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List of Polling Stations in Saikul Assembly Constituency

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Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Saikho46/1 - Ichailamlan J.B School
2Khouchabung46/2 - Khaochabung U.J.B.School
3Molkon46/3 - Molkon L.P. School (E/W)
4Pangjang46/4 - Pangjang U.J.B.School
5Molkon46/5 - Molkon L.P. School (W/W)
6T. Gamnom46/6 - Molkon L.P. School (W/W)
7Saikul46/7 - Saikul M.E. School (E/W)
8Saikul Bazar46/8 - Saikul M.E. School (W/W)
9New Saikul46/9 - Christian English High School
10Thangkanphai (A)46/10 - Thangtong High School (E/W)
11Thangkanphai (B)46/11 - Thangtong High School (W/W)
12Saijang46/12 - Saijang Primary School
13Lhungjang46/13 - Lhungjang L.P. School
14Chaljang46/14 - Thongnangpal U.J.B. School
15Thangal Surung46/15 - Thangal Surung UJB School
16Ekou Mulam46/16 - Ekou Mulam U.J.B.School
17Yongba Langkhong46/17 - Yongba Langkhong UJB/School
18Luwangshengol46/18 - Luwangshangol UJB School
19Mapao Christian46/19 - Mapao Christian Jr. High School
20Sinam Kom46/20 - Sinam Kom U.J.B. School
21Khongnangpokpi46/21 - Khongnangpokpi L.P. School
22Purum Likli46/22 - Purum Likli Jr.High School
23Waken46/23 - Waken U.J.B.School
24H. Champhai46/24 - H. Champhai UJB School
25Purum Khullen46/25 - Sisumilan UJB School
26Maojang46/26 - Maojang JB School
27Ng. Phainom46/27 - Ng. Naphai U.J.B. School
28Utonglong46/28 - Awanglonga Koireng High School(S/W)
29Belei46/29 - Awanglonga Koireng High School(N/W)
30Khamenlok46/30 - Khamenlok L.P School
31Khongban Tangkhul46/31 - Khongban Tangkhul L.P. School
32Chingdai Khullen46/32 - Chingdai khullen U.J.B School
33Tingpibung46/33 - Tingpibung U. J.B. School
34Gampum46/34 - Gampum Anganwadi Building
35Samusong46/35 - Samusong UJB School
36Khongbal Kuki46/36 - Khongban Kuki L.P. School
37Wunghon46/37 - Wunghon L.P School
38Silent46/38 - Silent L.P. School
39Laikoiching46/39 - Laikoiching Jr. High School
40Changningpokpi46/40 - Changningpokpi JR High School
41Island46/41 - Island L.P. School
42Kamuching46/42 - Kamuching U.J.B. School
43Leirok Vaiphei46/43 - Leirok Vaiphei Primary School
44Maphou Kuki46/44 - Maphou Kuki UJB School
45Kamusaichang46/45 - Kamu Khongsai UJB School
46Keihao Tangkhul46/46 - Keihao Thangkhul UJB School
47Lower Bongbal46/47 - Bongbal Khullen UJB School
48Salam Patong46/48 - Salam Vaiphei UJB School
49Heinganglok46/49 - Heinganglok UJB School
50Phawoibi46/50 - Phawoibi UJB School
51Somrei46/51 - Somrei J.B School
53Urangpat46/53 - Songjang Mongjang UJB School
53Urangpat46/53 - Urangpat L.P. School
54Twichin46/54 - Twichin Community Hall

Last Updated on June 13, 2016