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Polling Booth in Jeypore Assembly Constituency

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Controversy Rises over Sadhvi Pragya's Candidature Controversy Rises over Sadhvi Pragya’s Candidature

The BJP on Wednesday named Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, key accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast case, as its Lok Sabha candidate from Bhopal. This is the first instance of Read More…

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Live Updates – Lok Sabha Elections Phase 2 7:59:13 PM Final Update for the Day – Final Voter Turnout State – Wise State Voter Turnout (%) Assam 73.32 Bihar 58.14 Read More…

List of Polling Booth in Jeypore

Jeypore Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jeypore Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Jeypore Assembly Constituency falls under the Jeypore Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 GurumaigudaGurumaiguda Primary School
2 BhitarabadiBhitarabadi Primary School
3 S.IndanpurS.Indanpur New Upper Primary School
4 B.IndanpurB.Indanpur Upper Primary School
5 MandiabandhaMandiabandha New Upper Primary School
6 BodigamBodigam Upper Primary School
7 SemelaSemela Primary School
8 MunjaMunja Upper Primary School
9 ChaupadiChaupadi Primary School
10 KhangaragudaKhangaraguda Primary School
11 RataliRatali Nupper Primary School
12 Kumuli-IKumuli Ex Board Primary School
13 Kumuli-IIPrimary School Nua Sahi, Kumuli
14 Kumuli-IINuasahi Primary School, Kumuli
15 GadabagudaGadabaguda Primary School
16 ParajapatraputParajapatraput Upper Primary School
17 NuagudaPrimary School, Nuaguda
18 MankadiatalaPrimary School, Mankidiatala
19 KathargadaUpper Primary School, Kathargada
20 PakhanagudaPrimary School, Pakhanaguda
21 TurunjigudaPrimary School, Turunjiguda
22 GumudaGumuda Sevashram
23 KamataKamata, Primary School
24 KhajurigudaKamata, Primary School
25 NarigamNarigam Upper Primary School
26 Charamula Primary School,Charamula
27 KendugudaKenduguda Primary School
28 PradhaniputPrimary School, Pradhaniput
29 MossipadarPrimary School, Mosanskrit Schoolipadar
30 ChampapadarPrimary School, Champapadar
31 BhumiagudaUpper Primary School, Bhumiaguda
32 RamapatraputRamapatraput Sevashram
33 PodapadarPrimary School, Podapadar
34 Podapadar-2Primary School, Podapadar
35 NuaganSevashram, Nuagan
36 ManoharManohar Upper Primary School
37 SanamajhigudaPrimary School, Sanamajhiguda
38 DabugudaPrimaryschool, Dabuguda
39 HardoliSevashram ,Hardoli
40 TikabaligudaPrimary School, Tikabaliguda
41 DumarajodiPrimary School, Tikabaliguda
42 DhutigudaPrimaryschool, Dhutiguda
43 SemalagudaPrimary School, Semalaguda
44 NakulgudaUpper Primary School, Nakulguda
45 KhuntiapallaPrimary School, Khuntiapalla
46 B.SinghpurPrimaryschool, B.Singpur
47 HaridagudaPrimary School, Haridaguda
48 ChandabedaPrimary School, Chandabeda
49 JanigudaPrimary School, Janiguda
50 JodaputPrimary School, Jodaput
51 MundagudaUpper Primary School, Mundaguda
52 KeraputPrimary School, Keraput
53 SanadubuliPrimary School, Sanadubuli
54 BadadubuliPrimary School, Badadubuli
55 JhilimiliPrimary School, Jhilimili
56 Borigumma-IIIUpper Primaryschool, Dasiri Sahi
57 Borigumma-IVBhairabi Marg Primary School
58 Borigumma-IIJ.B.School, Borigumma
59 Borigumma-IPrimary School, Borigumma
60 Borigumma-5Boriguma Govt. M.E.School
61 Puruna BorigummaPrimaryschool, Puruna Borigumma
62 Puruna BorigummaPrimaryschool, Puruna Borigumma
63 SargigudaPrimary School, Sargiguda
64 BenasurSevashram, Benasur
65 SantoshpurPrimary School, Santoshpur
66 RanaspurSevashram, Ranaspur
67 MerdhamalPrimary School, Merdhamal
68 BenaganSevashram ,Benagan
69 GujunigudaPrimaryschool, Gujuniguda
70 BarapindapadarSevashram, Barapindapadar
71 SanapinapadarSevashram Sanapindapadar
72 DulagudaPrimaryschool, Dulaguda
73 KhudigudaPrimaryschool, Khudiguda
74 JayantigiriUpper Primary School, Jayantigiri
75 PujariputPrimary School, Pujariput
76 PhupugamPrimary School, Phupugan
77 TenkarUpper Primaryschool, Tenkar
78 KrisanigudaPrimaryschool, Krisaniguda
79 PiteigudaPrimary School, Piteiguda
80 ChandalgudaSevashram, Chandalguda
81 JhadigudaPrimary School, Jhadiguda
82 MinagudaPrimary School, Minaguda
83 PerahandiPrimary School, Perahandi
84 ChikimaPrimary School, Chikima
85 KankadagudaPrimary School, Kankadaguda
86 JamundaGram Panchayat Office, Jamunda
87 DhadrigudaPrimary School, Dhadriguda
88 Station KangaPrimary School, Station Kanga
89 DumuragudaPrimary School, Dumuraguda
90 Hata KangaPrimary School, Hat Kanga
91 SalapiagudaPrimary School, Salpiaguda
92 TeliaPrimary School, Telia
93 BadapadaPrimary School, Badapada
94 HadapaPrimary School, Hadapa
95 ChargamPrimary School, Chargam
96 DangaraPrimary School, Dangara
97 DoragudaPrimary School, Doraguda
98 DoragudaPrimary School, Doraguda
99 BalipujariputPrimary School, Balipujariput
100 DangarkarchiPrimary School, Dangarkarchi
101 BoriputPrimary School, Bariput
102 RanigadaSevashram Ranigada
103 MalikarchiPrimary School, Malikarchi
104 MulasorePrimary School, Mulasore
105 KumuliputPrimary School, Kumuliput
106 HaridaputSevashram, Haridaput
107 GandagudaGandaguda Primary School
108 AmbagudaGovt. M.E.School,Ambaguda
109 BadamundapadarGovt. M.E.School,Ambaguda
110 HadiaPrimary School, Hadia
111 BhatraPrimary School, Bhatra
112 PutraPrimary School, Putra
113 KhairmundiPrimary School, Khairmundi
114 KhadapaPrimary School, Khadapa
115 SolpaPrimary School, Solpa
116 DharanahandiPrimary School, Dharanahandi
117 SankaudiPrimary School, Sanakaudi
118 MajurmundaUpper Primary School, Majurmunda
119 TankugudaPrimary School, Tankuguda
120 RandapalliUpper Primary School, Randapali
121 KeraputUpper Primary School, Keraput
122 EkambaUpper Primary School, Ekamba
123 BadakaudiPrimary School, Badakaudi
124 GarudagudaPrimary School, Garudaguda
125 DhanpurPrimary School,Dhanpur
126 BadajiunaPrimary School, Badajiuna
127 PujariputPrimary School, Pujariput
128 GhatabagraPrimary School, Ghatbagra
129 MalidalaiputPrimary School, Malidalaiput
130 KaliagamUpper Primary School, Kaliagam
131 KankadahandiPrimary School, Kankadahandi
132 BankabijaPrimary School, Bankabija
133 Umuri-1Sevashram, Umuri
134 Umuri-IISevashram, Umuri
135 Gadapadar-1Primary School, Gadapadar
136 Gadpadar-IIPrimary School, Gadapadar
137 MahulbhataPrimary School, Mahulbhata
138 BodigudaPrimary School, Bodiguda
139 KotaPrimary School, Kota
140 Bariniput-IPrimary School, Bariniput
141 MaligudaMaliguda Nupper Primary School
142 Bariniput-IIPrimary School, Bariniput
143 MundigudaAnganwadi Centre, Mundiguda
144 U.K.P.Primary School, U.K.P.
145 Jayanagar -1Jayanagar Sevashram Room No.1
146 Jayanagar -4Jayanagar Sevashram Room No.1
147 Jayanagar -2Jayanagar Sevashram Room No.1
148 Jayanagar -3Ugme School, Jayanagar
149 Jayanagar -5Ugme School, Jayanagar
150 Irr-Colony-1Irr-Colony Primary School Room No.-1
151 Irr-Colony-3Ukp Primary School
152 Irr-Colony-2Irr-Colony Primary School Room No.-1
153 Mission Compound-1Jelc High School Room No. 1
154 Mission Compound-4Jelc High School Room No. 1
155 Mission Compound-2Jelc High School Room No. 1
156 Mission Compound - 3Jelc High School Room No. 1
157 Parabeda - 1Parabeda M.E,School Room No. 1
158 Parabeda - 2Parabeda M.E,School Room No. 1
159 Parabeda - 3Sevashram, Nuagan
160 Kundariguda Kundariguda Primary School
161 DangagudaDangaguda Primary School
162 Narayantota Sahi - 1Town Hall, Room No. 1
163 Gopabandhu Nagar - 2Town Hall, Room No. 1
164 Main Road - 1Vikram Dev Arts School, Main Road
165 Maharani PetaMaharanipeta Primary School
166 Main Road - 2Govt. Girls High School
167 M.G.RoadDiet, Mg Road
168 Harijan Street-1Harijan St. Upper Primary School
169 Harijan Street-2Harijan St. Upper Primary School
170 Old Fish Market -1Central Primary School - East Side
171 Old Fish Market -2Central Primary School - East Side
172 Paninala SahiSidharth College
173 Sambartota-1Sambartota Sevashram Room No-1
174 Sambartota-5P.R. Peta Primary School-2
175 Sambartota-2Sambartota Sevashram Room No-1
176 Sambartota-3Sambartota Sevashram Room No-1
177 Nkt RoadGovt. Boys School
178 Neelakantheswar Road-2Govt. High School
179 Samabara TotaSamabara Tota , Bidhyadhar Pathagara
180 Samabara Tota-5Samabara Tota , Bidhyadhar Pathagara
181 Kumbhar Sahi-1Kumbhar Sahi Primary School Room No.1
182 Kumbhar Sahi-3Kumbhar Sahi Primary School Room No.1
183 Kumbhar Sahi-2Kumbhar Sahi Primary School Room No.1
184 Santra SahiSantra Sahi Primary School, Vikram Nagar
185 Ganga NagarMohamodan Primary School
186 Paila ShaiSouth Primary School, Paila Shai
187 Pailo Sahi-2Municipal Girls High School
188 Raju StreetRaju Sahi Primary School
189 K.B.S.D. RoadMunicipal Boys High School -1 Room No.1
190 Sunari SahiSunari Sahi Primary School
191 Sanateli SahiSanateli Sahi Primary School
192 Saura SahiSaura Sahi Primary School
193 Chandanbado-1Chandanbado Municipal High School-2, Ns
194 Chandanbado-2Chandanbado Municipal High School-2, Ns
195 Main Road-3Girls Primary School, Main Road
196 Main Road-4Girls Primary School, Main Road
197 New Street 5Th Lane-1Primary School, School Room No. 1
198 New Street 5Th Lane-2Primary School, School Room No. 1
199 Sauraguda-1Primary School, Sauraguda
200 Sauraguda-IIPrimary School, Sauraguda
201 GaganapurPrimary School, Gaganapur
202 BagragudaPrimary School, Bagraguda
203 AntaPrimary School, Anta
204 Phampuni-1Upper Primary School,Phampuni-1
205 Kumuliput Primary.School,Kumuliput
206 Phampuni-IIUpper Primary School,Phampuni-1
207 BarlahandiPrimary School, Barlahandi
208 GhiuriPrimary School, Ghiuri
209 KumbharputSevashram, Kumbharput
210 DamaputPrimary School, Damaput
211 KunturkhalUpper Primary School,Kunturkhal
212 BadaujeiPrimary School, Badaujei
213 Tankua-1Upper Primary School, Tankua
214 Tankua,IIUpper Primary School, Tankua
215 PadmapurPrimaryschool,Padmapur
216 BadaligudaPrimary School, Badaliguda
217 Narapadar BagraAnganwadi Centre, Narapadar Bagra
218 MahaliaputPrimary School, Mahaliaput
219 PanasputbagraPrimary School, Panasput Bagra
220 BaliaSevashram, Balia
221 BamuniputT.R.W. High School, Bamuniput
222 BarangaputPrimary School, Barangaput
223 DangarchinchiSevashram, Dangarchinchij
224 MukhikhudipiPrimary School, Mukhudipi
225 PatraputUpper Primary School, Patraput

Last Updated on August 11, 2014