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Orissa Assembly Election Results in 1951

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Elections to the first Legislative Assembly of Orissa in independent India were held in 1951. 522 candidates from various political parties were in fray, contesting for a total of 107 Assembly constituencies, out of which 91 seats were reserved for General-category candidates, and 16 were reserved
for candidates from Scheduled Tribes. The Indian National Congress won with a thumping majority, winning 67 of the 107 Assembly constituencies, and hence formed the government in the state. The All India Ganatantra Parishad was second, winning 31 seats. Nanda Kishore Das was the Speaker of the Orissa Legislative Assembly in its first term post independence SUCcessive changes in the post of the Governor were made during this first Assembly in Orissa. M. Asaf Ali remained the Governor from July 1951 to June 1952, before he was replaced by Saiyid Fazl Ali, who held the prestigious post till 1954. He was then replaced by P. S. Kumaraswamy Raja, who was finally substituted by Bhim Sen Sachar, the former Chief Minister of Punjab. Nabakrushna Chowdhury of the Congress remained in power as the Chief Minister of Orissa during this period, before Harekrushna Mahatab took over as Chief Minister for a brief period in the last one year of this first term.

With his previous experience as the Revenue Minister, Nabakrushna Chowdhury brought in some spectacular reforms in the state of Orissa during his tenure as the Chief Minister. He abolished the Zamindari system, which in turn resulted in the peasants to be free of exploitation at the hands of the landlords. He enacted the Anchal Shasan Bill as part of his welfare schemes for the people of Orissa, which generated employment for the youth. It was Nabakrushna Chowdhury who propounded the need for Oriya as an official language in Orissa, so that administrative and functions could be easily comprehensible to everyone. It was his concerted efforts that led to the recognition of the importance of regional languages in other states. Also, along with Vinoba Bhave, Nabakrushna was instrumental is propagating the Bhoodan and Gramdan Movement in different parts of Orissa by making personal visits to every village and spreading the message of Gramdan. He played a pivotal role in developing the infrastructural necessities in the state, such as constructing the Hirakud Dam.

Some of the most important legislations implemented during this period were the Maternity Benefit Act 1953, the Working Journalists & Other Newspapers Employees (Conditions of Service) and Miscellaneous Provisions Act of 1955, and the Orissa Shops & Commercial Establishments Act of 1956, among others.

List of Successful Candidates in Orissa Assembly Election in 1951

A.C. No.Constituency Name Type A.C.Winner CandidateGenderParty
1MalkangiriGenLaxman GaudoMGP
2PaduaGenGaneswar MahapatraMGP
3NowrangpurGenMudi NaikoMINC
Buy PollNowrangpurGenSadasib TripathyMINC
4JeyporeGenLaichhan NaikoMGP
Buy PollJeyporeGenHarihar MisroMGP
5Koraput(ST)Ganga MuduliMGP
6NandapurGenBhagaban Khemundu NaikMINC
7Rayagada(ST)Mandangi KamayaMINC
8Bissam Cuttack(ST)Ulaka ShyamaghanaMGP
9Gunupur(ST)Soboro DumbaMGP
10Baliguda(ST)Jadab PadraMINC
11Phulbani UgayagiriGenSadananda SahuMIND
Buy PollPhulbani UgayagiriGenBalakrishna MallickMIND
12BaudhGenHimansu Sekhar PadhiMIND
13AthmallikGenDwitiya RaulMIND
14Angul HindolGenHrushikesh TripathyMINC
Buy PollAngul HindolGenArakhit NaikMINC
15TalcherGenPabitra Mohan PradhanMINC
16Pallahara K NagarGenMahesh Chandra Subahu SinghMINC
Buy PollPallahara K NagarGenBaidhar NaikMINC
17DhenkanalGenBaishnab Charan PatnaikMCPI
Buy PollDhenkanalGenMadan DehuriMCPI
18BhawanipatnaGenJ . C . Singh DeoMGP
Buy PollBhawanipatnaGenJanardan MajhiMGP
19Jaipatna Kasipur(ST)Jhajuru JhodiaMINC
20JunagarhGenP . K . DeoMGP
Buy PollJunagarhGenDayanidhi NaikMGP
21NawaparaGenAnup Singh DeoMINC
Buy PollNawaparaGenChaitan MajhiMINC
22TitlagarhGenMuralidhar PandaMGP
Buy PollTitlagarhGenRamesh Ch. BhoiMGP
23PatnagarhGenGaneshram BarihaMGP
Buy PollPatnagarhGenArjun DasMGP
24BolangirGenNandakishore MisraMGP
Buy PollBolangirGenAchut MahanandaMGP
25SonepurGenAntaram Nanda MGP
26BinkaGenBaikuntha NepakMGP
27BirmaharajpurGenAchutananda MahakurMGP
28PadampurGenLal Ranjit Singh BarihaMINC
Buy PollPadampurGenAnirudha MisraMIND
29BaragarhGenTirthabasi PradhanMINC
30AttabiraGenBipinbehari DasMINC
31SimuliaGenBisi BibharMINC
Buy PollSimuliaGenBhikari SahuMINC
32Ambabhona MuraGenMakardhwaja PradhanMSP
33Sambalpur RairakholGenSradhakar SupakarMGP
Buy PollSambalpur RairakholGenBhikari GhasiMGP
34Harsuguda RampeliaGenBijoy Kumar PaniMINC
Buy PollHarsuguda RampeliaGenMonohar NaikMGP
35BamraGenJoydeb ThakurMGP
Buy PollBamraGenHara Prasad DebMGP
36SundargarhGenDwarikanath KusumMGP
Buy PollSundargarhGenKrupanidhi NaikMINC
37Rairangpur(ST)Agapit LakraMINC
38Bisra(ST)Madan Mohan AmatMINC
39Bonai(ST)Nilamani Singh DandapatMGP
40Champua(ST)Guru Charan NaikMGP
41KeonjharGenLaxminarayan Bhanj DeoMIND
Buy PollKeonjharGenGobind MundaMGP
42AnandapurGenJanardan Bhanj DeoMIND
Buy PollAnandapurGenBhaiga SethiMIND
43PanchpirGenGhasiram SandilMIND
Buy PollAnandapurGenBiswanath SahuMGP
44Kaptipada(ST)Harachand HasadaMSP
45Khunta(ST)Shakilla SharenMSP
46BaripadaGenGirish Chandra RoyMSP
Buy PollBaripadaGenSurendra SinghMINC
47Bahalda(ST)Sonaram SorenMINC
48Rairangpur(ST)Haradeb TriyaMINC
49Bangriposi(ST)Jadab MajhiMINC
50MoradaGenPrasannakumar DasMSP
51JaleswarGenKarunakar PanigrahiMINC
52BhograiGenSashikanta BhanjMIND
53BastaGenTrilochan SenapatiMINC
54SoroGenNanda Kishore DasMINC
55BalasoreGenSurendra Nath DasMINC
56NilgiriGenChaitanya SethiMINC
Buy PollNilgiriGenNilambar DasMINC
57BhadrakGenMahamad HanifMINC
58BanthGenGokulananda MohantyMINC
59DhamnagarGenNilamoni RoutraMINC
60ChandbaliGenBrundaban DasMINC
Buy PollChandbaliGenChakradhar BeheraMINC
61SukindaGenPitambar Bhupati Harichandan MohapatraMIND
62JajpurGenGadahar DuttaMINC
Buy PollJajpurGenSantanu Kumar DasMINC
63DharamsalaGenParamananda MohantyMSP
64BinjharpurGenPadmanava RoyMINC
Buy PollBinjharpurGenNabakishore MallickMINC
65BarchanaGenNabakrushna ChaudhuryMINC
66AulGenRaja Sailendra Narayan Bhanj DeoMIND
67PattamundeiGenKumari RamrajMIND
68RajanagarGenSaraswati DeiMINC
69KendraparaGenDinabandhu SahuMINC
70PatkuraGenLokanath MisraMINC
71TirtolGenNishamoni KhuntiaMSP
72ErsamaGenGaurishyam NaikMINC
73BalikudaGenPranakrushna ParijaMIND
74JagatsinghpurGenNilmani PradhanMINC
75KissannagarGenRajkrushna BoseMINC
Buy PollKissannagarGenPurnananda SamalMINC
76SalepurGenSurendranath PatnaikMINC
77MahangaGenMahammad AttaharMINC
78Cuttack TownGenBiren MitraMINC
79Cuttack RuralGenLaxman MallikMINC
Buy PollCuttack RuralGenBhairab Chandra MohantiMINC
80BankiGenGokulananda PraharajMSP
81NarsingpurGenBrundaban SahuMGP
82AthagarhGenRadhanath RathMINC
83Kakatpur NimaparaGenGovinda Chandra SethiMINC
Buy PollKakatpur NimaparaGenUpendra Mahanti MINC
84SatyabadiGenNilakantha DasMIND
85PipiliGenJayakrushna MahantiMINC
86PuriGenFakir Charan DasMSP
87BramhagiriGenBiswanath ParidaMIND
88BanpurGenGodavaris MisraMIND
89BhubaneswarGenKanhu MallikMINC
90KhurdaGenSatyapriya MohantyMINC
91BaguniaGenMadhab Chandra RautraMINC
92RanpurGenGangadhar PaikeraMCPI
93NayagarhGenBasantamanjari DeviMINC
Buy PollNayagarhGenRajasheb Krushna Chandra Singh MandhataMIND
94KhandapadaGenRajasaheb Harihar Singh Mardaraj Bhramarabar DeoMIND
95DaspallaGenRajabahadur Kishore Chandra Deo BhanjMINC
Buy PollDaspallaGenBijoyananda PatnaikMINC
96JagannathprasadGenDinabhandhu BeheraMINC
97RuselkondaGenMohan NayokMCPI
98AskaGenHarihar DasMCPI
99KhallikoteGenRam Chandra Mardaraj DeoMIND
100KudulaGenBanamali MaharanaMSP
101PurusottampurGenHarihar DasMINC
102ChhatrapurGenV . SitaramayaMIND
103PattapurGenGovind PradhanMCPI
104BerhampurGenDandapani DasMIND
Buy PollBerhampurGenRam Chandra MisraMIND
105PartapurGenDibakar PatnaikMFBL(MG)
Buy PollPartapurGenAppana Dora BiswasraiMIND
106ParlakhemundiGenJagannath MisraMCPI
107Udayagiri Mohana(ST)Maliko PattuMINC

List of Participating Political Parties in Orissa Assembly Election in 1951

Partytype Abbreviation Party
National Parties
1CPI Communist Party of India
2 FBL(MG) F.B. (Marxist Group)
3FBL(RG) Forward Bloc (Ruikar Group)
4 INC Indian National Congress
5KMPP Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party
6 SP Socialist Party
State Parties
7 GP All India Gantantra Parishad
Registered (Unrecognised) Parties
8 PP Pursharathi Panchayat
9 PIP Peoples Independent Party
10 RAD Radical Democrat Party
11 IND Independent

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