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Punjab Assembly Election Results in 1951

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Punjab Legislative Assembly Election in 1951 Party Wise

Party NameSeats
F.B. (Marxist Group), FBL(MG)1
Indian National Congress (INC)96
Communist Party of India (CPI)4
Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD)13
Zamindar Party (ZP)2
Lal Communist Party (LCP)1
Independent (IND)9

List of Successful Candidates in Punjab Assembly Election in 1951

A. C. NO.Assembly Constituency Name Category Winner Candidates Name GenderPartyVoteRunner-up Candidates NameGenderPartyvote
1DabwaliGENKarnail SinghMSAD11364Ram Dayal VaidMINC10101
By Polls in 1952DabwaliGENRam DayalMINC17712J. SinghMIND13659
2SirsaGENDevi LalMINC18572Shiv Karan SinghMIND13863
3FatehabadGENGanga RamMIND14516Chhabil DasMSP8885
By Polls in 1952FatehabadGENBaluMPSP17324Ganga RamMINC16484
3FatehabadGENDalbir Singh GoharMINC16619Ramji LalMZP11069
By Polls in 1952FatehabadGENMani RamMPSP19926D. SinghMINC17163
By Polls in 1956FatehabadGENMani RamMINC29239SingariMIND8678
4Hissar CityGENBalwant RaiMINC16397Jyoti PrashadMBJS8186
5Hissar SadarGENRanjit SinghMINC11794Hari SinghMZP9186
6HansiGENLajpat RaiMINC13738Ram PrashadMIND6138
7NarnaundGENSarup SinghMINC19553Sruaj MalMZP18468
8BhiwaniGENRam KumarMINC14109Chander BhanMIND13981
8BhiwaniGENMam RajMINC7079Hardwari LalMIND5747
9RaiGENRizaq RamMINC14892Tikka RamMZP14124
10SonepatGENSiri RamMINC15647Shadi RamMZP10819
11GhanaurGENLehri SinghMINC18171Chander BhanMZP14622
12GohanaGENMam ChandMINC22760Dhaja RamMZP22042
12GohanaGENNanhu RamMINC22664Brahma NandMZP18178
13KalanaurGENBadlu RamMINC14448Ram SarupMZP13101
14JhajjarGENSher SinghMINC22504Dil SukhMZP21743
14JhajjarGENChand RamMINC21202Gurbax SinghMZP15362
15BahadurgarhGENSiri ChandMZP23593Hari SinghMINC15266
16SamplaGENMaru SinghMZP13568Uma DattMIND7526
17Rohtak CityGENDev RajMINC12300Ranphool SinghMBJS7214
18Ferozepore JhirkaGENMohd. Yaseen KhanMINC Uncontested   
19NuhGENAbdul GhaniMINC17654Dhan SinghMZP14873
20PalwalGENGurdittaMINC15790Sumar SinghMZP13712
By Polls in 1952PalwalGENGurdattMINC16063Dhan SinghMZL13439
21HasanpurGENDharam VirMINC15171Puran SinghMZP10928
22RewariGENAbhai SinghMINC34570Virender SinghMZP26312
22RewariGENChuni LalMINC21502Begraj SinghMSP8240
23BallabgarhGENKidar Nath SehgalMINC19032Net RamMZP14947
24GurgaonGENGajraj SinghMINC22655Mohar SinghMIND11027
25SohnaGENBabu DayalMINC18473Nathu SinghMZP9454
26SambhalkaGENMool ChandMINC16679Dharam SinghMZP15167
27PanipatGENKrishan Gopal DattMINC14513Kundan LalMBJS10190
28KarnalGENNand LalMINC11590Gokal Chand NarangMBJS5811
29AsandhGENKasturi LalMINC16332Baru RamMZP9008
30GharaundaGENSamar SinghMINC17647Randhir SinghMIND12528
31ButanaGENRam SarupMINC27619Abhaya SinghMBJS13982
31ButanaGENPhaggu RamMINC25845SadhuMSP7584
32ThanesarGENBenarsi DasMINC9267Kanshi RamMIND5318
33ShahabadGENJagdish ChandMINC11320Surjan SinghMBJS7079
34KaithalGENDaulat RamMINC13342Narsingh DassMBJS9315
35PundriGENGopi ChandMINC12338Anant RamMBJS11266
36JagadhriGENDev DattMINC16169Jagmal SinghMZP5998
37MolanaGENRattan Amol SinghMINC24289TeluMINC20179
37MolanaGENRam ParkashMIND21673Jai GopalMSP17998
38Ambala CityGENAbdul Ghaffar KhanMINC11161Mul RajMBJS7819
39Ambala CanttGENDev RajMINC13614Santokh SinghMSAD4384
40NaraingarhGENSadhu RamMINC14552Kesho RamMZP5899
41ChandigarhGENJagat NarainMINC13450Sant RamMIND3370
42RuparGENRaijinder SinghMINC28390Sadhu SinghMSAD26187
By Polls in 1952RuparGENRaijinder SinghMAD28120Atma SinghMINC25764
42RuparGENPartap SinghMSAD23898Prithvi Singh AzadMPDCL21148
By Polls in 1952RuparGENPartap SinghMAD28014S. SinghMAD27239
43SimlaGENSom DattMINC6346Basant Rai DattMSP2620
44NurpurGENRam ChandMINC16821Ram SinghMBJS4231
45DharamsalaGENHari RamMINC18979Tulsi RamMCPI6019
46HaripurGENBhagat RamMINC13455Mathra DassMIND11093
By Polls in 1952HaripurGENM. SinghMINC20237Paras RamMCOM7938
47PalampurGENKanaya LalMINC12773Sarwan KumarMIND7847
48SujanpurGENPratap SinghMINC13966Bhagat RamMIND3675
49KuluGENLal ChandMIND4820Jagan NathMINC4274
50SerajGENRaghubir SinghMIND6872Beli RamMINC3914
51HamirpurGENDaulat RamMINC22853Rup SinghMIND13953
51HamirpurGENMehr SinghMINC14440Kanshi RamMIND11329
52DasuyaGENHari SinghMINC10894Harnam SinghMIND6677
53TandaGENChanan SinghMCPI10716Sarup SinghMIND7180
54MukerianGENRalla RamMINC17503Gian SinghMBJS12886
55AmbGENKhushiramMINC12109Ram NathMIND4176
56UnaGENMansa RamMINC10986Rurka SinghMCPI6757
57AnandpurGENHari ChandMFBL(MG)10896Mohan LalMINC10085
By Polls in 1952AnandpurGENMohan LalMINC26667B. ChandMIND13374
58BalachaurGENBaloo RamMINC22786Kartar SinghMIND11161
59GharhshankarGENHarbhajan SinghMINC23092Chanan RamMIND15834
59GharhshankarGENKartar SinghMINC20641Kilwarn SinghMSAD13046
60HoshiarpurGENJagat RamMINC23366Ajit SinghMSAD13129
60HoshiarpurGENGuran DassMINC18740Balbir SinghMSP12933
By Polls in 1952HoshiarpurGENAmar SinghMINC31413Balbir SinghMIND27770
61NawanshahrGENGurbachan SinghMINC20593Dalip SinghMSAD18408
61NawanshahrGENBishnaMINC17858Mota SinghMSAD15878
62PhillaurGENNiranjan DassMINC11760Ishar RamMSCF10088
63Nur MahalGENDarbara SinghMINC12065Ram NiranjanMSCF8600
64NakodarGENSwaran SinghMINC28197Bakhtawar SinghMSAD17814
64NakodarGENSant RamMINC24128Karam ChandMSCF11996
By Polls in 1952NakodarGENH. SinghMCOM25351Harbans SinghMINC17997
65AdampurGENMota SinghMINC20684Niranjan SinghMSAD14970
65AdampurGENGurbanta SinghMINC19366Kartara Ram MirhasMSCF13941
66KartarpurGENGurdial SinghMINC14543Kartar SinghMSAD13590
67Jullundur City North WestGENRam KishanMINC16097Prem NathMBJS5142
68Jullundur City South EastGENSita DeviFINC11760Dharam VirMBJS5405
69SamralaGENAjmer SinghMSAD24717Ranbir SinghMIND14013
69SamralaGENNaurang SinghMSAD18662Bharpur SinghMFBL(MG)13996
70Ludhiana City NorthGENJagdish ChanderMINC13505Amar NathMIND5714
71Ludhiana City SouthGENBhim Sen SacharMINC14413Sham SinghMSAD7278
72JagraonGENIqbal SinghMSAD31395Jaswant RaiMINC15067
72JagraonGENGopal SinghMSAD28179Kehar SinghMINC14272
73Ludhiana SadarGENShamsher SinghMIND15565Sant SinghMIND8366
74DehlonGENWazir SinghMSAD12508Jalwant SinghMCPI8949
75MehnaGENNidhan SinghMCPI14126Gurcharan SinghMINC11326
By Polls in 1952MehnaGENG. SinghMINC26779Jaswant SinghMCOM16956
76Bagha PuranaGENBachan SinghMLCP9038Mukand SinghMSAD6867
77Moga DharmkotGENDavinder SinghMSAD19429Rattan SinghMINC18492
By Polls in 1952Moga DharmkotGEND. SinghMAD18057R. SinghMINC16494
77Moga DharmkotGENMukhtair SinghMSAD16439Sohan SinghMINC15907
By Polls in 1952Moga DharmkotGENM. SinghMAD17753S. SinghMINC15778
78Khuian SarwarGENTeg RamMINC14084Bachitar SinghMIND4806
By Polls in 1952Khuian SarwarGENTeg RamMINC12935R. SinghMIND8048
79AboharGENChandi RamMINC11686Kundan LalMBJS7891
80MallanwalaGENPartap SinghMIND7296Jwala SinghMINC6908
81FerozepurGENHarnam SinghMINC12607Pritam SinghMIND3589
82Guru Har SahaiGENPartap SinghMIND10275Har Kishan LalMINC9695
83MuktsarGENBhag SinghMSAD8069Narinder SinghMIND7453
84Kot BhaiGENPuran SinghMSAD24992Ranjit SinghMIND15273
84Kot BhaiGENBhag SinghMSAD22450Surja RamMBJS14060
85FazilkaGENWadhawa RamMIND10991Sunam RaiMINC9806
86AjnalaGENAchhar SinghMCPI10458Harinder SinghMSAD10354
87RamdasGENParkash KaurFINC11637Parkash SinghMIND7774
88AmritsarGENWaryam SinghMINC23872Buta SinghMSAD17352
88AmritsarGENKhem SinghMINC23839Ujjagar SinghMCPI16291
89Amritsar City NorthGENSatya PalMINC11129Joginder SinghMIND4043
By Polls in 1952Amritsar City NorthGENChandan LalMINC9503Balram DassMJS8799
90Amritsar City EastGENSarup SinghMSAD8716Rajinder SinghMINC8148
91Amritsar City CentralGENAmir Chand GuptaMINC12684Baldev ParkashMRRP8104
92Amritsar City WestGENShanoo DeviFINC12496Parkash ChandMBJS4076
93JhabalGENGurdial SinghMINC14750Sohan SinghMCPI12914
94KhalraGENBalwant SinghMINC7271Deva SinghMIND5697
95PattiGENPartap SinghMINC14847Umarao SinghMSAD13548
96Tarn TaranGENMohan SinghMINC22060Mohan SinghMSAD17658
96Tarn TaranGENDarshan SinghMCPI12004Amar SinghMIND10920
97BeasGENSohan SinghFINC16732Avtar SinghMSAD13877
98Dera Baba NanakGENJoginder SinghMINC9291Gurbakhsh SinghMSAD7570
99SerahGENWaryam SinghMINC16384Narinder SinghMSAD16317
By Polls in 1952SerahGENG. SinghMINC12342N. SinghMINC11783
100BatalaGENGurbachan SinghMINC13790Rewail SinghMIND6488
101Sri GobindpurGENUttam SinghMINC9587Harcharan SinghMSAD7981
102RaniaGENShiv SinghMINC12411Surat SinghMSAD9987
103GurdaspurGENParbodh ChandraMINC28628Iqbal SinghMSAD15533
103GurdaspurGENSunder SinghMINC24956Puran ChandMSAD13804
104Narot Jaimal SinghGENGorakh NathMINC12082Ram SinghMIND11506
105PathankotGENKesho DassMIND18866Maharaj KishanMBJS5772

List of Participating Political Parties in Punjab Assembly Election in 1951

S. No.Party Abbreviation Party
National Parties
1 BJS All India Bhartiya Jan Sangh
2 CPI Communist Party Of India
3 FBL(MG) F.B. (Marxist Group)
4 INC Indian National Congress
5 RRP Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad
6 SCF All India Scheduled Caste Federation
7 SP Socialist Party
State Parties
8 LCP Lal Communist Party
9 PDCL Punjab Depressed Classes League
10 SAD Shiromani Akali Dal
11 ZP Zamindar Party
12 IND Independent

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