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List of Polling Stations in Saikot Assembly Constituency

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Lok Sabha Elections 2019 BJP trying to create ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of Lok Sabha Elections: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused the BJP of trying to create a ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections only to distract people from the issues of Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Mamata Releases TMC List for all 42 West Bengal Seats

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday announced a list of TMC candidates for all the 42 Lok Sabha seats of the state, dropping 10 sitting MPs. She also attacked the BJP and the Read More…

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Lok Sabha Election 2019: Priya Dutt, Raj Babbar Feature in Congress 2nd List

The Congress released its second list of 21 candidates for the Lok Sabha elections 2019 on Wednesday. The grand old party fielded its Uttar Pradesh chief Raj Babbar from Moradabad, Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Congress Releases First List of Candidates

Congress has put out its first list of candidates for the Lok Sabha elections, with party chief Rahul Gandhi contesting his bastion Amethi and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi contesting from Read More…

upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 Samajwadi Party Releases First List of Candidates for Lok Sabha Elections 2019

There is no denying the fact that the road to the treasury bench of the lower house of the Parliament goes through Uttar Pradesh. The BJP-led coalition won 73 seats Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Mamata Banerjee to Kick Off Lok Sabha Election Campaign on Women’s Day

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will kick off the TMC’s campaign for the Lok Sabha Electios on International Women’s Day on March 8, a party leader said Wednesday. Incidentally, Read More…

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Leisang59/1 - Leisang U.J.B School
2Saikul59/2 - Saikhul Mission J.B School
3Tollen59/3 - Tollen J.M. English School
4Khenjang59/4 - Khenjang L.P. School
5Koite59/5 - Kumbipukhri Jr. High School
6Kholmun59/6 - Kholmun J.B. School
7M. Songgel59/7 - M. Songgel Community Hall
8Molnom59/8 - Molnom G.M. High School
9S. Haijang59/9 - S. Haijang Community Hall
10Bethel59/10 - Happy Heart School Bethel (N/W)
11N. Boljang59/11 - Happy Heart School Bethel (S/W)
12Teiseng59/12 - Teiseng L.P School
13D. Vaison59/13 - D. Vaison Community Hall
14Saidan (1)59/14 - Saidan L.P School (N/W)
15Saidan (2)59/15 - Community Hall
16Tuithapi59/16 - Tuithapi J.B. School
17Siden Changpikot59/17 - Siden Changpikot Jr. High School
18Saiton Khullen59/18 - Saiton Khullen L.P School
19Moirang Mantak59/19 - Moirang Manthak J. B School
20Dopkon59/20 - Dopkon JB School
21Haotak Khullen59/21 - Haotak Khullen Community Hall
22Sagang59/22 - Sagang Jr. High School
23Lalumbung59/23 - Lalumbung L.P School
24Tuiring Phaisen59/24 - Tuiring Phaisen J.B School
25Dampi59/25 - Dampi J.B School
26Samulamlan59/26 - Samulamlan MGNERGS Hall
27Saikot (A)59/27 - Saikot (A) High School (N/W)
28Saikot (B)59/28 - Saikot High School (S/W)
29Saikot (C)59/29 - Saikot High School (N/W)
30Mualvaiphei59/30 - Mualvaiphei Mission School (N/W)
31Muolvaiphei59/31 - Mualvaiphei Mission School (S/W)
32Tangnuam59/32 - Tangnuam L.P School
33Gangpimual (1)59/33 - Covenant School
34Gangpimual (2)59/34 - Community Hall
35Bijang59/35 - Bijang Community Hall
36B. Vengnuam59/36 - B. Vengnuam Community Hall
37B. Aijalon59/37 - Jr. High School
38Tuibuang (N.W)59/38 - Tuibuang Jr. High School (N/W)
39Tuibuong HQ-159/39 - Grace Academy
40Tuibuang (S.W. II)59/40 - Soikholal Ideal School, Tuibuong (N/W)
41Tuibuang (S.W. III)59/41 - Soikholal Ideal School, Tuibuong (S/W)
42Tuibuang HQ-259/42 - Tuibuong Community Hall
43Tuibuang HQ-359/43 - Tuibuong MGNREGS Hall
44Sielmat (A)59/44 - Seilmat High School (N/W)
45Sielmat (B)59/45 - Seilmat High School (S/W)
46Hmar Veng59/46 - Hmar Veng, Community Hall
47Hmar Veng(B)59/47 - Seilmat Higher Secondary School (S/W)
48Chingkham Model59/48 - Chinkham Model School
49Lhangjol59/49 - Lhangjol J.B School
50Phailen59/50 - Jamdal Memorial High School
51Phailen(A)59/51 - Don Bosco School (N/W)
52Phailen(B)59/52 - Don Bosco School (S/W)
53Mata Lambulane59/53 - Mata Lambulane L.P School
54Tuining59/54 - Tuining Jr. High School (E/W)
55Tuining59/55 - Tuining Jr. High School (W/W)
56Makhau Tampak59/56 - Makhau Tampak L.P School
57G. Songgel59/57 - G. Songgel L.P School
58Khopuibung59/58 - Khopuibung Jr. High School
59Ngurte59/59 - Ngurte Mission School
60Saipum59/60 - Saipum L.P School
61Lhahvom59/61 - Misao Lhahvom J.B School
62Ngoiphai59/62 - Ngoiphai J.B School

Last Updated on June 11, 2016