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Elections in Punjab (PB) 2014

Punjab 16th General Elections Latest News And Live Update

Kejriwal on three-day Punjab road show - April 11, 2014 03:45 PM

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal started his three-day political road show in Punjab from this Sikh holy city Friday. Kejriwal offered prayers at `Harmandar Sahib', popularly known as the Golden Temple, before starting his election tour. Source: IANS  

Kejriwal to campaign in Punjab - April 10, 2014 03:15 PM

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal will tour Punjab the next three days to campaign for his candidates in the Lok Sabha election in the state. Kejriwal's first halt will be Amritsar, an Aam Aadmi Party source told IANS. Polling for Punjab's 13 seats will take place April 30. He returns to Delhi April 13. Source: IANS

Gul Panag walks, jogs, rides mobike to woo Chandigarh - April 06, 2014 02:07 PM

She is not the conventional politician. Gul Panag, a Bollywood actor with a pronounced dimple, rides a Royal Enfield 350 cc bike, jogs at the Sukhna Lake to meet people, walks in parks and shares a quick bite of rajma-chawal with students at Punjab University's popular haunt. Miss India, model, actor and now politician, Gul Panag is doing unconventional things as she goes about her 18-20 hour hectic schedule to cover the political ground for the April 10 election to the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat. Source: IANS

Punjab General Elections 2014 - Dates and Schedule

The current Lok Sabha completes its constitutional term on 31 May 2014, before that general election has been scheduled for the country. In Punjab the election will be held on 30 April 2014. According to a survey by India TV, the SAD is predicted to win the election by a majority of seven seats, followed by INC with four and the BJP with only the INC will win

Quick facts for Punjab General Elections 2014

Parliamentary Constituencies
Assembly Constituencies 117
Ruling PartyShiromani Akali Dal ( BJP Alliance)
Opposition Partyndian National Congress
Chief MinisterShiromani Akali Dal
GovernorShri Shivraj Patil
Chief Electoral OfficerShri V.K. Singh
AddressH' Block, South wing,GA(Elections) Dept.A.P.Secretariat, Hyderabad., 040-23455781
two. The Headlines Today's opinion polls predicted that the election by a majority of six seats, with the SAD winning five of them and the BJP victorious on two.

The general elections 2014, in the state of punjab will be conducted in 7th Phase. The details, dates and schedule for the same are mentioned on the page.

No. of ElectorsMale electorsFemale electorsNo. of Electors as %age of Total Electorate of IndiaNo. of electors having EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Card)

Punjab (Lok Sabha) and Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Elections 2014 Information

Dates and Schedule 2014 Opinion Poll List of Parliamentary Constituencies
Administration of Punjab Campaigning Strategies State Legislative Assembly of Punjab
Chief Ministers of Punjab List of Governors of Punjab Election Commission of Punjab
Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Punjab Parliamentary Elections Result Candidate List of Punjab

Punjab General Elections 2014 Important Dates

The table below represents the important dates associated with the Punjab General Elections 2014 and when are elections going to be held in Punjab, the date of issue of notification, nominations and much, more.

Phase 7
No of PCs going to poll 13(PC no. 1 to 13) Click to see Pcs
Issue of Notification02 Apr 14 (Wed)
Last Date for filing Nominations 09 Apr 14 (Wed)
Scrutiny of Nominations10 Apr 14 (Thu)
Last date for withdrawal of Candidature12 Apr 14 (Sat)
Date of Poll 30 Apr 14 (Wed)
Counting of Votes16 May 14 (Fri)
Date before which the election shall be completed 28 May 14 (Wed)

Punjab 2014 Lok Sabha Opinion Poll

India TV survey 2014: 4 seats will be won by the Congress party while Akali Dal will manage to bag 7 seats. The BJP in Punjab may lag behind in the race by winning only 2 LS seats.

Punjab Opinion Poll survey 2014 by India TV

Headlines Today-CVoter opinion poll: 6 seats will be won by INC and 2 by BJP. The SAD may win 5 seats out of 13 LS seats in the state.

Punjab CVoter Opinion Poll  2014 by Headlines Today

List of Parliamentary Constituencies in Punjab

Punjab comprises thirteen Lok Sabha parliamentary constituencies, of which four are reserved for candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes. In the last general election of 2009, the INC bagged a majority of eight constituencies, the SAD won four and the remaining one was won by the BJP.

There are 13 constituencies in Punjab who choose their member in the elections to work for the betterment of the society and to govern the state.

PC No.PC NamePC No.PC Name
1Gurdaspur8Fatehgarh Sahib
3Khadoor Sahib10Ferozpur
6Anandpur Sahib13Patiala

Campaigning Strategies

The campaigning in Punjab seems to be based mostly on the AAP's anti-corruption movement, the INC's RTI triumph and the BJP's development aims. While Narendra Modi delivered a speech in Ludhiana in the last week of February, Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi are yet to hold formal rallies. The BJP candidate has made some bold promises like expansion in tourism, agriculture and infrastructure.

Kejriwal had earlier declared that he would launch his campaign in North India alongside Modi and that the AAP's winds are going to change the country's future. Gandhi, on the other hand, had little success in wooing the ex-servicemen of the state as well as the farmers with the INC's pension funds and his aim of incorporating the common man into politics.

Administration of Punjab

The state is led by Governor, who appoints the head of the government, i.e., the Chief Minister. Punjab is divided into three divisions, which are further divided into 22 districts, each headed by a Magistrate. Each district is made up of sub-divisions which are comprised of urban and rural blocks. Punjab has been under President's Rule in the years 1951, 1966, 1968, 1971, 1977, 1983 and 1987.

State Legislative Assembly of Punjab

Punjab has a unicameral legislature with 117 seats, with a term of five years. It is headed by the Chief Minister. The current speaker of the house is Charanjit Sigh Atwal. The Legislative Assembly was first summoned in 1937 and post independence of India, the state had a bicameral legislature until a unicameral legislature was established in 1970. In the last election in 2012, the SAD won 56 seats, the INC won 46, the BJP won 12 and the three remaining seats were won by independent candidates.

List of Chief Ministers of Punjab

Punjab has been led by fifteen different Chief Ministers, the first being Gopi Chand Bhargave (INC), who assumed office on 15 August 1947. The longest-serving Chief Minister is Parkash Singh Badal (SAD), who served for fifteen years in total.

SL. No.Name of Chief MinistersFromToParty
1Gopi Chand BhargavaAug 15, 1947Apr 13, 1949Indian National Congress
2Bhim Sen SacharApr 13, 1949Oct 18, 1949Indian National Congress
3Gopi Chand Bhargava[2]Oct 18, 1949Jun 20, 1951Indian National Congress
 President's ruleJun 20, 1951Apr 17, 1952 
4Bhim Sen Sachar [2]Apr 17, 1952Jan 23, 1956Indian National Congress
5Pratap Singh KaironJan 23, 1956Jun 21, 1964Indian National Congress
6Gopi Chand Bhargava[3]Jun 21, 1964Jul 6, 1964Indian National Congress
7Ram KishanJul 7, 1964Jul 5, 1966Indian National Congress
 President's ruleJul 5, 1966Nov 1, 1966 
8Giani Gurmukh Singh MussafirNov 1, 1966Mar 8, 1967Indian National Congress
9Gurnam SinghMar 8, 1967Nov 25, 1967Shiromani Akali Dal
10Lachhman Singh GillNov 25, 1967Aug 23, 1968Shiromani Akali Dal
 President's ruleAug 23, 1968Feb 17, 1969 
11Gurnam Singh [2]Feb 17, 1969Mar 27, 1970Shiromani Akali Dal
12Parkash Singh BadalMar 27, 1970Jun 14, 1971Shiromani Akali Dal
 President's ruleJun 14, 1971Mar 17, 1972 
13Zail SinghMar 17, 1972Apr 30, 1977Indian National Congress
 President's ruleApr 30, 1977Jun 20, 1977 
14Parkash Singh Badal[2]Jun 20, 1977Feb 17, 1980Shiromani Akali Dal
 President's ruleFeb 17, 1980Jun 6, 1980 
15Darbara SinghJun 6, 1980Oct 10, 1983Indian National Congress
 President's ruleOct 10, 1983Sep 29, 1985 
16Surjit Singh BarnalaSep 29, 1985Jun 11, 1987Shiromani Akali Dal
 President's ruleJun 11, 1987Feb 25, 1992 
17Beant SinghFeb 25, 1992Aug 31, 1995Indian National Congress
18Harcharan Singh BrarAug 31, 1995Jan 21, 1996Indian National Congress
19Rajinder Kaur BhattalJan 21, 1996Feb 11, 1997Indian National Congress
20Parkash Singh Badal[3]Feb 12, 1997Feb 26, 2002Shiromani Akali Dal
21Amarinder SinghFeb 26, 2002Mar 1, 2007Indian National Congress
22Parkash Singh Badal[4]Mar 1, 2007PresentShiromani Akali Dal

List of Governors of Punjab

The Governor of Punjab is the ceremonial head of the state of Punjab and the Administrator of the Chandigarh Union Territory. He is elected by the President of India. Punjab has had 32 Governors, the first being Chandulal Madhavlal Trivedi, who assumed office in 1947. The current Governor is Shivraj Patil, who took office on 22 January 2010.

SL. No.Name of GovernorsFromTo
1Sir Chandulal Madhavlal TrivediAug 15, 1947Mar 11, 1953
2Sir Chandeshwar Prasad Narayan SinghMar 11, 1953Sep 15, 1958
3Narahar Vishnu GadgilSep 15, 1958Oct 1, 1962
4Pattom Thanu PillaiOct 1, 1962May 4, 1964
5Hafiz Muhammad IbrahimMay 4, 1964Sep 1, 1965
6Sardar Ujjal SinghSep 1, 1965Jun 26, 1966
7Dharma ViraJun 27, 1966Jun 1, 1967
8Mehar SinghJun 1, 1967Oct 16, 1967
9D. C. PavateOct 16, 1967May 21, 1973
10Mahendra Mohan ChoudhryMay 21, 1973Sep 1, 1977
11Ranjit Singh NarulaSep 1, 1977Sep 24, 1977
12Jaisukh Lal HathiSep 24, 1977Aug 26, 1981
13Aminuddin Ahmad KhanAug 26, 1981Apr 21, 1982
14Marri Chenna ReddyApr 21, 1982Feb 7, 1983
15S.S. SandhawaliaFeb 7, 1983Feb 21, 1983
16Anant Prasad SharmaFeb 21, 1983Oct 10, 1983
17Bhairab Dutt PandeOct 10, 1983Jul 3, 1984
18Kershasp Tehmurasp SatarawalaJul 3, 1984Mar 14, 1985
19Arjun SinghMar 14, 1985Nov 14, 1985
20Hokishe SemaNov 14, 1985Nov 26, 1985
21Shankar Dayal SharmaNov 26, 1985Apr 2, 1986
22Siddharta Shankar RayApr 2, 1986Dec 8, 1989
23Nirmal MukarjiDec 8, 1989Jun 14, 1990
24Virendra VermaJun 14, 1990Dec 18, 1990
25General Om Prakash MalhotraDec 18, 1990Aug 7, 1991
26Surendra NathAug 7, 1991Jul 9, 1994
27Sudhakar Panditrao KurdukarJul 10, 1994Sep 18, 1994
28Lieutenant General B.K.N. ChhibberSep 18, 1994Nov 27, 1999
29Lieutenant General J. F. R. JacobNov 27, 1999May 8, 2003
30Om Prakash VermaMay 8, 2003Nov 3, 2004
31Akhlaqur Rahman KidwaiNov 3, 2004Nov 16, 2004
32General Sunith Francis RodriguesNov 16, 2004Jan 22, 2010
32Shivraj PatilJan 22, 2010Present

Election Commission of Punjab

The Election Commission of Punjab is led by the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) and is based in Chandigarh, the state capital. It is responsible for smooth and unbiased operation of all elections in the state.

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Punjab

The Chief Electoral Officer of Punjab is Kusumjit Sidhu, who was appointed prior to the 2009 general election. She is an IAS officer from the 1979 Punjab cadre and has a Bachelor's degree in English, History and French as well as a Master's degree in History.

Shri V.K. Singh

addressAS (Retd.); Chief Electoral Officer SCO 29-30,Sector 17-E, Chandigarh- 160017
Office Phone: 2724038

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