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Polling Booth in Daspalla Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Daspalla

Daspalla Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Daspalla Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Daspalla Assembly Constituency falls under the Daspalla Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 DuisingiDuisingi Primary School
2 DamaghatiDamaghati Primary School, Damaghati
3 BadasilingaResidential Seva Shram, Badasilinga
4 DhipisahiDhipisahi Primary School
5 BuriapajuSeneperi Primary School
6 BadamulBethiasahi Proj.Upper Primary School, Bethiasahi
7 KuturiKuturi Primary School
8 ChhamundiaChhamundia Nodal Upper Primary School
9 IswarapurIswarapur Primary School
10 KumbhirakhaniKumbhirakhani Primary School
11 RajingiRajingi U.G.M.E. School
12 ChhadamulChhadamul Proj.Upper Primary School, Chhadamul
13 OstiaOstia Dankarisahi
14 DankarisahiDankarisahi U.G.M.E. School
15 KaduaKadua Hatiapalli Proj. Upper Primary School
16 RasangaRasanga Primary School
17 MalatiputMalatiput U.G.M.E. School
18 RoutpadaRoutpada Proj.Upper Primary School
19 BelapadaBelapada Primary School
20 Gania-1Kishore Chandra Bidyapitha, Gania
21 Gania-2Gania Girls Primary School
22 BijayanagarBijayanagar U.G.M.E. School
23 WalipurWalipur Primary School, Walipur
24 Kishoreprasad-1Kishore Prasad Primary School
25 Kishoreprasad-2Kishore Prasad Primary School
26 KaliapadaKaliapada Primary School (W.Side)
27 IndipataIndipata Primary School
28 PandarasinghaPandarasingha Proj.Upper Primary School
29 PaturiaPaturia Proj.Upper Primary School
30 PatandaPatanda U.G.M.E. School
31 PurnachandrapurPurnachandrapur A.W.C.
32 KaradapadaKalasimili Primary School,Karadapada
33 Narayan PrasadNarayan Prasad Proj. Upper Primary School
34 GoudatumandiGoudatumandi Primary School
35 AdakataAdakata Primary School
36 KenduabidaKenduabida U.G.M.E. School
37 DhuamadaDhuamada Proj. Upper Primary School
38 Jagannath PrasadJagannath Prasad Primary School
39 Gholahandi-1Gholahandi Primary School
40 Gholahandi-2Gobindapurpatna Primary School
41 TaleraTalera Proj.Upper Primary School
42 Madhyakhanda-1Madhyakhanda High School
43 Madhyakhanda-2Madhyakhanda High School
44 Madhyakhanda-3Madhyakhanda Girls Primary School
45 Madhyakhanda-3Madhyakhanda Girls Primary School
46 MahantipalliMahantipalli Proj. Upper Primary School
47 SaradhapurSaradhapur U.G.M.E. School
48 ChampadaliChampadali Primary School
49 GugudipadaGugudipada Proj. Upper Primary School
50 BasantapurBasantapur A.W.C.
51 MakaraprasadMakaraprasad Primary School
52 MardabadiMardabadi Primary School
53 Takara-1Takara Govt. High School (E.Side)
54 BurusahiBurusahi Primary School (E)
55 Rangamatia Harihara Nagar Proj.Upper Primary School
56 DurgaprasadKulurukumpa UGH School
57 KulurukumpaKulurukumpa UGH School
58 GurhaGurha Primary School
59 Banigochha-1Banigochha High School
60 Banigochha-2Banigochha High School
61 DudaDuda Primary School
62 BurupaluBurupalu Ashram School
63 AmbalimbaAmbalimba Primary School
64 Darshanipada-1Darshanipada Primary School
65 Darshanipada-1Sirisira AWC
66 KujamendhiKujamendhi Ashram School
67 KalakiariKalakiari Primary School
68 PradhanpadaPradhanpada Ashram school
69 Ulisahi-1Ulisahi U.G.High Schoolool
70 Ulisahi-2Ulisahi U.G.High Schoolool
71 Nuagaon-1Nuagaon Ashram school
72 Nuagaon-2Nuagaon Ashram school
73 AbhayapurKutibari UGH School.
74 KalashakhamanKalashakhaman Proj. Upper Primary School
75 ChhadheyapalliChhadheyapalli Primary School.
76 SundarkumpaSundarkumpa Ashram School
77 BamBam U.G.H School
78 JuragandaJuragnda Primary School
79 BaijhariBaijhari Primary School
80 MunduliMunduli Ashram School
81 TumandiTumandi U.G.M.E School
82 NarajipadaNarajipada Primary School
83 BoipajuBoipaju Primary School
84 HanumantaHanumanta P.Upper Primary School
85 PokharigochhaPokharigochha Proj .Upper Primary School
86 KaiandihaKaiandiha Proj.Upper Primary School
87 BhogabadiBhogabadi U.G.M.E. School
88 Bhogabadi-1Bhogabadi Ashram school
89 DalipadaraDalipadara Primary School
90 Rayat OdasarOdasara Proj. Upper Primary School
91 NeligodaNeldigoda Primary School
92 Kunjabanagarah-1Daspalla Girls High School
93 Kunjabangarh-2Gobinda Chandra Primary School
94 KunjabanagadRajsundari Girls .Primary School
95 Kunjabangarh-3Daspalla Girls High School
96 KunjabanagadDaspalla Girls High School
97 Kunjabangarh-4Barapurikia Primary School
98 ShrirampurSrirampur Primary School
99 Nachhipur -1Nachhipur U.G.H.School
100 Nachhipur-2Nachhipur U.G.H.School
101 GobardhanpurGobardhanpur Primary School (R.N-2)
102 GaudapankalsahiGaudapankalsahi Primary School
103 KhairapankalsahiKhairapankalsahi Primary School
104 Dwara GaonDwar Gaon Primary School
105 DindabhuinDindabhuin Proj.Upper Primary School
106 Dihagaon-1Jaleswar Primary School,Dihagaon
107 JanisahiJanisahi Proj.Upper Primary School
108 Dihagaon -2Raghunath . Nodal Upper Primary School, Dihagaon
109 KaudaKauda Proj. Upper Primary School
110 SubalayaSubalaya U.G.M.E. School
111 Puruna DaspallaPuruna Daspalla Primary School
112 Khamarsahi-1Khamarsahi M.E. School
113 HaridabadiHaridabadi Primary School
114 BhogaraBhogara Primary School
115 SatapatnaSatapatna Girls Primary School
116 KhandaparaSatrughna Narayan Nodal. School,Satapatna
117 Satapatna-2Satapatna Girls Primary School
118 Patapurpatna-1Patapurpatna U.G.M.E. School
119 Patapurpatna-2Patapurpatna U.G.M.E. School
120 BarapurikiaBarapurikia Primary School
121 AndharakoteTangiapalli Ashram School,Andharakot
122 Narasingh PurNarasinghpur Sapath Club
123 SarigandaSariganda A.W.C.
124 Bandhugaon-1Bandhugaon Proj. Upper Primary School
125 DedhasarDedhasar U.G.M.E. School
126 GodibidaGodibida Primary School
127 KaimaKaima Primary School
128 SimilisahiAnchalik High School,Dedhasara
129 PoibadiPoibadi Proj .Upper Primary School
130 PankuaPankua Primary School
131 SakeniSakeni U.G.M.E. School
132 Tendabadi-1Tendabadi Nodal Upper Primary School
133 SoradaSorada Project Upper Primary School,Sorada
134 Jagannath PrasadJagannathprasad Nodal Upper Primary School
135 GoudachancherapalliJagannath Prasad High School
136 SikridaKrushnaprasad U.G.M.E. School
137 KrushnaprasadKrushnaprasad Proj.Upper Primary School
138 JiginipadaJiginipada Proj.Upper Primary School
139 NaitailaNaitaila Primary School, Naitaila
140 UdayapurUdayapur U.G.H School, Sikhargochha
141 MahitamaMahitama Primary School
142 LunisaraLunisara U.G.M.E. School
143 AchhupadaAchhupada Primary School
144 Korada-1Korada Project Primary School, Korada
145 Korada-2Bharat Nodal Upper Primary School,Korada
146 Nuagaon-1Nuagaon Primary School
147 Nuagaon-2Nuagaon High School
148 KhalamadaRameswar Nodal M.E. School , Khalamada
149 KandhakhalamadaKandhakhalamada Primary School
150 MinagadiaMinagadia Proj.Upper Primary School
151 JakedaJakeda Ashram School,Jakeda
152 ChhanabaniaChhanabania Primary School
153 ParadhipiParadhipi Proj.Upper Primary School
154 MaskabariMaskabari Primary School
155 BalandaBalanda U.G.H School
156 GohiribaduGohiribadu Seva Shram
157 SampadaSampada U.G.M.E. School
158 KosakataKosakata Proj.Upper Primary School
159 Maichheli-2Maichheli Primary School
160 KanigiriKanigiri Primary School
161 GudupangiGudupangi Primary School
162 DhipamalaDhipamala Proj.Upper Primary School
163 Malisahi-1Gatikesh High School, Malisahi
164 Malisahi-2Deuli Project Upper Primary School
165 HiradeipurHiradeipur Primary School
166 KhanguriKhanguri Seva Shrama
167 Mahipur-1Patulisahi Proj. Upper Primary School ,(R. No-1)
168 Mahipur - 2Patulisahi Proj. Upper Primary School ,(R. No-1)
169 ThuabariThuabari Primary School
170 Mahipur-3Mahipur High School
171 NiladripurNiladripur Primary School
172 Malisara -1Malisara Nodal Upper Primary School
173 Malisara-2Malisara Nodal Upper Primary School
174 RaipurRaipur Daliamada Proj.Upper Primary School
175 ChahaliR.N. Nodal Upper Primary School, Chahali
176 DhenkanaDhenkana U.G.M.E. School
177 Madhuban (New)Madhuban Primary School
178 BalabhadrapurBalabhadrapur Primary School
179 KhandugaonKhandugaon U.G.M.E. School.
180 GolagolaGolagola Proj. Upper Primary School
181 SimilisahiSimilisahi Proj.Upper Primary School
182 DurduraDurdura Nodal.Upper Primary School
183 KhuntabandhaKhuntabandha Primary School
184 BhirudaBhiruda Primary School
185 BadagothaBadagotha Primary School
186 RadhanathpurRadhanathpur Primary School
187 BakalabandhaBakalabandha Project Primary School,Bakalabandha
188 DimirijhariRegional High School, Dimirijhari
189 GateriGateri Primary School
190 DakadholaDakadhola Pro. Primary School
191 AdipadaAdipada Proj.Primary School
192 SingarpalliSingarpalli High School
193 BantalaSibaram Nodal Upper Primary School, Bantala
194 SundhijholaSundhijhola Nodal Upper Primary School
195 KaithapalliKainthapalli Proj. Primary School
196 AmbapadaAmbapada Nodal Upper Primary School
197 Bahadajhola -1Bahadajhola Centre Primary School
198 GhadeibandhaGhadeibandha Proj. U.P.. School
199 Bahadajhola-2Bahadajhola High School
200 Bahadajhola-3Bahadajhola Govt. M.E. School
201 Bahadajhola-4Bahadajhola Govt. M.E. School
202 SenteriSenteri Proj. Upper Primary School
203 GumiGumi Primary School
204 KendubaniaChadakmara Primary School, Kendubania
205 BhaliapadarBhaliapadar Primary School
206 DimiripalliDimiripalli Ashram School
207 BarakolaBarakola Primary School
208 KaptapalliKaptapalli Proj. Upper Primary School
209 BetanatiBetanati Proj. Upper Primary School
210 BadhulipurBhagabatjew Nodal Upper Primary School
211 TodigadiaTodigadia Proj.Upper Primary School
212 Beruanbari-1Beruanbari Nodal Upper Primary School
213 Beruanbari-2Beruanbari Nodal Upper Primary School
214 BandhabhuinBandhabhuin Primary School
215 HatiasilaHatiasila Primary School
216 SiarimalSiarimala Proj.Upper Primary School
217 BhatasahiBhatasahi Primary School
218 HaripurHaripur Primary School
219 KirialanjiKirialanji Primary School
220 EkatalEkatal Primary School
221 NuapalliSribantadeipur U.G.M.E. School

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