Who Will Form the Next Govenment in Telangana?
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List of Polling Stations in Tengnoupal Assembly Constituency

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Tollen42/1 - Tollen Jr. High School
2Khoibu42/2 - Khoibu Primary School
3Heinou Makhong42/3 - Heinoumakhong Primary School
4Laiching Minou42/4 - Laiching Minou Primary School
5Kangsim42/5 - Khangsim Primary School
6Kangsang(A)42/6 - Kangsang Primary School(N/W)
7Maipouching42/7 - Maipouching Community Hall
8Khunbi Khunou42/8 - Khunbi Khunou Primary School
9Tuisimi42/9 - Ever Green High School (N/W)
10Maringphai42/10 - Ever Green High School(E/W)
11Saibol42/11 - Saibol Primary School
12Khulsaibung42/12 - Khulsaibung Primary School
13Machi(A)42/13 - Machi Govt. High School(E/W)
14Machi(B)42/14 - Machi Govt. High School(W/W)
15Lamlong Khullen42/15 - Lamlong Khullen Jr. High School
16Langol(A)42/16 - Langol Jr. High School(E/W)
17Langol(B)42/17 - Langol Jr. High School(W/W)
18Khunbi42/18 - Khunbi Primary School
19Kangoi42/19 - Kangoi Primary School
20Kangoi Khunungshi42/20 - Kangoi Khuningsi Primary School
21Sita42/21 - Sita Govt. High School
22Bongli42/22 - Bongli Primary School
23Khudei Khullen42/23 - Khudei Khullen Primary School
24Aimol Khullen42/24 - Aimol Khullen Primary School
25Aimol Chingnunghut42/25 - Aimol Chingnunghut Jr. High School
26Molnoi42/26 - Molnoi Primary School
27Phunal Sambum42/27 - Phunal Sambum Primary School
28Khudei Khunou42/28 - Khudei Khunou Primary School
29Purum Tampak42/29 - Purum Tampak Jr. High School
30Komlathabi42/30 - Liwachangning High School (W/W)
31Liwachangning42/31 - Liwachangning Primary School
32Saivom42/32 - Saivom Primary School
33Chellep42/33 - Chellep Primary School
34Rilram Centre42/34 - Rilram Centre Primary School
35Kambang Khullen42/35 - Kambang Khullen Primary School
36Lamlong Khunou42/36 - Lamlong Khunou Primary School
37Leibi42/37 - Leibi Primary School
38Tengnoupal42/38 - Tengnoupal Primary School
39Khongkang42/39 - Khongkang Primary School
40Angbrasu42/40 - Angbrasu Primary School
41Kwatha42/41 - Kwatha Primary School
42Moreh-A(1)42/42 - Moulhoi Primary School (W/W)
43Moreh-A(2)42/43 - Tribal Training Centre Moreh(W/W)
44Moreh W.No.II(A)42/44 - Calvin Academi School Moreh(E/W)
45Moreh W.No.II(B)42/45 - Harmon Jr. High School
46Moreh W.No.II(C )42/46 - Calvin Academi School Moreh(W/W)
47Moreh W.No.II(D)42/47 - Moreh Auditorium, Moreh
48Moreh W.No.III(A)42/48 - Netaji Memorial High School
49Moreh W.No.III(B)42/49 - New Bazar Dev. Building (W/W)
50Moreh (D)42/50 - SSA, School WN-IV
51Moreh Part-I (E)42/51 - Madrassa Primary School (N/W)
52Moreh Part-II (E)42/52 - Madrassa Primary School (S/W)
53Moreh (F)42/53 - Veterinary Building
54Moreh-G Part-I42/54 - All Welfare Community School, Chavangphai
55Moreh-G Part-I(A)42/55 - Eastern Shine School, Moreh
56Moreh W.No. VII(A)42/56 - Mount Moreh Primary School (E/W)
57Moreh W.No. VII(B)42/57 - Mount Moreh Primary School (W/W)
58Moreh (H)42/58 - Dharamsala, Moreh
59Moreh-I(Part-I)42/59 - Moreh Govt High School
60Moreh-I(Part-IA)42/60 - Yaipha Thourang Thousillup Club, Moreh
61T. Bungmol42/61 - T. Bungmol Primary School
62T. Khonomjang42/62 - T. Khonomjang Primary School

Last Updated on June 11, 2016

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