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Polling Booth in Bhubaneswar Central Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Bhubaneswar Central

Bhubaneswar Central Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhubaneswar Central Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Bhubaneswar Central Assembly Constituency falls under the Bhubaneswar Central Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Unit-8-1Saraswati Sishu Mandir(R-1), Unit-8
2 Unit-8-2Saraswati Sishu Mandir(R-1), Unit-8
3 Nayapalli-1Debarai College(R-1)
4 Nayapalli-2Debarai College(R-1)
5 Nayapalli-3Debarai College(R-1)
6 Nayapalli-4Debarai College(R-1)
7 Nayapalli-5Mumtaz Alli Nodal Upper Primary School,
8 Nayapalli-6Mumtaz Alli Nodal Upper Primary School,
9 Nayapalli-7Mumtaz Alli Nodal Upper Primary School,
10 Nayapalli-8Mumtaz Alli Nodal Upper Primary School,
11 Nayapalli-9Mamtaz Ali High School (R-1)
12 Nayapalli-10Mamtaz Ali High School (R-1)
13 Nayapalli-11Mamtaz Ali High School (R-1)
14 Nayapalli-12Mamtaz Ali High School (R-1)
15 Unit-8-3Unit-8 Girls High School (R-1)
16 Unit-8-4Unit-8 Girls High School (R-1)
17 Unit-8 -6Unit-8 Girls High School (R-1)
18 Unit-8 -5Unit-8 Girls High School (R-1)
19 Gopabandhunagar-1Raj Bhawan Primary School (R-1)
20 Gopabandhunagar-2Raj Bhawan Primary School (R-1)
21 Gopabandhunagar-3Raj Bhawan Primary School (R-1)
22 Gopabandhunagar-4Raj Bhawan Primary School (R-1)
23 Gopabandhunagar-5Raj Bhawan Primary School (R-1)
24 Nayapalli Nuasahi-1Nayapalli Nuasahi Primary School (R-1)
25 Nayapalli Nuasahi-2Nayapalli Nuasahi Primary School (R-1)
26 Nayapalli Nuasahi-3Nayapalli Nuasahi Primary School (R-1)
27 Nayapalli Nuasahi-4Nayapalli Nuasahi Primary School (R-1)
28 Nayapalli Nuasahi-5Nayapalli Nuasahi Primary School (R-1)
29 Nayapalli Nuasahi-6Nayapalli Nuasahi Primary School (R-1)
30 Nayapalli-11Nayapalli Sevasrama(R-1)
31 Nayapalli-12Nayapalli Sevasrama(R-1)
32 Nayapalli-13Nayapalli Sevasrama(R-1)
33 Nayapalli-14Nayapalli Sevasrama(R-1)
34 Keshari Nagar-1Govt. Nodal Upper Primary School,Power House Colony
35 Keshari Nagar-2Govt. Nodal Upper Primary School,Power House Colony
36 Keshari Nagar-3Govt. Nodal Upper Primary School,Power House Colony
37 Surya Nagar-1Veterinary College,Siripur(r-1)
38 Surya Nagar-2Veterinary College,Siripur(r-1)
39 Surya Nagar-3Veterinary College,Siripur(r-1)
40 Unit-6-1Govt. Primary School,Unit-6
41 Unit-6-2Govt. Primary School,Unit-6
42 Unit-6-3Unit-6 Boys High School (R-1)
43 Unit-6-4Unit-6 Boys High School (R-1)
44 Unit-6-5Unit-6 Boys High School (R-1)
45 Unit-6-6Ruchika English Mid.School, Unit-6(R-1)
46 Unit-6-7Unit-6 Boys Primary School (R-2)
47 Unit-6-8Unit-6 Girls High School
48 Unit-6-9Unit-6 Girls High School
49 Unit-6-10Unit-6 Girls High School
50 R.B.I.ColonyR.B.I. Colony Primary School,R.B.I.Colony
51 Unit-4 ( Sastri Nagar)-1Unit-4 Girls High School (R-1)
52 Unit-4 (Sastrinagar)-2Unit-4 Girls High School (R-1)
53 Unit-4Unit-4 Girls High School (R-1)
54 Unit-4 (Sastri Nagar)-4Unit-4 Girls High School (R-1)
55 Unit-4 ( Sastri Nagar)-5Unit-4 Girls High School (R-1)
56 Unit-4 ( Sastri Nagar)-6Unit-4 Girls High School (R-1)
57 Madhusudan Nagar-1D.M.High School
58 Adharya VIhar-1Acharya Vihar Primary School (R-1)
59 Adharya VIhar-2Acharya Vihar Primary School (R-1)
60 Adharya VIhar-3Acharya Vihar Primary School (R-1)
61 Adharya VIhar-4Acharya Vihar Primary School (R-1)
62 Bhoinagar-1O.S.E.B. U Girls Upper Primary School,Bhoinagar
63 Bhoinagar-2O.S.E.B. U Girls Upper Primary School,Bhoinagar
64 Bhoinagar-3O.S.E.B. U Girls Upper Primary School,Bhoinagar
65 Bhoinagar-4O.S.E.B. U Girls Upper Primary School,Bhoinagar
66 Bhoinagar-5O.S.E.B. U Girls Upper Primary School,Bhoinagar
67 Madhusudan Nagar-2Madhusudan Nagar Primary School (R-1)
68 Madhusudan Nagar-3Madhusudan Nagar Primary School (R-1)
69 Madhusudan Nagar-4Madhusudan Nagar Primary School (R-1)
70 Unit-4-1Unit-4 Govt. M.E.School (R-1)
71 Unit-4-2Unit-4 Govt. M.E.School (R-1)
72 Unit-4-3Unit-4 Govt. M.E.School (R-1)
73 M.L.A. Colony-1M.L.A. Colony Primary School (R-1)
74 M.L.A. Colony-2M.L.A. Colony Primary School (R-1)
75 Unit-1-1Unit-1 Primary School (R-1)
76 Unit-1-2Unit-1 Primary School (R-1)
77 Unit-1-3Unit-1 Girls High School (R-1)
78 Unit-1-4Unit-1 Girls High School (R-1)
79 Unit-1-5Unit-1 Girls High School (R-1)
80 Unit-1-6Unit-1 Girls High School (R-1)
81 Bapujinagar (Kedarpalli ) -1Kedarpalli Primary School (R-1)
82 Bapuji Nagar-2Kedarpalli Primary School (R-1)
83 Bapuji Nagar-3Bapuji Nagar M.E. School (R-1)
84 Bapuji Nagar-4Bapuji Nagar M.E. School (R-1)
85 Bapuji Nagar-5Bapuji Nagar M.E. School (R-1)
86 Bapuji Nagar-6Bapuji Nagar M.E. School (R-1)
87 Ashok Nagar-1Ashok Nagar Primary School (R-1)
88 Ashok Nagar-2Ashok Nagar Primary School (R-1)
89 Ashok Nagar-3Ashok Nagar Primary School (R-1)
90 Ashok Nagar-4Ashok Nagar Primary School (R-1)
91 Unit-2-1Govt. Girls High School, Unit-2(R-1)
92 Unit-2-2Govt. Girls High School, Unit-2(R-1)
93 Kharavelnagar-1Kharavelnagar Primary School (R-1)
94 Kharavelnagar-2Kharavelnagar Primary School (R-1)
95 Kharavelnagar-3Kharavelnagar Primary School (R-1)
96 Kharavelnagar-4Kharavelnagar Primary School (R-1)
97 Kharavelnagar-5Nalini-Devi Womens College(R-1)
98 Kharavelnagar-6Nalini-Devi Womens College(R-1)
99 Kharavelnagar-7Nalini-Devi Womens College(R-1)
100 Bhoinagar-6Capital High School, Unit-3(R-1)
101 Bhoinagar-7Capital High School, Unit-3(R-1)
102 Bhoinagar-8Gopabandhu U.G.M.E. School (R-1)
103 Bhoinagar-9Gopabandhu U.G.M.E. School (R-1)
104 Bhoinagar-10Gopabandhu U.G.M.E. School (R-1)
105 Satyanagar-1Central School (R-1)
106 Satyanagar-2Central School (R-1)
107 Satyanagar-3Central School (R-1)
108 Unit-9-1Regional U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
109 Unit-9-2Regional U.G.M.E.School (R-1)
110 Unit-9-3Unit-9 Boys High School (R-1)
111 Unit-9-4Unit-9 Boys High School (R-1)
112 Unit-9-5Unit-9 Boys High School (R-1)
113 Unit-9-6Unit-9 Boys High School (R-1)
114 Sahidnagar-1Sahidnagar Primary School (B)(R-1)
115 Sahidnagar-2Sahidnagar Primary School (B)(R-1)
116 Sahidnagar-3Sahidnagar Primary School (B)(R-1)
117 Sahidnagar-4Sahidnagar Primary School (B)(R-1)
118 Sahidnagar-5Sahidnagar High School (R-1)
119 Sahidnagar-6Sahidnagar High School (R-1)
120 Sahidnagar-7Sahidnagar High School (R-1)
121 Sahidnagar-8Sahidnagar High School (R-1)
122 Sahidnagar-9Sahidnagar High School (R-1)
123 Sahidnagar-10Sahidnagar Primary School (A)(R-1)
124 Sahidnagar-11Sahidnagar Primary School (A)(R-1)
125 Sahidnagar-12Sahidnagar Primary School (A)(R-1)
126 Sahidnagar-13Sahidnagar Primary School (A)(R-1)
127 Sahidnagar-14Sahidnagar Primary School (A)(R-1)
128 Satyanagar-4Satyanagar Primary School (R-1)
129 Satyanagar-5Satyanagar Primary School (R-1)
130 Satyanagar-6Satyanagar Primary School (R-1)
131 Karvelnagar-7Textbook Colony.U. Girls Upper Primary School,
132 Karvelnagar-8Textbook Colony.U. Girls Upper Primary School,
133 Kharavelnagar-9Textbook Colony.U. Girls Upper Primary School,
134 Kharavelnagar-10Textbook Colony.U. Girls Upper Primary School,
135 Kharvel Nagar-11N.A.C. Colony Primary School (R-1)
136 Kharvel Nagar-12N.A.C. Colony Primary School (R-1)
137 Kharavelnagar-13Balwadi Centre, Ramakrishna Colony.
138 Budheswary Colony-1Station Bazar U.G.M.E. School (R-1)
139 Budheswary Colony-2Station Bazar U.G.M.E. School (R-1)
140 Budheswary Colony-3Station Bazar U.G.M.E. School (R-1)
141 Budheswary Colony-4Station Bazar U.G.M.E. School (R-1)
142 Chintamaniswar-1Chintamaniswar Primary School (R-1)
143 Chintamaniswar-2Chintamaniswar Primary School (R-1)
144 Chintamaniswar-3Chintamaniswar Primary School (R-1)
145 Chintamaniswar-4Chintamaniswar Primary School (R-1)
146 Chintamaniswar-5Chintamaniswar Girls High School.(R-1)
147 Chintamaniswar-6Chintamaniswar Girls High School.(R-1)
148 Chintamaniswar-7Chintamaniswar Girls High School.(R-1)
149 Chintamaniswar-8Chintamaniswar Girls High School.(R-1)
150 Laxmisagar-1Laxmisagar Primary School (R-1)
151 Laxmisagar-2Laxmisagar Primary School (R-1)
152 Laxmisagar-3Laxmisagar Primary School (R-1)
153 Laxmisagar-4Laxmisagar Primary School (R-1)
154 Bomikhal-1Devraj Bidyapitha
155 Bomikhal-2Devraj Bidyapitha
156 Bomokhal-3Devraj Bidyapitha
157 Bomikhal-4Devraj Bidyapitha
158 Bomikhal-5Devraj Bidyapitha
159 Bomikhal-6Devraj Bidyapitha
160 Rasulagad-1Rasulagad, Sevasharam(R-1)
161 Rasulagad-2Rasulagad, Sevasharam(R-1)
162 Rasulgada-3Rasulagad, Sevasharam(R-1)
163 Rasulgada-4Rasulagad, Sevasharam(R-1)
164 Jharapada-1Jharapada Primary School (R-1)
165 Jharapada-2Jharapada Primary School (R-1)
166 Jharapada-3Jharapada Primary School (R-1)
167 Jharapada-4Jharapada Primary School (R-1)
168 Jharapada-5Jharapada high School (R-1)
169 Jharapada-6Jharapada high School (R-1)
170 Jharapada-7Jharapada high School (R-1)
171 Jharapada-8Jharapada high School (R-1)
172 Jharapada-9Jharapada high School (R-1)
173 Jharapada-10Jharapada high School (R-1)
174 Laxmisagar-5Laxmisagar Municipal Hogh School (R-1)
175 Laxmisagar-6Laxmisagar Municipal Hogh School (R-1)
176 Laxmisagar-7Laxmisagar Municipal Hogh School (R-1)
177 Laxmisagar-8Laxmisagar Municipal Hogh School (R-1)
178 Laxmisagar-9Laxmisagar Municipal Hogh School (R-1)
179 Laxmisagar-10Laxmisagar Municipal Hogh School (R-1)
180 Laxmisagar-11Laxmisagar H.B.Primary School (R-1)
181 Laxmisagar-12Laxmisagar H.B.Primary School (R-1)
182 Laxmisagar-13H.B. Colony Primary School, Laxmisagar, R-3

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