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Polling Booth in Hinjili Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Hinjili

Hinjili Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hinjili Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Hinjili Assembly Constituency falls under the Hinjili Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 HadichiraU.Primary School,Hadichira
2 Nuan KhiridaNuan Khirida Primary School
3 ChasamahuliChasamahuli Primary School
4 B. ChikiliB. Chikili Primary School
5 SindhagudaSindhaguda Primary School
6 Bandhaguda-1Bandhaguda Upper Primary School
7 Bandhaguda-2Bandhaguda Upper Primary School
8 ParamanandapurParamanandapur Upper Primary School
9 ShadangipalliShadangipalli Primary School
10 RaktapataRaktapata Primary School
11 K.Karadakana-1K.Karadakana Upper Primary School
12 K.Karadakana-2K.Karadakana Upper Primary School
13 Kumarapani-1Kumarapani Upper Primary School
14 Kumarapani-2Kumarapani Upper Primary School
15 Barasingi-1Barasingi Primary School
16 Barasingi-2Barasingi Primary School
17 PattapabuliU.Primary School,Pattapabuli
18 BaramundaliBaramundali Primary School
19 BaramundaliBaramundali Upper Primary School
20 ParamanandapurUpper Primary School,Paramananda Pur
21 BadagadP.U.Primary School,Badagad
22 Kulagad-1Kulagad Upper Primary School (N)
23 Kulagad-2Kulagad Upper Primary School (N)
24 DashamundaliDashamundali Primary School
25 KhamarKhamar Upper Primary School
26 MahupadarU.Primary School,Mukundapur
27 DhinkisalDhinkisal Primary School
28 AmbuabadiAmbuabadi Primary School
29 KerikerijholaU.Primary School,Kerikerijhola
30 PadampurU.Primary School,Padampur
31 HarikrushnapurP.U.Primary School,Harikrushnapur
32 RamagiriRamagiri Primary School
33 RamagiriRamagiri Primary School
34 PatapalliPatapalli Primary School
35 Seragad-1M. G. H. S. Sheragada
36 Seragad-2M. G. H. S. Sheragada
37 SeragadEx Board Primary School Sheragada
38 Seragad-4Ex Board Primary School Sheragada
39 Takarada-IN.U.Primary School,(E) Takarada
40 Takarada-IIN.U.Primary School,(E) Takarada
41 SagarapalliSagarapalli Primary School
42 BhusundaP.U.Primary School,Bhusunda
43 ChikiliPrimary School Chikili
44 ChhatrapdhepaPrimary School, Chhatradhepa
45 Dhabalapur-IUpper Primary School (E), Dhabalapur
46 Dhabaladpur-IIUpper Primary School (E), Dhabalapur
47 KrushnachhaiPrimary School, Krushnachhai
48 KachakhandiPrimary School, Kachakhandi
49 KirttipurKirttipur Primary School
50 RamakrushnapurRamakrushnapur Primary School
51 AndarasingiU.Primary School, Andarasingi
52 Brhamahatya BerhampurN.U.Primary School,B.Berhampur
53 SerankudaU.Primary School, Serankuda
54 SubalayapalliPrimary School, Subalayapalli
55 SolasolaPrimary School, Solasola
56 LanjiapalliP.U.Primary School, Lanjiapalli
57 AshokapurPrimary School, Ashokapur
58 Dhanantara-IUpper Primary School (E), Dhanantara
59 Dhanantara-IIUpper Primary School (E), Dhanantara
60 PatharapunjiPrimary School Patharapunji
61 GoVIndapur-IUpper Primary School (E) Govindapur
62 GoVIndapurUpper Primary School (E) Govindapur
63 GoVIndapur-IIUpper Primary School (E) Govindapur
64 GoVIndapurUpper Primary School (E) Govindapur
65 DengapadaraN.U.Primary School, Dengapadar
66 DengapadarN.U.Primary School, Dengapadar
67 BakilikanaU.Primary School, Bakilikana
68 BakilikanaU.Primary School, Bakilikana
69 BaliarasingipurN.U.Primary School, Baliarasingpur
70 ThuruburaiUpper Primary School Thuruburai
71 ThuruburaiUpper Primary School Thuruburai
72 KhasapaPrimary Schoolschool (E) Khasapa
73 BaisipalPrimary School Baisipal
74 Kurula-IPrimary School (E) Kurula
75 Kurula-IIPrimary School (E) Kurula
76 MihirakanaPrimary School, Mihirakana
77 Gothagam-IU.Primary School,(N) Gothagam
78 Gothagam-IIU.Primary School,(N) Gothagam
79 KanabhagaPrimary School, Kanabhaga
80 PunadaUpper Primary School (E) Punada
81 PunadaUpper Primary School (E) Punada
82 Marudi JaganathpurPrimary School (Obb Ground Floor), M.Jaganathpur
83 PodangiHigh School, Podingi
84 PodangiN.U.Primary School, Podangi
85 PodangiN.U.Primary School, Podangi
86 B.NuapalliPrimary School, B.Nuapalli
87 Narendrapur-IPrimary School (E) Narendrapur
88 Narendrapur-IIPrimary School (E) Narendrapur
89 KirtipurPrimary School, Kirtipur
90 PakidiU.Primary School, Pakidi
91 GudisaraPrimary School, Gudisara
92 Brahmanachhai-IUpper Primary School (E), Brahmanachhai
93 Brahmanachhai-IIUpper Primary School (E), Brahmanachhai
94 Brahmanachhai-IIUpper Primary School (E), Brahmanachhai
95 PitalaGirls Primary School Pitala
96 Pitala-IBoys Primary School (W),Pitala
97 PitalaBoys Primary School (W),Pitala
98 Pitala-IIBoys Primary School (W),Pitala
99 Pitala-IIIBazar Sahi ,Pitala
100 Ramachandrapur-IUpper Primary School Ramachandrapur
101 RamachandrapurUpper Primary School Ramachandrapur
102 SantoshpurPrimary School, Shantoshpur
103 Tanhara-IU.Primary School,(W), Tanhara
104 Tanhara-IIU.Primary School,(W), Tanhara
105 KanjiammaU.Primary School,Kanjiama
106 KanjiamaU.Primary School,Kanjiama
107 ChanduliProject Upper Primary School, Chanduli
108 Khandara-IUpper Primary School (E), Khandara
109 Khandara-IIUpper Primary School (E), Khandara
110 Burupada-IBurupada High School
111 Burupada-IIPrimary School (W), Burupada
112 Burpada-IIIPrimary School (W), Burupada
113 SomapurProject Upper Primary School, Somapur
114 Hunjili-I Boys Primary School (E), Hinjili
115 Hunjili-I Boys Primary School (E), Hinjili
116 Hunjili-IIGirls Primary School, Hinjili
117 Hunjili-IIGirls Primary School, Hinjili
118 Hunjili-IIIBurndaban Bidyapitha,Hinjili
119 Hunjili-IVNac High School, New Building(E), Hinjili
120 Hunjili-VNac High School, New Building(E), Hinjili
121 Hinjili-VIN.A.C High School Old Bulding,Hinjili
122 Hinjili-VIIRegidi Sahi Primary School (E),Hinjili
123 Hinjili-VIIRegidi Sahi Primary School (E),Hinjili
124 Hunjili-VIIIRegidi Sahi Primary School (E),Hinjili
125 Hunjili-IxLaxminrusingh Primary School,Katu
126 Hunjili-XL.N.Primary School,Katu
127 Hunjili-XiL.N.Primary School,Katu
128 Ankorada-IAnkorada Primary School (E)
129 Ankorada-IIAnkorada Primary School (E)
130 Ankorada-IIAnkorada Primary School (E)
131 Kharida-IKharida Upper Primary School (E),Kahrida
132 Kharida-IIKharida Upper Primary School (E),Kahrida
133 Sikiri-ISikir Nuasahi Upper Primary School
134 Sikiri-II Girsl Primary School,Nuansahi,Sikiri
135 Sikiri-II Girsl Primary School,Nuansahi,Sikiri
136 Sikiri-IIINadal Upper Primary School (W),Sikiri
137 Sikiri-IVNadal Upper Primary School (W),Sikiri
138 Giria NarayanpurGiria Narayanpur Primary School
139 Allapur-IAllapur Upper Primary School (West)
140 Allapur-IIAllapur Upper Primary School (West)
141 Nandika-INupper Primary School,Nandika
142 Nandika-IINupper Primary School,Nandika
143 Ralaba-IN.U.Primary School,Ralab
144 RalabN.U.Primary School,Ralab
145 Ralaba-II Upper Primary School ,Ralaba
146 Sasana Ambagam-INprimary School (E),Sasan Ambagam
147 Sasan Ambagam-IINprimary School (E),Sasan Ambagam
148 Saru-IN.Primary School (W),Saru
149 Saru-IIN.Primary School (W),Saru
150 Saru-IIISaru Girls Primary School
151 P.Ramachandrapur P.Ramachandrapur Primary School, P.Ramachandrapur
152 PochilimaPochilima Primary School
153 VenkataraipalliVenktaraipalli Primary School
154 BugudapalliPrimary School, Bugudapalli
155 BalarampurPrimary School Balarampur
156 KhairabethiPrimary School, Khairabethi
157 LaxmipurP.U.Primary School,Laxmipur
158 Alarigada-IUpper Primary School (E) Alarigada
159 Alarigada-IIUpper Primary School (E) Alarigada
160 PalipadmanavpurPrimary School Palipadmanavpur
161 Makarajhola-IN U P S ,Makarjhola
162 Makarajhola-IIN U P S ,Makarjhola
163 SmarajholaP U P S ,Samarjhola
164 BadakhandiP.U.Primary School,Badakhandi
165 RanganipalliPrimary School,Ranganipalli
166 GopinathpurN U P S , Gopinathpur
167 GopinathpurN U P S , Gopinathpur
168 Chaitanyapada Pupper Primary School,Chaitnyapada
169 DayapaliDayapalli Upper Primary School
170 DayapaliDayapalli Upper Primary School
171 Durubandha-IGirls Primary School (W),Durbandha
172 Durubandha-IIBoys Primary School (W),Durbandha
173 Dubandha-IIIGirls Primary School (W),Durbandha
174 PalasiPalasi Primary School,
175 Marapalli Primary School,Marapalli
176 Gandala-IGandala High School
177 Gandala-IIGandala High School
178 Gandala-IIIGandala High School
179 Darubhadra-IDarubhadra Primary School (E)
180 MohanapalliMohanapalli Primary School
181 GodarapalliGodarapalli Primary School
182 Kanchuru-IKanchuru High School (West)
183 Kanchuru-IIKanchuru High School (West)
184 KantekoliKantaikoli Primary School
185 KantekoliKantaikoli Primary School
186 SaradhapurSaradhapur Primary School,
187 PunarakhandiPunarakhandi Primary School, Punarakhandi
188 Sapuapalli-ISapuapalli Upper Primary School,
189 Sapuapalli-ISapuapalli Upper Primary School,
190 NimigamNimigam Primary School
191 NimigamNimigam Primary School
192 Badi Ambagam-IBadi Ambagam Primary School (S)
193 Badi Ambagam-IIBadi Ambagam Primary School (S)
194 PutiapadarPutiapadar Primary School
195 Balakrishnapur-IBalakrishnapur Upper Primary School (E),
196 Balakrishnapur-IIBalakrishnapur Upper Primary School (E),
197 DhobadiDhobadi Primary School
198 Belagam-IBelagam Upper Primary School
199 BelagamR.N Bidyapitha Belagam
200 Belagam-IIIBelagam Upper Primary School
201 PattapurPattapur Primary School
202 PattapurPattapur Primary School
203 Sahapur-ISahapur Primary School
204 SahapurSahapur G. P High School
205 Sahapur-IISahapur Girls Primary School
206 SikharapurP U P S Sikharapur
207 SikharapurP U P S Sikharapur
208 Bhabandha-IUpper Primary School,Bhabandha
209 Bhabandha-IIPrimary School,Bhabandha
210 SuryanarayanpurUpper Primary School, Suryanarayanpur

Last Updated on August 11, 2014

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