M P Primari School 2Nd Class,Anmaspally
Annaboin Pally238M P Upper Primari School 7Th Class,Anneboin Pally
Antaram27M P Primari School,Antaram
Aourpally207Zilla Parishad High School 7Th Class (North Wing),Aour Pally
208Zilla Parishad High School 8Th Class(North Wing),Aour Pally
209Primary School,Nallavaaripally
Appareddipally203M P Primari School New Building (North Wing),Appa Reddy Pally
204M P Upper Primar School New Buidling 6Th Class,Appa Reddy Pally
Arka Pally232Z P High School 9Th Class (West Wing),Arka Pally
Arkapally231Z P High School 8Th Class (East Wing),Arka Pally
233M P Upper Primari School ( North Wing),Arka Pally
234M P Upper Primari School (South Wing),Arka Pally
Bandonipally134Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala West Wing,Bandonipally
Bekkera55Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Bekkera
Bhairapur127M P Prathamika Patashala 7Th Class East Wing,Bhairapur
128M P Primary School (West Wing) 1St Class,Bhairapur
Bollampally133Z P High School 8Th Class East Wing,Bollampally
Chandradana24M P Primari School 2Nd Class,Chandradana
25M P Primari School 4Th Class,Chandradana
Chandrayan Pally216M P Upper Primari School Chandrayan Pally,Chandrayan Pally
Charikonda P.P.192M P Primari School 5Th Class East Wing,Charikonda P.P
Charikonda.P.K.194M P Primari School 1St Class (East Wing),Chari Konda P.K
Charikonda.P.P193M P Primari School 7Th Class (East Wing),Charikonda P.P
Chedurvalli131M P Upper Praimari School Chedurvalli 7Th Class,Chedurupally
Chedurvally132M P Upper Primari School Chedurvalli 8Th Class,Chedurupally
Cheepununtala19Mandala Parishad Prathmika Patashala,Cheepununtala
Chellampally6Mandal Parishad Prathamika Unnata Patashala,Chellampally
Chennampally179M P Primari School(North Wing),Chennam Pally
Cherkur103M.P.P.S, Chrkur East Wing 3Rd Class,Cherkur
104M.P.Primari School, Cherkur North Wing 4Th Class,Cherkur
Chinthalapally158M P Primari School,Chinatalapally
Chowdarpally40Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Choudar Pally
102M.P.P.S Chowderpalli (New),Choederpalli
Chukkapur22Z P High School 6Th Class,Chukkapur
23Z P High School 9Th Class,Chukkapur
Devunipadkal9Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala 2Nd Class,Devuni Padkal
10M P Primari School 5Th Class,Devuni Padakal
Dilvarkhanpally H/O Irwin223M P Central Priamri School,Dilwarkan Pally
Dodlapahad210M P U P S,Dodlapahad
Ekvaypally151Z P High School (East Wing)5Th Class,Ekvaipally
Ekvyapally152Z P High School (East Wing)6Th Class,Ekvaipally
Elekatta52Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala 2Nd Class,Elikatta
Gangumarla Tanda147M P Primari School 1St Class,Gangumalla Tanda
Gattu Ippalapally41Z P High School 8Th Class,Gatti Eppalapally
42Z P High School 10Th Class,Gattu Ippala Pally
Girikothapally225M P Upper Primari School 6Th Class,Giri Kotta Pally
226M P Upper Primari School 7Th Class,Giri Kotta Pally
Gokaram123M P Primari School 2Nd Class,Gokaram
124M P Uppar Primari School 4Th Class,Gokaram
125M P Primari School Br. Building 1St Class,Gokaram
Govindayapally150Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala 1, 2 Class,Gouindaipally
Guditanda H/O Appa Reddy Pally205Mandala Parishad Primary School (New Building),Guditanda
Gundala140M P Primari School Gundala(North Wing),Gundala
Gunduru64Z P Unnata Patashala East , North 9Th Class,Gundur
65M P Upper Primari 2Nd Class (South Wing),Gundur
Irwin219Z P High School 6Th Class (West Wing),Irwin
220Z P High School 7Th Class (East Wing),Irwin
221M P Central Primari School 5Th Class (West Wing),Irwin
222M P Central Primari School (South Wing),Irwin
Jairam Tanda H/O Appa Reddy Pally206M P Primari School,Jayaram Tanda
Janga Reddy Pally32Mandal Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Jangareddy Pally
Jangareddi Pally73Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala New Building,Jangareddy Pally
Jangareddipally180M P Primari School New Building 4Th Class,Janga Reddy Pally
181M P Primari School New Building 1St Class,Janga Reddy Pally
Jeedipally50M P Primari School 4Th Class (N.W)New Building,Jeedipally
Jillella45Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Jillela
Julapally26M P Primari School,Julapally
Jupally117Z.P.H.S.Jupally (North Wing) 10Th Class,Jupally
118Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala 8Th Class,Jupally
119M.P.P.S.Jupally 1St Class,Jupalli
Kadthaal145P S Kadthal7Th Class (South Wing),Kadthal
Kadthala142P S Kadthal Staff Room (N W),Kadthal
Kalakonda217Z P High School 6Th Class (East Wing),Kalakonda
218Z P High School 9Th Class (West Wing),Kala Konda
Kalwakurthi94M P P S Jayaprakash Nagar,Jayaprakash Nagar
96Agricultur Market Committe Guest House,Kalwakurthy
Kalwakurthy75Govt. Jr. College Room No 7,Kalwakurthy
76Govt Jr College 9Th Room,Kalwakurthy
77Govt Jr College Room No 4,Kalwakurthy
78M P Primari School 1St Class Balram Nagar,Bal Ram Nagar
79M P Primari School Balram Nagar 2Nd Class,Bal Ram Nagar
80M P Primari School Balram Nagar 7Th Class,Bal Ram Nagar
81M P Primari School Balramnagar,Bal Ram Nagar
82M P Primari School Gandi Nagar South Wing,Gandhi Nagar
83M P Primari School Gandi Nagar Eastwing Middleroom,Gandhi Nagar
84M P Primari School Bokkala Kunta North Wing,Bokkala Kunta
85M P Upper Primari Schol Girls 7Thclass Newbuilding,Kalwakurthy
86M P U P S Girls 6Th Class New Building,Kalwakurthy
87Z P H S Girls 9Th Class New Building,Kalwakurthy
88Z P H S Girls New Building Staff Room,Kalwakurthy
89Govt. Jr College Meeting Room South Wing,Kalwakurthy
90Govt High School 9Th Class East Wing,Kalwakurthy
91Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala (Girls),Kalwakurthy
92Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala Girls 9Thclass T/M,Kalwakurthy
95Govt High School 7Th Class,Kalwakurthy
97M P Primari School Vidhya Nagar,Vidya Nagar
98Agriculture Market Committee Meeting Hall,Vidya Nagar
99M P Primari School Vidhyanagar,Kalwakurthy
Karkalpahad153M P Upper Primari School 1 St Class,Karkal Pad
Khadtala141Z P High School 9Th Clas A Section (South Wing),Kadthal
143Z P High School 9Th Class (East Wing) B Section,Kadthal
144Z P High School 10Th Class(North Wing),Kadthal
Khanapur30Z P High School 9Th Class,Khanapur
31Z P High School 8Th Class,Khanapur
Kolkul Pally198M P Primari School 2Nd Class (South Wing),Kolkul Pally
Kolkulpally195Z P High School 10Th Class (East Wing),Kolkul Pally
196Zilla Parishad High School 8Th Class (West Win),Kolkul Pally
197M P Primari School 4Th Class (North Wing),Kolkul Pally
Konapur156M P Upper Primari School,Kona Pur
Kotha Brahmanpally235St Gaithans High School New,Brahmanpally (New)
Kotra113M P Prathamika Unnatha Pathashala 3Rd Calss,Kotra
114M P Prathamika Unnatha Pathashala 1St Class,Kotra
Kubhya Tanda227M P Primari School 1St Class (South Wing),Kubya Thanda
228Anganwadi New Building (North Wing),Kubya Thanda
Kuppagandla107M.P.U.P.S Kuppagandla 5Th Class,Kuppagundla
109M P Prathamika Unnata Pathashala 1St Class,Kuppagandla
Kuppagandla Tanda108M.P.U.P.S Kuppagundla 7Th Class,Kuppagundla
110M.P.U.P.S New Bulding Kuppagundla 6Th Class,Kuppagundla
Kurimidda49Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala 5Th Class,Kurmidda
Lingaraopally13Mandala Parishad Pradhmikaunnata Patashala,Lingarao Pally
Lingasaani Palli66Mandala Parishad Pratamika Patasala New Building,Lingasani Pally
Madgul212Z P High School 10Th Class (West Wing),Madgul
213Z P High School 6Th Class (East Eing),Madgul
214Z P High School 8Th Class (West Wing),Madgul
Maisigandi148Grama Panchaithi Officee,Maisi Gandi H/O Kadthal
149Tribal Welfare School Staff Room,Maisi Gandi H/O Kadthal
Makthamadaram3Mandal Parishad Prathamika Unnatha Patashala,Maktha Madaram
Mangalpally159M P Upper Primari School (North Wing)New Building,Mangala Pally
160M P Upper Primari School (West Wing),Mangala Pally
Marchala46Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala New Room,Marchala
47Mandal Parishad Prathamika Patashala (South Wing),Marchala
48Mandal Parishad Prathamika Patashala Harijan Chery,Marchala
Medakpally35M P Primari School,Medakpally
Medigadda Tanda. M.174Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala(Ww,Medigadda Tanda
175M P Primari School New Building 1St Class,Medigadda Tanda
Mudvin189Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala 6Th Class South Wi,Mudvin
Mudvina191Z P High School Staff Room West Wing,Mudvin
Mudwin190Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala 8Th Class North Wi,Mudvin
Mukuraala69Mandala Parishad Prathamika Unna Patashala 4Th Cla,Mukurala
Mukurala70M P Upper Primari School 2Nd Class,Mukurala
Murthuja Pally183M P Primari School 2Nd Class,Murtujapally
Murthujapally182Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala 1St Class,Murtujapally
Nagilla199Z P High School 8Th Class (East Wing),Nagilla
200Zilla Parishad High School 10 Th Class (East Wing),Nagilla
201M P Primari School 1St Class (East Wing),Nagilla
Nallacheruvu H/O Irvin215M P Upper Primari School Nallachervu H/O Irwin,Nalla Cheruvu
Narsai Pally H/O Madgul202M P Primari School (West Wing),Narsai Palli
Nyamatapur4Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Nyamatapur
Old Brahmanpally237M P Primari School (South Wing),Brahmanpally (Old)
Padkal11Zilla Parishad High School 8Th Class,Padkal
12Zilla Parishad Unnatha Patashala 6Th Class,Padkal
Panjugula61M P Upper Primari School New Building,Panjugula
62Mandala Parishad Unnata Patashala New Building,Panjugula
Pata Brahmanpally236Mpps, Old Brahmanpally 2Nd Class,Brahmanpally (Old)
Pedda Madgula H/O Madgul211M P Primari School 2Nd Class Balaram Nagar, Madgul,Pedda Madugal
Peddapur105Zilla Parishath High School (North Wing)10Th Class,Peddapur
106Z.P.H.S Peddapur (South Wing) 8Th Class,Peddapur
Polepally177M P Primari School South Wing 6Th Class,Pole Pally
178M P Primari School North Wing,Pole Pally
Pothepally120M P Primari School 2Nd Class (East Wing),Pothepally
121M P Prathamika Patashala 2Nd Class (West Wing),Pothepalli
122M.P.Primari School Pothepally 1St Class,Pothepally
Rachuru111Z.P.H.S.Rachur 9Th Class,Rachur
112Z.P.H.S.Rachur 10Th Class,Rachur
Raghai Pally100M.P.P.S Ragaipally (Sw)3Rd Class,Raghaipally
Raghaipally101M.P.P.S., Shankerkonda Tanda,Raghai Pally
Raghupathi Peta67Zilla Parishad Unnata Patasala 6Th Class Sotuh Wi,Raghupati Pet
68Z P High School 10Thclass Narth,Eastwing 10Thclass,Raghupathi Peta
Ram Dugyala H/O Irwin224M P Primari School,Ram Dugyala
Rampur28Z P High School 9Th Class,Rampur
29Z P High School 10Th Class,Rampur
Ramununthala Tanda155Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala 1St Class,Pedda Tanda Ramununtala
Raviched1Zilla Parishad High School 8Th Class,Raviched
2Zilla Parishad High School 9Th Class,Ravi Ched
Salarpur7M P Primari School (East ),Salarpur
Salarpur Tanda8Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala (West Wing),Salarpur
Seetharamanagar Tanda186Mandal Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Seetha Nagar Tanda / Akuthota Pally
Seriappareddipalli126Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Sheri Appareddipally
Shetty Pally187Mandal Parishad Prathamika Patashala East Wing,Setti Pally
188M P Primari School (South Wing),Setti Pally
Silarpally93Primary Scholl,Silarpally
Singampally176Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Singam Pally
Suddakal57Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala 4Th Class,Suddakal
Suddapally230M P Upper Primari School,Suddapally
Talakondapally14Zilla Parishad Unnatha Patashala Dakshna Room,Talakondapally
15Zilla Prarish High School New Ground Fioor (E R),Talakondapally
16Zphs New Building Ground Flor Middil Room,Talakondapally
17Zphs 10Th New Building Ground Flor (North Room),Talakondapally
18Zilla Prarish High School New Ground Fioor (North),Talakondapally
Tandra115Z.P.H.S (South Wing)Tandra 10Th Class,Tandra
116Z.P.H.Standra 9Th Class,Tandra
Tarnikal58Mandala Parishad Prathamika Unnata Patashala 4Thcl,Tarnikal
59M P Upper Primari School 6Th Class East Wing,Tarnikal
Tarnikal Tanda60M P Prathamika Patashala 4Th Class East Wing,Tarnikal Tanda
Thimmarasi Pally74M P Upper Primar School 7Th Class,Thimmarasipally
Totapally53Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Totapally
54Z P High School 10Th Class East Wing,Totapally
Turkalapally63Primary School,Turkalapally
Vampu Guda5Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Vampuguda
Vasudevapura154M P Upper Primari School 4Th Class,Vasu Deva Pur
Veerannapally43Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Veeranna Pally
Veldanda135Z P High School (Boys) West Wing,Veldanda
136Z P High School (Boys) Veldanda(East Wing),Veldanda
137Z P High School (Girls) Veldanda 7Th Class,Veldanda
138M P Uppar Primari School New Building,Veldanda
Veljala37Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala 6Th Class,Veljala
38Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala 8Th Class,Veljala
39Z P High School 9Th Class,Veljala
Venkat Rao Pet33M P Upper Priamri School 5Th Class,Venkatrao Pet
34M P Upper Primari School 4Th Class,Venkatrao Pet
Venkatapur51Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Venkatapur
Venkatapur. P.V.36Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Venkatapur
Venldanda139Branch Librarury Veldanda Hall,Veldanda
Vepur56Mandal Parishad Prathamika Unnata Patashala,Vepur
Vittayapally157M P Upper Primari School 7Th Class,Vittayapally
Yadavelli21Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Yadavally
Yadavelly20Primary School,Chennaram
Yellikal71Z P High School 10Th Class Old Building,Yellikal
72M P Primari School 1St Class,Yellikal
Yengam Pally44Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala Old Building,Yangampalli

Last Updated on August 22, 2014

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