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List of Polling Stations in Tipaimukh Assembly Constituency

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Chingmun55/1 - Chingmun L.P School
2Doltang55/2 - Doltang L.P School
3Hengchungpunji55/3 - Bengali J.B. School
4Suangphumun55/4 - Suangphumun L.P. School
5Tuisen55/5 - Tuisen I.C.I. School
6Nungsekpunji55/6 - Community Hall
7Buangmun55/7 - Buangmun Govt. Jr. High School
8Phaibok Munlien55/8 - Phaibok Hmunlien Jr. High School
9Sibapurikhal55/9 - Sibapurikhal Jr. High School
10Khangbor55/10 - ICI Mission School
11Upper Kharkhuplein55/11 - I.C.I. School
12Tieulien55/12 - P.M.S. J.B. School
13Thingpuikuol55/13 - Thingpuikuol Jr. High School
14Kangrengdhor55/14 - Kangrengdhor J.B. School
15Kangreng55/15 - Kangreng Jr. High School
16Hmar Maulien55/16 - Mission English School
17Tuobung55/17 - Middle English School
18Ngampabung55/18 - Ngampabung J.B School
19Phulpui55/19 - Phulpui L.P. School
20Patpuihmun55/20 - Patpuihmun Jr. High School
21Taithul55/21 - Taithul Jr. High School
22Sartuinek55/22 - Sartuinek L.P School
23Parbung (A)55/23 - Parbung High School (N/W)
24Parbung (A)55/24 - Parbung High School (S/W)
25Parbung (B)55/25 - Parbung Govt. High School (W/W)
26Lungthulien(A)55/26 - Lungthulein Jr. High School(R/W)
27Lungthulien(B)55/27 - Lungthulein Jr. High School(L/W)
28Sipuikon55/28 - Sipuikon Govt. J.B. School
29Rovakot55/29 - Rovakot Govt. J.B. School
30Senvon (A)55/30 - Senvon Govt. High School (E/W)
31Senvon (C)55/31 - Senvon Govt. High School (W/W)
32Senvon (B)55/32 - Senvon Govt. High School (W/W)
33Parvachom55/33 - Parvachom Govt. J.B.School

Last Updated on June 11, 2016

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