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Polling Booth in Chitrakonda Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Chitrakonda

Chitrakonda Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chitrakonda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Chitrakonda Assembly Constituency falls under the Chitrakonda Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 KamarpalliPrimary School, Kamarpalli
2 MundagudaPu Primary School, Mundaguda
3 Mahupadar-ITrw High School, Mahupadar
4 Mahupadar-IITrw High School, Mahupadar
5 Temurupalli-IHigh School, Temrupalli
6 Temurpalli-IIPrimary School, Temurpalli
7 DhakadrasiPrimary U School, Dhakadrasi
8 ChamundarasiPrimary School, Chamundarasi
9 KopraPu Primary School, Kopra
10 BaraPrimary School, Bara
11 LulerPu Primary School, Luler
12 SanagummaPrimary School, Sanagumma
13 KartanpalliU.High.School, Kartanpalli
14 UdaygiriPrimary School, Udaygiri
15 SarangpalliPrimary School, Sarangapalli
16 SerpalliSerpalli P. U. P. School
17 KongrabedaPrimary School, Kangrabeda
18 KansariputPu Primary School, Kansariput
19 SargigudaPrimary School, Saragiguda
20 KotapalliU High School, Kotapali
21 BedrupalliPrimary School, Bedrupalli
22 PitatangPrimary Schoolmary.School, Pitatang
23 SarangpalliPrimary School, Sarangapalli
24 SalimiNodal U. Primary School, Salimi
25 TalapadarPrimary School, Talapadar
26 BhainsaghatPrimary School, Bhainsaghat
27 BirenapalliBirenapalli Project Upper Primary School
28 KiangaUpper Primary School, Kianga
29 TimasputAshram School, Timasput
30 KadapadarPrimary School Kadapadar
31 DalapatiputDalapatiput Primary School
32 AnantapujarigudaNew Primary School, Anantapujariguda
33 KutunipalliU. Primary School, Kutunipalli
34 KulabedaPrimary School, Kulabeda
35 BimanpaliPrimary School, Bimanpalli
36 PatraputProject Upper Primary School, Patraput
37 DhungiaputDhungiaput Upper Primary School
38 MendukuliUpper Primary School, Mendukuli
39 DuragudaPu Primary School, Doraguda
40 SaradaputPrimary School, Sardaput
41 SindhbedaUpper Primary School, Sindhbeda
42 ChedengaU High School, Chedenga
43 DamapadaU Primary School, Damapada
44 BijapadarPrimary School, Bijapadar
45 KaliagudaPrimary School, Kaliaguda
46 MeccaAshram, Mecca
47 PujarigudaPrimery.School, Pujariguda
48 MarkapalliMarkapalli Primary School
49 BhandaripangamBhandaripangam Asharam
50 Pulapalli ColonyP.Colony Primary School
51 BhejagudaBhejaguda U. Primary School
52 SaunligudaAshram, Saunliguda
53 NayakgudaNayakguda U High .School
54 NayakgudaPrimary School, Chalanguda
55 DangarkhaliPrimary School, Dangarkhali
56 KadamgudaPu School, Kadamguda
57 PangamAshram, Pangam
58 PurunagudaPrimary School, Purunaguda
59 DalapatigudaU High School, Dalapatiguda
60 GurugudaPrimary School, Guruguda
61 UdulibedaU.High School, Udulibeda
62 ChalangudaNew Upper Primary School, Chalanguda
63 GojiagudaPrimary School, Gojiaguda
64 GoVIndapalli-IPrimary School, Govindapally
65 GoVIndapally -2Primary School, Govindapally
66 GoVIndapalli-IIIColony Primary School, Govindapally
67 GoVIndapalli-IIH & TW High School, Govindapally
68 MadakapadarPrimary School, Madakapadar
69 Bahdhur GudaBahdhur Guda Primary School
70 TotagudaPrimary School, Totaguda
71 BadaduralGrampanchyat House, Badadural
72 SanaduralPrimary School, Sanadural
73 AnagelPrimary School, Anagel
74 AndrahalResidential Sevashram, Andrahal
75 BadabelBadabel Primary School
76 PatraputResidential Project School
77 BondapodaPrimary School, Bondapoda
78 Mudulipoda-ITRW High School, Mudulipoda
79 Mudulipoda-IIH & TW High School, Mudulipoda
80 KadamgudaResidential Sevashram, Kadamguda
81 KhemaguruU.Primary Schoolevasharam, Khemaguru
82 PujarigudaPrimary School, Bayapujariguda
83 GangrajgummaPrimary School, Gangrajgumma
84 Mathili-IITome School, Mathili
85 Mathili-IIIEx Board Primary School
86 MathiliEx Board Primary School
87 Matili-IVEx Board Primary School
88 Mathili-ITalasahi Upper Primary School, Mathili
89 MundagudaPrimary School, Mundaguda
90 BariabahalBariabahal Primary School
91 KhadimatiPu Primary School, Khadimati
92 ChaulamendiU.High.School, Chaulamendi
93 Bandhaguda Primary School, Bandhaguda
94 BadagudaPrimary School, Badaguda
95 SiragudaPrimary School, Badaguda
96 TangagudaAshram.School, Tangaguda
97 PakhnamundaPrimary School, Pakhnamunda
98 KhairapalliPu Primary School, Khairapalli
99 SikhpalliP School, Sikhpalli
100 KalapaliUpper Primary School, Kalapalli
101 PodaghatUpper Primary School, Podaghat
102 TankamundaPrimary School, Tankamunda
103 MundigudaUgme School, Mundiguda
104 KumarputUpper Primary School, Kumarput
105 KhairaputU.Primary Schoolevashram, Khairaput
106 LamtagudaPrimary School, Lamtaguda
107 AmiliputUpper Primary School, Amiliput
108 RasabedaUp Sevasharam, Rasabeda
109 NaligudaPrimary School, Naliguda
110 LaktigudaPrimary School, Laktiguda
111 PushapaliPrimary Sevashram, Pushpalli
112 Pushapali -2 Pushpalli Ugme School
113 SindhigudaSindhiguda Upper Primary School
114 GundurigudaGunduriguda Primary School..School
115 ParkanmallaAshram, Parkanmalla
116 MaheswarpurMaheswarpur Primary School
117 SomnathpurSomnathpur Upper Primary School
118 PilakusumiPilakusumi Primary School
119 AppanamallaAppanamalla Upper Primary School
120 SadasIVpurPrimary Schoolmary School, Sadasivapur
121 Mv.38Ex-Dnk School, Mv.38
122 Tarlakota-CTarlakota-C Primary School
123 M.V. - 37Primary School, M.V. - 37
124 TarlakotaTarakota Upper Primary School
125 M.V-53M.V. - 53 Dnk School
126 KaliamundaKaliamunda Primary School
127 PushapaliPushpalli Primary Schoolmary School
128 PotrelUpper Primary School, Potrel
129 M.V. - 34Upper Primary School, M.V. - 34
130 KichipaliKichipalli Primary School
131 BalakatiPrimary School, Balakati
132 Mv.23Mv.23 Upper Primary School
133 MariwadaSevashram, Mariwada
134 NamelgudaNamelguda Primary School
135 Mv.25Mv.25 Upper Primary School
136 RakhalgudaRakhalguda Primary School
137 Mv.26Mv.26 Upper Primary School
138 DudimetlaPrimary School.Sevshram, Dudimetla
139 KachalwadaKachalwada, Primary School.Scyhool
140 Pulimetala Upper Primary School, Pulimetla
141 Mpv.6Mpv.6 Primary School
142 MandapalliMandapalli Primary School
143 Mpv.12Primary School, Mpv.12
144 MarkelgudaMarkelguda Primary School
145 Mv.50Mv.50 Primary School
146 KamwadaKamwada Upper Primary School
147 M.V.-29M.V.-29 Upper Primary School
148 KoyagudaKoyaguda Primary School
149 M.V.-28M.V.-28 Primary School
150 M.V.-30M.V -30 Primary School
151 SurlukondaSurlukonda Upper Primary School
152 Nilakamberu-INilakamberu Primary Schoolmary School
153 NiladrinagarNiladrinagar Upper Primary School
154 KendugudaKenduguda Primary Schoolmary School
155 Nilakamberu-IINilakamberu Primary Schoolmary School
156 Old ChitapariChittapari Primary School. Sevasharam
157 Drug Line IOrkel Upper. Primary School
158 Drug Line IIOrkel Pro. Upper Primary School
159 Dumping YardOrkel Pro. High School
160 Drug Line IIIOrkel Drug Line Prj.Primary School
161 C.I.LineOrkel Upper Primary School
162 Kalichak - IOrkel Govt. High School
163 Kalichak - IIOrkel Govt. High School
164 Post Office LineOrkel Upper Primary School
165 Daily MarketOrkel Govt. High School
166 Rani RoadOrkel Govt. High School
167 M.V-109M.V-109 Dnk Primary School
168 Chitapari-IPrimary School, Chitapari-I
169 PanighatPanighat Upper Primary School
170 DoragudaDoraguda Primary School
171 Kudumulugumma-IUpper Primary School, Kudumulugumma
172 Kudumulugumma -3Upper Primary School, Kudumulugumma
173 Kudumulugumma-IIUpper Primary School, Kudumulugumma
174 PurunagumaPurunaguma Primary School
175 MuduligudaPrimary School, Muduliguda
176 NandinigudaL.Primary Schoolevashram, Nandiniguda
177 OringiPrimary School, Oringi
178 BayapodaBaiyapada Project Upper Primary School
179 BakuliTemporary Shel, Bakuli
180 GardenpadarGagdenpadar.Community Centre
181 NilapariNilapari Primary Schoo.
182 NakamamudiNakamamudi U Primary School
183 Dyke - IIIDyke-Iii Primary School
184 SpilawaySpilaway Primary School
185 Tunnel CampTunnel Camp Primary School
186 ChimitapalliChimitapally Primary School
187 M.V-120Dnk Primary School, Mv-120
188 KatapaliKatapali Primary School
189 Katapali ColonyKatapali Colony Primary School
190 R.S.C-9R.S.C-9 Primary School
191 R.S.C-19R.S.C-19 Primary School
192 KapatutiKapatuti Primary School
193 AragelAragel Primary School
194 KutunipadarKutunipadar Primary School
195 R.S.C-10R.S.C-10 Primary School
196 R.S.C-11R.S.C-11 Primary School
197 R.S.C.-6R.S.C. - 6 Upper Primary School
198 DoragudaDoraguda Primary School
199 KamargudaPrimary School, Kamarguda
200 HaripurHaripur Primary School
201 GunthawadaGunthawada Primary Sevashram
202 RajolkondaRajolkonda Primary School
203 Govt. Colony, Chitrakonda-1Chitrakonda Primary School
204 Govt. Colony, Chitrakonda-2Govt. High School, Chitrakonda
205 Govt. Colony, Chitrakonda-2Chitrakonda Primary School
206 ChitrakondaChitrakonda Primary School
207 Operator ColonyOperator Colony Primary School
208 Banaguru ColonyPrimary School, Banaguru Colony
209 RanginigudaRanginiguda Primary School
210 Caloni-12-IPrimary School, Colony-12
211 PanasgondhiPanasgondhi Primary School
212 Caloni-12-IIPrimary School, Colony-12
213 Rekhapali ColonyPrimary School, Rekhapali
214 Badapada-1Primary School, Badapada
215 Badapada-2Primary School, Badapada
216 GajalmamudiPrimary School, Gajalmamudi
217 Jodamba-IIJodamba G.P. Office
218 Jodamba-IJodamba Primary School
219 TentapalliPrimary School, Tentapalli
220 AndrapalliAndrapalli Primary School
221 JantriJantri Primary School
222 SanyasigudaSanyasiguda Primary School
223 HandikhalHandikhal Primary School
224 PanasputPanasput Primary School
225 SingoiSingoi Primary School
226 GurasethuGurasethu Primary School
227 PapermetlaU Primary School, Papermetla
228 TentuligudaPrimary School, Tentuliguda
229 BidarapakhanaBidarapakhana Primary School
230 JantapaiPrimary School, Jantapai
231 JantapaiPrimary School, Jantapai
232 DoliambaDoliamba Primary School
233 SarkubandhaPrimary School, Sarkubandha
234 DhuliputPrimary School,Dhuliput
235 SuapaliSuapali School,Dhuliput
236 RalegadaG.P. Office, Ralegada

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