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Polling Booth in Koraput Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Koraput

Koraput Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Koraput Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Koraput Assembly Constituency falls under the Koraput Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Dhalpur-IForest I.B ,Maliguda
2 Dhalpur-IIUpper Primary School, Dhalpur(R-1)
3 Dhalpur -IIUpper Primary School, Dhalpur(R-1)
4 Dhalpur-IIIUpper Primary School, Dhalpur(R-1)
5 KandulgudaPrimary School,Kandulguda
6 BhalugudaUpper Primary School,Bhaluguda
7 BrahmangudaU.Primary Schoolbrahmanguda
8 DoragudaSevashram,Doraguda
9 BanagudaPrimary School, Banaguda
10 BergaonUpper Primary School,Majhiguda
11 MinarabaliSevashram,Minarbali
12 HatipakanaHatipakana Primary School
13 DudhaedaPrimary School,Dudhabeda
14 JodidhariDpep School, Jodidhari
15 ChipakhurChipakur Primary School
16 JabaJaba Primary School
17 MuduligudaMuduliguda Primary School
18 TanginigudaTanginiguda Upper Primary School
19 RampurRampur Primary School
20 SanteiputPrimary School,Santeiput
21 LimbagudaPrimary School,Limbaguda
22 Kenduguda Sevashram,Kenduguda
23 GummaSevashram,Gumma
24 GoudagudaPrimary School,Goudaguda
25 Baipariguda-IEx-Board Nodal Upper Primary School,Boipariguda
26 Baipariguda-IIEx-Board Nodal Upper Primary School,Boipariguda
27 LaxmipurUpper Primary School,Laxmipur
28 GaniputPrimary School, Ganiput
29 KendupadaUpper Primary School,Kendupada
30 KeraputKeraput Primary School
31 DasmantpurDasmantpur Sevashram
32 KakalpodaKakalpoda Upper Primary School
33 GadaputGadaput Primary School
34 SukhuapadarSukhuapadar Primary School
35 DoraputDoraput Primary School
36 PaligudaUpper Primary School,Paliguda
37 BhejagudaUpper Primary School,Bhejaguda
38 ChandrapadaUpper Primary School,Chandrapada
39 Chikima-IIChikima Upper Primary School
40 Chikima (Kurkuti)Chikima Upper Primary School
41 BadaputBadaput Primary School
42 UparpamiUparpami Primary School
43 LenjaPrimary School, Lenja
44 TolaPrimary School,Tola
45 MahuliUpper Primary School,Mahuli
46 UmuriagudaPrimary School,Umuriaguda
47 BapanigudaPrimary School,Bapaniguda
48 HatapetaUpper Primary School,Hatapeta
49 BadapetaPrimary School,Badapeta
50 RanitotaPrimary School,Ranitota
51 MurjaPrimary School, Murja
52 DabugudaUpper Primary School,Dabuguda
53 KadrimaliputPrimary School,Kadrimaliput
54 KakalpadaUpper Primary School,Kakalpada
55 PipalputUpper Primary School,Pipalput
56 JalahanjarUpper Primary School,Jalahanjar
57 KangarapadaUpper Primary School, Kangarapada
58 GuneipadaSevashram ,Guneipoda
59 MatamputM.E.School,Matamput
60 MantriputSevashram ,Montriput
61 JayantigiriUpper Primary School,Jayantagiri
62 BadigadaM.E.School,Badigada
63 Ankadeli-1Upper Primary School,Room No-I Ankadeli
64 HanumalUpper Primary School,Hanumal
65 Ankadeli-2Upper Primary School,Room No-I Ankadeli
66 ChikenputUpper Primary School,Chikenput
67 DengasemiliPrimary School, Dengasemili
68 GadihanjarUpper Primary School,Godihanjar
69 SailapadaUpper Primary School,Sailapada
70 AudipodaUpper Primary School,Audipoda
71 Lamtaput-3U.G.M.E.School,Lamtaput
72 Lamtaput-1Upper Primary School,Lamtaput
73 Lamtaput-2High School,Lamtaput
74 TusubaSevashram ,Tusuba
75 LugumUpper Primary School,Lugum
76 BalelUpper Primary School,Balel
77 EnuguUpper Primary School,Enugu
78 SanasagarUpper Primary School,Sanasagar
79 BadasagarUpper Primary School,Badasagar
80 KanchanaSevashram , Kanchan
81 ArnaUpper Primary School, Arna
82 TikarapadaUpper Primary School, Tikarapada
83 DurlaUpper Primary School,Durla
84 PatraputPrimary School, Patraput
85 ParajakhudubiPrimary School,Parajakhudubi
86 KumargondhanaM.E.School, Kumargandhana
87 HatasukuUpper Primary School, Hatasuku
88 PalibaPrimary School, Paliba
89 KadamgudaPrimary School, Kadamguda
90 DebatahanjarUpper Primary School, Debatahanjar
91 LamandaUpper Primary School, Lamanda
92 DeogondhonaUpper Primary School, Deogandhana
93 MalikotkarUpper Primary School, Malikotkar
94 MediputUpper Primary School, Mediput
95 MaliumbelUpper Primary School, Maliumbel
96 TentulipadaTentulipada, Primary School
97 ParajamundarUpper Primary School,Parajamundar
98 BadasukuL.C.H.Building,Badasuku
99 SemelaUpper Primary School,Semela
100 BadakerengaHigh School,Kolabnagar R.No-I
101 Kolabnagar-IIHigh School,Kolabnagar R.No-I
102 DhaudapadarUpper Primary School,Dhaudapadar
103 LaurigudaUpper Primary School,Lauriguda
104 DeVIghatUpper Primary School,Devighat
105 BogeipadarPrimary School,Bogeipadar
106 MacharaPrimary School,Machara
107 UmuriL.C.H.Building , Umuri
108 GanjeipadarUpper Primary School,Ganjeipadar
109 LankaputUpper Primary School,Lankaput
110 KolabAnganwadi Centre,Kolab
111 TiadiputSevashram, Tiadiput
112 DangadeulaPrimary School, Dangadeula
113 LandigudaPrimary School, Landiguda
114 O.M.P.-IIPrimary School, O.M.P. R.No.2
115 O.M.P.-IPrimary School, O.M.P. R.No.2
116 Railway ColonyU.G.M.E.School, Railway Colony
117 Rangabalikumbha -IPrimary School, Rangabalikumbha R.No.1
118 Rangabalikumbha-IIPrimary School, Rangabalikumbha R.No.1
119 Pujariput-1Govt. Girls High School R.No.1
120 Pujariput-2Govt. Girls High School R.No.1
121 D.N.KPoroja Sahi Primary School R.No.2
122 Poroja SahiPoroja Sahi Primary School R.No.2
123 Puchila SahiPuchila Sahi Primary School, R.No-1
124 Pwd CollonyGovt. High School
125 Bhandi SahiPrimary School, Bhandi Sahi
126 GoutamnagarGoutamnagar, Koraput Nac
127 MalisahiMalisahi, Upper Primary School,Koraput.
128 Town HallAmin Lane Primary School, Koraput Nac,Amin Lane
129 Puruna Koraput-1J.E.L.C.High School
130 Puruna Koraput-2Upper Primary School, Puruna Koraput.
131 BadachindriUpper Primary School
132 SanachindiriUpper Primary School
133 RelikumbhaUpper Primary School
134 Forest ColonyU.G.M.E.School,Forest Colony
135 Teachers ColonyTeachers Colonyprimary School Koraput Nac
136 Rathaharma ColonyPolice High School
137 Tikirasahi Rathasharma Upper Primary School, Tikira Sahi
138 Reserve LinePolice Upper Primary School
139 Jail LineUpper Primary School, Jailline
140 HatapadaEx.Board Upper Primary School
141 Pwd ColonyGovt. Boys High School
142 MaligudaPrimary School,Maliguda
143 ManbarPrimary School,Manbar
144 JertiPrimary School, Jerti
145 DayanidhigudaPrimary School, Dayanidhiguda
146 BagraPrimary School, Bagra
147 KendarPey. School,Kendar
148 PanasputPrimary School,Panasput
149 DoliamboPrimary School,Doliambo
150 MohadeiputSevashram Mohadeiput
151 JhadigudaPrimary School,Jhadiguda
152 BandagudaUpper Primary School,Bandaguda
153 MastiputAshram School , Mastiput
154 DongiriUpper Primary School, Dongri
155 JanigudaSevashram , Janiguda
156 ChapsilJ.E.L.C.School,Chaprimary Schoolil
157 PorojalimikaPrimary School,Porojalimika
158 DurugudaPrimary School,Duruguda
159 NighamanigudaPrimary School, Nighamaniguda
160 GopalputPrimary School,Gopalput
161 PadampurSevashram Padampur
162 MohanpadaPrimary School, Mohanpada
163 ChougaonSevashram, Chougaon
164 A.E.F.Colony-1H & Tw High School R.No.1
165 A.E.F.Colony-2H & Tw High School R.No.1
166 T.D.C.C. Colony-IMig Iv, Upper Primary School
167 T.D.C.C. Colony-IIMig Iv, Upper Primary School
168 Nac MarketT.T.School, Sunabeda
169 D.P.CampJaganath Bidyapitha
170 Ganjam ColonyUpper Primary School, Ganjam Colony
171 Santinagar Primary School, Santinagar
172 ChikaparSevasharma, Chikapar
173 JodagudaUpper Primary School, Jodaguda
174 KakigaonPrimary School,Kakigaon
175 R. Zone-ID.A.V. P. School, R.Zone R.No.1
176 B.Zone Aeronautics Girls High School Sunabeda
177 H.ZoneD.A.V. High School R.No.1, Sunabeda
178 G.ZoneD.A.V. High School R.No.1, Sunabeda
179 KodigaonPrimary School, Kodigaon
180 D.ZoneD.Zone Primary School, Sunabeda
181 L.Zone-1L.Zone D.A.V. Primary School, R.No.1
182 L.Zone -2L.Zone D.A.V. Primary School, R.No.1
183 I.Zone -1D.A.V.Primary School,I.Zone R.No.1
184 I.Zone-2D.A.V.Primary School,I.Zone R.No.1
185 R.ZoneD.A.V. P. School, R.Zone R.No.1
186 Semiliguda-1Ex-Board Primary School, Semiliguda
187 Semiliguda-2Ex-Board Primary School, Semiliguda
188 RelisahiTalagadabasahi Primary School, Semiliguda(R-2)
189 Semiliguda-3Mariamma School, Semiliguda
190 GapabandhunagarUpper Primary School, Gapabandhunagar
191 JanigudaUpper Primary School, Janiguda

Last Updated on August 11, 2014