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Polling Booth in Jirang Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Jirang

Jirang Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jirang Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Jirang Assembly Constituency falls under the Jirang Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Khanapara Highway Community HallKhanapara Highway,Khanapara Hill Duba
Baridua 9Th Mile Community HallBaridua 9Th Mile,Baridua 0Th Mile,Baridua Th Mile,Paham Kmiedum
Ampher St. Jude'S M.E. SchoolAmpher,Tamulkushi, Amphanggiri,Machukre
Mawsmai RCL.P. SchoolMawsmai, Jorabad
Jolbir Govt. L.P. SchoolModel Village,Chota Killing, Jolbir, Upper Jolbir, Noksikagittim, Killing
Umlangpur Aw Thomas Presbyterian L.P. SchoolUmlangpur, Hatimara
Pilangkata Govt. L.P. SchoolPilangkata
Nongspung Govt. L.P. SchoolNongspung 'A', Timbokgre, Behenanodi, Tagongbari, Nongspung C
Maikhuli Govt. L.P. SchoolMaikhuli,Umdem,Nongthymmai (Garo),Patharkushi,Koinadhara
Umduba Community HallBara Killing,Umduba,Umnowe
Rangsakona Govt. L.P. SchoolRangsakona,Nongthymmai Th Mile
Umtyrnga Village Durbar HallBarapathar,Iongkhuli ,Nongspung `B`,Umtyrnga,Mawiong,Chibra
Amjok Community HallBorbhuin,Nongkylla Khasi,Amjok ,Byrni,Upper Amjok
Byrnihat Govt. L.P. SchoolByrnihat, Lumnongthymmai
Pahamsohbar RCL.P. SchoolPahamsohbar
Lower Balian Govt. L.P. SchoolJ0Jua Bil,Umjojua, Jojua,Lower Balian,Upper Balian
Jyrmang Jyrmang U. P. SchoolJyrmang,Gambalbari,Jolsyiem
Nagrabil Govt. L.P. SchoolNagrabil, Lalmati, Umlathu
Pilangku L.P.. SchoolPilangku 'B', Pilangku 'A'
Umsen RCL.P. SchoolJalut Paham,Kyntem Nongmalieh,Garo Banga Rim,Garo Banga Thymmai,Borpahamjula,Ulubari,Umsen,Langkaduh, Borpani,Dakapathar, Garo Banga(Amreng), Pahamjula Thymmai
Nerbong Govt. L.P. SchoolNerbong,Upper Nerbong, Umsawrang, Kongkhatkhuli, Nongjri
Panitola Damsite Durbar HallPanitola Damsite, Borbhulu, Umtrew Colony
Santipur RCL.P. SchoolRubberkhuli, Santipur
Lumnongrim Presbyterian U.P. SchoolLumnongrim,Ronghuna,Th Mile,Th Mile
Harli Bagan Community HallDehal,Harli Bagan,Nongkylla Mikir, Upper Bagan
Rani Jirang Rani Jirang Guest HousePaham Umsylliang,Nongkyllang,Gunpati,Umshalini,Rani Jirang
Nongrim Jirang Nongrim Jirang UPSchoolNongrim Jirang,Umkrem Dykhong, Mairapur,Jeribasoi,New Amkrem
Pyngker Pyngker 'A' L.P. SchoolMawtyngkong,Nongtarih,Dumupaham,Umtyrlet,Pyngker 'A', Pyngker 'C'
Pyngker Govt. L.P. SchoolPyngker 'B', Langmai
Pahamumshru Govt. L.P. SchoolSukurburia,Pahamumshru,Umsoh Parew,Sohkunjira
Mynnar Jirang Govt. L.P. SchoolMynnar Jirang,Nongsier,Nongthymmai Jirang
Tasku Govt. L.P. SchoolLailad,Tasku,Tasku Nongthymmai,Umsohpai, Umlaniang
Nongwah Mawpnar L.P. SchoolMawtamur, Nongwah Mawpnar
Centre Village Govt. L.P. SchoolUmlakro,Centre Village,Wahsynon(Nongdom)
Umsohpanan Govt. L.P. SchoolUmsohpanan, Iosohksang
Umiong Govt. L.P. SchoolUmiong
Ranibari Govt. L.P. School Ranibari,Rajabala, Bilpara,Akhoinijira,Balakhawa,New Balakhawa, Patgang,Helher
Ranibari Ranibari Community HallRanibari,Rajabala, Bilpara,Akhoinijira,Balakhawa,New Balakhawa, Patgang,Helher
Bernongsai (Nongspung) L.P. SchoolBernongsai (Nongspung), Bernongsai(Nongkhlaw)
Umsong Umsong M. E. SchoolNongbir Them, Umsong
Nongladew Govt. L.P. SchoolNongladew, Jalithem, Jalilum
Patharkhmah Higher Secondary SchoolBarigoan,Umsaw,Patharkhmah,Umkadhor
Patharkhmah Govt L.P. SchoolBarigoan,Umsaw,Patharkhmah,Umkadhor
Nongwah Mawlein Govt L.P. SchoolNongwah Mawlein, Nongwah Pahamryngkang
Lyngkhung Lyngkhung Secondary SchoolBakhlapara,Jimbrigang, Lyngkhung,Hawla
Nongbir Lum Govt. L.P. SchoolNongkynrih, Nongbir Lum, Ummar
Umrit Govt. L.P. SchoolUmtasen,Umrit
Sohkyrbam Nongrim RCL.P. SchoolSohkyrbam Nongrim, Sohkyrbam Domphlang
Umkynsier Govt. L.P. SchoolUmkynsier, Umjyrha,Umiapkhla(Umpyrtha), Pathardharo
Mawskeithem Govt. L.P. SchoolMawskeilum, Mawskeithem,
Umshohphria Govt. L.P. SchoolUmtar, Umshohphria
Umtyngar RCL.P. SchoolUmlur, Umtyngar
Warmawsaw M.E. SchoolWarmawsaw,Umtang, Nongdom Mawpliang, Warmawsaw Nonglyngkait, Warmawsaw Umtongkharai
Umsohbar Govt. L.P. SchoolUmsohbar
Nongbah Mawdem L.P. SchoolNongbah Mawdem, Domphlang Mawdem, Mawshohshrieh, Kperblang
Belahari Govt. L.P. SchoolBelahari, Rajakhumai

Last Updated on April 19, 2014