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Polling Station List Andole Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Andole

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Achannapally 60M.P.Upper Primary School Achannapally,Achannapally
Aksan Palli 158Z P H S(New Building),(W.W) Aksan Palli,H.No.2-51 To 4-100 Aksan Palli
Aksanpalli 157Mandal Parishad Primary School,Aksanpally
Alladurg 27Zilla Parishad Boys High School(Old Building),H.No.1-1 To 2-100Alladurg
28Zilla Parishad Boys High School(Old Buil) Alladurg,H.No.3-1 To 4-100 Alladurg
29Zilla Parishad Boys High School(New Buil) Alladurg,H.No.5-1 To7-100Alladurg
30Zilla Parishad Boys High School(New Buil) Alladurg,H.No8-1 To 10-100Alladurg
Allapoor/Hydlapur 248M.P.Primary School (Iind Class Room) Allapur,Allapur
Allapur 131M.P.P.S Allapur (South Wing),Allapur
Almaipet 187M.P.U.P.School Almaipet,H.No1-1 To 3-4 Almaipet
Almayi Pet 188M.P.U Primary School Almaipet,H.No.3-5 To 4-100 Almayipet,Chandampet
Andol 184M.P.Central Primary School Andole,H.No.6-1 To 9-60 Andole
Andole 182Zilla Parishad High School (East Wing),H.No.1-1 To 3-75 Andole
183Zilla Parishad High School (Southwing),H.No. 3-76 To 5-100 Andole
Annasagar 168Grama Panchayathi Annasagar,Annasagar
Antharam 255M.P.P.School (Ivth Class Room),Antharam
Appagi Palli 37M.P.U. Primary School Appajipally,Appajipally
Auranga Nager 144M.P..Primary School Aurang Nagar,Auranga Nagar
Badri Gudem H/O Chowta Koor 219M P P S Badri Gudem H/O Chowtakoor,Badri Gudem H/O Chowtakoor
Bahiran Dibba 26Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Bairandibba,Bahirandibba
Bardipur 69M.P.P.School Bardipur,Bardipur
Baswapoor 195M.P.U.Primary School Baswapur,Baswapur
Bhoothkur 107Mandal Parishad Primary School Bhoothkur,Bhoothkur
Bijilipour 96M.P.Primary School Bijilipur,Bijilipur
Bodagat 48Mandal Parishad Primary School Bodaghat,Bodagat
Bodapally 241M.P.Primary School (Vth Class Room) Bodapally,Bodapally
Bodshettipally 252M.P.P.School (Iiird Class Room),Bodshettipally
Bommareddy Gudem 214Mandal Parishadprimary School Bommareddy Gudem,Bommareddygudem
Boodmatpally 68M.P.P. School Bodmatpally (S.W),Bodmatpally
Brahmanapalli 159M.P.Primary School Brammanpally,Brahmanpally
Budhera 267M.P.P.School (Iiird Class Room),H.No.1-1 To 3-34 Budhera
268M.P.P.School (Ivth Class Room),H.No.3-35 To 5-100 Budhera
Busareddy Palli 247M.P.U.P.School (Iiird Class Room) Busareddypally,Busareddypally
Chekriyal 229Grama Panchayathi Office Chakriyal,Chakriyal
Chelapalli 235M.P.U.P.School (Iiith Class Room) Chilapally,Cheelapally
Chevella 25Manal Parishad Upper Primary School Chevella,Chevella
Chilver 38Zilla Parishad High School,H.No.1-1 To 3-50 Chilver
39Zilla Parishad High School,H.No3-51 To 8-100 Chilver
Chinnachelmedakurd 249M.P.P.School (Viith Class Room) Chinnachelimeda K,Chinnachelmedakurd
Chintakunta 78Mandal Parishad Primary School Chinthakunta,Chinthakunta
Chowdar Palli 1M.P.P.School Choudarpally,Choudaripa
Chowt Kur 215Grama Panchayathi Officer,H.No.1-1 To 3-100 Chowtakoor
Chowtkur 216Z.P.High School,H.No.4-1 To 6-100 Chowtakoor
Dadai Palli 74Mandal Parishad Primary School Dadaipally,Dadayipally
Dakoor 164Zilla Parishad High School (West Wing),H.No.1-1 To 2-100 Dakur
165Z.P.High School (West Wing),H.No.3-1 To 5-100 Dakur
Dakur 166M.P.P.School,H.No.6-1 To 7-100 Dakur
167Grama Panchayathi Dakur,H.No.8-1 To 8-100 Dakur
Danampally 80Mandal Parishad Primary School Danampally,Danampally
Devnoor 109Zilla Parishad High School, Devnoor,Devunoor
Devunoor 108Zilla Parishad High School, Devnoor,Devunoor
Dhanoora 63M.P.U.P.School Dhanura,H.No.1-1 To 3-35Dhanoora
64M.P.U.Primary School Dhanura,H.No.3-36 To 10-48 Dhanoora
Dharmapur 132M.P.P.School Dharnapur,Dharmapur
Dosapalli 18M.P.U. Primary School Dosaplly,Dosapally
Doulthabad 117Rehabilitation Centre New Building Doultabad,Doulthabad
Dudyal 20Mandal Parishad Primary Schooldudyla,Dudyal
Eklaspur 65Mandal Parishad Primary School Eklaspur,Eklaspur
Gadi Peddapour 91Z.P.H.School (West Wing),H.No.5-1 To 7-50 Gadipeddapoor
Gadipeddapoor 90Z.P.H.S Gadipeddapur (South Wing),H.No.1-1 To 3-100Gadipeddapoor
Gadipeddapour 92Z.P.H.S (East Wing),H.No.H.No4-1 To 4-100 And 7-51To 9-25Gadipeddapoor
Gajawada 8Z.P.H.S Gajwada (N.W),H.No.1-1 To 2-100Gajawada
Gajwada 9Z.P.H.S Gajwada (S.W ) Gajwada,..3-1 4-100 Gajwada
Gangogipet 225Grama Panchayathi Officer Gangojipet,Gangojipet
Garlapalli 244M.P.U.P.School (Vith Class Room) Garlapally,Garlapally
Gongloor 223Z.P.High School (East Wing),H.No1-1 To 2-100 Gonglur
224Z.P.High School (West Wing),H.No.3-1 To 6-100 Gonglur
Gorregat 266Grama Panchayathi Building Gorreghat,Gorregat
Gorrekal 103M.P.U.P.School Gorrekal,H.No 1-1 To2-25 Gorrekal
104M.P.U.P.S Gorrekal,..2-26 8-33 Gorrekal.Hussenagar
Gouthapoor 99Mandal Parishad Primary School Gouthapur,Gouthapur
Hasanmohammedpally 59Mandal Parishad Primary School Hasanmohammedpally,Hasanmohammedpally
Hasnabad 146Z.P.H.S(Center Hall) Hasnabad,H.No.1-1 To 2-50 Hasnabad
147Grama Panchayathi Hasnabad,H.No. 2-51 To 4-100 Hasnabad
Hulgera 129M.Pu.P.School Hulgera,Hulgera
Hunnapour 230Samuhika Building Hunnapur,Hunnapur
Ibrahimpur 269M.P.U.P.School (Vth Class Room),Ibrahimpur
Indur 112Mandal Parishad Primary School Indoor,Indur
Isojipet 210Mandal Parishad Primary School Isojipet,Isojipet
Itekepally 125M.P.U.Primary School Itikepally,Itikepally
Jagiryala 17M.P.Primary School Jegiryala,Jagiryala
Jambigi (K) 120Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Janbigi (K),Jambigi (K)
Jogipet 170M.P.C.P.School New Building (North Wing) Jogipet,1-1 To 3-50 Jogipet
171M.P.C.P.School New Building (South Wing),3-51 To 5-100 Jogipet
172Agricultural Market Committee Officer,H.No. 6-1 To 8-100 Jogipet
173Agricultural Market Committee Rest Building,H.No.11-1 To 11-100 Jogipet
174Mandal Samakya Building (Ikp),H.No. 13-0 To 13-100 Jogipet
175Mandal Parishad Meeting Hall,. 9-1 10-100 And 19-1 19-100 Jogipet
176Mandal Parishad Main Room Jogipet,H.No.12-1 To 12-100 Jogipet
177Mandal Resource Central Building Jogipet,H.No.14-1 To 14-100 Jogipet
178Zilla Parishad (Girls)High School (East Wing),Jogipet
179Zilla Parishad (G)High School (West Wing) Jogipet, H.No. 17-1 To 18-100 Jogipet
180Zilla Parishad High School (Northwing) Jogipet,H.No.20-1 To 23-75 Jogipet
181Zilla Parishad(B) High School (Southwing) Jogipet,H.No.23-76 To 25-100 Jogipet
Kadirabad 153M.P.C. U.P.School (East Wing) Khadirabad,H.No.1-1 To2-100/29 Khadirabad
154M.P.C.U.Primary School (West Wing),H.No2-100/30 To 4-100 Khadirabad
Kaduloor 66M.P.P.S (M.B,H.No.1-1 To 1-150Kaduloor
67M.P.P.S (North Wing),H.No.2-1 To 2-100 Kaduloor
Kaidampalli Madira Alladurg 34Mandal Parishad Primary School Kaidampally,Kaidampalli
Kallapally- Belur 234M.P.U.P.School Kallapally Belur,Kallapally- Belur
Kamjamalpur 126M.P U.P.School Kamjamalpur,Kamjamalpur
Kamkol 265Z P H S Kamkol,H.No.2-67 To 6-50 Kamkol
Kamkole 264Z.P.H.School (Viith Class Room),H.No.1-1 To 2-66 Kamkole
Kammarakatha 47M.P.Primary School Kammarkatha,Kammarakath
Kansanpally 85Zilla Parishad High School, Kansanpally,Kansanpally
86Zilla Parishad High School, Kansanpally,Kansanpally
Karchal 139Mandal Parishad Primary School Karchal,Karchal
Keroor 89M.P.U.P.School Kerur,Keroor And Buddaipally
Khammampally 256M.P.P.School (Vth Class Room),H.No.1-1 To 3-36 Khammampally
257Z.P.High School (Ixth Class Room),H.No. 3-37 To 5-54 Khammampally
Kichanapally 79M.P.Primary School Kichanapally(N.B),Kichanapally
Kodekal 162Mandal Parishad Primary School(New Buildi) Kodekal,Kodekal
Kodur 150Rehabilitation Building Kodur,Kodur
209Grama Panchayathi Officer Kodur,Kodur
Kondapur 16M.P.P.School Kondapur,Kondapur
Kondareddy Palli 191Mandal Parishad Primary School Kondareddypally,Kondareddypally
Korampally 62M.P.P.School Korampally,Korampally
Korpole 221Z.P.High School (East Wing),H.No.1-1 To 3-100 Korpole
222Z.P.High School (West Wing),H.No.4-1 To 6-100 Korpole
Kotval Pally 13Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kotval Pally
Kusangi 72Z.P.H.School (East Wing),H.No.1-1 To 2-45 Kusangi
73Z.P.H.School (West Wing),H.No.2-46 To 9-88 Kusangi
Kushnur 128M.P.U. Primary School Kusnoor,Kushnur
Lakshmi Sagar 212Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Laxmisagar,Laxmisagar
Lingampally 228M.P.Primary School Lingampally,Lingampally
253M.P.P.School (Ivth Class Room) Lingampally,Lingampally
Loni Kalan 237M.P.U.P.School (X Class Room)Lonikalan,Lonikalan
Lonikalan 236M.P.U.P.School (X Class Room)Lonikalan,Lonikalan
Lonikurd 242M.P.U.P.School (Ivth Class Room) Lonikurd,Lonikurd
Madhapur 121M.P.P.School Madhapur,Madhapur
Magdumpally 263M.P.P.School (Iind Class Room),Magdumpally
Mahabath Pur 119Mandal Parishad Primary School Mahabathpur,Mahabathpur
Maktakyasaram 245M.P.U.P.School (Iiird Class Room) Makthakysaram,Makthakyasaram
Maktavenkatapoor 15Mandala Parishad Primary Schoolmaktha Venkatapur,Maktavenkatapoor
Malkapur 75Mandala Parishad Primary School Malkapur,Malkapur
Mallikarjunapalli 246Z.P.H.School (Viiith Class Room) Mallikarjunapally,Mallikharjunapally
Mamidipally 113Gram Panchayath(New Building) Mamidipally,Mamidipally
Mandapur 40Mandal Parishad Primary School Mohammedapur,Mandapur
137M.P.Primary School Mandhapur,Mandapur
Mansanipalli 76Mandal Parishad Primary School Mansanpally,Mansanpally
Mansanpalli 240M.P.U.P.School (Ivth Class Room) Mansanpallz,Mansanpally
Mantoor 199Mandal Parishad Primary School Manthoor,Manthoor
Marpalli 2Mandal Parishad Primary School Marpally,Marpally
Marvelli 97Z.P.H.S (North Wing)Marvelly,H.No.1-1 To 2-100 Marvelly
98Z.P.H.S (South Wing),H.No.3-1 To 4-100 Marvelly
Masanpalli 186Manal Parishad Upper Primary School, Masanpally,Masanpally
Matoor 127M.P.P.School Matoor,Matoor
Medikunda 22Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School Medikunda,Medikunda
Melasangem 254M.P.P.School (Viith Class Room) Melasangem,Melasangem
Minpoor 207Z.P.High School (North Wing) Minpur,H.No.1-1 To 2-100 Minpur
Minpur 208Z.P.High School (South Wing),H.No.3-1 To 4-100 Minpur
Moratga 114Gram Panchayath(New Building) Mortga,Moratga
Muddayipeta 204M.P.U.Primary School Muddaipet,Muddayipet
Mudimanik 193Z.P.H. School (West Wing),H.No.1-1 To 2-100 Mudimanik
194Z.P.High School (West Wing),H.No.3-1 To 5-100 Mudimanik
Munipally 259Z.P.High School (Xth Class Room),H.No.1-1 To 3-100 Munipally
260Z.P.High School (Xith Class Room),H.No.4-1 To 6-100 Munipally
Mupparam 41M.P.U.P.School Mupparam,Mupparam
Muslapoor 93Z.P.H.S(East Wing) Muslapur,Muslapoor
Muslapour 95Z.P.H.S (West Wing) Muslapur,Muslapur
Muslapur 94Z.P.H.S (Middle Building) Muslapur,Muslapur
Mustafapur 149Rehabilitation Building Mustafapur,Mustafapur
Nadimi Tanda H/O Alladurg 31Mandala Parishad Primary School,Nadimi Tanda
Nadlapur 163Mandal Parishad Primary School Nadulapur,Nadlapur
Nagan Pally 148M.P.Primary School Naganpally,Naganpally
Nagulaplly 102M.P.U. Primary School Nagulapally,Nagulpally
Nagulpalli 101M.P.U. Primary School Nagulapally,Nagulpally
Nagwar 122M.P.U Primary School Nagwar,Nagwar
Nallam Pally 138M.P.U.Primary School Nallampally(West Wing),Nallampally
Neradigunta 82Mandal Parishad Primary School Neradigunta,H.No.1-1 To 1-100 Neradigunta
Neridigunta 83Z.P.H.School (North Wing) Neradigunta,H.No.2-1 To 3-100 Neradigunta
Nirjepla 151M.P. Primary School Nirjepla,Nirjepla
Paladugu 110Mandal Parishad Primary School Paladugu,Paladugu
Palvancha 70M.P.P.School Palvancha,Palvancha
71M.P.P.School Palvancha,Palvancha
Palvatla 100Mandal Parishad Primary School Palvatla,Palvatla
Pampad 124Zilla Parishath High School,Pampad,Pampad
Pedda Chelmada 251Zilla Parishad High School,Pedda Chelmedakalan,Pedda Chelmedakalan
Pedda Chelmedakalan 250Zilla Parishad High School,Pedda Chelmedakalan,Pedda Chelmedakalan
Pedda Gopularam 262M.P.U.P.School (Iiird Class Room),Peddagopularam
Peddagopularam 261M.P.U.P.School (Iiird Class Room),Peddagopularam
Peddareddipet 197Grama Panchayathi Officer Peddareddypeta,H.No.3-1 To 5-100 Peddareddipet
Peddareddy Pet 196M.P.U.Primary School,..1-1 2-100 Peddareddypet
Peddatanda 19Mandala Parishad Primary School Peddatanda (D.N.T),Peddathanda
Peeppadapally 115Zilla Parishath High School (South Wing),Peeppadap,H.No. 1-1 To 2-58 Peeppadapally
116Zilla Parishath High School (North Wing),H.No.2-59 To 4-31 Peeppadapally
Pocharam 3Mandal Parishad Primary School Pocharam,Pocharam
202M. Parishad Primary School Pocharam,Pocharam
203M. Parishad Primary School Pocharam,Pocharam
Polkampally 258M.P.U.P.School (Vth Class Room),Polkampally
Posanipalli 213M.P.Primary New School Posanipally,Posanipally
Posanipet 169Z.P.High School Posanipet,Posanipet
Pothireddy Palli 190Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Pr Pally,Pothireddypally
Pothula Baguda 24Z P H S Pothulaboguda,H.No.1-115 To 3-100 Pothulaboguda
Pothulboguda 23Zilla Parishad High School Pothula Boguda,H.No. 1-1 To 1-114 Pothulaboguda
Pulkal 205Z.P.High School (South Wing),H.No.1-1 To 4-55 Pulkal
206Z.P.High School (North Wing),H.No.4-56 To 6-100 Pulkal
Pyararam 10M.P.P.Pyararam School,Pyararam
R Itikyal 21Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School R.Itikyal,R.Itikyal
Raikode 134Z.P.H.School (West Wing) Raikode,H.No1-1 To 2-100 Raikode
135Z.P.H.School (East Wing) Raikode,H.No.3-1 To 4-50 Raikode
136Z.P.H.S (South Wing) Raikode,H.No.4-51 To 5-100 Raikode
Raipally Patti Karchal 140M.P.U.P.School Raipally (Patti Karchal),Raipally ( Patti Karchal)
Rampur 33M.P.U. Primary School Rampur,Rampur
Ramsanpalli 87M.P.U.Primary School Ramsanpally,Ramsan Pally
Ramsanpally 88M.P.U.Primary School Ramsanpally,Ramsan Pally
Rayipad 198Grama Panchayathi Officer Raipad,Rayipad
Reddipalli 36Mandal Parishad Primary School Reddypally,Reddypally
Regode 11Z.P.H.S Regode (East Wing),H.No. 1-1 To 3-100Regode
12Z.P.H.S Regode (W.W),.. 4-1 6-100 Regode
Rollapad 77Mandal Parishad R Primary School Rollapad,Rollapad
Saibanpet 185Mandal Parishad Primary School,Saibanpet
Saipeta 152M.P. Primary School Saipet,Saipet
Salojipally 58M.P.P.S Salojipally,Salojipally
Sangapur 143Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Sangapur,Sangapur
Sangupet 189Mandal Parishad Primary School Sangupet,Sangupet
Sarafpally Badri Gudem 217Mandal Parishad Primary School Saraf Pally,Sarafpally
Sarmoni Kunta Tanda 55M P P S Sarmoni Kunta Tanda,Sarmoni Kunta Tanda
Seriramreddigudem 218Mandal Parishad Primary School Sheriramreddy Gudem,Seriramreddygudem
Shabad 50M.P.Primary School Shabad,Shabad
Shadnagar 106Mandal Parishad Primary School Shadnagar,Shadnagar
Shamshoddin Pur 130M.P.U.P.School Shamshoddinpur,Shamshoddin Pur
Shapur 123M.P.P.School Shapur,Shapur
Sherimallareddi Palli 84Mandal Parishad Primary School Serimallareddypally,Sherimallareddy Pally
Shivampet 231Z.P.High School (North Wing),H.No.1-1 To 2-100 Shivampet
232Z.P.High School (South Wing),H.No.3-1 To 5-100 Shivampet
Sindol 6M.P.P.School Sindol,Sindhole
Singitham 141Zilla Parishath High .School (East Wing),H.No.1-1 O 2-49/1 Singitham
142Z.P.H.School (West Wing),Singitham,H.No.2-50 To 4-100 Singitham
Singoor 200Grama Panchayathi Officer,H.No.1-1 To 2-100 Singoor
201Zilla Parishad High School,..3-1 5-100 Singoor
Sirur 118Rehabilitation Centre Community Building Sirur,Sirur
Sitanagar H/O Alladurg 35Mandal Parishad Primary School Sithanagar,Sitanagar
Sultanpoor 220Mandal Parishad Primary School Sultanpur,Sultan Pur
Surampally H/O Yelpugonda 46M.P.P.School Surampally (New Building),Surampally
Surreddy Itikyal 192M.P.U.Primary School,Sur Reddy Itikyal
T. Lingampalli 5Z.P.H.S T.Lingampally,T.Lingampally
Tad Dan Pally 226Mandal Parishad Primary School Taddanpally,Tad Dan Pally
Tadmanoor 160Grama Panchayathi Building,H.No.1-1 To 2-100 Tadmanoor
161Mandal Parishad Primary School,H.No.3-1 To 4-100 Tadmanoor
Takkadpally 243M.P.U.P.School (Vth Class Room) Takkedapally,Thakkedapally
Talelma 155Mandal Parishad Primary School, Talelma,H.No.1 1 To 2-51 Talelma
156Zilla Parishad High School, West Wing, Talelma,H.No.2-52 To 4-100 Talelma
Tamplur 42M.P.P.School Tamploor (Midile Room ),H.No.1-1 To 2-50 Tamplur
43M.P.P.School Tamploor (West Wing),. 2-51 3-100Tamplur
Tatipally 239M.P.U.P.School (Iind Class Room) Thatipally,Thatipally
Tekmal 53Gandhi Bhavan,H.No.1-1 To 2-100 Tekmal
54Grama Panchayathi,H.No.3-1 To 3-100Tekmal
56Z.P.H.S (E.W),H.No.4-1 To 5-100 Tekmal
57Z.P.H.S (New Building),H.No.6-1 To 7-100 Tekmal
Thatipalli 7Mandal Parished Primary School Tatipally,Tatipally
Thatipally 238M.P.U.P.School (Iind Class Room) Thatipally,Thatipally
Timmapur 14M.P. Primary School Thimmapur,Timmapur
Tulsamma Thanda Buranwada 4Mandal Parished Primarz School,Thulashamma Thanda,
Upparigudem Choutakur 211Mandal Parishad Primary School Uppari Gudem,Upparigudem
Usirikapally 111M.P.U. Primary School Usirikapally,Usirikapally
Vatpalli 105M.P.U. Primary School Watpally,Vatpally
Vendikol 233Mandal Parishad Primary School Vendikole,Vendikole
Venkata Raopet Alladurg 32Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Venkat Raopet,Nkata Raopet
Venkatakistapoor 227M.P.Upper Primary School Venkatakistapur,Venkatakistapur
Venkatapoor 52M.P.P.School Venkatapur,Venkatapur
Yelkurthy 61Mandal Parishad Primary School Yelkurthy,Yelkurthy
Yellampally 51M.P.P.School Yellampally,Yellampally
Yellupet 49Mandal Parishad Primary School Yellupet,Yellupet
Yelpu Gonda 45M.P.P. S (S.W),H.No.1-70 To 3-49 Yelpu Gonda
Yelpugonda 44M.P.P. School (North Wing),H.No1-1 To 1-169 Yelpugonda
Yenkepally 145M.P.P.School Yenikepally,Yenkepally
Yerraram 81Mandal Parishad Primary School Yerraram,Yerraram
Yousuf Pur 133M.P.Primary School Yousufpur,Yousufpur

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