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Polling Booth in Begunia Assembly Constituency

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Controversy Rises over Sadhvi Pragya's Candidature Controversy Rises over Sadhvi Pragya’s Candidature

The BJP on Wednesday named Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, key accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast case, as its Lok Sabha candidate from Bhopal. This is the first instance of Read More…

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Live Updates – Lok Sabha Elections Phase 2 7:59:13 PM Final Update for the Day – Final Voter Turnout State – Wise State Voter Turnout (%) Assam 73.32 Bihar 58.14 Read More…

List of Polling Booth in Begunia

Begunia Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Begunia Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Begunia Assembly Constituency falls under the Begunia Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 GodabhangaGodabhanga Project Upper Primary School
2 GobardhanpurGodabhanga Project Upper Primary School
3 KalangaKalanga Nodal Upper Primary School
4 FirifiraFirifira Patana Project Upper Primary School
5 SampurChaturbhuja Nodal P.Upper Primary School,Sampur
6 SampurChaturbhuja Nodal P.Upper Primary School,Sampur
7 SampurChaturbhuja Nodal P.Upper Primary School,Sampur
8 JodapadaJodapada Nodal Upper Primary School
9 GabadihapatnaGabadihapatna Primary School
10 HaripurpatnaHaripurpatna Priamary School
11 HaripurpatnaHaripurpatna Priamary School
12 PatabandhaPatabandha Primary School
13 GodialiGodiali Primary School
14 JaripadaJaripada Podapatna Primary School
15 HaladipadaHaladipada Primary School
16 SagargaonSagargaon M.E. School
17 SagargaonSagargaon Primary School
18 KaduapadaKaduapada Primary School
19 BalsinghpatnaBalsinghpatna Primary School
20 KharadpalliKharadpalli Primary School
21 SrirampurSrirampur Primary School
22 DhalapatharDhalapathar Kalapathar Nodal Upper Primary School
23 GopinathapurGopinathapur Primary School
24 ThanapalliThanapalli UGME School
25 KoduabereniKoduabereni Primary School
26 GediapalliGediapalli M.E. School
27 GediapalliGediapalli Centre Primary School,Gediapalli
28 SalataraSalatara Primary School
29 Kantabada-1Kantabada Centre Primary School
30 Kantabada-2Kantabada Centre Primary School
31 KantabadaKachera Primary School
32 TandalTandal Primary School
33 BasudevpurBasudevpur Primary School
34 KendupalliKendupalli M.E. School
35 ChiramaruChiramaru Project Upper Primary School
36 GodipokhariGodipokhari Primary School
37 PangarsinghPangarsingh U.G M.E. School,Pangarsingh
38 BhogadaBhogada U .G .M. E. School,Bhogada
39 BhogadaBhogada U .G .M. E. School,Bhogada
40 Badatulasipur-1Badatulasipur Primary School
41 Badatulasipur-2Badatulasipur Primary School
42 DiniaryDiniary Primary School
43 PodadihaIsaneswar Dav Nodal Upper Primary School, Podadiha
44 PodadihapatnaIsaneswar Dav Nodal Upper Primary School, Podadiha
45 NilakanthapurNilakanthapur Project Upper Primary School,Nilakanthapur
46 TalagarhTalagarh project Upper Primary School
47 Ostapur-1Kotapalla Ostapur Janta Nodal School
48 Ostapur-2Kotapalla Ostapur Janta Nodal School
49 KurdhilloKuradhilo Primary School
50 KantamalimGanpur Kantamalim U.G.M.E School
51 KantamalimGanpur Kantamalim U.G.M.E School
52 BadaberanaBadaberana Nodal Upper Primary School
53 BadaberanaBadaberana Nodal Upper Primary School
54 GobindapurGobindapur Nodal Upper Primary School
55 KoluhapatanaKoluhapatana Primary School
56 GaudanuagaonGaudanuagaon Primary School
57 ManibandhaManibandha Primary School
58 BhabanipurBhabanipur Primary School
59 SankarpurSankarpur M.E. School
60 SankarpurSankarpur Primary School
61 KotasinghaKotasingha Primary School
62 SahajpurSahajpur Project Upper Primary School
63 GarbhanipadaGarbhanipada Primary School
64 BenagadiaBhagabat Dev M.E. School, Benagadia
65 BenagadiaBhagabat Dev M.E. School, Benagadia
66 HarikesharHarikeshar Priamary School
67 KhalikotaKhalikota Primary School
68 HatabastaHatabasta Primary School
69 HatabastaHatabasta Primary School
70 ArakhapalliArakhapalli M.E. School
71 IchhapurIchhapur Primary School
72 KhanguriaKhanguria Primary School
73 HarirajpurHarirajpur Primary School
74 ManikagodaGadadhar Academy Manikagoda
75 ManikagodaGadadhar Academy Manikagoda
76 ManikagodaManikagoda Primary School
77 Ramachandrapur PatnaRahas Bihari Primary School
78 DalaisahiDalaisahi Urdu Primary School
79 DalaisahiDalaisahi Urdu Primary School
80 DibyasinghpurDibyasinghpur Primary School
81 DighiriBidyadhar Nodal Upper Primary School, Dighiri
82 BhimapadaBhimapada Project Upper Primary School
83 MandalsinghMandalsingh Primary School
84 KautaraKautara UGME School
85 KushapalaKushapala Primary School
86 Tangi SahiTangi Sahi Nodal Upper Primary School
87 Tangi SahiTangi Sahi Nodal Upper Primary School
88 PankalasahiPankalsahi Primary School
89 BolagarhBaman High School, Bolagarh
90 BolagarhBaman High School, Bolagarh
91 BolagarhBolagarh Primary School
92 BolagarhBolagarh Primary School
93 BolagarhBolagarh Primary School
94 MardabadiMaradabadi UGME School
95 GopalipadaGopalipada Primary School
96 RolasinghRolasingh Primary School
97 BelapadarBelapadar Primary School
98 DabardhuapatnaBankanidhi M.E. School, Dabardhuapatna
99 DabardhuapatnaDabardhuapatna M.E. School
100 ChudaChuda Primary School New
101 ChudaChuda Primary School New
102 GhoradiaGhoradia Primary School
103 KapasiaKapasia Project Upper Primary School
104 KhauruniKhauruni UGME School
105 DihaKhauruniDihakhauruni Primary School
106 BadakumariKumari Project Upper Primary School
107 BankoideshBankoidesh Primary School
108 SanakumariSanakumari Primary School
109 KaunripatnaKaunripatna UGME School
110 KaunripatnaKaunripatna UGME School
111 KantailoKantailo Project Upper Primary School
112 BankoiBankoi Nodal Upper Primary School of Bankoidesh
113 MaguraMagura Primary School
114 RamachandrapurBankoi Nodal Upper Primary School of Bankoidesh
115 KanarpurKanarpur Primary School
116 Asarala-1Asarala Nodal Upper Primary School
117 Asarala-2Asarala Nodal Upper Primary School
118 SiulaSiula Upper Primary School
119 EkadaliaEkdalia Project Upper Primary School
120 BadanayapalliBadanayapalli U.G.M.E School
121 ChhamundiapalliChhamundaipalli Primary School
122 BadapadarBadapadar Primary School
123 KushupallaKushapalla Jr. Basic School,Kushapalla
124 KushupallaKushapalla Jr. Basic School,Kushapalla
125 SimoreSimore Primary School
126 Simore PatnaSimore Primary School
127 BaghamariBaghamari nodal Upper Primary School
128 BaghamariBaghamari nodal Upper Primary School
129 SaruaSarua Primary School
130 PatanibarPatanibar Nodal Upper Primary School
131 KathakhuntiaKathakhuntia Primary School
132 LokanathpurSarua Nodal Upper Primary School
133 AtriAtri Primary School
134 SaradhapurAtri-Saradhapur Primary School
135 BamadihaBamadiha Primary School
136 JagannathpurJagannathpur Primary School
137 Begunia-1Gopabandhu High School, Begunia
138 Begunia-2Begunia Centre Primary School
139 BeguniaBegunia Centre Primary School
140 Begunia-3Begunia Centre Primary School
141 Begunia-4Gopabandhu High School, Begunia
142 DhanagharDhanaghar Nuagaon Primary School
143 Chakapada-2Gadatara Primary School
144 ChakapadaChakapada Primary School
145 TikatalaTikatala Primary School
146 PichukuliPichukuli Nodal Upper Primary School
147 PuaniaPuania Primary School
148 ChampailoChampailo Primary School
149 SanapadarSanapadar Nodal Upper Primary School
150 SanapadarSanapadar Nodal Upper Primary School
151 RasolRasol Primary School
152 BayapalliBayapalli UGME School
153 DeuliSatyamarga M.E. School , Deuli
154 DeuliSatyamarga M.E. School , Deuli
155 KadabKadab Nodal Upper Primary School
156 KadabKadab Nodal Upper Primary School
157 KhanatiKhanati Govt. M.E. School
158 ChatuaChatua Primary School
159 Dingar-1Dingar M.E. School
160 Dingar-2Dingar High School
161 GolapatanaGolapatana Primary School
162 ChandiapallaChandiapalla Primary School
163 ChotipalangaChotipalanga Primary School
164 BhuasunipatnaBhuasunipatna nodal Upper Primary School
165 GodiGodi UGME School
166 KaradagadiaMahabir Nodal Upper Primary School, Karadgadia
167 Botalama-1Botalama Primary School
168 DurgapurGadagudum Primary School
169 ManagobindapurManagobindapur Primary School
170 Narasinghapur-1G.B.K DEV NODAL U. P. School, Gudum
171 Narasinghapur-2G.B.K DEV NODAL U. P. School, Gudum
172 KokasinghKokasingh Primary School
173 BhatapadaPodapatna Primary School
174 BarapadaBarapada Primary School
175 LehengaLeheng Primary School
176 Routpada-1Routpada Primary School
177 Routpada-2Routpada Primary School
178 Routpada-3Routpada M.E. School
179 KotalangaKotalanga Nodal Upper Primary School,Kotalanga
180 BorikoBoriko UGME School
181 TalatumbaTalatumba Primary School
182 DurgaprasadDeuli Primary School
183 DakhinaparikhetaDakhinaparikheta Primary School
184 SimapalliSimapalli Primary School
185 NarayanipadaNarayanipada UGME School
186 MugamandaMugamanda Primary School
187 RamachandrapurRamachandrapur Primary School
188 Gadamanitri -2Gadamanitri High School
189 Gadamanitri -1Gadamanitri High School
190 LokipurLokipur Primary School
191 KunjuriKunjuri M.E. School
192 Dalatola-1Dalatola Nodal Upper Primary School
193 Dalatola-2Dalatola Nodal Upper Primary School
194 NiamuhanaNianmuha Project UP. School,Nianmuha
195 ChhaniaChhania Primary School
196 GodaGoda Primary School
197 DalakDalak UGME School
198 ParichhalJamusahi Primary School
199 SamantarapurDangarpada Samantarapur Primary School
200 DangarpadaDangarpada M.E. School
201 GobindapurParichhal UGME School
202 BrahmapurapatanaParichhal UGME School
203 KurumKochiakhal Primary School
204 ChhiamChhiam Project Primary School
205 AtharangaAtharanga Project u .p School
206 ManikapurpatnaManikapurpatna Primary School
207 GoudapatanaGoudapatana M.E. School
208 Botalama-2Botalama Primary School
209 ChhatrapadaChhatrapada Nodal Upper Primary School,Chhatrapada
210 Chhatrapada-2Chhatrapada Nodal Upper Primary School,Chhatrapada
211 OgalpurOgalpur Primary School
212 DeuliDeuli Primary School
213 MuktapurMuktapur Primary School
214 IndipurIndipur Primary School
215 HirapurHirapur Primary School
216 GodikiloGodikilo U.G M.E. School,Godikilo
217 SagadabhangaBetarjanga Sagadbhanga ME. School,
218 JalvarJalvar UGME School,Jalvar
219 ChhimaChhima Jr. Basic School,Chhima
220 Siko-1Siko ME School
221 SikoSiko ME School
222 Siko-3Siko Primary School
223 Siko-4Siko Primary School
224 Siko-5Chandrasekhardev Bidyapitha, Siko
225 NaragodaNaragoda Primary School
226 Nidhipur-1Nidhipur UGME School
227 Nidhipur-2Nidhipur UGME School
228 KalarajharKlarajhar Primary School
229 Haja-1Sidheswari Nodal Upper Primary School, Haja
230 Haja-2Sidheswari Nodal Upper Primary School, Haja
231 KhadipadarKhadipadar Primary School

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