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List of sitting members of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly (MLAs)

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Rajasthan MLAs (Present)

A.C. No.ConstituencySitting MLAPartyA.C. No.ConstituencySitting MLAParty
1SadulshaharJAGDISH CHANDERIndian National Congress101Ajmer SouthANITA BHADELBharatiya Janata Party
2GanganagarRAJ KUMAR GAURIndependent102NasirabadRAMSWAROOP LAMBABharatiya Janata Party
3KaranpurGURMEET SINGH KOONERIndian National Congress103BeawarSHANKAR SINGH RAWATBharatiya Janata Party
4SuratgarhRAMPRATAP KASNIYANBharatiya Janata Party104MasudaRAKESH PAREEKIndian National Congress
5Raisingh NagarBALVEER SINGH LUTHRABharatiya Janata Party105KekriRAGHU SHARMAIndian National Congress
6AnupgarhSANTOSHBharatiya Janata Party106LadnunMUKESH KUMAR BHAKARIndian National Congress
7SangariaGURDEEP SINGHBharatiya Janata Party107DeedwanaCHETAN SINGH CHOUDHARYIndian National Congress
8HanumangarhVINOD KUMARIndian National Congress108JayalMANJU DEVIIndian National Congress
9PilibangaDHARMENDRA KUMARBharatiya Janata Party109NAGAURMOHAN RAM CHOUDHARYBharatiya Janata Party
10NoharAMIT CHACHANIndian National Congress110KhinwsarHANUMAN BENIWALRashtriya Loktantrik Party
11BhadraBALWAN POONIACommunist Party of India (Marxist)111MertaINDIRA DEVIRashtriya Loktantrik Party
12KhajuwalaGOVIND RAMIndian National Congress112DeganaVIJAYPAL MIRDHAIndian National Congress
13Bikaner WestBULAKI DAS KALLAIndian National Congress113MakranaROOPA RAMBharatiya Janata Party
14Bikaner EastSIDDHI KUMARIBharatiya Janata Party114ParbatsarRAMNIWAS GAWRIYAIndian National Congress
15KolayatBHANWAR SINGH BHATIIndian National Congress115NawanMAHENDRA CHOUDHARYIndian National Congress
16LunkaransarSUMIT GODARABharatiya Janata Party116JaitaranAVINASHBharatiya Janata Party
17SHREE DUNGARGARHGIRDHARILALCommunist Party of India (Marxist)117SojatSHOBHA CHAUHANBharatiya Janata Party
18NokhaBIHARILALBharatiya Janata Party118PaliGYANCHAND PARAKHBharatiya Janata Party
19SadulpurKRISHNA POONIAIndian National Congress119Marwar junction --
20TaranagarNARENDRA BUDANIYAIndian National Congress120BaliPUSHPENDRA SINGHBharatiya Janata Party
21SardarshaharBHANWARLAL SHARMAIndian National Congress121SumerpurJORARAM KUMAWATBharatiya Janata Party
22ChuruRAJENDRA RATHOREBharatiya Janata Party122PhalodiPABBA RAMBharatiya Janata Party
23RatangarhABHINESH MAHARSHIBharatiya Janata Party123LohawatKISANA RAM VISHNOIIndian National Congress
24SujangarhMASTER BHANWARLAL MEGHWALIndian National Congress124ShergarhMEENA KANWARIndian National Congress
25PilaniJ.P. CHANDELIAIndian National Congress125OsianDIVYA MADERNAIndian National Congress
26SurajgarhSUBHASH POONIA S/O LOKRAM POONIABharatiya Janata Party126BhopalgarhPUKHRAJRashtriya Loktantrik Party
27JhunjhunuBRIJENDRA SINGH OLAIndian National Congress127SardarpuraASHOK GEHLOTIndian National Congress
28MandawaNARENDRA KUMARBharatiya Janata Party128JodhpurMANISHA PANWARIndian National Congress
29NawalgarhDR. RAJKUMAR SHARMAIndian National Congress129SoorsagarSURYAKANTA VYASBharatiya Janata Party
30UdaipurwatiRAJENDRASINGH GUDHABahujan Samaj Party130LuniMAHENDRA VISHNOIIndian National Congress
31KhetriJITENDRA SINGHIndian National Congress131BilaraHEERARAMIndian National Congress
32FatehpurHAKAM ALI KHANIndian National Congress132JaisalmerROOPARAMIndian National Congress
33LachhmangarhGOVIND SINGH DOTASARAIndian National Congress133PokaranSHALE MOHAMMADIndian National Congress
34DhodPARASRAM MORDIAIndian National Congress134SheoAMEEN KHANIndian National Congress
35SikarRAJENDRA PAREEKIndian National Congress135BarmerMEWARAM JAINIndian National Congress
36DANTARAMGARHVIRENDRA SINGHIndian National Congress136BaytuHARISH CHOUDHARYIndian National Congress
37KhandelaMAHADEO SINGHIndependent137PachpadraMADAN PRAJAPATIndian National Congress
38Neem ka Thana SURESH MODIIndian National Congress138SiwanaHAMEER SINGH BHAYALBharatiya Janata Party
39SrimadhopurDEEPENDRA SINGHIndian National Congress139GudhamalaniHEMARAM CHOUDHARYIndian National Congress
40KotputliRAJENDRA SINGH YADAVIndian National Congress140ChohtanPADMARAMIndian National Congress
41ViratnagarINDRAJ SINGH GURJARIndian National Congress141AhoreCHHAGANSINGHBharatiya Janata Party
42ShahpuraALOK BENIWALIndependent142JaloreJOGESHWAR GARGBharatiya Janata Party
43ChomuRAMLAL SHARMABharatiya Janata Party143BhinmalPOORARAM CHOUDHARYBharatiya Janata Party
44PhuleraNIRMAL KUMAWATBharatiya Janata Party144SanchoreSUKHRAM VISHNOIIndian National Congress
45DuduBABULAL NAGARIndependent145RaniwaraNARAYAN SINGH DEWALBharatiya Janata Party
46JhotwaraLALCHAND KATARIAIndian National Congress146SirohiSANYAM LODHAIndependent
47AmberSATISH POONIABharatiya Janata Party147Pindwara abuSAMA RAM GRASIYABharatiya Janata Party
48Jamwa ramgarhGOPAL LAL MEENAIndian National Congress148ReodarJAGASI RAMBharatiya Janata Party
49Hawa MahalDR. MAHESH JOSHIIndian National Congress149GogundaPRATAP LAL BHEEL (GAMETI)Bharatiya Janata Party
50Vidhyadhar NagarNARPAT SINGH RAJVIBharatiya Janata Party150JhadolBABU LALBharatiya Janata Party
51Civil linesPRATAP SINGH KHACHARIYAWASIndian National Congress151KherwaraDAYARAM PARMARIndian National Congress
52Kishan pole AMIN KAGZIIndian National Congress152Udaipur RuralPHOOL SINGH MEENABharatiya Janata Party
53Adarsh NagarRAFEEK KHANIndian National Congress153UdaipurGULAB CHAND KATARIABharatiya Janata Party
54Malviya Nagar KALICHARAN SARAFBharatiya Janata Party154MavliDHARMNARAYAN JOSHIBharatiya Janata Party
55SanganerASHOK LAHOTYBharatiya Janata Party155Vallabh Nagar GAJENDRA SINGH SHAKTAWATIndian National Congress
56BagruGANGA DEVIIndian National Congress156SalumberAMRIT LAL MEENABharatiya Janata Party
57BassiLAXMAN MEENAIndependent157DhariyawadGOTAM LALBharatiya Janata Party
58ChaskuVED PRAKASH SOLANKIIndian National Congress158DungarpurGANESH GHOGRAIndian National Congress
59TijaraSANDEEP KUMARBahujan Samaj Party159AspurGOPICHAND MEENABharatiya Janata Party
60Kishangarh bas DEEPCHANDBahujan Samaj Party160SagwaraRAMPRASADBhartiya Tribal Party
61MundawarMANJEET DHARAMPAL CHOUDHARYBharatiya Janata Party161ChorasiRAJKUMAR ROATBhartiya Tribal Party
62BehrorBALJEET YADAVIndependent162GhatolHARENDRA NINAMABharatiya Janata Party
63BansurSHAKUNTALA RAWATIndian National Congress163GarhiKAILASH CHANDRA MEENABharatiya Janata Party
64ThanagaziKANTI PRASADIndependent164BanswaraARJUN SINGH BAMNIYAIndian National Congress
65Alwar RuralTIKA RAM JULLYIndian National Congress165Bagidora MAHENDRAJEET SINGH MALVIYAIndian National Congress
66Alwar UrbanSANJAY SHARMABharatiya Janata Party166KushalgarhRAMILA KHADIYAIndependent
68Rajgarh laxmangarhJOHARI LAL MEENAIndian National Congress167KapasanARJUN LAL JINGARBharatiya Janata Party
69KathumarBABULALIndian National Congress168BegunBIDHURI RAJENDRA SINGHIndian National Congress
70KamanZAHIDA KHANIndian National Congress169ChittorgarhCHANDRABHAN SINGH AAKYABharatiya Janata Party
71NagarWAJIB ALIBahujan Samaj Party170NimbaheraANJANA UDAILALIndian National Congress
72Deeg-KumherVISHVENDRA SINGHIndian National Congress171Bari sadriLALIT KUMAR OSTWALBharatiya Janata Party
73BharatpurDR. SUBHASH GARGRashtriya Lok Dal172PratapgarhRAMLALIndian National Congress
74NadbaiJOGINDER SINGH AWANABahujan Samaj Party173BhimSUDARSHAN SINGH RAWATIndian National Congress
75WeirBHAJAN LAL JATAVIndian National Congress174KumbhalgarhSURENDRA SINGH RATHOREBharatiya Janata Party
76BayanaAMAR SINGHIndian National Congress175RajsamandKIRAN MAHESHWARIBharatiya Janata Party
77BaseriKHILADI LAL BAIRWAIndian National Congress176NathdwaraC. P. JOSHIIndian National Congress
78BariGIRRAJ SINGHIndian National Congress177AsindJABBAR SINGH SANKHALABharatiya Janata Party
79DholpurSHOBHARANI KUSHWAHBharatiya Janata Party178MandalRAMLAL JATIndian National Congress
80RajakheraROHIT BOHRAIndian National Congress179SaharaKAILASH CHANDRA TRIVEDIIndian National Congress
81TodabhimPRITHVIRAJIndian National Congress180BhilwaraVITTHAL SHANKAR AWASTHIBharatiya Janata Party
82HindaunBHAROSI LALIndian National Congress181ShahpuraKAILASH CHANDRA MEGHWALBharatiya Janata Party
83KarauliLAKHAN SINGHBahujan Samaj Party182JahazpurGOPI CHAND MEENABharatiya Janata Party
84SapotraRAMESH CHAND MEENAIndian National Congress183MandalgarhGOPAL LAL SHARMABharatiya Janata Party
85BandikuiGAJRAJ KHATANAIndian National Congress184HindoliASHOKIndian National Congress
86MahuwaOM PRAKASH HUDLAIndependent185KeshoraipatanCHANDRAKANTA MEGHWALBharatiya Janata Party
87SikraiMAMTA BHUPESHIndian National Congress186BundiASHOK DOGRABharatiya Janata Party
88DausaMURARI LALIndian National Congress187PipaldaRAMNARAIN MEENAIndian National Congress
89LalsotPARSADI LALIndian National Congress188SangodBHARAT SINGH KUNDANPURIndian National Congress
90GanagapurRAMKESHIndependent189Kota North SHANTI KUMAR DHARIWALIndian National Congress
91BamanwasINDRAIndian National Congress190Kota South SANDEEP SHARMABharatiya Janata Party
92Sawai madhopurDANISH ABRARIndian National Congress191LadpuraKALPANA DEVIBharatiya Janata Party
93KhandarASHOKIndian National Congress192Ramganj mandi MADAN DILAWARBharatiya Janata Party
94MalpuraKANHIYA LALBharatiya Janata Party193AntaPRAMOD BHAYAIndian National Congress
95NiwaiPRASHANT BAIRWAIndian National Congress194KishanganjNIRMALA SAHARIYAIndian National Congress
96TonkSACHIN PILOTIndian National Congress195Baran-atruPANA CHAND MEGHWALIndian National Congress
97Deoli - uniaraHARISH CHANDRA MEENAIndian National Congress196ChhabraPRATAP SINGHBharatiya Janata Party
98KishangarhSURESH TAKIndependent197DagKALURAMBharatiya Janata Party
99PushkarSURESH SINGH RAWATBharatiya Janata Party198JhalrapatanVASUNDHARA RAJEBharatiya Janata Party
100Ajmer NorthVASUDEV DEVNANIBharatiya Janata Party199KhanpurNARENDRA NAGARBharatiya Janata Party
    200Manohar thana GOVIND PRASADBharatiya Janata Party
Last Updated on : December 12, 2018