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Polling Booth in Bhanjanagar Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Bhanjanagar

Bhanjanagar Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhanjanagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Bhanjanagar Assembly Constituency falls under the Bhanjanagar Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 UalingiaUalingia Primary School
2 DurgaprasadDurgaprasad Primary School
3 RambhaRambha Primary School
4 NabagochhaNabagochha Project Upper Primary School
5 BirikoteBirikote Project Upper Primary School,Birikote
6 BajrakotBajrakot Primary School
7 BaibaliBaibali Upper Primary School
8 GunduribadiGunduribadi Upper Primary School
9 DadaralundaDadaralunda NUpper Primary School
10 DadaralundaDadaralunda NUpper Primary School
11 KharigudaKhariguda Primary School
12 NarigochhaNarigochha Primary School
13 KupatiKupati Primary School
14 RanikiariRanikiari Primary School
15 BiluapadaBiluapada Primary School
16 JhaliagochhaJhaliagochha Primary School
17 BrahmanapadarBrahmanapadar Primary School,Brahmanapadar
18 BrahmanapadarBrahmanapadar Upper Primary School
19 GalleryGallery High School
20 GalleryGallery High School
21 GalleryHarijan Sahi Primary School
22 HarigadHarigad Primary School
23 Badangi-1Badangi Nodal Upper Primary School
24 BadangiBadangi Primary School
25 DomuhaniDomuhani Nodal Primary School
26 KhamanasahiKhamanasahi Project Upper Primary School
27 RaigochhaRaigochha Primary School
28 DholapitaDholapita Upper Primary School
29 Mujagad-1Mujagad U Primary School
30 Mujagad-2Mujagad U Primary School
31 MujagadMujagad U Primary School
32 RambhapalliPrimary School Rambhapalli
33 Mujagada-3Nidhiapalli Primary School
34 ChitipalliChitipalli Primary School
35 MahagudaMahaguda Project Upper Primary School
36 BuduliBuduli Upper Primary School
37 BiripadarBiripadar Upper Primary School
38 BaliapataBaliapata Project Upper Primary School
39 BoribandhBoribandh Primary School
40 GujuraliGujurali Primary School
41 Turumu-1Turumu Upper Primary School
42 Turumu-2Turumu Upper Primary School
43 BeruanbadiBeruanbadi P. S.,Beruanbadi
44 SamaradaSamarada P. S.
45 Sorishamuli-1Sorishamuli Primary School
46 KathachiraKathachira Primary School
47 JadaghatuniJadaghatuni P. S.
48 KadaligadaKadaligad P. S.
49 BadagunduribadiBadagunduribadi P. S.
50 BhogaraSarangapata Sevashram
51 RudhapadarRudhapadar P. S.
52 GhogadaSevashrama Primary School,Ghogada
53 NabagochhaNabagochha P. S.
54 Gayaganda-1Gayaganda P. S.
55 Gayaganda-2Gayaganda Upper Primary School,Gayaganda
56 PattangiPattangi P. S.
57 Kalingapadar Achuytananda N.U. P. S.Kalingapadar
58 Kalingapadar Achuytananda N.U. P. S.Kalingapadar
59 JadadharP.U.Primary School,Jadadhar
60 MasabadiMasabadi P.U. P. S.Masabadi
61 ToladiP.U.Primary School,Toladi
62 KokalabaKokalaba Upper Primary School
63 KokalabaKokalaba Upper Primary School
64 TarasingiTarasingi Upper Primary School
65 TarasingiTarasingi Upper Primary School
66 BaradandaBaradanda P. S.
67 GadiapadaP.U.Primary School,Gadiapada
68 HalandakholaHalandakhola Primary School
69 BalisahiBalisahi Project Upper Primary School
70 Lembha-1Lembhai Primary School
71 Lembhai-2Lembhai Upper Primary School
72 TilisingiTilisingi Nodal Upper Primary School
73 TilisingiTilisingi Upper Primary School
74 UludanUludan Primary School
75 TanganTangan P. S.
76 Baruda-IBaruda Upper Primary School
77 Baruda-IIBaruda Upper Primary School
78 Kullad-IKullad Nodal Upper Primary School
79 KulladKullad Nodal Upper Primary School
80 Kullad-IIKullad Bagadevi Talasahi Primary School
81 KulladKullad Bagadevi Talasahi Primary School
82 Kullad-IIIKullad Nodal Upper Primary School
83 KotibiradiKotibiradi Project Upper Primary School
84 Lalasingi-1Lalasingi Upper Primary School
85 LalasingiLalasingi Upper Primary School
86 Lalasingi-2Lalasingi Upper Primary School
87 LalasingiLalasingi Upper Primary School
88 Lalasingi-3Lalasingi K. Rout H. S.
89 LalasingiChhedabhumi P. S.
90 RajakunduRajkundu Primary School
91 BinjhagiriBinjhagiri Primary School
92 Bahadapadar-IBahadapadar Nodal Upper Primary School (E)
93 Bahadapadar-2Bahadapadar Nodal Upper Primary School (E)
94 GurabadiGurabadi Project Upper Primary School
95 KhamarediKhamaredi Upper Primary School
96 HatigudaHatiguda Primary School
97 IndagadaIndagada Project Upper Primary School
98 DumakumpaDumakumpa Project Upper Primary School
99 SarddulSarddul Upper Primary School
100 GudipadarGudipadar Primary School
101 DandipadarDandipadar Primary School
102 TokagandaTokaganda Project Upper Primary School
103 SanakodandaProject Upper Primary School Sanakodanda
104 JogimariJogimari Primary School
105 Badakodanda-1Badakodanda High School
106 Badakodanda-2Badakodanda High School
107 BadakodandaBadakodanda Primary School
108 Badakodanda-3D.Kaithapalli .Primary School,D.Kaithapalli
109 D.KaithapalliD.Kaithapalli .Primary School,D.Kaithapalli
110 MalasapadarMalasapadar Project Upper Primary School
111 PurunapaniPrimary School Purunapani
112 MudulipalliMudulipalli Primary School
113 KaindiKaindi Upper Primary School
114 BhaliakhaiBhaliakhai Project Upper Primary School
115 Gamundi-1Gamundi Upper Primary School
116 Gamundi-2Dhuanchhai Primary School
117 Jilundi-1Jilundi Upper Primary School
118 JilundiJilundi Upper Primary School
119 Jilundi-2Jilundi High School
120 AgajholAgajhol Project Upper Primary School
121 Baunshalundi-IBaunshalundi Project P.Upper Primary School,Baunshalundi(W)
122 Baunshalundi-IIBaunshalundi Project P.Upper Primary School,Baunshalundi(W)
123 Bhanjanagar-ID. B. Girls Govt High School
124 Bhanjanagar-IID. B. Girls Govt High School
125 Bhanjanagar-IIIBhanjanagar Girls Primary School
126 Bhanjanagar-IVMahamardian Primary School
127 Bhanjanagar-VNahatota Sahi Primary School
128 Bhanjanagar-VINAC
129 BhanjanagarTJunior Basic Primary School
130 Bhanjanagar-VIIBhanjanaga Primary SchoolBS Upper Primary School
131 Bhanjanagar-VIIIGovt UB High School
132 Bhanjanagar-IXGovt UB High School
133 BhanjanagarPrimary School Bhanjanagar Block Colony
134 Bhanjanagar-XSribachha High School
135 Bhanjanagar-XIBhejiput Upper Primary School,Bhejiput
136 Bhanjanagar-XIIBhejiput Upper Primary School,Bhejiput
137 Bhanjanagar-XIIIG. O. Club
138 Bhanjanagar-XIVHata Nagar Primary School
139 BhanjanagarHata Nagar Primary School
140 JamapalliJamapalli Primary School
141 Dihapadhal-1Dihapadhal Nodal Upper Primary School
142 Dihapadhal-2Dihapadhal Upper Primary School
143 Dihapadhal-3Tulasipali Primary School
144 BenakundaBenakunda P. S.
145 SahanapalliSahanapalli Primary School
146 GolapadaGolapada Upper Primary School
147 DhamanajholiSaradhapur Primary School
148 AgulapadaAgulapada Primary School
149 NarayanapurNarayanapur P. S,Narayanapur
150 DhananjayapurDhananjayapur Primary School
151 RaipalliRaipalli Upper Primary School
152 ManapurManapur P. S.
153 GeredaGereda Upper Primary School
154 SisundaSisunda P. S,Sisunda
155 KhetamundaliKhetamundali Upper Primary School
156 BantaBanta U. P. S,Banta
157 KepitiKepiti P. S.
158 SamarabandhSamarabandh Upper Primary School
159 SapangaSapanga P. S.
160 SapangaSapanga P. S.
161 BadakhandaPrimary School Badakhanda
162 KudutaiU. P. S.Kudutai
163 BankataraBankatara P. S.
164 GothalundaGothlunda P. S.
165 PatarapalliPatharapalli Upper Primary School
166 Pratapur-1Pratapur P.U. P. S.
167 Pratapur-2Pratapur P.U. P. S.
168 PatharapalliPatharapalli P. S.
169 BurapalliBurapalli Primary School
170 SadaraSadara Primary School
171 PantikhariPantikhari Upper Primary School
172 BalakiariBalakiari Primary School
173 Adheigan-1Adheigan Upper Primary School
174 Adheigan-2Adheigan Upper Primary School
175 Baragan-1Baragan Upper Primary School,Baragan
176 Baragan-2Baragan Upper Primary School,Baragan
177 GadisapalliGadiasapalli Primary School
178 KandhanuapalliK. Nuapalli P. S.
179 GochhabadiGochabadi Upper Primary School
180 JamagoradaJamagereda P. S,Jamagereda
181 GandadharP.U.Primary School Gandadhar
182 HaripurHaripur Primary School
183 ChikiliU.Primary School,Chikili
184 ChoparaChopara Upper Primary School
185 NadaChopara Upper Primary School
186 Jaganathprasad-1Jaganathprasad Girls Upper Primary School,Jaganathprasad
187 Jaganathprasad-2JNP Ex. Board Primary School
188 JaganathprasadJNP Ex. Board Primary School
189 AngyaprasadAngyaprasad Upper Primary School
190 DungapalliDungapalli P. S.
191 BhabasarBhabasar P.U.Primary School,Bhabasar
192 Pankal SahiPrimary School,Pankalasahi
193 GundurisahiGundurisahi P. S.
194 SingipurSingipur P. S.
195 AlasugumaAlasuguma P. S.
196 AlasugumaAlasuguma RKNUpper Primary School,Alasuguma
197 KhairijholaKhairajhola P. S.
198 KamasaragadKamasaragad Upper Primary School
199 KamasaragadKamasaragad Upper Primary School
200 K. MangarajapurKadua Mangarajapur Upper Primary School,Kadua Mangarajapur
201 NarendrapurNarendrapur P. S.
202 JodabandhJodabandha Primary School,Jodabandha
203 RautiU.Primary School,Rauti
204 Jirabadi-1Jirabadi Upper Primary School
205 Jirabadi-2Jirabadi Upper Primary School
206 RanibhumiRanibhumi Primary School
207 BhuktabhumiBhuktabhumi P. S.
208 Chhamunda-1Chhamunda Rayat Upper Primary School,Chhamunda
209 Chhamunda-2Chhamunda Primary School,Chhamunda
210 TamanadP.U.Primary School,Tamanad
211 Kalinji NuapalliPrimary School Kalinji Nuapalli
212 JhadabhumiJhadabhumi NUpper Primary School,Jhadabhumi
213 TaraphTaraph Project Upper Primary School,Taraph
214 KandarasingiKandarasingi Primary School
215 MentapurMentapur Primary School
216 B.D.PurB.D.Pur CS Agrriculture High School,B.D.Pur
217 TentuliaTentulia Primary School
218 Sorishamuli-2Sorishamuli Primary School
219 Nimapadar-1Nimapadar Upper Primary School,Nimapadar
220 Nimapadar-2Nimapadar Upper Primary School,Nimapadar
221 BhushandapalBhushandapal Project Upper Primary School,Bhushandapal
222 KhamarapalliKhamarapalli Upper Primary School
223 Patadhar-1Patadhar NUpper Primary School,Patadhar
224 Patadhar-2Patadhar NUpper Primary School,Patadhar
225 AladiAladi Upper Primary School
226 TholandaTholanda Primary School
227 PaikirapalliPaikirapalli P. S.
228 KadapadaKadapada Project Upper Primary School
229 KumundaKumunda Primary School
230 DhobapalliDhobapalli P. S.
231 SarakumpaSarakumpa Primary School
232 BudurunguBudurungu Upper Primary School
233 SisundaSisunda Upper Primary School
234 Malingi (Part)Malingi Project Upper Primary School,Malingi
235 KusapalliKusapalli Primary School,Kusapalli
236 JhadasahiJhadasahi P. S.
237 KhairanatiKhairanati P. S.
238 Panchabhuti -1Panchabhuti NUpper Primary School,Panchabhuti
239 PanchabhutiPanchabhuti NUpper Primary School,Panchabhuti
240 Panchabhuti-2Panchabhuti NUpper Primary School,Panchabhuti
241 Panchabhuti-3Panchabhuti NUpper Primary School,Panchabhuti
242 Chadhiapalli-1Chadhiapalli Project Upper Primary School,Chadhiapalli
243 Chadhiapalli-2Chadhiapalli Project Upper Primary School,Chadhiapalli
244 JatraJatra Project Upper Primary School,Jatra
245 KumundiKumundi P. S.
246 CharikoniaCharikonia P. S.
247 Kumpapada-1Kumpapada Primary School,Kumpapada
248 Kumpapada-2Kumpapada UBUpper Primary School,Kumpapada

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