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Polling Station List Bhadrachalam Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Bhadrachalam

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Abhicherla 190Mpps Pakka Bhavanam, Abhicherla,Abhicherla
Alligudem 207Itda Ps Alligudem,Alligudem
Alubaaka 41Z P S S Alubaka,Alubaka
42Z P S S Alubaka,Alubaka
Anju Baaka 95Mpps Anjubaka,Anjubaka
Arla Gudem 100Itda Ashram School, Arlagudem,Arlagudem
Arlagudem 99Itda Ashram School, Arlagudem,Arlagudem
101Itda Ashram School, Arlagudem,Arlagudem
Arunachala Puram 18Anganwadi Centre, Arunachalapuram,Arunachalapuram
Atchutha Puram 98Mandal Parishad Primary School,Atchuthapuram
B.Kothagudem 111Mpups B Kothagudem,B Kothagudem
Bairagulapadu 96Mpps Bairagulapadu,Bairagulapadu
Bhadrachalam 122Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bhadrachalam
123Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bhadrachalam
124Govt Jr College, Bhadrachalam, Bhadrachalam
125Govt Jr College, Bhadrachalam, Bhadrachalam
126Zpgs School, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
127Zpgs School, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
128Govt Jr College, Bhadrachalam, Bhadrachalam
129Govt Jr College, Bhadrachalam, Bhadrachalam
130Asw Office, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
131Sc Boys Hostel, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
132St Womens Dining Hall, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
133St Womens Dining Hall, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
134St Womens Dining Hall, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
135St Womens Dining Hall, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
136Dy E E, R And B Office, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
137Dy E E, R And B Office, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
138Zpgs School, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
139Zpgs School, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
140E E R And B Office, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
141M P D O Office, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
142M P D O Office, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
143Divisional Forest Office Main Hall,Bhadrachalam
144Divisional Forest Office Main Hall,Bhadrachalam
145Tribal Welfare College Of Teachers Education,Bhadrachalam
146Tribal Welfare College Of Teachers Education,Bhadrachalam
147Mpps Seetharamnagara, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
148Mpps Seetharamnagara, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
149Mpps Seetharamnagara, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
150Nannapaneni Zp School, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
151Ttc Charla Road, Bhadrahalam,Bhadrahalam
152Nannapaneni Zp School, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
153Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bhadrachalam
154Nannapaneni Zp School, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
155Nannapaneni Zp School, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
156Nannapaneni Zp School, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
157Nannapaneni Zp School, Bhadrachalam,Bhadrachalam
Bhagavanpuram 191Girijana Primary School,Bhagavanpuram
Boddugudem 213Itda Aups Boddugudem,Boddugudem
Bojjaraigudem 189Mpps Bojjaraigudem,Bojjaraigudem
Chandrupatla 5Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Chandrupatla
Charla 55Govt Jr College, Charla,Charla
56Govt Jr College, Charla,Charla
57Govt Jr College, Charla,Charla
Chatti 214Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Chatti
215Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Chatti
Cherla 51Zilla Parishad Secondary School, Girls, Charla,Charla
58Govt Jr College, Charla,Charla
Cherukuru 9Mpps Cherukuru,Cherukuru
Chidumuru 216Mpps Chidumuru,Chidumuru
China Bandirevu 83Mpps Chinna Bandirevi,Chinna Bandirevi
Chinagollagudem 4Mandal Parishad Primary School,Chinagollagudem
Chinna Nallaballi 90Mpps East Wing Chinna Nallaballi,Chinna Nallaballi
Chinna Nalllaballi 89Mpps East Wing Chinna Nallaballi,Chinna Nallaballi
Chinnamattapalli 246Mpps Chinna Mattapally,Chinna Mattapally
Chinnapolipaka 182Mpps Polipaka,Polipaka
Chintalagudem 119Anganwadi Centre, Chinthalagudem,Chinthalagudem
Chintha Kunta 60Mpps Chinthakunta,Chinthakunta
Chinthaguppa 77Girijana Vidya Vikasa Kendram, Chinthaguppa,Chinthaguppa
Chintoor 10Mpps Chinturu,Chinturu
Chinturu 218Zpss West Wing, Chintur,Chintur
219Zpss West Wing, Chintur,Chintur
Chiruthapalli 23T.W.A.P.S, Chirutapally,Chiruthapalli
Chodavaram 163Mpps Chodavaram,Chodavaram
Chuturu 224Mpps Chuturu,Chuturu
Danavaipeta 75Mpups Danvaipeta,Danvaipeta
Deverapalli 80Mpups Devarapally,Devarapally
Dosillapalli 52Mandal Parishad Primary School, Dosillapalli,Dosillapalli
Dummu Gudem 92Zphs Dummugudem,Dummugudem
Edira 45Mpups Edhira,Edhira
G. Maredu Bakaa 108Mpps G Maredubaka,G Maredubaka
G.Puliboinapalli 61Mandal Parishad Primary School, G.Puliboinapalli,G.Puliboinapalli
Gangolu 102Mpps Gangolu,Gangolu
Gannavaram 175Mpps Kotha Gannavaram.,Gannavaram
176Mpps Kotha Gannavaram.,Gannavaram
Ganneru Koyapadu 178Zpss G Koyyapadu,G Kompadu
Gannerukoyapadu 177Zpss G Koyyapadu,G Kompadu
Gommugudem 71Mpups Gommugudem,Gommugudem
Gompallli 59Mpups Gompalli, Gompalli
Gowraram 87Ashram School, Gouraram,Gouraram
Guduru 225Aups Guduru,Guduru
Gumadi Doddi 12Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Gummadidoddi
Gundu Gudem 242Mpups Gundugudem,Gundugudem
Jagannadhapuram 16Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Jagannadhapuram
Jaggavaram 196Mandal Parishad Primary School,Jaggavaram
197Mandal Parishad Primary School,Jaggavaram
Jangalapalli 15G P School, Jangalapalli,Janglapalli
Jeediguppa 258Mpps Jeediguppa,Jeediguppa
K Kondapuram 44Mpps K Kondapuram,K Kondapuram
K. Lakshmipuram 86Mpps K Laxmipuram,K Laxmipuram
K. Narayanapuram 159Itda Ashram School, K N Puram,K N Puram
K.Narayanapuram 160Itda Ashram School, K N Puram,K N Puram
Kachavaram 184Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Kachavaram
Kaliveru 65Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Kaliveru,Kaliveru
Kalleru 220Itda Ashram School, Kalleru,Kalleru
Kammarigudem 32Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kammarigudem
Kannaigudem 117Mpps Kannaigudem,Kannaigudem
243Mpps Kannaigudem,Kannaigudem
Kapavaram 169Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Kapavaram
Kasinagaram 91Mpps Kasinagaram, Kasinagaram
Konda Raju Peta 202Mpps Kondrajupeta,Kondrajupeta
Kongala 17Girijana Primary School,Kongala
Koornapalli 70Mpps Kurnapally,Kurnapally
Kotarigommu 259Mpps, Kotarigommu,Kotarigommu
Kothadharmaram 6Zpss Kothadharmaram,Kotha Dharmaram
7Zpss Kothadharmaram,Kotha Dharmaram
Kothapalli 63Mpups Kothapalli,Kothapalli
112Itda Ashram School Kothapally,Kothapally
226Mpps Kothappaly,Kothapally
Kothuru 48Mpps C Kothuru,C Kothuru
Koyyuru 46Mpps Koyyuru,Koyyuru
Krishnapuram 1Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Krishnapuram
Kudunuru 76Mpups Kudunuru,Kudunuru
Kummuru 211Mpups Kummuru,Kummuru
Kunavaram 198Zphs Kunavaram,Kunavaram
199Zphs Kunavaram,Kunavaram
Kunduluru 238Itda Ghs Kunduluru,Kunduluru
Kuturu 192Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Kuturu
Lachigudem 115Mpps Latchigudem,Lachigudem
Lakshmi Nagaram 97Ashram Girls High School,K Regubally At Laxminagaram
Lakshmipuram 8Mpups Laxmipuram,Laxmipuram
167Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Laxmipuram
168Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Laxmipuram
Latchi Gudem 116Tribal Welfare Ashram Upper Primari Boys School,Latchigudem
Laxminagaram 30T W A H S, Laxminagaram,Laxminagaram
Lingapuram 62Mpups Lingapuram,Lingapuram
M P P S Jallivarigudem 239Mpps Jallivarigudm,Jallivarigudem
M P P School Ramavaram 237Mpps Ramavaram,Ramavaram
Mahadevapuram 94Mandal Parishad Primary School,Mahadevapuram
Mahithapuram 24Mandal Parishad Primary School,Mahithapuram
Malle Thota 235Itda Aups Mallethota,Mallethota
Mallethota 234Itda Aups Mallethota,Mallethota
Mamidigudem 78Mpups Mamidigudem,Mamidigudem
Maraigudem 113Mpps Maraigudem,Maraigudem
Marrigudem 27Mandal Parishad Primary School,Marrigudem
195Zphs Marrigudem,Marrigudem
Mothugudem 227Zpss Mothugudem,Mothugudem
228Zpss Mothugudem,Mothugudem
Mukunuru 232G P Ofice, Mukunuru,Mukunuru
Mulakanapalli 240Itda G P S Mulakanapally,Mulakanapalli
Mulakapadu 93Mpps Mulakapadu,Mulakapadu
Murumuru 21Mpps Murumuru,Murumuru
181Mpps New Building, Murumuru,Murumuru
Nadikudi 103Mpps Nadikudi,Nadikudi
Nallakunta 174Itda Asharam School, Nallakunta,Nllakunta
Nandigamapadu 179Zpss Nandigampadu,Nandigmpadu
180Zpss Nandigampadu,Nandigmpadu
Narakonda 208G V V K School Narakonda,Narakonda
Narasapuram 105Snam Zilla Parishad High School,Narsapuram
Narsingapeta 186Tribal Welfare Ashram Girls High School,Narsingapeta
187Tribal Welfare Ashram Girls High School,Narsingapeta
Nellipaka 164Zpss Nellipaka,Nellipaka
165Zpss Nellipaka,Nellipaka
Paathra Puram 38Mpups Pathrapuram,Pathrapuram
Paidigudem 88Mpps Paidigudem,Paidigudem
Pathakondipalli 162Mandal Parishad Primary School,Patha Kondepalli
Peda Nallaballi 85Anganwadi Centre, Pedha Nallaballi,Pedha Nallaballi
Peda Seethana Palli 233Mpups Pedha Seethanapally,Pedha Seethanapally
Pedagollagudem 11Mpps Pedha Gollagudem,Pedhagollagudm
Pedamatta Palli 245Mpups Pedha Mattapally,Pedha Mattapally
Pedamidisileru 67Aprgs Peddamidisileru,Peddamidisileru
68Aprgs Peddamidisileru,Peddamidisileru
Peddabandirevu 84Ps Pedha Bandirevu,Pedha Bandirevu
Peddarkuru 194Mpps Pedarkuru,Pedarkuru
Peddipalli 72Gram Panchayath Office, Peddipalli,Peddipalli
Pega 206Itda Ps Alligudem,Alligudem
Peruru 3Ashram High School,Peruru
Pichukalapadu 118Mpps Pichukalapadu,Pichukalapadu
Pochavaram 260Itda Ashram School, Pochavaram,Pochavaram
Pochavaram Colony 183Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Pochavaram Colony
Poosuru 19Mpps Pusuru,Pusuru
Pragallapalli 20Mpps Pragallapalli,Pragallapalli
Prathipaka 244Mpps Prathipaka,Prathipaka
Purusothapatnam 158Graamapanchayathi Office,Purushothapatnam,Purushothapatnam
R Kothagudem 74Gram Panchayat Office, R Kothagudem,R Kothagudem
Rajupeta 255Mpps Rajupeta,Rajupeta
256Mpps Rajupeta,Rajupeta
Rallagudem 53Mpps Rallagudem,Rallagudem
79Mandal Parishad Primary School, Rallagudem,Rallagudem
Ramachandrapuram 40Mpups Ramachandrapuram,Ramachandrapuram
Ramachandrunipeta 114Tribal Welfare Ashram Girls High School,Ramachandruni Peta
Ramagopalapuram 166Mpps Ramagopalapuram,Ramagopalapuram
Ramarao Peta 104Mpups Ramaraopeta,Ramaraopeta
Rangarajapuram 33Mpups Rangarajapuram,Rangarajapuram
34Mpups Rangarajapuram,Rangarajapuram
Rayanapeta 161G P Office, Rayanapeta,Rayanapeta
Regulapadu 188Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Regulapadu
Rekhapalli 249Mpdo Meeting Hall, Rekhapalli,Rekhapalli
250Ikp Meeting Hall, Rekhapalli,Rekhapalli
Repaka 193Itda, Ashram School, Repaka,Repaka
Rice Peta 54Mandal Parishad Primary School, Ricepeta,Rice Peta
Sabari Kothagudem 203Mpps Sabari Kothagudem,Sabari Kothagudem
Sarivela 210Mpps Sarivela,Sarivela
Satyanarayana Puram 73Zilla Parishad Secondary School,Satyanarayanapuram,Sathyanarayanapuram
Seetharampuram 107Mpups Seetharampuram,Seetharampuram
Shri Ramagiri 257Mpps Sreeramgiri,Sreeramgiri
Singannagudem 212Mpps Singannagudem,Singannagudem
Singavaram 109Mpps Singavaram,Singavaram
Sitanagaram 81Mpps Seethanagaram,Seethanagaram
82Mpps Seethanagaram,Seethanagaram
Sitapuram 170Zpss New Building, Seethapuram,Seethapuram
171Zpss New Building, Seethapuram,Seethapuram
Somulagudem 236Itda Ahs Somulagudem,Somulagudem
Subbampeta 47Mpps Subbampeta,Subbampeta
Suddugudem 217Mpps Suddugudem,Suddugudem
Sukumamidi 229J V V K Sukumamidi,Sukumamidi
Suraveedu 43Mpps Suraveedu,Suraveedu
Tammaipeta 248G V V K School, Thammaipeta,Thammaipeta
Tegada 64Mandal Parishad Primary School, Tegada,Tegada
Tegeda 66Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Tegada
Teku Baaka 185Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Tekubaka
Tekulaboru 200Mandal Parishad Primary School,Tekulaboru
201Mandal Parishad Primary School,Tekulaboru
Tekulagudem 2Mandala Parishath Upper Primary School,Krishnapuram
Tekull Boru 37Mpps Tekulaboru,Tekulaboru
Tellamvarigudem 241Gps Thellamvarigudem,Thellamvarigudem
Thippapuram 69Mpups Thippapuram,Thippapuram
Thotapalli 172Primary Co-Operative Society, Thotapally,Thotapalli
173G P Office, Thotapally,Thotapalli
Thulasipaka 230Itda Ashram School, Tulasipaka,Tulasipaka
Thulugunda 231Itda Aups Tulugonda,Tulugonda
Tummileru 261Mpps Thummileru,Thummileru
Tummla 209Mpps Thummala,Thummala
Tuurubaaka 110Csi Primary School, Turubaka,Turubaka
Ummadi Varam 247Mpps Ummadivaram,Ummadivaram
Unjupalli 50Aups Unjupalli,Unjupalli
Upparigudem 49Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Upparigudem,Upparigudem
Uppedu Veerapuram 35Mpps Uppedu Veerapuram,Uppedu Veerapuram
V R Puram 254Zphs V R Puram,V R Puram
V.R Puram 252Zphs V R Puram,V R Puram
V.R.Puram 253Zphs V R Puram,V R Puram
Vadagudem 31Mpps Waadagudem,Waadagudem
Vaddigudem 251Mpps Waddigudem,Waddigudem
Vara Ramakrishnapuram 36Mandal Parishad Primary School,Vara Ramakrishna Puram
Veerabhadravaram 39Mpups Veerabhadravaram,Veerabhadravaram
Vegithota 223Mpups Vegithota,Vegithota
Venkannagudem 204Mpps Venkannagudem,Venkannagudem
Venkatapuram 25Mpps Venkatapuram,Venkatapuram
26Mpps Venkatapuram,Venkatapuram
28Mpps Venkatapuram,Venkatapuram
29Mpps Venkatapuram,Venkatapuram
W.L.Reguballi 106Mpps, W L Regubally,W L Regubally
Wazedu 13Zpss Wazeedu,Wazeedu
14Zpss Wazeedu,Wazeedu
Yatapaka 120Ap Tribal Welfare Residential School Of Excellance,Yetapaka
121Ap Tribal Welfare Residential School Of Excellance,Yetapaka
Yedjerlappalli 22Mpps Edjarlapalli,Edjarlapalli
Yedugu Rallapalli 205Itda Aups Edugurallapally,Edugurallapally
Yerrampeta 222Mpps Yerrampeta,Yerrampeta
Yerrampetaa 221Mpps Yerrampeta,Yerrampeta

Last Updated on August 22, 2014

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