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Polling Booth in Ekamra-Bhubaneswar Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Ekamra-Bhubaneswar

Ekamra-Bhubaneswar Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ekamra-Bhubaneswar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Ekamra-Bhubaneswar Assembly Constituency falls under the Ekamra-Bhubaneswar Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Ainginia-1Ainginia Project Upper Primary School,Ainginia
2 Ainginia-2Ainginia Project Upper Primary School,Ainginia
3 Ainginia-3Ainginia Project Upper Primary School,Ainginia
4 Ainginia-4Ainginia Project Upper Primary School,Ainginia
5 Ghatikia-1Ghatikia Primary School (R-1)
6 Ghatikia-2Ghatikia Primary School (R-1)
7 Ghatikia-3Ghatikia Primary School (R-1)
8 Ghatikia-4Ghatikia Primary School (R-1)
9 Ghatikia-5Ghatikia ME School
10 Ghatikia-6Ghatikia ME School
11 Baramunda -1Baramunda H.B.Col.Primary School (R-1)
12 Baramunda.-2Baramunda H.B.Col.Primary School (R-1)
13 Baramunda.-3Baramunda H.B.Col.Primary School (R-1)
14 Baramunda-4Baramunda H.B.Col.Primary School (R-1)
15 Baramunda-5Baramunda H.B.Col.Primary School (R-1)
16 Baramunda-6Baramunda H.B.Col.Primary School (R-1)
17 Jagannath Bihar-1Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir, H.B.Colony, Baramunda
18 Jagannath Bihar-2Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir, H.B.Colony, Baramunda
19 Baramunda-7Baramunda High School (R-1)
20 Baramunda-8Baramunda High School (R-1)
21 Baramunda-9Baramunda High School (R-1)
22 Baramunda-10Baramunda High School (R-1)
23 Baramunda-11Baramunda High School (R-1)
24 Baramunda-12Joganadi Primary School
25 Baramunda-13Joganadi Primary School
26 Baramunda-14Joganadi Primary School
27 Baramunda-15Rajadhani College, Baramunda(R-1)
28 Baramunda-16Rajadhani College, Baramunda(R-1)
29 Baramunda-17Rajadhani College, Baramunda(R-1)
30 Baramunda-18Rajadhani College, Baramunda(R-1)
31 Delta Colony-1Delta Primary School (R-1)
32 Delta Colony-2Delta Primary School (R-1)
33 KoradakantaKoradakanta Primary School
34 Kesura-1Kesura Primary School
35 Kesura-2Kesura Primary School
36 Unit-8-1Unit-8 , Govt. Boys High School
37 Unit-8-2Unit-8 , Govt. Boys High School
38 Unit-8-3Unit-8 , Govt. Boys High School
39 Unit-8-4Unit-8 , Govt. Boys High School
40 Khandagiri-1Khandagiri Nodal Upper Primary School (R-1)
41 Khandagiri-2Khandagiri Nodal Upper Primary School (R-1)
42 Khandagiri-3Khandagiri Nodal Upper Primary School (R-1)
43 Khandagiri-4Khandagiri Nodal Upper Primary School (R-1)
44 Khandagiri-5Khandagiri Nodal Upper Primary School (R-1)
45 Jagamar-1Khandagiri High School
46 Jagamar-2Khandagiri High School
47 Jagamar-3Khandagiri High School
48 Jagamar-4Khandagiri High School
49 Pokhariput-1Pokhariput Primary School
50 Pokhariput-2Pokhariput Primary School
51 Pokhariput-3Pokhariput Primary School
52 Pokhariput-4Pokhariput Primary School
53 Gandamunda-1Gandamunda Upper Primary School
54 Gandamunda-2Gandamunda Project Upper Primary School
55 Siripur-1Siripur Sevasrama
56 Siripur-2Siripur Sevasrama
57 Siripur-3Agricalture College, Siripur(R-1)
58 Siripur-4Agricalture College, Siripur(R-1)
59 Siripur-5Agricalture College, Siripur(R-1)
60 Siripur-6Agricalture College, Siripur(R-1)
61 Siripur-7Agricalture College, Siripur(R-1)
62 Bhimpur-1Bhimpur Primary School
63 Bhimpur-2Bhimpur Primary School
64 Bhimpur-3Bhimpur Primary School
65 B.J.B.Nagar-1B.J.B. College Arts Block(R-1)
66 B.J.B.Nagar-2B.J.B. College Arts Block(R-1)
67 B.J.B.Nagar-3B.J.B. College Arts Block(R-1)
68 B.J.B.Nagar-4B.J.B. College Arts Block(R-1)
69 B.J.B.Nagar-5B.J.B. College Arts Block(R-1)
70 B.J.B.Nagar-6B.J.B. College Arts Block(R-1)
71 B.J.B.Nagar-7B.J.B. Collage Scince Block(R-1)
72 B.J.B.Nagar-8B.J.B. Collage Scince Block(R-1)
73 B.J.B.Nagar-9B.J.B. Collage Scince Block(R-1)
74 BJB Nagra-10B.J.B. Collage Scince Block(R-1)
75 Baragada-1Badagada High School (R-1)
76 Baragada-2Badagada High School (R-1)
77 Baragada-3Badagada High School (R-1)
78 Baragada-4Badagada High School (R-1)
79 Baragada-5Badagada High School (R-1)
80 Baragada-6Badagada High School (R-1)
81 Baragada-7Baragada Primary School (R-1)
82 Baragada-8Baragada Primary School (R-1)
83 Baragada-9Baragada Primary School (R-1)
84 Baragada-10Baragada Primary School (R-1)
85 Baragada-11Baragada Primary School (R-1)
86 Baragada-12Baragada Primary School (R-1)
87 Kalpana-1Baxi Primary School
88 Kalpana-2Baxi Primary School
89 Goutam Nagar-1Harihara Vidyapitha
90 Goutam Nagar-2Harihara Vidyapitha
91 Goutam Nagar-3Harihara Vidyapitha
92 Goutam Nagar-4Harihara Vidyapitha
93 Goutam Nagar-5Ramakrisna MiSanskrit Schoolion M.E.School (R-1)
94 Goutam Nagar-6Ramakrisna MiSanskrit Schoolion M.E.School (R-1)
95 Goutam Nagar-7Ramakrisna MiSanskrit Schoolion M.E.School (R-1)
96 Goutam Nagar-8Ramakrisna MiSanskrit Schoolion M.E.School (R-1)
97 Goutam Nagar-9Ramakrisna MiSanskrit Schoolion M.E.School (R-1)
98 Bhimpur-1Aerodrome U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
99 Bhimpur-2Aerodrome U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
100 Bhimpur-3Aerodrome U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
101 Bhimpur-4Aerodrome U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
102 Aerodrome AeraAerodrome U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
103 Raghunathnagar-1Dumduma Raghunathnagar Primary School (R-1)
104 Raghunathnagar-2Dumduma Raghunathnagar Primary School (R-1)
105 Raghunathnagar-3Dumduma Raghunathnagar Primary School (R-1)
106 Raghunathnagar-4Dumduma Raghunathnagar Primary School (R-1)
107 Dumduma -1Dumduma Primary School (R-1)
108 Dumduma -2Dumduma Primary School (R-1)
109 Dumduma-2Dumduma Primary School (R-1)
110 Dumduma-3Dumduma Primary School (R-1)
111 Dumduma-4Dumduma Primary School (R-1)
112 Dumduma-5Dumduma H.B.Colony Primary School (R-1)
113 Dumduma-6Dumduma H.B.Colony Primary School (R-1)
114 Dumduma-7Bibekananda Sikhya Kendra
115 Dumduma-8Dumduma H.B.Colony Primary School (R-1)
116 Dumduma -10Dumduma H.B.Colony Primary School (R-1)
117 Dumduma-11Bibekananda Sikhya Kendra
118 Jadupur-1Jadupur Project Upper Primary School,Jadupur
119 JadupurJadupur Project Upper Primary School,Jadupur
120 Jadupur-2Jadupur Project Upper Primary School,Jadupur
121 Kapilaprasad-1Kapilaprasad high School (R-1)
122 Kapilaprasad-2Kapilaprasad high School (R-1)
123 Kapilaprasad-3Kapilaprasad high School (R-1)
124 Kapilaprasad-4Kapilaprasad high School (R-1)
125 Goutam Nagar-10Pandit Raghunath U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
126 GoutamNagar-11Pandit Raghunath U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
127 Goutamnagar-12Pandit Raghunath U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
128 Goutamnagar-13Pandit Raghunath U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
129 Goutamnagar-14Pandit Raghunath U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
130 Old Bhubaneswar-1Subhadra Mahatab Girls High School (R-1)
131 Old Bhubaneswar-2Subhadra Mahatab Girls High School (R-1)
132 Old Bhubaneswar-3Subhadra Mahatab Girls High School (R-1)
133 Old Bhubaneswar-4Subhadra Mahatab Girls High School (R-1)
134 Old Bhubaneswar -6B.M.High School (R-1)
135 Old Bhubaneswar -7B.M.High School (R-1)
136 Old Bhubaneswar -8B.M.High School (R-1)
137 Old Bhubaneswar -8B.M.High School (R-1)
138 Old Bhubaneswar -9B.M.High School (R-1)
139 Gautam Nagar-9Gosagareswar Primary School (R-1)
140 Gautam Nagar-10Gosagareswar Primary School (R-1)
141 Gautam Nagar-11Gosagareswar Primary School (R-1)
142 Gautam Nagar-12Gosagareswar Primary School (R-1)
143 Gautam Nagar-13Gosagareswar Primary School (R-1)
144 SamantrapurMaa Bhubasuni Govt.High School
145 Bramheswarpatna-1Bramheswar Nodal Upper Primary School,Bramheswarpatna
146 Bramheswarpatna-2Bramheswar Nodal Upper Primary School,Bramheswarpatna
147 Bramheswarpatna-3Bramheswar Nodal Upper Primary School,Bramheswarpatna
148 Bramheswarpatna-4Bramheswar Nodal Upper Primary School,Bramheswarpatna
149 Bramheswarpatna-5Bramheswarpatna High School
150 Rajarani-1Bramheswarpatna High School
151 Bramheswarpatna-6Bramheswarpatna High School
152 BankualBankual U. Girls Upper Primary School (R-1)
153 Bankual-2Bankual U. Girls Upper Primary School (R-1)
154 BasuaghaiBankual U. Girls Upper Primary School (R-1)
155 DurgapurpatnaDurgapur Patna Primary School
156 NuaganNuagan Primary School
157 Sasanpadia-1Municipal Girls Primary School (R-1)
158 Sasanpadia-2Municipal Girls Primary School (R-1)
159 Sasanpadia-3Municipal Girls Primary School (R-1)
160 Sasanpadia-4Municipal Girls Primary School (R-1)
161 Bhimatangi-1Bhimatangi Primary School (R-1)
162 Bhimatangi-2Bhimatangi Primary School (R-1)
163 Bhamatangi-2Bhimatangi Primary School (R-1)
164 Bhamatangi-3Bhimatangi Primary School (R-1)
165 Bhamatangi-4Bhimatangi Primary School (Phase-2)
166 Bhamatangi-5Bhimatangi Primary School (Phase-2)
167 Bhamatangi-6Bhimatangi Primary School (Phase-2)
168 Bhamatangi-7Bhimatangi Primary School (Phase-2)
169 Bhamatangi-5Bhimatangi Primary School (Phase-2)
170 Kapilaprasad-4Kapilprasad U Girls Upper Primary School,Kapilaprasad
171 Kapilaprasad-5Kapilprasad U Girls Upper Primary School,Kapilaprasad
172 Kapilaprasad-6Kapilprasad U Girls Upper Primary School,Kapilaprasad
173 Kapilaprasad-7Kapilprasad U Girls Upper Primary School,Kapilaprasad
174 Kapilaeswar-1Kapileswar Municipal High School (R-1)
175 Kapileswar-2Kapileswar Municipal High School (R-1)
176 Kapileswar-3Kapileswar Municipal High School (R-1)
177 Kapileswar-4Kapileswar Municipal High School (R-1)
178 Sisupal-1Joginath UPME School
179 Sisupal-2Joginath UPME School
180 Sisupal-2Sisupal Centre Primary School (R-1)
181 Sisupal-3Sisupal Centre Primary School (R-1)
182 Sisupal-4Sisupal Centre Primary School (R-1)
183 Nathpur-1Nathpur Proj.Upper Primary School
184 Nathpur-2Nathpur Proj.Upper Primary School
185 RaghunathapurRaghunathapur Primary School
186 Lingipur-1Lingipur U. Girls Upper Primary School
187 Lingipur-2Lingipur U. Girls Upper Primary School
188 Dihapur-BikipurDihapur Primary School
189 JaypurJaypur Primary School
190 PalasapursanPalasapur Sasan Proj.Upper Primary School
191 BasantapurBasantapur Primary School
192 ItipurItipur Primary School
193 TikarapadaTikarapada Primary School
194 KhatuapadaDhauli Primary School
195 GangeswarapurGangeswarpur Primary School
196 KalyanapursasanKalyanapursasan Proj.Upper Primary School
197 Nakhaur-1Nakhaur U. Girls Upper Primary School
198 Nakhaur-2Nakhaur U. Girls Upper Primary School
199 Gopinathapur-1Gopinathpur Proj.Upper Primary School
200 Gopinathapur-2Gopinathpur Proj.Upper Primary School
201 SaradeipurSaradeipur Proj.Upper Primary School

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