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List of Polling Stations in Phungyar Assembly Constituency

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Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Leishi43/1 - Leishi Primary School
2Koso43/2 - Koso Primary School
3Hundung Goda43/3 - Hundung Goda Primary School
4Shakok43/4 - Shakok Primary School
5Phalang43/5 - Phalang Primary School
6Lungphu43/6 - Lungphu Govt. Jr. H. School
7Marou43/7 - Marou Primary School
8Thawai (T)43/8 - Thawal (T) Govt. H. School
9Sikibung (T)43/9 - Sikibung (T) Primary School
10Leinangching43/10 - Leinangching Primary School
11Loutei Riha (T)43/11 - Loutel Riha Primary School
12Chadong (T)43/12 - Chadong (T) Govt. Jr. High School
13Ramrai Khullen43/13 - Ramrei Khullen Primary School
14Nongdam(T)43/14 - Mapithel Area Govt. Jr. High School
15Tangkhul Hundung43/15 - Tangkhul Hungdung Jr. High School
16Itham43/16 - Itham Primary School
17Shingkap43/17 - Shingkap Govt H. School
18Chongdan43/18 - Chongdan Primary School
19Ashang Khullen43/19 - Ashang Khullen Primary School
20Kangoi43/20 - Kangoi Primary School
21Phungyar43/21 - Phungyar Govt. High School
22Alang43/22 - Alang Primary School
23Loushing43/23 - Loushing Primary School
24Tusom43/24 - Tusom Primary School
25Ngaprum43/25 - Ngaprun Primary School
26Nongman43/26 - Nongman Primary School
27Sorde43/27 - Sorde Govt. Jr. High School
28Sorbung43/28 - Sorbung Govt. Jr. High School
29Meiring43/29 - Meiring Primary School
30Khambi43/30 - Khambi Primary School
31Kasom43/31 - Kasom Khullen High School
32Khamlang43/32 - Khamlang LDP High School
33Mawai43/33 - Mawai Govt. Jr. High School
34Khunthak43/34 - Khunthak Primary School
35Lairam Khullen43/35 - Lairam Khullen Primary School
36Khoiripok43/36 - Khoiripok Primary School
37Yeasom43/37 - Yeasom Primary School
38T. Natyang43/38 - T. Natyang Angangwadi Centre
39Lairamphungka43/39 - Lairamphungka Primary School
40K. Leihaoram43/40 - K. Leihaoram Primary School
41Nambashi Horton43/41 - Nambashi Horton Angangwadi Centre
42Nambashi Khullen43/42 - Nambashi Khullen Govt. High School
43Kashung43/43 - Kashung Govt. Jr. High School
44Nambashi Khunou43/44 - Nambashi Kn. Primary School
45Khonglo43/45 - Khonglo Primary School
46Manthouram43/46 - Manthouram Primary School
47Kangkum43/47 - Kangkum Primary School
48K. Ashang Khullen Aze43/48 - K. Ashang Khullen Primary School
49Kangpat43/49 - Kangpat Govt. Jr. High School
50Nambisha43/50 - Ramphoi Primary School
51Aishi43/51 - Aishi Primary School
52Kongkan43/52 - Kongkan Primary School
53Phaikoh43/53 - Phaikoh Primary School
54Bungpa KN43/54 - Bungpa Khunou Primary School
55Grihang43/55 - Grihang Sardar Govt. Jr. school
56Ningchou43/56 - Ningchou Primary School
57Kamjong43/57 - Kamjong Govt. High School
58Chassad43/58 - Chassad Primary School
59Ningthi43/59 - Ningthi Govt. Jr. High School
60Hangkaw43/60 - Hangkaw Primary School
61Maku (T)43/61 - Maku Govt. Hr. High School
62Shingcha43/62 - Shingcha Primary School
63Changa43/63 - Changa Primary School
64Chahong43/64 - Chahong Khullen Primary School
65K. Langli43/65 - K. Langli Primary School
66Chatric Khullen43/66 - Chatri Khullen Jr. High School
67Chatric Khunou43/67 - Chatri Khunou Primary School
68Maokot43/68 - Maokot Community Hall
69Chamu43/69 - Chamu Govt. Jr. H. School
70Kachouphung43/70 - Kachouphung Govt. Aided L.P. School

Last Updated on June 13, 2016