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Polling Booth in Jaleswar Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Jaleswar

Jaleswar Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jaleswar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Jaleswar Assembly Constituency falls under the Jaleswar Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 ChudamanipurChudamani Nodal Upper Primary School
2 SarddarabandhSardarbandha Sevashram School
3 RajnagarRainagar Nodal Upper Primary School
4 GopalpurGopalpur Primary School,
5 MakidiaMnkidia U Girls Upper Primary School
6 MakidiaMnkidia U Girls Upper Primary School
7 BramhapurBramhapur Nodal Upper Primary School (N)
8 BramhapurBramhapur Nodal Upper Primary School (N)
9 KabataghatiKabataghati Upper Primary School
10 NatabadNatabad Primary School
11 RautarapurRautarapur Upgraded Primary School
12 RaibaniaRaibania High School (E)
13 GadabhitarGadabhitara Primary School
14 GudiapadaGudiapada Primary School
15 BeguniaBegunia Santala Primary School
16 BaunshabaniBaunsabani Upper Primary School
17 ChandrapurChandrapur Primary School
18 GhadighadaGhadaghada Primary School
19 Kandara GadiaKandara Gadia Primary School,Kandara Gadia
20 PurunapaniPurunapani Primary School
21 MahudumaGadadhar Upper Primary School
22 KendukhuntaKendukhunta Sevashram,Kendukhunta
23 KhuntaKhuntaprasad Sola UUpper Primary School
24 NuhapadaNuhapada U Girls Upper Primary School (N)
25 KhuadKhuad High School (E)
26 KhuadKhuad High School (E)
27 UparakundiNuagan Primary School,Uparakundi
28 AsabandhAshabandha Upper Primary School
29 AsabandhAshabandha Upper Primary School
30 BhaduaNilachakra High School, Bhandaripalli
31 HatigarhHatigada ME School (N) Gahirabandha
32 DudhiakhaliDudhiakhali Primary School
33 GahirabandhHatigada ME School (N) Gahirabandha
34 RaibaniaRaibania High School (E)
35 Khudiamajhi SahiGadasahi Upper Primary School
36 GopalaprasadGopalaprasad Upper Primary School
37 KuanrapurKunarpur Bisweswar Nodal Upper Primary School
38 TotapadaTotapada Primary School
39 MunatuniaMuntunia ME School
40 MunatuniaBeherasahi Primary School,
41 PraharajapurPraharajpur Primary School
42 GuagadiaGuagadia Upper Primary School
43 Dakhina praharaj purDakhina praharaj pur Upper Primary School, Dakhina praharaj pur
44 PendarasahiPendrasahi Upper Primary School
45 MaguniapadaMaguniapada Primary School
46 KhanabadKhanabad Primary School
47 MalipalMalipal Brajeswari Nodal Upper Primary School
48 AstadihaBhandarakuli Upper Primary School,Astadiha
49 ShriramapurSrirampur Primary School
50 GurudasapurGurudaspur Upper Primary School
51 ChaflaChafla Primary School, Chafla
52 SalabaniHaricharan Academy ,Salabani
53 BaradihaBaradhia Upper Primary School
54 KhuntaKalama Upper Primary School, Khunta
55 SaradihaSardhia Primary SchoolME School
56 KanakaiKanakai Upper Primary School
57 TeghariTeghari Chengda UGME School
58 TaradighiTaradighi Primary School
59 BajarasolaMathuranath, Bajarsola UME School
60 BhanupurBhanupur Primary School
61 RajnagarRajnagar Primary School
62 ChamaraganChamaragan Nodal Upper Primary School
63 PrasadasolJaladhar High School
64 SikharapurMahendradas Nodal Upper Primary School
65 SikharapurSikharapur High School
66 BelabariaUpendranath Upper Primary School
67 SukhaduhkhiaSukhadukhia Upper Primary School
68 MahammadanagarapatanaJaleswarPatana Primary School
69 MahammadanagarapatanaMahammadanagarapatana ME School
70 MahuliaMahulia Primary School,
71 KubadiaKubadia Sevashram
72 SeksaraiSeksarai N.Primary School Nodal Upper Primary School
73 ChalantiChalanti Nodal Upper Primary School
74 OlindaChampakeswar Nodal Upper Primary School
75 BaghamariEktali Primary School
76 BaghamariBaghamari Upper Primary School
77 RayanramachandrapurRayaramchandra Upper Primary School (S)
78 RajapurRajpur High School (N)
79 RajapurRajpur High School (N)
80 JhadeswarapurJhadeswarpur Primary School.
81 SekhabadSekhbad Upper Primary School
82 Sekabad -2Sekabad Upper Primary School
83 PatharapuraPatharapur Upper Primary School
84 Ramanagar PatanaJaleswar ME School
85 DeulipanchughantaJaleswar ME School
86 PatharapuraPatharpura Primary School,
87 BidyadharapurPanchughunta ME,Bidyadharapur
88 BidyadharapurBidyadharpur Primary School
89 GopaGopa ME School
90 BirishapurBiresapur Jogendranath Nodal Upper Primary School
91 LakshmananathLaxmananath High School
92 GobaraghataGabaraghata Sadhubinodini Nodal Upper Primary School
93 GobaraghataGabaraghata Sadhubinodini Nodal Upper Primary School
94 BairatadiBairatadi Primary School
95 DeulaMonaranjan Upper Primary School
96 NangudasahiNangudasahi Primary School
97 NachhimapurNaichhanpur UUpper Primary School
98 GobaraghataGabaraghata Sadhubinodini Nodal Upper Primary School
99 Panchughanta-1Panchughunta ME
100 Panchughanta-2Mangaltala Primary School ,Panchughunta
101 Santia-1Santia Govt. School
102 Santia-2Santia Govt. School
103 Santia-3Santia Govt. School
104 JaleswarJaleswar High School,Nuabazar
105 NandikaNandika UGME
106 Nimapurchakarjuni Primary School
107 ChudamanipurChudamanipur Primary School
108 NahanjaraNahanjara Upper Primary School
109 AmbaliathaAmbiliatha Primary SchoolME School
110 BeligopinathapurBeligopinathpur Primary School
111 KasidihaKasidhia Upper Primary School
112 BhurakundaKasidhia Upper Primary School
113 DhanasimuliaDhansimulia Primary School
114 SugoSugo High School
115 NetuaNetua Upper Primary School
116 BanidaSri Arabinda Nodal Upper Primary School
117 Banida -2Banida Primary School
118 AlalapurAlalpur ME
119 AlalapurAlalpur ME
120 AruhaArhua UUpper Primary School
121 SalikothaSalikotha ME School
122 MahisamundaMahisamunda Primary School,
123 RayanramachandrapurRayaramchandra Upper Primary School (S)
124 JamalapurBiswanath Academy,Jamalapur
125 SanarautapadaSanaraoutapada Primary School
126 SarasidaSarsida ME School, Sarasida
127 ChhamaujChhamauj High Schoo.(S)GP-Gopinathpur
128 ChhamaujChhamauj High Schoo.(S)GP-Gopinathpur
129 KalyanapurKalyanpur Primary School
130 AruhaArhua UUpper Primary School
131 NampoNampho Primary School.,School
132 Panigrahi-1Nampo ME School,Ambapunja
133 Panigrahi-2Nampo ME School,Ambapunja
134 JalakaPadiaJalakapadia Primary School
135 Kamarasalia 1Kamarsalia Primary School
136 SampatiaSampatia U Girls Upper Primary School
137 BagapunjiBagapunji High School
138 NampoNampo High School (N)
139 NampoNampo High School (N)
140 IkadaIkda Primary School
141 Khalina-1Khalina High School
142 Khalina -2Khalina High School
143 AmbadihaC.P.Nodal Primary School
144 KharidaKhairda Primary School
145 BarttanaBartana Nodal Upper Primary School
146 KeshapuraKeshpura Primary School
147 KotasahiKhirod Prasad Nodal Upper Primary School
148 GobardhanapurGobardhanpur Primary School
149 ChoramaraChormara Nodal Upper Primary School
150 AdimapurChormara Nodal Upper Primary School
151 PaikasidaPaikasida Upper Primary School
152 SolashandaSolsanda Primary School
153 MedinipurMedinipur Primary School
154 DebakumarDebakumar Primary School
155 KhuludaKhulda Sitala Upper Primary School
156 BaiganabadiaBaiganbadia Primary School,
157 Jhadapipal-1Jhadpipal Govt. Upper Primary School
158 ChhotakhanapurChhotkhanpur Primary School
159 KalikapurKalikapur Primary SchoolME School
160 Jhadapimpal-2Jhadpipal Govt. Upper Primary School
161 KantapalJhadeswar Sanskrit School
162 AakanaAakana Primary SchoolME School
163 PashchimabadPaschimabad High School
164 GauradeipatanaGouradei Patana Primary School,
165 DebakumarMangalamata Primary School,
166 KasidaKasida Gopinathjiu Nodal Upper Primary School
167 NamakanaNamakana Primary School,
168 RelaHrusikes Nodal Upper Primary School
169 UttarapadaUttarapada Primary School
170 ChitmishraChitmishra Nodal Upper Primary School
171 BalikabadBalikibad Primary School
172 BeliM.U.B.High School
173 MadhupuraKandagan-Madhupura Nodal Upper Primary School
174 GilajodiGilajodi Nodal Upper Primary School
175 AmbakuduchiAmbakuduchi U Girls Upper Primary School
176 KadarayanKadrayan Urdu Primary School
177 GopinathapurGopinathapur Primary School
178 KadarayanKadrayan Urdu Primary School
179 KadarayanKadrayan Urdu Primary School
180 DhitipuraDhitipura Nodal Upper Primary School
181 DhitipuraDhitipura Nodal Upper Primary School
182 ThengadihaThengdadiha Primary School (S)
183 ThengadihaThengadiha Primary School
184 BelaganBelgan kasalpada Primary School
185 SarisaSarisa Primary School
186 Panisapada-1Panisapada Primary School (E)
187 Panisapada-2Panisapada Primary School (E)
188 BagaladihaBagaldiha U Girls Upper Primary School
189 ChasipadaChasipada Primary School (E)
190 HadamaudHadamauda Primary School
191 Amarda RoadSiddheswar High School,(W)
192 Amarda RoadSiddheswar High School,(W)
193 BadachariganBadacharigan U Girls Upper Primary School
194 BasantapurBasantapur Primary School
195 Bela khandapasaBelakhandapasa Primary School
196 GudikhalPD Nodal Upper Primary School
197 GudikhalPD Nodal Upper Primary School
198 JunabaladaJunabalda Primary School
199 PanchurukhiPanchurukhi UGUP(E)
200 PanchurukhiPanchurukhi UGUP(E)
201 SantoshapurSantoshapur Primary School
202 VelloraR.K. Upper Primary School Velora
203 RamachandrapurRamchandrapur U Girls Upper Primary School
204 BaitapadaBaitapada Primary School
205 BaitapadaBaitapada Primary School
206 Begunia-1Begunia Nodal Upper Primary School
207 Begunia-2Begunia Nodal Upper Primary School
208 PaunshakuliSrinathchandra Upper Primary School
209 UjudaUjuda Primary School
210 PaunshakuliSrinathchandra Upper Primary School
211 SasanSasana Primary School
212 GambhariaGambharia Primary School
213 KaruaKarua Primary School
214 PalasahiPalasahi Primary School,Palasahi
215 Sana AstiSana Asti Primary School, Sana Asti
216 Machharanka SimuliaMachharanka simulia Primary School
217 GadasahibaliapalGadasahibaliapal Primary School,School
218 SitadihaSitadiha Nodal Upper Primary School
219 RasalapurBelhua Primary School
220 SinglaSingal Upper Primary School,
221 NahanjaraNahanjara Primary School
222 PathadurgaPathadurga Primary School
223 BantuliBantuli Primary School
224 DaneipurDaneipur Primary School
225 TadadaTadda Primary School (E)
226 ShyamarayapurShyamraipur Primary School
227 PanisuliaPanisulia Primary School
228 Jamasuli-1Jayachandi Upper Primary School
229 PuturaPutura Primary School
230 BalisahiBalisahi Primary School
231 KamaragadiaKamaragadia U Girls Upper Primary School
232 BaliapatiBaliapati UUpper Primary School
233 Jamasuli-2Jayachandi Upper Primary School
234 NabaraNabara Nodal Upper Primary School
235 NabaraNabara Nodal Upper Primary School
236 DundakotDundkot Nodal UPME School
237 BahadulpurBahadalpur Nodal Upper Primary School

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