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List of Polling Stations in Saikot Assembly Constituency

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Leisang59/1 - Leisang U.J.B School
2Saikul59/2 - Saikhul Mission J.B School
3Tollen59/3 - Tollen J.M. English School
4Khenjang59/4 - Khenjang L.P. School
5Koite59/5 - Kumbipukhri Jr. High School
6Kholmun59/6 - Kholmun J.B. School
7M. Songgel59/7 - M. Songgel Community Hall
8Molnom59/8 - Molnom G.M. High School
9S. Haijang59/9 - S. Haijang Community Hall
10Bethel59/10 - Happy Heart School Bethel (N/W)
11N. Boljang59/11 - Happy Heart School Bethel (S/W)
12Teiseng59/12 - Teiseng L.P School
13D. Vaison59/13 - D. Vaison Community Hall
14Saidan (1)59/14 - Saidan L.P School (N/W)
15Saidan (2)59/15 - Community Hall
16Tuithapi59/16 - Tuithapi J.B. School
17Siden Changpikot59/17 - Siden Changpikot Jr. High School
18Saiton Khullen59/18 - Saiton Khullen L.P School
19Moirang Mantak59/19 - Moirang Manthak J. B School
20Dopkon59/20 - Dopkon JB School
21Haotak Khullen59/21 - Haotak Khullen Community Hall
22Sagang59/22 - Sagang Jr. High School
23Lalumbung59/23 - Lalumbung L.P School
24Tuiring Phaisen59/24 - Tuiring Phaisen J.B School
25Dampi59/25 - Dampi J.B School
26Samulamlan59/26 - Samulamlan MGNERGS Hall
27Saikot (A)59/27 - Saikot (A) High School (N/W)
28Saikot (B)59/28 - Saikot High School (S/W)
29Saikot (C)59/29 - Saikot High School (N/W)
30Mualvaiphei59/30 - Mualvaiphei Mission School (N/W)
31Muolvaiphei59/31 - Mualvaiphei Mission School (S/W)
32Tangnuam59/32 - Tangnuam L.P School
33Gangpimual (1)59/33 - Covenant School
34Gangpimual (2)59/34 - Community Hall
35Bijang59/35 - Bijang Community Hall
36B. Vengnuam59/36 - B. Vengnuam Community Hall
37B. Aijalon59/37 - Jr. High School
38Tuibuang (N.W)59/38 - Tuibuang Jr. High School (N/W)
39Tuibuong HQ-159/39 - Grace Academy
40Tuibuang (S.W. II)59/40 - Soikholal Ideal School, Tuibuong (N/W)
41Tuibuang (S.W. III)59/41 - Soikholal Ideal School, Tuibuong (S/W)
42Tuibuang HQ-259/42 - Tuibuong Community Hall
43Tuibuang HQ-359/43 - Tuibuong MGNREGS Hall
44Sielmat (A)59/44 - Seilmat High School (N/W)
45Sielmat (B)59/45 - Seilmat High School (S/W)
46Hmar Veng59/46 - Hmar Veng, Community Hall
47Hmar Veng(B)59/47 - Seilmat Higher Secondary School (S/W)
48Chingkham Model59/48 - Chinkham Model School
49Lhangjol59/49 - Lhangjol J.B School
50Phailen59/50 - Jamdal Memorial High School
51Phailen(A)59/51 - Don Bosco School (N/W)
52Phailen(B)59/52 - Don Bosco School (S/W)
53Mata Lambulane59/53 - Mata Lambulane L.P School
54Tuining59/54 - Tuining Jr. High School (E/W)
55Tuining59/55 - Tuining Jr. High School (W/W)
56Makhau Tampak59/56 - Makhau Tampak L.P School
57G. Songgel59/57 - G. Songgel L.P School
58Khopuibung59/58 - Khopuibung Jr. High School
59Ngurte59/59 - Ngurte Mission School
60Saipum59/60 - Saipum L.P School
61Lhahvom59/61 - Misao Lhahvom J.B School
62Ngoiphai59/62 - Ngoiphai J.B School

Last Updated on June 11, 2016

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