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List of Polling Stations in Yaiskul Assembly Constituency

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Moirangkhom (A)14/1 - Shayamasakhi Girls High School (S/W)
2Moirangkhom (B)14/2 - Shayamasakhi Girls High School (C/W)
3Moirangkhom (C)14/3 - Shayamasakhi Girls High School (N/W)
4Janmasthan14/4 - Social Economic Athletic Cultural Organisation
5Moirangkhom14/5 - Moirangkhom Junior High School
6Ningthem Pukhri Mapal (A)14/6 - Ningthem Pukhri Mapal Lower Primary School
7Ningthem Pukhri Mapal (B)14/7 - Ramji Junior High School
8Ningthem Pukhri Mapal (C)14/8 - Ningthem Pukhri Mapal Balwadi School
9Loklaobung Sougaijam Mamang Leikai14/9 - Manipur State Council For Child Welfare Moirangkhom
10Wangkhei Thangapat Mapal (A)14/10 - Imphal Public Club (E/W)
11Wangkhei Puja Lamphak14/11 - Young Voluntary Organisation
12Wangkhei Thangapat Mapal (B)14/12 - Imphal Public Club (W/W)
13Brahamapur Nahabam Leikai(A)14/13 - Brahamapur Primary School (N/W)
14Brahamapur Nahabam Leikai(B)14/14 - Brahamapur Primary School (S/W)
15Wangkhei Koijam Leikai14/15 - Lizard Library (S/W)
16Wangkhei Lourembam Leikai14/16 - Wangkhei High School (R/W)
17Yaiskul Yumnam Leiakai14/17 - Indo Burma Road Sporting Association(IBRSA) Club
18Shougaijam Leirak14/18 - Welfare Club
19Rajbari (A)14/19 - Maharaj Budhachandra College(N/W)
20Mahabali14/20 - Mahabali Rongmei School (S/W)
21Rajbari (B)14/21 - Maharaj Budhachandra College (C/W)
22Rajbari (C)14/22 - Maharaj Budhachandra College (S/W)
23Brahmapur Aribam Leikai (A)14/23 - Nongpok Meihoukol (N/W)
24Brahmapur Aribam Leikai (B)14/24 - Nongpok Meihoukol (S/W)
25Brahamapur Thangjam Leikai14/25 - Modern Junior High School (E/W)
26Brahamapur Nahabam (A)14/26 - Dharmalaya Social Welfare Centre
27Brahamapur Mange Makhong14/27 - Modern Junior High School (W/W)
28Wangkhei Konsam Leikai (A)14/28 - Wangkhei Girls Middle English School (N/W)
29Wangkhei Wangkheimayum Leirak14/29 - Wangkhei Girls Middle English School (S/W)
30Wangkhei Tokpam Leikai (West)14/30 - Juvenile Learners Club
31Kongba14/31 - Meitei Mayek High School (S/W)
32Wangkhei Koijam Leikai Meihoubam Lampak14/32 - Lizard Library of Meihoubam Lampak (S/W)
33Wangkhei Ayangpalli Hijam Leirak (East)14/33 - Eden Public School
34Wangkhei Thangjam Leikai Part14/34 - Meitei Mayek High School (N/W)
35Brahamapur Bheigyabati Leikai (A)14/35 - Youth Atheletic Star Union
36Brahamapur Bheigyabati Leikai (B)14/36 - Bheigyabati Primary School
37Tensubam Leikai Part14/37 - Chongtham Iboyaima Higher Secondary School

Last Updated on June 11, 2016

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