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Polling Booth in Jagatsinghpur Assembly Constituency

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Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21 2019 and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…


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Haryana Assembly Election Result Haryana Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21 2019 and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

Devendra Fadnavis Maharashtra Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019: Devendra Fadnavis 2nd Chief minister to complete Five Years in Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis, is the member of (MLA) from Nagpur South-West, and has served five years as chief minister of Maharashtra. He is the first CM who has served full term Read More…

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Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Live Updates     21:09:15 केंद्रीय मंत्री गिरिराज सिंह बेगुसराय से 4.2 लाख मतों के भारी अंतर से जीते।#VerdictWithTimes #ElectionsWithTimes #ElectionResults2019 — NBT Hindi Read More…


When we set out on the 2019 journey, the scenario was quite fuzzy. The opposition parties were resurgent after the 2018 Assembly Elections. Congress was brimming over with confidence, and Read More…

List of Polling Booth in Jagatsinghpur

Jagatsinghpur Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jagatsinghpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Jagatsinghpur Assembly Constituency falls under the Jagatsinghpur Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Birabara patanaBirabarpatana Primary School
2 RambhadeipurAnatabata Upper Primary School
3 NaranapurBakereswar Upper Primary School Naranpur
4 KulamundiloKulamundilo Primary School
5 Kendal - 1Kendal Upper Primary School
6 Kendal - 2Kendal Upper Primary School
7 Madhusudanpur SasanJagannath Primary School
8 MadhusudanpurBaba Ghanashyam Primary School
9 MandasahiMandasahi Upper Primary School
10 UttarantaUttaranta Primary School
11 JahanpurJahanpur Primary School
12 NiniganNinigan Primary School, Ninigan
13 NachhipurNachipur Primary School
14 KantiloKantilo Upper Primary School
15 BionlaGateswar Upper Primary School, Bionla
16 GhadimulGhadimul Primary School
17 BhokanjiKunja Vihari Upper Primary School, Bhokanji
18 MundiloMundilo Primary School
19 PatenigaonSaradei Upper Primary School, Patenigaon
20 UraliUrali Primary School
21 KosidaKosida Primary School
22 TaradaTarada Primary School
23 TitigaonTitigaon Primary School Schol
24 Tarttanga-1Tarttanga Thotapada Primary School
25 Tarttanga-2Tarttanga Thotapada Primary School
26 Tarttanga-2Tarttanga Upper Primary School
27 PunangaPunanga Primary School
28 Punanga-2Punanga Primary School
29 ManapurJagandranath Upper Primary School, Manapur
30 BaulapurBaulapara Primary School
31 MangalapurMangalapur Primary School
32 Chandagan MajuraiChandagan Majurai Primary School , Chandagan Majurai
33 SinharapurJualia Primary School
34 Sinharapur-1Nauapatana Primary School
35 Sinharapur-2Sinharapur Panchayat High School
36 AlaAla Primary School
37 BisipitalBisipital Primary School
38 BrahanakhandaBrahanakhanda Primary School
39 SamangaSamanga G.P. Office
40 SamangaBrajasena U.Primary School, Samanga
41 AyarSankheswar U. Primary School, Ayar
42 AmbadaradAmbadarad Primary School
43 DamodarpurDamodarpur Primary School
44 Palasola - 1Palasola Upper Primary School
45 PalasudhaPalasola Upper Primary School
46 DingeswarDingeswar Primary School
47 MukundapurMukundapur Majurai Primary School
48 Sujanga-1Sujanga Upper Primary School
49 Sujanga-2Sujanga Upper Primary School
50 Markandapur-1Markandapur Upper Primary School
51 Markandapur-2Markandapur Upper Primary School
52 Jankoti -1Jankoti Upper Primary School
53 Jankoti -2Jankoti Upper Primary School
54 SarambooGopal Upper Primary School , Saramboo
55 SabhamulSabhamul Upper Primary School
56 PalasaArabinda Upper Primary School
57 PalasaArabinda Upper Primary School
58 KulapatasaraKulapatasara Upper Primary School
59 EkasudhaMadanmohan Primary School, Ekasuda
60 AranaArana Primary School
61 SalijangaSalijanga Primary School
62 AdhangaAdhanga Primary School
63 BiribatiBiribati Primary School
64 BenupurBenupur Primary School
65 Kantabalavapur-1Kantabalavapur Primary School
66 Kantabalavapur-2Kantabalavapur Upper Primary School
67 Jagatsinghpur-1Practisingh Primary School
68 Jagatsinghpur-2S.K. Academy,
69 Jagatsinghpur-3S.K. Academy,
70 PatenigaonPatenigaon Upper Primary School
71 ChanduraChandura Primary School
72 TaradapadaTaradapada Upper Primary School
73 TaradapadaTaradapada Upper Primary School
74 BadalahangaBadalahanga Primary School
75 Dedharsar Deuli-1Dedhasar Deuli Primary School
76 NuapadaNuapara Primary School
77 Dedharsar Deuli-2Dedhasar Deuli Primary School
78 Sanpur - 1Sanpur Upper Primary School
79 Sanpur - 2Sanpur Upper Primary School
80 GobindapokhariGobindapokhari Primary School
81 PatanaMohiuddinpur Upper Primary School
82 DengaDenga Urdhu Primary School
83 AlasudhaAlasudha Primary School
84 PanasapadaPanasapada Primary School
85 Piteipur-1Kankadurga Upper Primary School, Piteipur (West)
86 Piteipur - 2Kankadurga Upper Primary School, Piteipur(West)
87 KokilapurSaraswati Sishu Mandir, Kokilapur
88 KaliodaKalioda Upper Primary School, Koliada
89 NipurTala Nipur Primary School
90 NipurNipur Kulasahi Primary School
91 PurohitpurPurohitpur Primary School
92 Kherash-1Kherash Primary School
93 Kherash-2Kherash Primary School
94 DeuligrameswarDeuligrameswar UGME School
95 DeuligrameswarDeuligrameswar UGME School
96 JayabadaJayabada Upper Primary School
97 PanisaliaTown Hall, Jagatsinghpur
98 ChattaraChattara Girls School
99 ChattaraChattara Girls School
100 ChattaraDebho Girls Upper Primary School
101 GalupadaGalupada Primary School
102 Jasobantapur-1Jasobantapur Primary School
103 Jasobantapur-2Jhinkaradih Primary School
104 AlipingalAlipingal High School
105 Alipingal -2Alipingal High School
106 Rasalpur-1Kutamchandi U. Primary School, Kathuapatna
107 KhamangaKhamanga Primary School
108 Odiso - 1Odiso Balipatana Primary School
109 Odiso - 2Odiso U. Primary School, Odiso
110 AbidhinandapurAbidhinandapur Primary School
111 RasalpurRasalpur High School
112 PaikanaKaliabora Upper Primary School
113 Makundapur-1Makundapur Upper Primary School
114 Makundapur-2Sipigram UGME School (West)
115 Pokapur - 1Pokapur Primary School
116 Pokapur-2Pokapur Primary School
117 KathiapadaNorth Kathiapada Upper Primary School
118 BaijangaHarmohan Bidyapitha
119 DonduaHarmohan Bidyapitha
120 BalarampurBalarmpur Primary School
121 KanpurKanpur Primary School
122 SidhalSidhal Upper Primary School
123 Sidhal-2Sidhal Upper Primary School
124 KantarHaragouri U. Primary School, Kantara
125 MudupurDayanidhi U. Primary School, Mudupur
126 SingipurSingipur Primary School
127 KalyanapurKalyanapur Upper Primary School
128 DadapurDadapur Primary School
129 KaduapadaG.P Bidhyapitha kaduapada
130 ChandolChandol Primary School
131 SantolSantol Primary School
132 PothapadaPothapada Primary School
133 SamantarapurSamantarapur Primary School
134 PalliPalli Primary School
135 RaibaraiBasudav Primary School
136 BadadedhiloBasudav Primary School
137 Katesinghpur-1Katesinghpur Urdu Primary School
138 Katesinghpur-2Katesinghpur Urdu Primary School
139 KaduapadaKaduapada Primary School
140 KusingaKusinga Primary School
141 Jota-1Neheru Momorial Upper Primary School, Jota
142 Jota-2Neheru Momorial Upper Primary School, Jota
143 PuranPurana Basudev Primary School, Purana
144 OsdisagadaBinapani High School, Osdisagada
145 Osdisagada-2Asarampatana Upper Primary School
146 PurusottampurPurusottampur Primary School
147 ChadheiganChadheigan Upper Primary School
148 Tumba Andhei SahjiTumbha Andhei Sahi Primary School
149 KolarKolar Upper Primary School
150 PhulaharPhulahar Primary School
151 SalagaonSalagaon Primary School
152 OdapadaOdapada U,P School
153 MahiraMahira Primary School, Mahira
154 SaintoSainto Primary School
155 KorttalDaskud Primary School
156 AgarAgar Primary School
157 Salajanga-1Gopabandu U. Primary School (W), Andhoti
158 Salajanga-2Gopabandu U. Primary School (W), Andhoti
159 KansaKhirabati Primary School
160 PadmapurPadmapur Upper Primary School
161 ArakhapariArakhapari Primary School
162 KundeswarKundeswar Upper Primary School, Kundeswar
163 MadhupurMadhupur Primary School
164 BenapadaBenapada Primary School
165 AlanaAlana Upper Primary School
166 GajarajapurGajarajapur UP. School, Gajarajapur
167 DebidolDebidol Primary School
168 BhatapadaBhatapada Primary School, Bhatapada
169 Erada-1Erada Upper Primary School
170 Erada-2Erada Primary School
171 GaladariGaladari Upper Primary School
172 Arakhakud-1Arakhakud Primary School, Arakhakud
173 Arakhakud-2Arakhakud Primary School, Arakhakud
174 GandhanGandhan Primary School
175 NuaganNuagan Upper Primary School, Nuagan
176 KhairabastaKhairabasta Primary School, Khairabasta
177 SudhakanthiSudhakanthi Primary School, Sudhakanthi
178 KantuniaKantunia High School
179 JamuganJamugan Primary School, Jamugan
180 ChhatianaChhatiana Upper Primary School
181 NandigramNandigram Upper Primary School, Nandigram
182 ChakulipadaChakulipada Primary School, Chakulipada
183 SansailoSansailo Primary School
184 GhodanshGhodansh Primary School
185 DantualDantual Primary School, Dantual
186 OdapaengaOdapaenga Upper Primary School
187 ChandakhapatanaChandakhapatana Primary School, Chandakhapatana
188 KoraniaKorania Upper Primary School, Korania
189 Rohia-1Rohia Primary School, Rohia
190 Rohia-2Rohia High School
191 NarisimaNarisima Primary School
192 KundiganKundigan Primary School
193 Alana-2Alana-2 Primary School, Alana
194 PokamulPokamula Primary School
195 Bachhalo-1Bachhalo Upper Primary School, Bachhalo
196 Bachhalo-2Bachhalo Upper Primary School, Bachhalo
197 Mareda-1Mareda Upper Primary School
198 Mareda-2Mareda UGME School (West)
199 MaredaMareda Upper Primary School
200 TihudaTihuda Primary School, Tihuda
201 GothadaGothada Upper Primary School
202 ChandapuraChandapura Primary School, Chandapura
203 BansaBansa Upper Primary School
204 KurukiKuruki .Primary School
205 Sikharaghat-1Sikharaghat Primary School , Sikharaghat
206 Sikharaghat-2Sikharaghat Primary School , Sikharaghat
207 BodalBodal Upper Primary School, Bodal
208 PatenigoanPatenigoan Primary School
209 SalijangaSalijanga Primary School, Salijanga
210 NalangaNalanga Primary School
211 AngeswarapadaAngeswarapada Primary School
212 BaradaBarada Primary School
213 Tentoi-1Tentoi Upper Primary School
214 Tentoi-2Tentoi Upper Primary School
215 UraUra Primary School, Ura
216 DahipalDahipal Upper Primary School
217 TirunaTiruna Primary School, Tiruna
218 DabarDabar UGME School
219 MahanapariMahanapari Upper Primary School
220 DihatelasaraDihatelasara Primary School
221 Garei-1Garei Upper Primary School
222 Garoi-2Garei Upper Primary School
223 DhuanpadaDhuanpada Primary School
224 Korua-1Korua Upper Primary School, Korua
225 Korua-2Korua Upper Primary School, Korua
226 Gangada-1Gangada Upper Primary School, Gangada
227 Gangada-2Gangada Upper Primary School, Gangada (West)
228 DerikiDeriki Primary School, Deriki
229 NayasingadaNayasingada Primary School
230 OshakanaOshakana Upper Primary School
231 Oshakana-2Purba Oshakana Upper Primary School
232 Bhatana-1Bhatana Primary School, Bhatana
233 Bhatana-2Puruna Bhatana Primary School
234 SuankanSuankan Primary School

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