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Polling Booth in Rambrai Jyrngam Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Rambrai Jyrngam

Rambrai Jyrngam Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rambrai Jyrngam Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Rambrai Jyrngam Assembly Constituency falls under the Rambrai Jyrngam Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Sildubi Govt. L.P. School BuildingSildubi, Malang Khasi, Aberam, Agreng, Wearang, Majan Jira, Amagoan
Malang Simanaguri Govt. Higher Sec. School BuildingMalang Simanaguri, Malang Joypur, Malang Salbari
Dubakdrop U.P. Deficit School BuildingDubakdrop, Dilbot, Gohanimara, Rangseng
Umshiak U.P. School BuildingUmshiak, Khasi Salbari, Malapara, Moipara, Thamanaguri, Rongthali, Maspara, Madan Khlur, Niagalam
Athiabari Community HallAthiabari (A), Salpara, Umsaitwait, Ranighat, Salbari
Rangsapara Govt. L.P. School BuildingRangsapara, Megadop, Upper Rangsa
Lejadubi Govt. L.P. School BuildingLejadubi, Bangjeng, Kampholduli
Kyrshai U.P. School BuildingKyrshai, Nongspung, Umthli, Hasem, Umkhamdor, Mawdongkop, Umdiangsiar, Umkiam, Darephang, Umdiangphiang, Umbah, Borkhuli, Barigang, Warigro, Doledonga, Talimara, Mawpon
Kyrdum Govt. L.P. School BuildingKyrdum, Umtap, Umwali, Umwahsiang, Mawsikar, Madan Jaiaw, Umshyiap, Domtiewsaw, Umbyrsit
Langpih U.P. School BuildingNongmawlein, Sohmarang, Nongmawlong, Dronpara, Noapara, Nongma, Nongsohram
Tynghor Govt. L.P. School BuildingTynghor, Nongkhlain, Mawsngi, Mawthohkrah, Mawkhap (J), Umthlong, Mawjari, Mawmareh
Aradonga Secondary School BuildingAradonga, Rangolpara, Mawkhrang, Nongshyiap, Warigro (J)
Mawsmai L.P. School BuildingMawsmai, Porshken, Jaslar, Poriew, Mawkhar, Nonghawei, Nonghadok
Langdongdai Govt. L.P. School BuildingLangdongdai, Porlanongtrai, Nongdubir, Mawkuru (B), Mawkuru (A), Mawkuru (C), Pormawlein
Langja Govt. L.P. School BuildingLangja, Khyllemsarin, Mawribah, Umthlu
Nonglang U.P. School BuildingNonglang, Umwahlang
Mawkapiah R.C.L.P. School BuildingMawkapiah, Nongrim Hill, Kyndongngei
Thiepkseh Mawrok U.P. School BuildingThiepkseh, Mawrok, Mawrok Nongnah, Thiepkseh Shiliangktieh
Mawdet U.P. School BuildingMawdet, Mawshad, Marwa, Mawlangbah, Pungphreit
Mawkhiat Sepngi U.P. School BuildingMawkhiat Sepngi, Umthem, Domkyrkoh, Mainop, Rynniaw, Mawiong, Um-A, Mawkhiat Mihngi
Khynrin L.P. School BuildingKhynrin, Mawthir, Sohmynthar
Nongkyllang L.P. School BuildingNongkyllang, Mawdumdum, Mawpaier, Mawdiangkper, Nongkyndang, Lawshnong, Mawlong
Umiong L.P. School BuildingUmiong, Mawdong, Siejlieh
Synnia L.P. School BuildingSynnia, Nongthymmai
Mawdoh U.P. School BuildingMawdoh, Mawlangstieh, Mawbuhtraw, Mawkyrngah, Mawroh Umkatha
Nongriat Govt. L.P. School BuildingNongriat
Mawlangsu Laishnong Sec. School BuildingMawlangsu, Thamah, Mawkohlur, Domkohmen
Mawmluh Presbyterian L.P. School BuildingMawmluh, Mawthungmarwei, Ramsngiwar, Mawkohiew
Mawthaw R.C.L.P. School BuildingMawthaw, Umsiej, Lawdibah, Mawiawtep, Mawmluh (Ii), Nongshiliang, Urkhli
Rambrai Govt. L.P. School BuildingRambrai, Nongkroh, Umjaud, Nongkseh, Nongbah, Mawkohmah, Mawkohiang
Iew Rambrai Community HallRngi Lower Iew Rambrai, Mawrang, Mawphansyiar
Dohshohksoin Presbyterian L.P. School BuildingDomshohksoin, Nongkdait, Dirang, Umlongpung, Nongsiej
Mawlieh Govt. U.P. School BuildingMawlieh, Sohshynrut, Mawphansin, Steplanglur, Shitangbah, Diskiang, Domjri
Nongmise L.P. School BuildingNongmise, Nongumkap, Nongkabur, Porthyrnang
Kamriangshi U.P. School BuildingKamriangshi, Baspani, Chisimpara
Domjarain L.P. School BuildingDomjarain, Nunmati, Nongthymmai (J)
Langpih Christ King U.P. School BuildingLangpih, Ktiehthawiar, Mawlan (A), Mawlan (B), Iew Nongma, Mawdiangsnam, Umpha
Nginiong Ssa L.P. School BuildingNginiong, Mawlum
Lummyrsiang Little Star L.P. School BuildingLummyrsiang, Mawphanlur, Tiehdang
Phudumbah St.George U.P. School BuildingPhudumbah, Ranapbah
Sawtalad Community HallSawtalad, Marshiang, Mawbyrkong, Mawliehpoh, Mawrongtein

Last Updated on April 19, 2014