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Polling Booth in Berhampur Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Berhampur

Berhampur Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Berhampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Berhampur Assembly Constituency falls under the Berhampur Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Haradakhandi-IHaradakhandi Upper Primary School (E)
2 Haradakhandi-IIHaradakhandi Upper Primary School (E)
3 Haradakhandi-IIIHaradakhandi Upper Primary School (E)
4 Haradakhandi-IVJagabandhu Upper Primary School (E), Haradakhandi
5 Haradakhandi-VJagabandhu Upper Primary School (E), Haradakhandi
6 Haradakhandi-VIJagabandhu Upper Primary School (E), Haradakhandi
7 Duduma Colony-IU.Primary School,132 K.V Line Colony
8 Duduma ColonyU.Primary School,132 K.V Line Colony
9 Duduma Colony-IIU.Primary School,132 K.V Line Colony
10 Aska Road-IAska Road Boys High School (E)A
11 Aska Road-IIAska Road Boys High School (E)A
12 Panigrahipenth-IM.G.H.S,Aska Road (West)
13 Panigrahipentho-IIUpper Primary School Subudhidevi
14 Aska Road-IVAska Road Boys High School (E)A
15 Aska Road-VM.G.H.S,Aska Road (West)
16 Aska Road-VIM.G.H.S,Aska Road (West)
17 Aska RoadAska Road Boys High School (E)A
18 Aska Road-VIIM.G.H.S,Aska Road (West)
19 Sriram Nagar-ISriram Nagar Primary School (E)
20 Sriram Nagar-IISriram Nagar Primary School (E)
21 Aska Road-VIIIAska Road Nodal Upper Primary School (E), Aska Road
22 Aska Road-IxAska Road Nodal Upper Primary School (E), Aska Road
23 Bada BazarSashi Bhusan Library
24 Aga Street-IAga Strreet Primary School (N)
25 Aga Street-IIAga Strreet Upper Primary School (N), Aga Sahi
26 MangalabarpetaMangalabarpeta Primary School
27 Old Berhampur-1Old Berhampur High School
28 Old Berhampur-2Old Berhampur High School
29 Old Berhampur-3Old Berhampur High School
30 Old BerhampurOld Berhampur High School
31 Old Berhampur-4Old Berhampur High School
32 Mrudingia StreetMrudingia Street Primary School,
33 Ramadhin Sanskrit College-1Ramadhin Sanskrit College[E]
34 Ramadhin Sanskrit College-2Ramadhin Sanskrit College[E]
35 Old Berhampur-7Upper Primary School, Pandarasahi
36 Karan Street-1Karan Street Upper Primary School (E), Karan Street
37 Karan Street-2Karan Street Upper Primary School (E), Karan Street
38 Maa Budhi Takurani Mandir Sq.-1Chiti Sarathi Library, Maa Budhi Takurani Mandir Sq
39 Maa Budhi Takurani Mandir Sq.-2Model Basic Primary School
40 Prem Nagar-1Prem Nagar Primary School (N)
41 Prem Nagar-2Prem Nagar Primary School (N)
42 Rangunibandha Street-1Simadri Panda High School
43 Rangunibandha Street-2Simadri Panda High School
44 Jemadei Pentho-1Simadri Panda High School
45 Jemadei Pentho-2Simadri Panda High School
46 Prem Nagar-3Prem Nagar Primary School (N)
47 Kc Town High School-1G.G.H.S,Municipal Aska Road
48 Kc Town High School-2Govt. Girls High School (N), Kc Town High School Road
49 Prem Nagar-4
50 City High School-1City High School
51 City High School-2City High School
52 Kapileswar Peta-1Kabisurya Upper Primary School (S)
53 Kapileswar Peta-2Kabisurya Upper Primary School (S)
54 Balaji Pentha-1Balajipentho Primary School (E)
55 Balaji Pentha-2Balajipentho Primary School (E)
56 Hanuman Bazar (Kampa Sahi)-1Kc Town High School (M)
57 Hanuman Bazar (Kampa Sahi)-2Kc Town High School (M)
58 Giri MarketSantapeta Primary School, Giri Market
59 Patrapeta-1Mahamadian Boys Primary School (B)
60 Patrapeta-2Mahamadian Boys Primary School (B)
61 Patrapeta-3Mahamadian Boys Primary School (B)
62 Patrapeta-4Mahamadian Boys Primary School (B)
63 Military Line-1Model U.Primary School
64 Military Line-2Model U.Primary School
65 Bishnu NagarMilitary Line Girls Primary School (W)
66 Military Line-3Municipal Girls High School
67 Khaja SahiMahamadian Girls Primary School (S)
68 Church RoadChurch Road Primary School
69 Old Bus Stand-1Chacha Nehru Upper Primary School (E), Old Bus Stand
70 Old Bus Stand-2Chacha Nehru Upper Primary School (E), Old Bus Stand
71 Old Bus Stand-3Municipal Barracks High School
72 Old Bus Stand-4Municipal Barracks High School
73 Old Bus Stand-5Municipal Barracks High School
74 Gate Bazar-1Gate Bazar Ngo Club(N)
75 Gate Bazar-2N G O Club, Gate Bazar(S)
76 City Hospital Road-1Head Quarter Hospital Road Primary School (M)
77 City Hospital Road-2Primary School,Head Quarter Hospital Road
78 City Hospital Road-3Primary School,Head Quarter Hospital Road
79 Brahma Nagar-1Brahma Nagar Primary School (E)
80 Brahma Nagar-2Brahma Nagar Primary School (E)
81 Brahma NagarBrahma Nagar Primary School (E)
82 Brahma Nagar-3Brahma Nagar Primary School (W), Brhma Nagar
83 Rampa Sahi-1Purushottam Primary School (E), Rampa Sahi
84 Rampa Sahi-2Purushottam Primary School (E), Rampa Sahi
85 Harijan ColonyBalbadi Upper Primary School
86 Badakhemundi Sahi-1Badakhemundi Upper Primary Schooli
87 Babaji Tota Sahi-1Govt. Queen Misanskrit Schoolion High School (M)
88 Badakhemundi Sahi-2Badakhemundi Upper Primary School (N), Berhampur
89 Badakhemundi Sahi-3Badakhemundi Upper Primary School (N), Berhampur
90 Babaji Tota Sahi-2Govt. Queen Misanskrit Schoolion High School (M)
91 Babaji Tota Sahi-3Govt. Queen Misanskrit Schoolion High School (M)
92 State Bank RoadMunicipality Library, Sbi Road
93 Utkal Ashram Road-1P.U.Primary School,Utkal Ashram Road,
94 Utkal Ashram Road-2P.U.Primary School,Utkal Ashram Road,
95 Godabarish Nagar-2Primary School Utkal Ashram Road
96 Utkal Ashram Road-3Ganjam Kalaparisad, Utkal Ashram Road
97 Ganjam Kala ParishadGanjamkala Parishad
98 Bijipur-1Bijipur Upper Primary School (M),
99 Bijipur-2Bijipur Upper Primary School (M),
100 Bijipur-3Bijipur Upper Primary School (M),
101 Gosani Nuagam-1Kc Boys High School (M)A
102 Gosani Nuagam-2Kc Boys High School (M)A
103 Gosaninugam-3Kc Boys High School (M)A
104 Gosaninugam-4Kc Boys High School (M)A
105 Gosaninugam-5G.Nuagam Girls Primary School (N)
106 Gosaninugam-6G.Nuagam Girls Primary School (N)
107 Gosaninugam-7Kc Girls High School
108 Gosaninugam-8Kc Girls High School
109 GosaninugamKc Girls High School
110 Nehru Nagar-1Harijana Primary School, Gosaninugam
111 Nehru Nagar-2Harijana Primary School, Gosaninugam
112 Hil Patna-1Hilpatna Project Upper Primary School (N)
113 Hil Patna-2P.U.Primary School,Hilpatna
114 Goods Shed Road-1Goods Shed Road Primary School
115 Hil Patna-3P.U.Primary School,Hilpatna Girls(S), Hilpatna
116 Hil Patna-4P.U.Primary School,Hilpatna Girls(S), Hilpatna
117 Hil Patna-5Mav Public School, Hill Patna
118 Court Peta-1*N), Courtpeta*???? ??????? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ?????,*?))
119 Court Peta-2Courtpeta High School
120 Court Peta-3Courtpeta High School
121 Court Peta-4Courtpeta High School
122 Lanjipalli-1Jail Road Upper Primary School (N), Lanjipalli Berhampur
123 Lanjipalli-2Harijan Colony Primary School (N), Berhampur
124 Rama NagarHarijan Colony Primary School (N), Berhampur
125 Lanjipalli-3Harijan Colony Primary School (N), Berhampur
126 Court Peta-5Courtpeta Primary School (E), Courtpeta
127 Court Peta-6Courtpeta Primary School (E), Courtpeta
128 Lanjipalli-4Jail Road Upper Primary School (N), Lanjipalli Berhampur
129 Medical Campus-1Medical Campus High School (N), Berhampur
130 Gajapati Nagar-2Primary School Gajapati Nagar
131 Medical Campus-2Medical Campus High School (N), Berhampur
132 Medical Campus-3Medical Campus High School (N), Berhampur
133 Bidya NagarMedical Campus High School (N), Berhampur
134 Goilundi-1Goilundi Primary School (E)
135 New PartGoilundi Primary School (E)
136 Goilundi-2Goilundi Primary School (E)
137 Sales Tax SquareSales Tax Office, Sales Tax Square

Last Updated on August 11, 2014