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Polling Station List Dubbak Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Dubbak

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Achmaipally 10Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Achmaipally
Akaram 4Zilla Parishad High School East Wing,Akaram
5Zilla Parishad High School West Wing,Akaram Dis
Akberpet 65Mandal Parishat Primary School,Khajipur
Almaspur 76Mandal Parishat Primary School,,Almaspur
Alwal 90Zilla Parishat High School(9Th Class),Alwal
91Zilla Parishat High School,Alwel(10Th Class),Alwal
Anajipur 168Zilla Parishad High School(South Wing),Anajiopur,Anajiopur
Anathsager 203Mandala Prishad Primary School,Ananthasagar
Andey 88Zilla Parishat High School(10Th Class),Andey,Andey
89Zilla Parishad High School(Staff Room),Andhey,Andey
Ankireddypally 156Mandala Parishad Primary School,Ankireddypally
Annjipur 167Zilla Parishad High School(North Wing),Anajipur
Appaipally 153Primary School,Appaipally,Appaipally
Appanapally 56Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Appanapally,Appanapally
Arepally 13Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Arepally
Arrepally Shivar Bejagam 158Zphs,Arrepally Shivar Bejagam,Bejgom(Arrepally )
Arrepally(Jaligon) 157Mpps,Arepally,Arrepally(Jaligon)
Balwanthapur 47Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Balwanthapur
Bandarupally 106Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Bandarupally
Begumpet 150Zilla Parishad High School,Begampet
Bhimrao Pally 189Primary School,Bhimraopally,Bhimraopally
Bhoompally 62Zilla Parishad High School (6Th Class E/M),Bhoompally
64Zill Parishat High School,10Th Class T/M),Bhumpally
Bhumpally 63Zilla Parishath High School(10 Th Class E/M),Boompalli
Bonal Kondapur 170Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,B Kondapur
Bonala 175Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bonal,Bonal
Boppapur 16Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Boppapur
Chandaipet 211M P P S(West Wing),Chandaipet,Chandaipet
Chandapur 122Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Chandapur
Chandhaipet 210Mandal Parishad Primary School (South Wing),Chendaipet
Cheekode 9Zilla Parishad High School East Wing,Cheekode
11Zilla Parishad High School West Wing,Cheekode
Chegunta 193Zilla Parishad High School(New Bulding)(10Tht/M),Chegunta
194Zilla Parishad High School(New Bulding)(10The/M ),Chegunta
195Zilla Parishath High School(East Wing),Chegunta
196Mandal Parishad Primary School (Nb), Chegunta,Chegunta
197Mandal Parishad Primary School South Bu Chegunta,Chegunta
Chellapur 40Zilla Parishad High School East Wing,Chellapur
41Zilla Parishad High School,West Wing,Chellapur
Chepyal 93Mandal Parishad Primary School(1St Class),Chepyal
94Mandala Parishad Primary School(2Nd Class),Chepyal
Chepyala 95M P P S(Anganwadi Kendram),Chepyala,Chepyala
Chervapur 50Mandla Parishad Upper Primary School,Chervapur
Chetla Timmaipally 213M P P S(4Th Class),Chetla Timmaipally,Chetla Timmaipally
Chetlathimmaipalli 212Mandala Parishad Primary School(West Wing),Chetlathimmaipally
Chinna Masanpally 169Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Chinnamasanp,Chinnamasanpally
Chinnadharmaram 86Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Chinnadarmaram
Chinnanizampet 21Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Chinna Nizampet
Chinnashivnur 201Mandal Prishad Primary School,Chinnashivanur
Chittapur 51Mandala Parishad Primary School , West Wing,Chittapur
52Mandal Parishat Primary School Anganiwadu Kendram,Chittapur
Chittojiopa 180Mandal Parishad Primary School,Chittojipally,Chittojipally
Choudarpally 25Mandal Parishad Primary School,Chowderpally
Deepayampally 128Mandala Parishad Primary School,Deepayipally
Dharmajipet 26Zilla Parishad High School East Wing,Dharmajipet
27Zilla Parishad High School West Wing,Dharmajipet
Dharmajipeta 28Mandala Parishad Primary School,Dharmajipet
Dommat 130Zilla Parishad High School (South Wing),Dommat
Dommata 129Zilla Parishad High School (North Wing),Dommat
Doultabad 126Zilla Parishad High School (Boys)(East Wing),Doulthabad
127Zilla Parishad High School (Boys) (West Wing),Doulthabad
Dubbaka 32Mandal Parishad Office, Dubbak,Dubbak
33Mandal Parishad Primary School (Girls) East Wing,Dubbak
34Mandal Parishath Primary School No 1 East Wing,Dubbak
35Mandal Parishath Primary School No 1West Wing,Dubbak
36Govt Junior College East Wing,Dubbak
37Govt Junior College West Wing,Dubbaka
38Govt High Schcool, North Wing,Dubbak
39Govt High School South Wing,Dubbak
Dumpalapally 45Zilla Parishad High School East Wing,Dumpalapallty
46Zilla Parishad High School West Wing,Dumpalapally
Enagurthy 17Zilla Parishad High School North Wing,Yenagurthy
Enagurty 18Zilla Parishat High School South Wing,Yenagurthy
Etigaddakistapur 114Zilla Parishad High School,(North Wing),Ytigaddakishtapur
115Zilla Parishad High School,(South Wing),Yetigaddakishtapur
Gajulapally 131Mandala Parishad Primary School,Gajulapally
Gambheerpur 2Mpps,South Wing , Ghambeerpur,Gambhir Pur
Gambhirpur 1Mpps,South Wing , Ghambeerpur,Gambhir Pur
Ghanpur 104Zilla Parishad High School(East Wing),Ghanapur
105Zilla Parishad High School(West Wing),Ghanapur
Godugupally 125Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Godugupally
Gollapalli 205Mandal Prishad Primary School,Golapally
Gollapally 147Mandala Parishad Primary School,Gollaram,Gollapally
Gosanpally 7Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Gosanpally
Govardanagiri 98Mandala Parishat Upper Primary School,Govardhanagiri
Govindhapur 173Mandala Parishad Primary Schoolgovindapur,,Govindapur
Gudikandula 96Zilla Parishad High School,Gudikandula
97Mandal Parishat Primary School,Gudikandula
Guvvaligi 171Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Guvvalehi
Habshipur 48Zilla Parishad High School (East Wing),Habsipur
49Zilla Parishad High School West Wing,Habsipur
Hasanmeerapur 57Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Hasanmeerapur,Hasanmeerapur
Ibrahimpur 177Zilla Parishad High School(West Wing),Ibrahimour
178Zilla Parishad High School (East Wing),Ibrahimpur
Indupriyal 141Zilla Parishad High School(South Wing),Indupriyal
142Zilla Parishad High School,Indupriyal
Jangapally 74Mandala Parishadprimary School 3Rd Class,Janjapally
75Mandal Parishad Primary School.4Th Class,Jangapally
Kammarpally 12Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Kammarpally
Kangal 102Zilla Parishad High School(10Th Class),Kangal
103Zilla Parishath High School(Staff Room),Kangal,Kangal
Karimnager H/O Rampur 204Zilla Parishad High School New Building,Karimnagar
Karnalpally 202Mandala Prishad Primary School,Karnalpally
Kasanpalli 215Mandal Prishad Primary School,Kasanpally,Kasanpally
Kasulabad 68Zilla Parishath High School (9Th Class),Kasulabad
69Zila Parishad High School ( 10Th Class),Kasulabad
Khajipur 72Mandal Parishat Primary School,Khajipur
73Mandal Parishat Primary School,Khajipur
Konaipally 174Mandal Parishad Primary School,Konaipally
Konapur 137Mandala Parishad Primary School,Konapur
Kondapur 87Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Kondapur,Kondapur
Kothapally 160Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School (North Wing),Kothapally
161Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School (South Wing),Kothapally
Kudavelly 61Mandala Parishadprimary School,Kudavelly
Lachapeta 29Zilla Parishad High School North Wing,Lachapet
30Zilla Parishad High School South Wing,Lachapet
Laxminagar 85Mandala Parishat Upper Primary School,Laxminagar
Lingaipally Thanda 124Mandala Parishad Primary School,Lingaipally Thanda
Lingampet 119Mandala Parishad Primary School,Lingampet
Lingapur 99Mandala Parishat Upper Primary Scholl,Lingapur
100M P U P S(6Th Class),Lingapur,Lingapur
Lingarajpally 134Mandala Parishad Primary School,Lingarajpally
Lingareddy Pally 159Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Lingareddipal,Lingareddypally
Lingupally 92Mandala Parishat Primary School,Lingupally
Machanpally 144Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Machanpally
Makkarajpet 206Zilla Prishad High School (West Wing),Makkarajpet
207Zilla Prishad High School(Eas Wing),Makkarajpet
Mallaipally 31Mandala Parishad Primary School,Mallaipally
Mallupalli 79Mandala Parishath Primary School 1St Class,Mallupally
Mallupally 80M P P S(5Th Class),Mallupally,Mallupally
Manthur 166M P P S(South Wing),Manthur,Manthur
Mantoor 165Mandala Parishad Primary School,Manthur(North Wing,Mantoor
Mirdoddy 81Zilla Parishad High School 6Th Class E/M,Mirdodd,Mirdoddy
82Zilla Parishad High School 6Th Class, T/M)Mirdoddi,Mirdoddy
83Zilla Parishad High School(Boys)Eastwing, Mirdoddi,Mirdoddi
84Zilla Parishad High School(Boys)Westwing, Mirdoddi,Mirdoddi
Mohd.Shapur 123Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Mohmadshapur
Mothe 66Zilla Parishat High School (6Th Class),Mothey
Mothey 67Zilla Parishat High School 10Th Class,Mothey
Mubaraspur 135Zilla Parishad High School(North Wing),Mubaraspur
136Zilla Parishad High School(South Wing),Mubaraspur
Nagaram 23Mandala Parishad Primary School,Nagaram
Narsampalli 181Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Narsampally
Narsampally (Pd) 143Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Narsampally (Pd)
Narsingi 182Zilla Parishad High School(6Th Class,New Building),Narsing
183Zilla Parishad High School (8Th Classnew Building),Narsing
185Zilla Parishad High School,10Th (New Building),Narsing
187Mandal Parishad Primary School, (St Class) Narsing,Narsing
Padmanabhampally 60Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Padmanabhampally
Pallepahad 111Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School(6Th Class),Pallepahad
Pedda Masanpally 110Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Peddamasanpally
Peddagundavelli 54Zilla Parishad High School,West Wing,Peddagundavelli
Peddagundavelly 53Zilla Parishad High School, East Wing,Peddagundavelly
55Mandal Parishad Primary School,Peddagundavelly
Peddashivnur 208Mandala Parishad Primary School,Peddashivanur
Polampalli 198Mandala Parishad Primary School,Polampally
Potaram 8Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Potharam
Potareddypet 19Zilla Parishad High School South Wing,Pothareddipet
Pothanpalli 214Mandal Prishad Upper Primary School,Pothanpally,Pothanpally
Pothanshetpally 209Primary School,Pothashettipally,Pothashettipally
Pothareddypet 20Zilla Parishad High School North Wing,Pothareddipet
Pulimamidi (Kishtapur) 176Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Pulimamidi
Ragothampally 6Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Raghothampally
Rajakkapet 42Mandal Parishath Primary School(North Wing),Rajakkapet
43Mandal Parishath Primary School (South Wing),Rajakkapet
Ramakkapet 14Zilla Parishad High School South Wing,Ramakkapet
15Zilla Parishad High School North Wing,Ramakkapet
Ramaram 145Mandala Parishad Primary School,Ramaram(North Wing,Ramaram
146M P P S(South Wing),Ramaram,Ramaram
Ramasagar 155Zila Parishad High School(South Wing),Ramasagar,Raamsagar
Rameshampally 24Zilla Parishad High School, Rameshampally,Rameshampally
Ramsagar 154Zilla Parishad High School(North Wing),Ramasagar,Ramsagar
Rayapole 162Zilla Parishad High School (East Wing),Raipol
163Zilla Parishad High School (West Wing),Raipol
Reddipalli 190Zilla Parishad High School (East Wing),Reddypally
191Zilla Parishad High School (West Wing),Reddypally
Rudraram 70Zilla Parishad High School (9Th Class),Rudraram
71Zilla Parishat High School (10Th Class),Rudraram
Rukmapur 179Mandal Parishad Primary School,Rukmapur,Rukmapur
Sherpally Bandaram 138Mandal Parishad Primary School, Seripallybandaram,Sheripally Bandaram
Shilajinagar 3Mpps ,Shilajinagar,Shilajinagar
Surampally 132Mandal Parishad Primary School, Surampally(Nw),Surampally
133Mandal Parishad Primary School, Surampally(S.W),Surampally
Tallapally 22Mandal Parishat Primary School,Tallapally
Thimmapur 58Zilla Parishad High School East Wing,Thimmapur
59Zilla Parishad High School,West Wing,Thimmapur
Timmakpally 164Mandala Parishad Primary School,Thimmakapally
Tirmalapur 139Zilla Parishad High School(North Wing),Tirumalapur
Tirumalapur 140Zilla Parishad High School(South Wing),Tirumalapur,Tirumalapur
Toguta 116Zilla Parishad High School (East Wing),Thoguta
117Zilla Parishad High School (West Wing),Thoguta
118Mandala Parishad Primary School,Thoguta
Tukkapur 109Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Thukkapur
Upperpaalli 172Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,,Upperpally
Vadiyaram 199Mandal Parishad High School10 Th Class North Wing,Wadiyaram
200Zilla Parishad High School(New Bulding North Wing),Wadiyaram
Vallabha Pur 186Mandal Parishad Primary School,Vallabapur
Vallur 188Mandala Parishad Primary School,Vallur
Veerareddy Pally 78M P U P S(5Th Class),Veerareddy Pally,Veerareddy Pally
Veerareddypally 77Mandala Parishat Upper Primary School,Virareddypally
Vemulaghat 112Zilla Parishad High School (North Wing),Vemulaghat
113Zilla Parishad High School (South Wing),Vemulaghat
Venkatraopet 120Zilla Parishad High School,East Wing,Venktraopet
121Zilla Parishad High School,West Wing,Venkatraopet
Vullitimmaipalli 192Mandala Parishad Primary School,Ullithimmaipally,Ullithimmaipally
Waddepally 148Zilla Parishad High School,Vaddepally(North Wing,Waddeepally
149Zilla Parishad High School,Vaddepally(South Wing),Waddepally
Yelkal 151Mandala Parishad Primary School,(North Wing),Yelkal
152Mandala Parishad Primary School,Yelkal(South Wing),Yelkal
Yellapur 44Mandala Parishad Primary School,Yellapur
Yellareddypet 107Zilla Parishad High School (East Wing),Yellareddypet
108Zilla Parishad High School (West Wing),Yellareddypet
Zaptilingareddypally 101Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Zapthilingareddypally

Last Updated on August 22, 2014

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