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Polling Booth in Thirunallar Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Thirunallar

Thirunallar Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Thirunallar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Thirunallar Assembly Constituency falls under the Thirunallar Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Pondicherry.

Sl. No.Polling Station BuildingPolling Booths Area
1 Govt. Primary School, Mariamman Koil Street, Ambagarathur Kandankudi Salai West, Ambagarathur, Karaikal-609601. Pulianthoppu, Ambagarathur, Karaikal-609601. Old Cinema Theatre Street, Ambagarathur Morakkara Sandhu, Ambagarathur North Vellala Street, Ambagarathur Vadakku Pet, Ambagarathur Kamaraj Nagar, Ambagarathur
2 Govt. Primary School, Mariamman Koil Street, Ambagarathur Cholan Kurinji Salai, Ambagarathur Odakkarai, Ambagarathur Old Ambagarathur, Ambagarathur Perumal Koil Street, Ambagarathur Nvr Colony, Ambagarathur Lgr Nagar, Ambagarathur
3 Thiruvalluvar Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Kandankudi Salai West, Ambagarathur, Karaikal-609601. East Street, Ambagarathur Pattakkal Street, Ambagarathur Pidaran Sandhu, Ambagarathur Perumal Koil Moongil Thoppu Street, Ambagarathur Gurukkal Narasam Street, Ambagarathur Mariamman Koil Street, Ambagarathur Vaniyan Sandhu, Ambagarathur Thalayari Street, Ambagarathur Thalayari Street Sandhu, Ambagarathur Thalayari East Street, Ambagarathur
4 Thiruvalluvar Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Kandankudi Salai West, Ambagarathur, Karaikal-609601. Kannapur Pet, Ambagarathur Kannappur West Street, Ambagarathur Kannappur East Street, Ambagarathur Ambagarathur Colony Pet, Ambagarathur,609601 South Kandankudi Salai, Ambagarathur Kannapur Salai, Ambagarathur
5 Thiruvalluvar Govt. Hr. Sec. School (New Block), Kandankudi Salai West, Ambagarathur, Karaikal-609601. Madarsa Street, Ambagarathur Pudumanai Street, Ambagarathur Peria Palli Street, Ambagarathur West Street, Ambagarathur Railadi New Street, Ambagarathur South Street, Ambagarathur Old Railadi Street, Ambagarathur Kamaliya Street, Ambagarathur Thoppu Street, Ambagarathur Vedan Thoppu Street, Ambagarathur Kalladi New Street, Ambagarathur Eedukana Street, Ambagarathur Ayyan Kulathu Street, Ambagarathur Ayyan Kulathu Medu, Ambagarathur Rice Mill Street, Ambagarathur Jawahar Street, Ambagarathur
6 Govt. Primary School, Colony Street, Nallazhandhur Old Nallazhandur, Nallazhandhur Agrahara Street, Nallazhandhur West Street, Nallazhandhur North Street, Nallazhandhur West Street, Nallazhandhur Colony Street, Nallazhandhur Pettai Paalur Salai - Thamanangudiu, Nallazhandhur Pillayar Koil Street, Nallazhandhur, Thirunallar, Karaikal West Nallazhandur,Nallazhandhur? Middle Street West Nallazhandur, Nallazhandhur Kannappur Salai - Mela Nallazhandur, Nallazhandhur Ambagarathur Salai - Thamanangudi North Street - Thamanangudi, Nallazhandhur Pillayar
7 Govt. Middle School, Pallikooda Theru, Nallambal Pudhu Street, Nallazhandur Ambagarathur Raod, Nallambal Main Road, Nallambal Pettai Palur Salai, Nallambal Pallivasal Street, Nallambal Kizhaku Theru, Nallambal Kamalia Theru, Nallambal Periya Theru, Nallambal Mariamman Koil Street, Nallambal Al Thameem Street, Nallambal,
8 Govt. Middle School, Pallikooda Theru, Nallambal Vayalkarai Street, Nallambal Brindavan Street, Nallazhandur Sivan Koil Theru, Nallambal Thoppu Street, Nallambal Pallikooda Theru, Nallambal Pillaiyar Koil Theru, Nallambal North Street, Nallambal L.G.R. Nagar, Nallambal,
9 Govt. High School, Puduthurai, Sethur Salai Street, Sethur Agraharam, Sethur Pillaiyarkoil Street, Sethur Kumarakudi Salai, Sethur Kumarakudypet, Sethur Sathan Kudi, Sethur Kumarakudi, Sethur
10 Govt. High School, Puduthurai, Sethur North Street, Sethur Nadu Theru, Sethur South Street, Sethur Pudhutherupet, Sethur Puduthurai, Sethur Pandaravadai Street, Sethur Anna Veethi, Sethur Kamatchi Nagar, Sethur Melatheru, Sethur
11 Govt. High School, Puduthurai, Sethur Thangalaan Pet - Pandaaravadai, Sethur Madha Koil Theru - Pandaaravadai, Sethur Madha Koil East Street, Sethur Mathur Nadapu - Pandaravadai, Sethur East Street - Pandaravadai, Sethur North Street - Pandaravadai, Sethur Melatheru - Pandaravadai, Sethur Therku Theru - Pandaaravadai, Sethur Kamatchi Amman Koil St - Pandaravadai, Sethur Navalar Theru - Pandaaravadai, Sethur Thenpeedagai, Sethur Mudhaliar Theru - Pandaravadai, Sethur Thiruvasal Nagar - Sethur
12 Govt. Middle School (West Side), Pallivasal Street, Karukankudy Pallivasal Street, Karukankudy Pattakal Street, Karukkankudy Jinnah Theru, Karukankudy Pudhumanai Theru, Karukankudy South Street, Karukangudi Kaliyamman Kovil Theru, Karukankudy Elayankudy, East Street, Thirunallar Elayankudy, Indira Nagar,Thirunallar Sakkiliyatheru, Ilaiyankudi, Thirunallar Ilaiyankudi - Attrangarai Street, Karukankudi Ilaiyankudy, Devamapuram North Street, Ilaiyankudy, Thirunallar, Karaikal-609601. Mela Theru, Elaiyangudy,Thirunallar
13 Govt. Middle School (East Side), Pallivasal Street, Karukankudy Puthakudicherry East Street, Devamapuram Patthakudicherry, Melatheru, Devamapuram Devamapuram Mela Theru, Devamapuram Devamapuram Keezha Theru, Karukankudy Devamapurampet, Devamapuram Valathamangalam Avvaiyarmoolai, Karukankudy Valathamangalam West Pet, Karukkankudy Valathamangalam - Attrangarai Veethi, Karukkankudy Valathamangalam- Keezhapet, Karukankudy Valathamangalam- South North Street, Karukankudy Railadi Street, Devamapuram
14 Govt. Primary School,, Nedungadu Rastha, Serumavilangai North Street, Serumavilangai Madapuram (Rajiv Nagar),Serumavilangai Nedungadu Rastha, Serumavilangai Attrankarai (East), Serumavilangai Attrangarai (West),Serumavilangai Nedungadu Salai, Serumavilangai Sivan Kovil Theru, Serumavilangai South Street,(Serumavilangai Cherry), Serumavilangai Pudhutheru, Serumavilangai Rajarethinam Pillai Street, Serumavilangai-609601.
15 Govt. Middle School (East Side), Mariamman Koil Street, Surakudy,Thirunallar Electricity Sub Station, Surakudy Main Road Pet, Surakudy,Thirunallar Sayampalayam, Surakudy,Thirunallar Karukangudi Street, Surakudi,Thirunallar Anna Theru, Surakudy,Thirunallar Melatheru, Surakudy,Thirunallar Main Road (Chithra Colony), Surakudi,Thirunallar Keezhatheru, Surakudy,Thirunallar Railady Street, Surakudy,Thirunallar Vadakkupet, Surakudy,Thirunallar Main Road, Surakudy,Thirunallar
16 Govt. Middle School (West Side), Mariamman Koil Street, Surakudy,Thirunallar Mela Theru, Surakudy,Thirunallar North Street, Surakudy,Thirunallar Nadutheru, Surakudy,Thirunallar Kammalar Street, Surakudy,Thirunallar South Mela Theru, Surakudy,Thirunallar Akraharam, Surakudy,Thirunallar Agrahara Salai, Surakudy,Thirunallar Mariamman Koil Street, Surakudy,Thirunallar Nethaji Nagar, Surakudy,Thirunallar South Thamaraikulam, Surakudy,Thirunallar Main Road - Surakudy ,Thirunallar- 609607 South Street-Surakudy,Thirunallar-609607
17 Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Thenoor Nedunsalai, Thenoor,Thirunallar Rajivi Nagar, Thenoor,Thirunallar-609607 Thenoor Nedunsalai, Thenoor,Thirunallar South Pet [ Nedungadu Rastha], Surakudy,Thirunallar Santhaivelythoppu,Thenoor,Thirunallar South Street, Thenoor,Thirunallar Hospital Quarters,Thenoor,Thirunallar Kumaran Nagar,Thenoor,Thirunallar Aranganagar,Ambagarathur Salai,Thirunallar Iyyanar Kovil Street,Thenoor,Thirunallar Pudhucolony,Thenoor,Thirunallar Alaku Nagar, Surakudy Road,Thirunallar Vasuki Nagar, Surakudy Road,Thirunallar Thenur Pet,Thenoor,Thirunall
18 Govt. Primary School, North Street, V-Kottapadi, Sellur Mathur, Thennangudi Middle Street - V. Kottabadi, Sethur Keezhatheru - Va - Kottapaadi, Mupaithankudi South Street - V. Kottapadi, Muppayithangudy North Street, V-Kottapadi, Sellur East Street - Muppayithangudi, Thennangudi Agraharam-Muppayithangudi, Sellur Middlepet - Muppaithankudy, Selloor Southpet - Muppaithankudy, Selloor Northpet, Mupaithangudy, Sellur Muppayithankudy - Mela Natham Street, Sellur Melanatham Pillaiyar Koil Street, Muppaithankudy Kottapadi - Sethur, Sethur
19 Veterinary Hospital, Main Road, Thennangudy Main Road, Thennangudy Makaliamman Koil Street, Thennangudi Perumal Koil Theru Pinpuram, Thennagudi Perumalkoil Street, Thennangudy Middle Street, Thennangudy Mathur Salai, Thennangudi Madhakoil Street Lgr Colony, Thennangudy Keezha Natham Pet, Thennangudi Kiluvathadi, Thennangudi Sri Rajeswari Mills Ltd., Thennangudi Melanatham Pet, Thennangudi
20 Govt. Primary School, Agalangan Perumal Koil Theru, Sellur Periyapet, Sellur Chinnapet, Sellur Vellaithidal, Selloor Agalangannu - East Street, Sellur Agalangan Perumal Koil Theru, Sellur Agalangannu, Melatheru, Sellur
21 Govt. Middle School, Keezha Theru, Sellur Agalangannu Salai, Sellur Saliyapet, Sellur Kannikoilpet, Sellur Keezha Theru, Sellur Mariamman Koil Street, Selloor Mudaliar Street - Main Road, Sellur
22 Govt. Primary School, Kaliamman Koil Street, Pettai,Thirunallar Kaliamman Koil Street, Pettai,Thirunallar Pudhu Theru, Pettai,Thirunallar North East Street, Pettai,Thirunallar South West Street, Pettai,Thirunallar Sankaran Thoppu, Pettai,Thirunallar Pettai Eluppai Thoppu, Pettai,Thirunallar Manalmettu Street, Pettai,Thirunallar Keezhapet, Pettai,Thirunallar Mela Pet, Peattai,Thirunallar Thoppu Street, Peattai,Thirunallar Athippadugai Road, Pettai,Thirunallar Mariyamman Kovil Street, Pettai, Thirunallar, Karaikal-609607.
23 Govt. Primary School, Mela Athipadugai, Thirunallar Keezhaathipadugai, Thirunallar Mela Athipadugai, Thirunallar Athipadugaipet, Thirunallar East Street, Athipadugai, Thirunallar
24 Community Hall, Periyar Nagar,, Neivatcherry Periyar Nagar, Thirunallar Neivatcherry Athipadugai Road,Thirunallar Neivatcherry West Street,Thirunallar? Neivatcherry Palla Theru, Thirunallar Neivatcherry Periyar Nagar, Thirunallar Neivatcherry Athipadugai Road,Thirunallar
25 Commune Panchayat Office,, Main Road, Thirunallar Vallalar Street, Thirunallar Nalankula Street, Thirunallar New Nalankula Street, Thirunallar West Street, Thirunallar Pettai Road, Thirunallar Kamalambal Nagar, Thirunallar Ambagarathur Road, Thirunallar Main Road, Thirunallar Indira Nagar, Thirunallar Karukkankulam, Pettai Nala Nagar, Thirunallar Veeran Koil Street, Thirunallar Shah Nagar, Thirunallar
26 Govt. Middle School, (East), Ambagarathur Road, Thirunallar Maikan Street, Thirunallar Maniyankulath Theru, Thirunallar Vellalar Street, Thirunallar Pidari Koil Theru, Thirunallar Pidarikoil North Street, Thirunallar
27 Govt. Middle School, (West), Ambagarathur Road, Thirunallar Pallivasal Street, Thirunallar New Pallivasal Street, Thirunallar Ambagarathur Road, Thirunallar North Street, Thirunallar Subrayapuram Railadi Theru, Subrayapuram School Street, Indra Nagar, Subrayapuram Keezhasubburayapuram - Thatchanthidal, Subburayapuram Subburayapuram Road - Thirunallar
28 Govt. Girls Hr. Sec. School, Agadeeswararkoil Street, Thirunallar East Agragharam, Thirunallar, Karaikal-609607. South Mattakulathu Street, Thirunallar East Street, Thirunallar Sannathi Street, Thirunallar South Street, Thirunallar Arunachalam Pillai Colony, Thirunallar Agadeeswararkoil Street, Thirunallar Perumalkoil Street, Thirunallar Perumalkoil Sannathi Street, Thirunallar Madavilagam, Thirunallar, Ambedkar Nagar, Thirunallar Ambedkar Nagar Salai, Thirunallar
29 Govt. Middle School, Poomangalam - East Street, Thirunallar Poomangalam Eda Theru, Thirunallar Poomangalam - East Street, Thirunallar Vanakara Street, Thirunallar Poomangalam Pet, Keezhavur Valluvar Street, Thirunallar Poomangalam West Street, Thirunallar Athipadugai Road, Thirunallar
30 Govt. Primary School, Kaliamman Koil Street, Subrayapuram Keezha Subrayapuram - Akkaraikovilpathu, Subrayapuram Melasubrayapuram Natham Thidal, Subrayapuram Kaliamman Koil Street, Subrayapuram Keezha Subrayapuram-Pallatheru, Subrayapuram Subrayapuram Nagan Thidal, Subrayapuram, Keezhasubrayapuram, Pudhu Theru, Subrayapuram Keezhsuppurayapuram - Keezha Veethi, Suppurayapuram Keezhasuprayapuram- Nagan Thidal, Subrayapuram Melasubrayapuram Kalakaimedu, Subrayapuram Keezhavur, Thirunallar? P.S.Nagar, Mela Subrayapuram, Thirunallar - 609607.

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